Belarus – aiding and abetting Putin won’t end well

Belarus, under the thumb of steadfast Putin ally, the authoritarian Alexander Lukashenko, has sent troops into northern Ukraine. Belarus has recently been used as a staging post by Russian forces, but now appears to have moved towards becoming an explicit participant in the war. And has taken steps to open the way for a possible deployment of Russian nuclear weapons from Belarus. The EU’s foreign affairs chief, Josep Borrell, said Lukashenko was allowing his country to become a Russian satellite state.

 The modern Belarus chart, 25 August 1991 6pm Minsk has a souped-up Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Mars now suggesting an overdose of confidence which will rapidly run into a sinkhole of panicky failure from mid May onwards as tr Neptune opposes both the Mars and the Jupiter, suggesting the outcome will be the opposite of what Lukashenko hopes. Mid June has the Belarus Pluto catching the tr Uranus opposition Pluto at 17 degrees Scorpio which echoes through many of the charts so will be a time of significant upheaval.

  Lukashenko took over as president on 20 July 1994 and has been there ever since. That chart is under immense pressure this year with tr Pluto opposition the Cancer Sun and next. From 2023 onwards not only is it looking road-blocked, it will become less stable thereafter.

  Even more obvious is his 6th term chart, 23 September 2020, (after flawed elections) which looks to be facing gigantic setbacks now or soon; and will be immensely frustrated and trapped August to November this year with tr Pluto square the Mars.

  His personal chart, 30 August 1954, is picking up a catastrophic, high-risk, angry and blocked tr Pluto square the Mars/Pluto midpoint from before mid March onwards and that runs on and off till late 2023. If anything his 2023 looks even worse – devastated, confused, unable to cope.   

Maybe just maybe Pluto in Capricorn is intending to clear the boards of despots before it exits.

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  1. Increasing reports on Belarus soldiers refusing orders from commanding officers, intercepted because these fools have sold their good radio equipment and are using civilian networks… I think Lukashenko should seriously consider his escape plan, I heard UAE hasn’t closed their airspace yet.

  2. Thanks Marjorie, as always it’s so helpful to see these charts, and read your thoughts.

    I noticed that today’s New Moon at 12 Pisces, conjunct Jupiter (14) opposes Lukashenko’s Mercury, and aligns with the 1994 term’s Saturn (11). This could be a moment of bombastic, oppressive over-confidence indeed. It also connects with the chart for the Chernobyl disaster, 26 April, 1986 which has Jupiter at 13 Pisces. The Saros Series of eclipses, 6 North and 6 South, are repeating this year from 1968, 1986, 2004.

    The March Full Moon at 27 Virgo, conjunct Neptune (23), and trine Pluto at 28 Capricorn would conjunct Lukashenko’s Virgo Moon as in the midday chart here. Belarus own Mars is 25 Virgo. NATO’s Mercury is 24 Virgo.

    This seems to be a sensitive degree area for Russia in some ways. For the invasion of Hungary in 1956 Jupiter was at 24 Virgo. For the crushing of the ‘Prague Spring’ in 1968, Uranus was at 27 Virgo, with Pluto at 21 Virgo. The December 1922 USSR chart has the nodes at 24 Virgo.
    So the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction at 23-4 Pisces in April seems even more significant. It does suggest huge numbers of refugees, but there is a faint glimmer of hope that the more healing and spiritual aspects of this combination might find a way through too. Call me Pollyanna…..

      • 27 Virgo also the Asc/Dsc axis of the Russia June 12 1990 chart, if time accurate. And conjunct Ukraine’s Mars in Virgo.

        • Thanks Tara and Xhane. You’ve prompted me to look it up!
          Fixed star Alkaid, known sometimes as “the destroyer of nations” and associated with death and mourning….
          Bernadette Brady’s Fixed Stars says of Ursa Major ‘The mythology that pours from this part of the sky for all cultures is almost overwhelming.’ It was, she writes, considered the source of the Ganges in Hindu mythology, the place of the Heavenly Mother in ancient Babylon, and in many cultures ‘a gateway to the world of the immortals, from which all life sprang.’

          As Brady also says, ‘She still travels around the North Pole and still represents the protector of all life. The Great She-Bear still moves around the point of stillness.’

  3. Disoriented young conscripts, run out of fuel, wandering about in Lviv asking people for food. Ukrainian soldiers don’t know what to do with them. That’s the bottom end, at the other end a vacuumbomb launcher is on the move. A bear with a sore head/grudge can be very dangerous indeed.

    • @Susan, yes, vacuum bombs are horrid, and yes, Russia has them, has used them in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria and could use them again. They also have enough nuclear warheads to annihilate humanity. I also don’t think they are going to give up “just like that”, without much human suffering on both sides.

      But there’s really a question here on how much suffering they are willing to cause in Ukraine. They really – apart maybe some intelligence officers – didn’t expect this fight back from people they feel closer than many ethnic/linguistic minorities in Russian Federation.

