Russia – feeling the cold wind of isolation + Central Bank head

The Bank of Russia raised key interest rate from 9.5 per cent to 20 per cent today as the rouble value tumbled to an all-time low, with the Russian economy plummeting as the West’s sanctions began to bite. Vast queues have been seen outside cash machines in Russia, as fears rise of an economic collapse. The government ordered people and companies to sell 80 per cent of their foreign currency revenue, forcing them to buy the ruble to help prop it up.

 The Bank of Russia, 13 July 1990 chart, is understandably stunned and depressed at the moment though it is 2023 which shows up as the bottom-of-the-pit time, which is echoed in the original 12 June 1860 Bank of Russia chart. The 1990 chart also indicates that this May onwards will be critical as tr Uranus opposes the Pluto at 15 degrees Scorpio for a significant upheaval. Many of the related charts in Russia as well as surrounding are showing up mid degree Scorpio planets as being triggered this year from late April onwards – including Germany.

  Most pointedly, the Russia 8 November 1917 2.12am Leningrad chart which has a Sun Mercury at 14/17 degrees Scorpio square Saturn at 14 Leo (conjunct Neptune) will be upended with shocks, jolts amid considerable pressure to shift track with difficulty. Not improved by tr Saturn conjunct the Russia Uranus in March, September and November for much the same high-tension and eruptions of frustration. That’s followed in 2023 by tr Uranus square the Uranus and tr Saturn opposition the Mars. It’ll be a rocky road ahead. Mind you it shares that with many countries.

  The modern Russia 8 December 1991 7.45pm chart, I would have to confess I never find that illuminating – for what it’s worth this year looks generally undermining on it with more obvious upheavals in 2023 – and hardship by 2025.

  Having scoured around I gather Russian astrologers use 12 June 1990 for modern Russia though there’s a variety of times – if anyone has a verifiable time I’d be grateful.

  That chart has Pluto at 15 Scorpio exactly opposition the financial Venus in Taurus which will be rattled badly from early May onwards; with high-anxiety and economic confusion worsening in 2023 with the Solar Arc Neptune in square. It does make more sense than the 1991 one. At the moment and on and off till late 2023 there are two midpoint influences running, one of which suggests a)over-confidence/rule-breaking and b) running into the buffers, fearful and trapped.

  The three Russian stock market indices, closed for today by government order – RTS, SE MICEX 1992/2011 – all look roadblocked, panicked and not in good shape now and over the next three years plus.

The head of the Russia Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, 29 October 1983 is a stalwart Sun Scorpio but is, not surprisingly, looking exceptionally rattled at the moment, on a panicky slide mid March to mid April, and again later in the year; with major forced changes late May to mid June, as her hopes of improvement don’t pan out – and that will be the story of the rest of her year; with even more pressure in 2023/24.

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  1. I was just listening to The Astrology Podcast (I should be working) and they highlighted the Mars/Venus cjt at 0 Aqua on 6/7 March as being on the same degree as Mars squared Uranus back on 16/05/18 and that it might foreshadow the subsequent 2022 Mars/Uranus sq on 22 March. 16 May 2018 news – 10 things you need to know today – no.5 being that Putin had ‘driven a truck across the auto-section of a new road-and-rail bridge linking Russia to the Crimean peninsula, inaugurating the span in defiance of Ukraine. In Kiev, Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, called the construction of the bridge “the latest evidence of the Kremlin’s disregard for international law.” The next sq was 7 April 2020, when sadly (alongside Covid) there were fires around the Chernobyl plant which I do recall vaguely from the pandemic fog. The early degrees of Aquarius activate the 0-1 degree Sun in Aqua of the Ukraine chart it seems. Sorry, that all feels like bad news but with Uranus you never know I guess.

  2. Hi, Marjorie,
    Surely Putin’s war against an independent Ukraine began on March 1st 2014 when Russia’s Parliament approved Putin’s request for the authority to send troops into Ukrainian Crimea (one of several articles online: )
    On that day, Mars was stationary-retrograde at 27º32′ Libra. Pluto is now squaring this point from 27º Capricorn, to be joined on Thursday by Mars and Venus. Hardly surprising, then, that things have blown up now, would you say?
    There were further developments in March and April 2014 when Crimea held it’s dodgy referendum, Crimea was annexed on March 21st and the Russian-supported Donbass uprisings began on April 7th at 3.30 a.m. – all while Mars was retrograde. I once read a claim that one cannot win a war that one is responsible for starting while Mars is retrograde. Do you know of any evidence that supports this belief?

    • @ Ed_Ward, great observation. I have never forgotten Crimea, unlike the rest of the West seems to have in too many cases. The war has been ongoing ever since, even if in a “low intensity” form. And obviously, Donesk and Luhansk were used as “casus belli” this time around, too.

