Brexit – Cameron looking upbeat come June 23

David Cameron has returned from a punishing negotiation in Brussels claiming victory and a special status for the UK ahead, while the Brexit campaigners says it was a hollow deal only offering minor changes. Plus ca change in politics.

The UK IN/OUT EU referendum will now be held on 23rd June with the Neptune opposition Jupiter square Saturn in place which has a high worry, and nit-picking factor; plus a confident Jupiter trine Pluto.

David Cameron’s Govt chart, 8 May 2015 12.30pm, is looking confident and successful then with tr Jupiter trine Pluto and trine the Taurus Sun. His own personal chart has the lucky Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Uranus, not exact for some months but in effect; and tr Jupiter conjunct his Pluto Uranus through the aftermath in July – all of which looks like a boost.

The EU chart isn’t much help since it is sunk in catastrophes and setbacks all year. Losing the UK would be a blow but it pales in insignificance compared to the other gargantuan problems they are facing, the unstoppable flow of migrants being one.

The EU/UK relationship chart was under most strain two or three years back with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on the composite Sun. But apart from tr Saturn opposing the composite Moon and squaring Jupiter in late Oct/Nov there’s not much sign of a terminal separation.

The UK 1801 chart does have tr Uranus moving through the 7th square the 10th house Moon in the second half of next month (March) which could suggest a need for freedom in close relationships and a significant change. Tr Uranus will trine the 11th house Saturn at the Referendum which could suggest constitutional changes for the country. Plus tr Pluto squares the 7th house North Node and Sun/Moon midpoint this September/October which could point to strains in close relationships – which it would have to be said are not the UK’s forte.

But having said that, all in all, I’d doubt the UK would leave – from the astrology I mean.  Cameron’s charts look too chipper to fail at the moment..


Jeffrey Archer – lucky in money and love

Yet another Jeffrey Archer pot-boiler (= extremely successful) thriller has appeared – Cometh the Hour. To date he’s sold 330 million worldwide during a life which has been jampacked with more incident and scandal than many novels – bankruptcy, a libel trial involving a prostitute, a perjury trial resulting in four years imprisonment. Throughout, his steadfast wife Mary, an academic scientist and charity worker, led a worthy professional life and stood by her man – and his money.

He was born 15 April 1940 11.45am London and has an ambitious and lucky 10th house Jupiter Sun in Aries with Saturn and Uranus in Taurus (not conjunct) also in the 10th.  His Sun Jupiter oppose a 4th house North Node in Libra squaring onto a 12th house Cancer Moon – hinting that establishing a home life and close relationships did not come easily to him. His Uranus is trine Neptune, sextiling onto the Moon – so more focus on a Moon which has an intuitive sense of what the public like.

Mary, 22 Dec 1944, is a Sun Mercury in Capricorn opposition Saturn in Cancer square Neptune – undoubtedly serious, hard-working though obviously with a Neptunian ability not to see what she didn’t want to. Her Neptune is also in an intellectual/communicative, emotionally detached Air Grand Trine.

What is interesting about their synastry are that both have Water Moons (hers Pisces, his Cancer); both have Venus in Air signs (his Venus Mars in Gemini, hers Venus in Aquarius trine Uranus trine Neptune). Both have ambitious Cardinal Sun though her is in hard aspect to Saturn and his to Jupiter – he has the confidence and she lacks self-esteem. Her Jupiter opposes his Mercury and his Jupiter trines her Mars in Sagittarius.

Their relationship chart isn’t memorably passionate apart from a composite Venus trine Pluto; but it has an adventurous Mars square Jupiter and a superficially light-hearted Venus square Jupiter; plus a focal point Pluto keeping them together.

What is also significant is that both their Venuses are conjunct their Sun/Moon midpoint, suggesting the luck to find an affectionate partner – despite all the difficulties.

He had prostate cancer three years ago when his Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct his Pluto and tr Pluto was just into his 6th house of health.  This year is sprinkled with good luck with tr Uranus conjunct his natal Jupiter; and three Jupiter midpoints getting a boost.  So generally an enthusiastic, upbeat year for him.

Umberto Eco – a towering intellect

Best known for The Name of a Rose, made into a film starring Sean Connery, Umberto Eco was a modern Renaissance man, an Italian philosopher, literary critic, novelist and essayist. His novels are not for the faint hearted combining semiotics, mediaeval history and literary theory. He said his greatest influences came from Jorge Luis Borge and James Joyce.

Born 5 January 1932 in Alessandria, Italy, he had a powerful Cardinal T Square of Pluto opposition a Capricorn Sun Mars Saturn square Uranus – so a tough early life, but born with the formidably determined Saturn Pluto of the early thirties squaring onto an innovative Uranus which produced many successful individuals.

