Nicola Sturgeon fighting battles on two fronts

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, had a good run early in the covid wars but is losing the battle to keep numbers down despite draconian lockdowns of pubs and restaurants. And she is additionally entangled in a Holyrood inquiry into the Scottish government’s botched handling of complaints against Alex Salmond who was cleared in court of sexual harassment charges. Salmond supporters claim it was a conspiracy ‘to get Salmond’ who had been Sturgeon’s mentor in the early days – all hotly denied.

  Her Cancer Sun square Jupiter in Libra is under a dark, damp cloud through November with tr Saturn in hard aspect; plus an emotionally upsetting tr Uranus square her Moon mid November to mid December.

  But Alex Salmond looks no more cheerful with tr Saturn opposition his lucky Jupiter Uranus conjunction and square his Neptune also through November. He’s also got a scary, trapped, enraging Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto exact in three to four month’s time but in effect earlier which does not look successful. Plus a panicky-failure sinker of tr Neptune conjunct his 10th house Mars late January to late February 2021.

  Their relationship always was an edgy one – part friendly with a composite Sun Venus; highly ambitious as a duo with a composite Jupiter Pluto conjunct but that can turn into a struggle for the upper hand when it goes sour; and a seriously aggravated Moon opposition Uranus square Mars – which last tr Pluto will be leaning heavily on from late January 2021 for two years. And before then for obvious reasons their connection is on a downhill slide at the moment till late January 2021; with an additionally explosive jolt late December to early February 2021.

  Nicola Sturgeon’s Administration chart, 12 May 2016 9.35am always hinted at a muddled term ahead with an over-hopeful Neptune opposition Jupiter square an accident-prone Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius; plus the crisis-ridden Uranus square Pluto. The first half of November looks testing and high-tension with late December to early February moving through emotional upsets. Pluto moves by Solar Arc to square the Uranus, exact in nine months, which is often a destabilising influence – which is around the time of the next Scottish election in May 2021, when the term finishes anyway. But it could suggest the result might not be quite the foregone conclusion is seemed earlier this year.

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  1. Hi Marjorie,
    Have you looked at Margaret Ferrer’s chart…MSP who had covid symptoms but went to mass, then took train to London, spoke at a coronovirus meeting, was informed she’d tested positive and took the train home. She dropped off the radar and has now responded to a way which reflects her chart perfectly!

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