Eclipses 2022 – highlighting the hot spots

There will be clues in the 2022 eclipses about which countries are likely to be in the spotlight of global events. Last November’s Lunar Eclipse, in effect for the six months after, had an explosive, vindictive, military Mars in Scorpio opposition Uranus square Saturn. Mars fell across the Midheaven located to Ukraine; the Full Moon sat conjunct the IC/MC for Moscow.

  Lunar Eclipses are often stronger in effect than the Solars and places where planets sit close to the axis are generally most affected. That Eclipse had a sobering, cautious Saturn in the Midheaven for Beijing and a trapped, paralysed Pluto in the IC for Washington.

 The upcoming 30 April 2022 Solar Eclipse is at 10 Taurus conjunct Uranus; with a Pluto trine Taurus North Node sextile Jupiter Venus in Pisces; and the North Node opposition South Node square Saturn in Aquarius.  Its geographical signatures aren’t that interesting. Although the Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus is pointed up as a disruptive degree on various of the eastern European and other associated charts. It will create sudden crises in Russia as it hits key planets on the 1990 (Pluto Venus) and Russia 1917 (Scorpio Sun) charts. See post below Russia feeling the cold wind.

 The 16 May 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse looks a good deal more powerful. It has a 25 degree Scorpio Moon opposition Taurus Sun and North Node square Saturn and the Full Moon is in a Half Grand Sextile to Pluto sextile Mars Neptune – cold, unpleasant, forceful and duplicitous. Located to Kyiv, Ukraine puts Saturn exactly (to the minute of a degree) conjunct the  Midheaven, which suggest adjusting to a hard reality under the can-be-domineering Saturn in Aquarius. Beijing has the Sun in the Midheaven suggesting it may enter the fray more visibly. Iran has has the aggressive Mars on the Midheaven.

  The 25 October 2022 Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio conjunct Venus is riddled with strained quincunxes of Pluto inconjunct Mars; Mercury to Neptune and Jupiter to New Moon – nothing will fit together easily. Ukraine has an unsettled Uranus on the IC with Pluto just below the Ascendant; Washington, DC for both the late Eclipses like last year has Pluto Saturn in the IC suggesting an inability to make progress or get a grip.

  The 8 November 2022 Lunar Eclipse at 16 Taurus conjunct Uranus squares onto Saturn which is the final hit of the irritable, high-tension theme of 2021/22 which Andre Barbault related (amongst other things) to authoritarian power.  It puts the assertive/aggressive Mars on the Ascendant for Beijing, and a resolute, unyielding Pluto Saturn on the Ascendant for Moscow; and Pluto Ascendant for Ukraine.  

  To summarise from a blizzard of charts and figures – it doesn’t look to be easing up for eastern Europe and eastwards; with China stepping more into centre frame.  

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  1. Apropos of 8 November I’m wondering if China – rather than getting caught up in the Ukraine situation – will take advantage of the chaos and military focus of the West there to make it’s own ‘limited military incursion’ (having seen Ukraine brought to its knees despite Western arms) to seize Taiwan (also reading from Putin’s ‘re-unification’ hymn sheet). Armed struggle between unequal forces in both these places would definitely put Biden under huge pressure.
    I read an interesting opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal this weekend “The two blunders that caused the Ukraine war”, well worth a look if you are interested in geopolitical analysis.

  2. Thanks Solaia, Your info is always welcome.
    The knock on effect has all sorts of unforeseen consequences apart from the obvious ones. Ukraine supplies 90% of Lebanon’s wheat imports; 70% of Turkey’s; 66% of Egypt’s; is a leading supplier for Somalia, Syria and Libya. Because ports have ground to a halt wheat prices have soared, overtaking the food crisis of 2007-08. At that time protests spread through nearly 40 countries from Haiti to the Ivory Coast and the price rises are regarded as one of the triggers of the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East. And since Ukrainian famers aren’t planting obviously, there won’t be a harvest next year.

  3. I find it interesting that the May lunar eclipse is very close to President Biden’s Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio as well, with Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Taurus squaring those same points. Seems like a very challenging period for him then too. The November 8th eclipse happens on the same day as the US Midterm elections. The public likely won’t be in a very cheery mood then either.