He also had an inspirational Fire Grand Trine of a 5th house Moon North Node in Sagittarius trine Uranus MC trine Jupiter in Leo – so not short of confidence, and revelling in public attention. He died on 19th February 2016.

Harper Lee – a success she never wanted

Harper Lee, author of Kill the Mockingbird, has died just a few months after her only other novel, a prequel – Go Set A Watchman – was discovered and published.

Mockingbird brought her a Pulitzer and stratospheric success to which she responded by retiring into obscurity and never writing another. Almost as if the success was too much to tolerate.

She was born 28 April 1926 5.25pm Monroeville, Alabama, to a lawyer father who inspired her to write her novel about racism in the courtroom in the Deep South.  She had a 7th house Taurus Sun sparsely aspected except for a sextile to a 9th house Pluto. Her chart is dominated by a creative and self-protective Water Grand Trine of Venus Uranus in Pisces trine Moon Saturn in Scorpio trine a Cancer MC and North Node. And a Fixed T Square of Neptune opposition Mars Jupiter in Aquarius square a focal point Moon Saturn in Scorpio.

Water Grand Trine individuals can be detached from reality, preferring to stay within their inner fantasy world; and a heavily aspect Moon Saturn in private Scorpio would also have difficulty coming to terms with global adulation.

Her 7th Harmonic was strong which I always associate with a flash of genius rather than a constant flow of inspiration. But she also had a notable writers’ 21H.

Koh-I-Noor – winner takes all

The Koh-I-Noor diamond, Persian for Mountain of Light, was supposedly found in the 13th Century. It then had a chequered history being taken as a spoil of war through several centuries, before the Brits in India (then united with modern Pakistan), got hold of it in the mid 19th Century. It was presented to Queen Victoria on 3 July 1850, re-cut and ultimately found itself as the centre piece of the Queen Mother’s crown.

There is now a claim, as there have been in the past, for its return, in this case to Pakistan, though it is unlikely to happen.

The 3 July 1850 chart has a flamboyant Mars in Leo trine Uranus Pluto Saturn in Aries – so a triple conjunction event. Venus also in showy Leo is conjunct the ‘leadership’ Leo North Node – winner takes the spoils.  The Cancer Sun is trine Neptune on one side and sextile Jupiter on the other.

Tr Uranus is conjunct the KIN Saturn in a couple of months and by 2018 will be conjunct the KIN Uranus Pluto which looks like an upheaval of sorts. But being removed from the Tower of London is not a realistic possibility.

Libya – bleak future

The war against ISIL appears to be moving to Libya as top ISIL commanders have gone there from Iraq and Syria. US planes are now reportedly bombing there.

The revolution against Gaddafi in 2011 led to civil war, with French, British and American forces joining in, but misjudging the chaos of tribal militia infighting which would follow the toppling of a dictatorship which had been in place for 42 years. A senior UK minister described the post-Gaddafi stabilisation plans as ‘fanciful rot’. And so another Iraq failed state was created.

Libya independence, 24 December 1951 12am Tripoli. Nothing remotely cheerful here for several years ahead. Tr Pluto has another year of squaring Saturn bringing hardship and deprivation; with the even more destructive tr Pluto square Mars in 2016/17. Plus tr Uranus in the highly strung, nervy opposition to Neptune this year and a hugely upsetting opposition to the Libya Moon in 2018. Tr Saturn will oppose the MC this year and tr Neptune will square in 2018 – setbacks and no clear direction. Tr Pluto moves to square Neptune in 2018/19 which is devastation. Solar Arc Pluto will conjunct the Moon in late 2018 – an anguished population. Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct the Capricorn Sun by 2020 – undermining.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Upcoming Eclipses in Pisces and Libra

This will go into its own section at some point for future reference.

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: March 9 2016 at 19 degrees Pisces IN Saros Cycle 18 South.

LUNAR ECLIPSE: March 23 2016 at 3 degrees Libra.

This Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is opposition Jupiter North Node in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn square Jupiter is one of these awkward influences which swings between optimism and pessimism. One moment expansive, the next running into setbacks and having to contract. So relatively unstable. Plus a Mutable Saturn on the point of a T Square tends to be nervy, scattered, sceptical. Focus is needed to get the best out of it – usually by concentrating on detailed work.

What will help is the New Moon sextile Pluto which in turn trines Jupiter – a wedge isn’t the easiest configuration to balance but there will be bursts of confidence and success.