    • Yes I agree, excellent point. Actions especially aggression, during a Mars Rx tend to backfire. Not just in war, but generally. I’m sure we’ve discussed this before on this site, mostly with example of the 2016 Mars Rx and brexit, I think. It indicates that plans have trouble moving forward or completing and will often eventually backfire. In the 2016 case it was David Cameron’s referendum gamble, sure of victory against the eurosceptics.

      2014 was a bit different as it began with a Venus Rx – Venus stationed Rx at 28 Cap on 22 Dec 2013, preventing the perfection of a trine to Mars.

      For astro data nerds among us.. There were then 3 square aspects between Venus and Mars that year and a 2 year period without a conjunction:

      7 Apr 2013 – Venus/Mars conjunct 20 Aries

      15 Jan 2014 – Venus Rx/Mars square @20 Cap/Lib
      1 Feb 2014 – Venus station Dx 13 Cap (conjunct Pluto)
      2 Mar 2014 – Mars station Rx 27 Lib; Venus square Mars @27 Cap/Lib (both station points)
      11 May 2014 – Venus/Mars square @9 Ari/Lib; Mars station Dx 9 Lib

      22 Feb 2015 – Venus/Mars conjunct

      I agree with you on the significance of station points

  3. Marj, can you read Putin’s daughters charts and their synastry with Dad?

    April 28, 1985
    St Petersburg, Russia

    August 31 1986
    Dresden, Germany

      • @Marina, I agree that doing synastry reading on is rather difficult, but I think looking at Katerina’s chart especially could be interesting, since her ex-husband Kirill Shamalov (March 22nd 1982) was widely regarded as Putin’s “Jared”. He still might have some “pull” with Putin, and is sanctioned.

        I was thinking charts of Putin’s known family members in general could be interesting, including ex-wife Lyudmila. It seems Putin’s preferred way of providing for ladies in his life is to purchase commercial property/chairmanships in property companies, I recall Navalny had a section on alleged mother of now late-teen daughter, who has commercial proprieties in St. Pete.

        I think that with consumer index soon hitting floor in Russia their charts could be particularly stressed right now.

  4. I think what’s happening with isolating Russia due to prolonger is Capricorn Venus/Mars conjunction, now closing Pluto, too. It will have dual effects, and it doesn’t look good for Russia.

    We have quite a lot Russian Media watch here, and apparently, it’s been incredibly quite there on sanctions. Russian Authorities are obviously trying to delay panic. But eventually, people will learn about these things through Telegraph, which is still widely used in Russia (and Ukraine), if not through foreign media (middle classed people who know a foreign language or two certainly know their ways around geoblocks), and there will, indeed, be panic.

    On the other hand, we’ve seen how unite Europe is against Russia. I think this is something Putin and his advisors weren’t expecting. Switzerland (!!!) is freezing Russian assets. Sweden, which hasn’t officially been in War since 1814, is providing anti-tank weapons. Germany is raising their defense budget to 2 per cent of their GDP and considering restarting nuclear plants. In Finland, support for NATO membership, on a poll from February 23rd to 25th – so conducted partly before Russia launched the attack – is up to 53 per cent, from below 30 just late last year, and with only 28 per cent against. EU is providing Ukraine with fighter jets (MiGs from Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria). This is really, really uniting Europe like nothing else in 30 past years has. Obviously, shock waves will hit us too, but it’s also a sign we can be pretty functional, when needed.

    • The second conjunction of Venus and Mars will take place on 6 March 2022 at the gateway to Aquarius 0°. I think Aquarius, with its progressive attitudes and humanitarian themes is already displayed in the people power and groundswell of public opinion and seems to be influencing governments, etc, to move on sanctions as they respond to pro Ukraine demonstrations. 30 years of summits have not accomplished what was achieved just in the past week. Just incredible!

      • It’s actually the 3rd meeting, the first was last summer in Leo. Astronomers call it a triple conjunction (I know that’s usually something else in astrology, more like what astronomers call a “great conjunction”).

        I’ve been tracking this for nearly a year trying to figure it out. I thought it would be the Epstein and Prince Andrew stuff, but that’s all been swept away. I didn’t find much written about it at the time, but there is lots now

        The next conjunction is exact at 29’59 Capricorn, which may be significant as it’s still the anaretic degree of a cardinal sign, even though there’s only a second in it. But they certainly move into 0 Aquarius together. Perhaps there’ll be a stalemate and then a sudden new agreement started from scratch

        Not sure what was significant during the first conjunction in Leo, though there were floods in both Germany and China which look like pivotal countries in this crisis. It was also part of a transiting yod with neptune and Pluto

        • Hi Tara, 12 July 2021 an article was published by Putin on the ‘historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians’ (or similar title). There is a wiki page on it, was the date of the Leo conjunction I believe.