      • Solaia,what are your thoughts about russian troops taking control of the Chernobyl site? are they going to re-activate it ?-this is something noboby has brought up here on these pages

        • Can’t be re-activated. Potential for blasting the sarcophagus…deliberately. Dropping a small nuke onto it as a deliberate deus ex machina. Out of spite. Like the alpha-omega bomb from “beneath the planet of the apes”. Ridiculous but potentially there. Depends what the stars show.

          There’s your coup to remove putin.

        • @jon, I doubt that. Chernobyl is closer to Belarus boarder than Kyiv, in fact, the radioactive buffer zone is bigger on Belarus side than Ukraine, given the prevailing winds brought radioactive clouds North.

          • Instead Russian troops started shelling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine, the largest of its kind. How can this go on!

      • Hi Marjorie, Any chance that troubles for Lukashenko could mean the release of Roman Protasevich, the dissident whose commercial flight was forced to land in
        Belarus and who was then forcibly removed and remains a prisoner?

  4. Vedic astrologers predicted an ominous year. Everything has been handled wrongly ,Russia should never have invaded Ukraine ,and these sanctions by the West will just make the bear bite harder . It seems a impossible situation but hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel

    • @Jackie, with what will “the bear bite”? Are their soldiers going to use their teeths? Mind you, this country is not Soviet Union, with largely self containing “military industrial complex”. That era finished when arms up keeping that military might bankrupt the country. Factories closed or were sold, equipment was sold to the highest bidder. Russia has rebuilt that capacity to an extend, but warfare has also developed. Russia needs to rely on vast, international supply chain especially for more parts of more advanced equipment.

      In addition, the need to pay soldiers besides poor conscripts. Most of their “elite” soldiers are mercenaries, in many cases with Russian Spetsnaz training, but paid through a private company. Now, what’s going to happen, when they won’t receive their next paycheck, in dollars?

        • @Anita, I’m just saying, follow the money! I’ve always thought economy is Putin’s Achilles Heel. In fact, I was kind of expecting his regime would collapse following Crimean annexation in 2014. It didn’t, but what’s interesting is that Russian economy has never fully recovered. Their GPD peaked in 2013, at 2292 billion US$. Covid-19 obviously ate in in 2020, but even in 2019, they only reached 1687 billion US$. I think they have very little foreign debt and good gold reserves, but they can’t avoid rampant, internal inflation.

          Most importantly, Russia won’t have enough foreign currency to pay those who expect their salaries in euros and dollars. They can’t transfer money bank accounts in many countries. I’ve already seen Gerhard Schröder’s staff and many RT and Sputnik contributor quit. Mercenaries likely will get their money somehow for sometime, but the most “competent” ones will no doubt find better paying gigs. 11 000 rubles Shoigu promised to families of fallen Russian soldiers currently translated to 75 US$ a couple of days ago, and now it’s more likely 50 US$. Not a price for not being able to even bury fallen soldiers, who it seems are cremated near Ukrainian boarder.

          • I think you are right Solaia. Putin could survive the war but not the economic doom. This is the start of his downfall. The question is when will he finally fall? This is the last full year of Pluto in Capricorn. Hopefully, After March 2023 latest would bring Putin’s fall.

          • Sanctions or not… the footage on TV today meanwhile is so horrendous. It is being suggested that he will lay siege to the major cities and potentially starve/bomb them into submission & wiping out the country.

  5. A start..
    Liz Truss UK Foreign Secretery
    (The Guardian)
    “The Lukashenko regime actively aids and abets Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and will be made to feel the economic consequences for its support for Putin.

    We’ve launched a first tranche of sanctions against Belarusian individuals and organisations.”

  6. “maybe Pluto in Capricorn is intending to clear the boards of despots before it exits”

    Yes, fingers crossed.

    I was just reminded of the GFC tqking place as Pluto moved into Capricorn. And seeing Russia’s economy crumble, and Britaiin’s struggling in recent months; I wonder if there is some kind of repeat coming up

    • ‘Plutocrats’ after all! Bring on the shift into Aquarius (though ideological fights likely to be intense, if airy).

  7. Thank you, Marjorie! This confirms what I thought. Lukashenko is extremely weak at home, the demonstrations especially in August 2020 were enormous, mobilizing maybe up to 10 per cent of the country’s population in best days, and I thought Lukashenko left his back uncovered by joining the attack.

    Most importantly, I think Lukashenko while not stupid, is overestimating his capacities, which I think might be due to his Cancer Jupiter/Uranus square Libra Venus/Neptune. I think this could be a somewhat “lucky” combination, where a native just get along by being at the right place at the right time, rather than being capable. Lukashenko, for instance, went to Belarus National TV a couple of hours ago for some kind of a staged “warroom special”, essentially showing attack routes of Russia and Belarus Military to four Military Distristricts of Ukraine. Apparently, they’ve left the Northwest quarter to Belarus Troops. In addition, they show a plan to enter to Transnistria, a contested region in Moldova. There is a temptation to treat this as distraction, but given news on disastrous “opsec” around this operation overall, I think this is happening. And my immediate thought was: What a tool!

  8. “Maybe just maybe Pluto in Capricorn is intending to clear the boards of despots before it exits.”

    From your typing fingers to Pluto’s ears/eyes.

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