According to Bernadette Brady (The Eagle and the Lark), an 18 South Eclipse is concerned with endings or separations. Maybe someone close travelling a distance away. But, as ever, as one door closes another door opens. New situations will arise bringing positive outcomes.

The Lunar Eclipse on 23 March with the Sun at 3 Aries opposite the Moon at 3 Libra luckily misses aspects to the disruptive Uranus Pluto. It is trine/sextile Mars in Sagittarius – another wedge, so there will be spurts of dynamic activity and then some misdirected anger. Mars in Sagittarius can be a great crusader but can also be self-righteous. There’s also a Jupiter North Node opposition Venus Neptune square Saturn; and the opposition trine/sextile Pluto.  But aspects not connected into the Eclipse itself generally have less effect.

Eclipses set major personal themes for your next six months depending on your Sun and Ascendant sign. Eclipses demand you live one area of your life in a new way. This takes effort and courage but it does offer an opportunity. If you get a grip and put much needed changes in place then you can avoid crises in the months ahead. If you know your birth time then look to see which house the Eclipse falls in and it is that arena of your life which needs a shake up.

Effects on Sun signs:

ARIES The Pisces Solar Eclipse falling in the sign before yours says slow down, be less active and more introspective. Put the past in order by understanding it better. Sort out unresolved psychological and emotional issues.   The Lunar Eclipse will throw a focus on close relationships. Are you fulfilled? If not, what can you do about it? Find a balance between giving and receiving.

TAURUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse will prompt you to look ahead and make longer term plans. You’ll also want to widen your circle of friends and acquaintances and be more of a team player.  The Lunar Eclipse says getting healthy will be a priority but looking after your state of mind will be as important as looking after your body.

GEMINI The Pisces Solar Eclipse at your Midheaven says you’ll feel it is now or never for success so you’ll push extra hard. The added motivation will give you a spur to aim higher.   The Lunar Eclipse says you need to find a better balance between friends on the one hand and love ones on the other. You may want to play away the days but sorting out long term plans will be important as well.

CANCER The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you need to broaden your understanding and knowledge, read more, travel more, set your sights higher and communicate more widely.   The Libra Lunar Eclipse is all about finding time for work ambitions and home and family matters. You won’t be fulfilled unless both areas of your life are getting your attention.

LEO The Pisces Solar Eclipse in the deepest, most confidential area of your chart will prompt you to share, care, relate and co-operate in a new way, emotionally and financially. Letting go the habits of a lifetime will be tricky but it’s important you try.   The Lunar Eclipse says pay attention to everyday details as well as aiming higher and seeking adventure.

VIRGO The Pisces Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign will make your close relationship a top priority. Can you be less self-sufficient, more adaptable, more co-operative? Being in a partnership demands compromise to make it work.  The Lunar Eclipse again focuses on how you share, care, and relate financially as well as emotionally. You need to find ways of being independent and inter-dependent at the same time.

LIBRA The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you must take steps to improve your health and fitness. Also to streamline your efficiency since you’ll have a pile of chores in coming months.  The Lunar Eclipse in your own sign will pose questions about your closest relationship. You’ll need to adjust the amount of give and take on each side and reach fairer agreements.

SCORPIO The Pisces Solar Eclipse in your chart area of romance, fun and children says you’ll need to make the effort to sparkle and play more. If you feel short of affection and attention then you need to give more. Hand out the kisses and cuddles and you’ll be centre stage.  The Lunar Eclipse in the sign before yours says take some time out to re-centre and regain inner calm, as well as ensuring you boost your physical stamina.

SAGITTARIUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse will prompt you to make changes at home and in your domestic environment. Not just physically but emotionally as well, you’ll want to clear the decks for a better time ahead. Make the effort and ask for what you need.   The Lunar Eclipse hints that friends need as much attention as loved ones. Be prepared to sort out long term plans as well as enjoying the moment.

CAPRICORN The Pisces Solar Eclipse indicates that an exceptionally busy everyday schedule lies ahead. You’ll need to get better organised, manage your time well and make out to-do lists otherwise you’ll end up going round in circles. The Lunar Eclipse points to an imbalance in your life between outer ambitions and a happy family life. See what you can do to pay attention to both.

AQUARIUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse falling in your chart area of personal finances says that being pro-active will help. Take the initiative and reorganise your approach to money. Don’t throw it around to impress but ensure you are focusing on long term security as well as pleasure. The Lunar Eclipse will keep you on your toes for a busy time ahead. Paying attention to small details will be important as well as getting your grander plans into gear.