          • Wow thanks Louisa, I wasn’t aware of that. I will go and have a look

            Also of course, the timing of the summer and winter games, he always seems obsessed with the Olympics

          • Venus/Mars typically meet once in a 12 month period, but we have 3 meetings (triple conjunction) beginning with Venus/Mars in Leo.

          • @Marina, yes, Aquarius association comes through Uranus. Uranus was famously on MC when Hiroshima bomb was dropped on August 6th, 1945, 8.15 am. That’s scary as hell chart overall, with Sun/Pluto in Leo, Moon/Saturn in Cancer. Mars isn’t that scary, at first sigh, it sextiles Sun/Pluto and loosely trines Neptune, but square Mercury. The wildcard is Jupiter/Venus square.

          • That’s interesting. The Chernobyl disaster chart has Uranus right on the Ascendant in Sagittarius squaring Jupiter.

        • Last year Venus Mars on July 13th is opposed on March 3rd by Saturn Mercury conjunct on the Mars, Venus, Pluto conjunction.

  5. Had a look for the time for the ratification of Russia chart 12 June 1990, but cannot find anything other than 13.45 Moscow, which I believe is the equivalent GMT time you already have Marjorie. The eclipse of 10 June 2021, known as the Ring of Fire, was clearly visible in North East Russia, and obviously was conjunct the sun in this chart in the 9th house (of foreigners).

    • Strangely, western astrologers I have seen using this date actually agree on the chart (Asc. 26º Virgo MC 24º Gemini) but their time alternates between 9.45 am and 13.45 pm.
      If you believe in, the right time should be 13.45 pm.

  6. I have only just looked at this article …though received early last week….. from a site which deals amongst other things with midpoints and weather
    ……..Quote in the March issue which received before this Ukranian disaster started
    ……………………………………………………………………….The month of March is all about the second meeting of Venus and Mars; this time during their entrance in Aquarius, pointing to some crisis situation and a big U-turn during stormy times.
    Around March 3, Mars and Venus both conjoin Pluto at 27° Capricorn, suggesting early March is an extremely passionate period with intense feelings (for good or ill).

    This degree area also reflects power dictates and calculated actions.
    Around March 6, Venus and Mars conjoin at 0° Aquarius, their second merging together this year.

    This time, they gather at a degree of crisis situations and big U-turns.

    Any conjunction at this particular disruptive degree overturns any status quo and changes “the rules of the game.”

    Also, any Venus-Mars conjunction is a very passionate, intense, stormy and even explosive combo.

    According to the massive research done by keen astrologer Michele Finey, Venus-Mars conjunctions are as potent and revolutionary as Uranus-Pluto conjunctions and they act as catalysts for change in a more personally accessible and conscious way.

    So, this whole early March period tends to become highly electrifying and intense, setting in motion a whole pattern that will likely span generations

    Be aware that whenever Venus and Mars meet and conjoin, lines and boundaries are crossed more easily (figuratively or literally), often resulting in clashes.………………………………………………

      • My bold guess, or hope, is this Aquarian conjunction on the 6th, with Venus chasing Mars, is more like a collective refusal by troops to fight, or enough of them to undo the whole misadventure, than a nuclear catastrophe. Hard to imagine i know, but something unexpected and Aquarian is going to occur, could it be this?

        Though before that there is the scary conjunction of the lovers with Pluto first at 27 Cap on the 3rd which i fear will be hellish in Ukraine…?

        Someone’s wishes will surely be helped by tomrrow’s new moon/Jupiter in Pisces?

  7. Marjorie, Don’t know if this helps, I read that Boris Yeltsin, as President of Russia, signed the Union treaty on August 18, 1991. following Russia’s Declaration of Sovereignty that was passed on June 12, 1990 (Russia Day today).
    As a side note, during the signing of the Union treaty in August 1991, Russia’s autonomous regions signed underneath Boris Yeltsin’s signature – this had been an important point. They acknowledged themselves as part of Russia, and in exchange attained federal status during the negotiations over Russian federalism in March 1992.

      • @ anita
        What a shame that so many things were agreed but not signed.
        I can nearly feel putin s frustration cleaning the mess left by his predecessors. For him agreed seems to be agreed and seamingly he will use all his means .

        I would like to add further that astrology has been for me a mean to try to understand situations.
        Hating or applauding putin is for me senseless

        • I would disagree that Putin is left cleaning the mess, Yeltsin left behind. Valentin Yumashev one Yeltsin closest advisers played a key role in Vladimir Putin becoming president of Russia. Unfortunately looking back it turned to be a massive mis calculations the time “A lot of KGB agents, like Putin, had left the organisation, realising it was discredited. The fact that he was ex-KGB meant nothing. Putin had shown himself to be a liberal and a democrat, who wanted to continue market reforms. It seems pretty clear now that he was able to fool many. One might wonder what Yeltsin might think of Putin today.

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