Phil Collins – a wifely surprise of a different order

Phil Collins, drummer with Genesis and solo artist, is involved in a matrimonial muddle with a difference. His third wife, the much-botoxed and back-combed Orianne Cevey, whom he married and then expensively divorced some years back and then got together again, appears to have married again unbeknownst to him. She is still living, presumably with new hubbie, in Collins’ Miami house, has changed the key codes and is refusing to move out. Much legal wrangling to follow.  They have two late teenage sons.

  Collins, 30 January 1951 12.05 am London, has a 4th house Aquarius Sun trine a 12th house Saturn; with an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in musical Pisces in his performing 5th, trine an intensely emotional Scorpio Moon in his 1st house trine Uranus.  So a Water Grand Trine which is talented, healing for others if not himself, but tending to make him live in his own bubble of reality. And he has a controlling and influential Pluto in his career 10th.

  Orianne Cevey, formerly a translator, born 24 March 1974 in Switzerland, is a New Moon in Aries trine Neptune and opposition Pluto – super-ambitious and controlling. She’s also got a showbizzy Mars opposition Neptune.

  Apart from both sharing a Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces it’s not that obvious what the attraction was for a double stint at togetherness. Her Sun opposition Pluto sits on top of his 12th house Saturn; her rebellious Uranus is conjunct his Ascendant and Moon.  Her Mars is in his 8th and her Neptune in his 2nd, so money would have been an issue.

  Their relationship chart does have an optimistic and supportive composite Sun Jupiter though it opposes a needs-space Uranus and a struggle-for-the-upper-hand Pluto. The composite Venus is in a cool opposition to Saturn with a hint of passion from a sextile to Mars.  It’s a so-so chart which would be fine as long as they could live out the power-couple Jupiter Pluto but once that went adrift it would be a tussle.

  Tr Pluto is moving to square the composite Mars perhaps as early as this New Year but certainly extending on and off through next year which will be a bitter and aggravated barney.

6 thoughts on “Phil Collins – a wifely surprise of a different order

  1. Interesting chart of Phil Collins and Orianne ….just noticed that 3 days later after she was born 24th March 1974…Phil and Genesis played in Vancouver Canada 27th March 1974 and Phil meets old love Andrea Bertorelli who becomes his first wife…

  2. On the lighter side, was watching old episode of Top of The Pops recently where Phil Collins was performing. He had a can
    of paint on his piano. Apparently it was a reference to one of his earlier wives having an affair with the decorator!! His Scorpio moon was going to let that be forgotten.

  3. A Grand Trine creates a workable reality for the person involved. I’ve got one in Air, so my ideas are a source of security to me. My mother has one in earth so she loves to have material things around her. The problem is that it can stop one from developing in other areas e.g. air likes to stay superficial and distant. Water struggles to be objective or logical etc, etc.

    Ultimately it’s difficult for outsiders to break into the person’s world and get them to adjust. It’s a sealed unit. Compare that to a T-square where there’s a missing leg and new info can challenge the person to evolve and overcome their weaknesses.

  4. I am lead to believe grand trines make life just a little too easy for the participant(s). Too much taken for granted, then the boat begins to spring leaks all over when the bubble pops. That’s how another astro explained grand trines to me. No offense intended to those with grand trines! I’ve got plenty of midpoint problems!

    • Life is absolutely not too easy for me!! But the water trine gives me the ability to enter my own watery bubble and escape from it – for better or worse – or a while at any rate

  5. ” a Water Grand Trine which is talented, healing for others if not himself, but tending to make him live in his own bubble of reality.”
    Umm thanks, Never heard my own grand water trine described so succinctly.

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