PISCES The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you are at a crossroads in your life and need to make significant decisions about your time ahead. You’ll be more independent for a few months. It’s your life and should be your choices. Don’t amble along as before, hoping for the best. Take the initiative and make it happen.   The Lunar Eclipse will pose a few dilemmas, mainly financial but also emotional.  You need to find a way of protecting your own interests as well as sharing more with those close.

Mozart & Salieri – a murderous myth

One of the enduring myths in classical music was the supposed rivalry of composers Austrian Wolfgang Mozart and Italian Antonio Salieri, with the latter suspected of hastening Mozart’s end by poisoning.

In reality, despite some rivalry being in competition for jobs, they seem to have got along reasonably well. Mozart died aged 35 from causes unknown, variously ascribed to overwork, financial worries or fever.

Mozart was born 27 January 1756 6pm Salzburg, Austria and Salieri on 18 August 1750 10pm Legnago, Italy.

Mozart had a 5th house Sun Saturn Mercury in Aquarius opposition Neptune so was serious about performing, quite neurotic. He had an ambitious 10th house Mars in Cancer; and a possessive Moon Pluto in the 4th square Uranus and trine Neptune – so emotionally changeable.

Salieri was a Sun Mars in Leo opposition Uranus – so quite volatile and excitable; and could be jealous if he was outshone. He had Saturn Pluto in his 7th so harmonious relationships wouldn’t come easily to him.

Mozart’s Moon Pluto fell in Saleri’s 8th and M’s Sun Saturn in S’s 10th, so Salieri would feel cornered and deflated at times, composing as the same time as one of the great geniuses.

Their relationship chart has a friendly composite Sun opposition Venus; a supportive Mars Jupiter conjunction; though Mars was also conjunct Neptune so one’s success would diminish the other. The composite Mars was inconjunct Saturn and Pluto inconjunct Venus –  so there would be strains and rough edges. But nothing too hostile.

Salieri produced nothing in the last two decades of his life and ended up suffering from dementia. His work fell into obscurity from which it was only rescued fairly recently.

Nicholas Sarkozy – crashing into difficulties

Former French President, right-wing Nicolas Sarkozy is under formal investigation over campaign funding for his unsuccessful 2012 bid for re-election. Despite his denials of all involvement in campaign finances, it is seen as a blow to his attempts to regain the presidency in 2017.

Born 28 January 1955 10pm Paris, his chart does show signs of a collision of sorts which will bring him to a halt and infuriate him. His Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his Mars in Aries, exact in four months’ time. Into 2017 he has several unpleasant and counter-productive influences – tr Pluto will conjunct his Neptune which can be devastating; tr Saturn will oppose his Gemini MC around the time of the election; and his Solar Arc Saturn will oppose his Jupiter, exact late in 2017, and possibly casting a damper over his attempt.

Admittedly he also has tr Uranus square his Jupiter through this year from late May onwards which will give him a lucky break. But maybe not enough to shake him loose from various allegations which have been swirling around him.   His marriage to Carla Bruni also looks more than creaky in 2017.


Sheena Bora – a sad death swirling in conspiracy theories

A thriller of a murder story, involving hidden identities, allegations and counter-allegations and arrests has been gripping Indian media for months. An unidentified skeleton, badly burnt, was recovered near Mumbai in 2012 but only identified in 2015 as being that of Sheena Bora. Police had earlier named Indrani Mukerjea, thought to be her sister but in fact her mother, as the main suspect in the case. They have also arrested her first husband as a co-conspirator in the murder, as well as her former driver who is listed as an accomplice. Now Sheena Bora’s stepfather, Peter Mukerjea, the former CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s Star India network, has been formally charged with the murder as well. He denies all knowledge of any conspiracy.

Sheena Bora was born 11 Feb 1987 when her mother (born Nov 1972), would have been 14, conceived at 13, raised by her maternal grandparents. She was an Aquarius Sun on the focal point of Mars in Aries trine Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius so volatile with a tough life. Her Jupiter in Pisces was square Uranus Saturn so quite impulsive.

And she had another mini-Grand Trine of Pluto trine Mercury in Pisces, sextile Venus Neptune in Capricorn – intense, charming though not always clear thinking.

What is really sad about her chart is a singleton Moon in Cancer which would give her key issues around mother. The Moon may also be on the focal point of a Yod to her Sun sextile Saturn Uranus; and in an angry square to Mars. She only discovered about her mother when she was 19 and came to find her.

Her 16th Harmonic which can be destructive/self-destructive is very strongly aspected. When she disappeared around 24th April 2012 tr Saturn was hovering around the opposition to her Mars; with tr Uranus square her Venus, moving to square her Neptune; and tr Pluto was just over the conjunction to her Neptune Venus.