    • The November 8th eclipse Moon (conjunct Uranus) also exactly aspects the Putin 4th Term 2018 chart. Eclipse Moon conjunct the 4th term Sun (10th House) opposite Jupiter and also square the Term Asc/Dsc axis, so looks to be a significant time. At the same time transiting Pluto which is conjunct 4th term Mars squares the 4th Term MC.

  4. Thank you Marjorie. It sounds like this will not end well for the Ukrainians, as they will be forced to live under Russian authority. If Russia starts taking losses, China will put its weight. Am I reading it wrong? It is beyond sad to watch this unfolding. . .

    • @Bette, it won’t “unfold” well for Ukrainian people anyway, even if they achieve some sort of a victory, which I actually think IS possible given Russia is very close to collapsing economically. I don’t think commentators fully understand how integrated their economy has become to Global one, and how people being laid off from their jobs with Western companies or not receiving their salaries in what’s essentially worthless money will hit. I even saw an ex-CIA analyst I usually respect enormously for his Russia commentary say that Cuba and North Korea have shown sanctioning doesn’t collapse countries in weeks. But Cuba hasn’t never been sanctioned by EU, and in the 1990’s, after Soviet Union collapsed, they did the smart thing letting North Korea, on the other hand, has been hermeneutically sealed for 70 years. That’s actually longer than Soviet Union could keep their economy “isolated”, even with satellites.

      It will not look good for Ukraine, because Ukraine already have big part of their infrastructure destroyed. Residential areas near Kyiv, a 3.5 million inhabitant Metropolitan Area, are uninhabitable. Ukrainians have been forced to blow out bridges in a country that has numerous rivers, and is cut in half by mighty Dnjepr.

      In addition, I would like to point out Ukraine produces 30 per cent of World’s wheat, as well as many other goods. People in the West might not realize what a role Chernobyl incident had in Baltic States declaring independence: In 1986, quite a big portion of Ukraine’s and Belorus’ wheat production had to be destroyed. Soviet Union tried to compensate with wheat from Baltic States. This led to heavy rationing in Baltic States. I have heard about how discontent grew and “exploded” from many Estonians who were in the country at the time personally (Afganistan War didn’t help, ethnic Estonians were sent there disproportionately).

  5. Sorry if I am too harassing here,have so many natal planets in Aquarius at the moment.Too much..
    Just want to know,know….
    Haha,start a Revolution…perhaps
    Good Night ,all.

  6. Antony Blinken chart.
    Interesting man. Special manner,don’t get fooled..
    Reminds me of someone…
    Can I find his chart here.

    • @Aqua, I think he was covered here at some point, that might be in comments, too. He is an Aries Sun/Mercury, and tight conjunction. My experience is this combination is what British call “whip-smart”. He is probably a quick study, and will make quick decisions. Virgo Moon possibly oppose Pisces Mars. He won’t appear irritable or shorttempered, though, given that “peaceful” Mars in Pisces. I read somewhere that he is quite an accomplished guitarist. That’s typical of Mars in Pisces, it often gives Natives love and talent for music.

  7. Marjorie.
    Amazing as always.Thank you very much.
    Guess we are all drowning in charts.
    Take care,take a rest.
    A question I don’t seem to get an answer to.
    Who/whom have the responsibility to carry all dead russian soldiers,back home?What’s left of them…Will they be lined up or will it be in disguised?
    All the families,how will they react?Perhaps thousand of them.
    Haven’t experienced WW11.How was the logistic back then in UK?Anyone knows?
    Mercury in Aquarius,more air fights?
    Take care all.

  8. Lots of major institutional charts getting activated by the transits and eclipses this year. Today and tomorrow Venus and Mars will be at 29 Capricorn exactly conjunct Jupiter which sits at the apex of the Yod including Uranus and Saturn in the NATO 4 April 1949 chart. Venus and Mars the ingress into 0 Aquarius where they will be at the same degree as the Saturn Jupiter Great Conjunction on 21 September 2020. Fated times.

    • For sure – all those late 1917 charts as well as around the fall of the USSR 1990 ones, as well as EU, UK etc etc.
      Will try to do a mop up tomorrow – but I’m drowning in charts.

      • Thanks so very much Marjorie, including for your post on nuclear disasters. One can only conclude that the Russian goal is to starve and or cut off the country from electricity, so Ukrainians won’t be able to heat, eat, or simply exist. A wide spread human calamity to say the least. On the whole it appears to be a lot worse than the Crimea situation and still a long way to go.

    • Apologies for the error in that post the date Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter should read 21 December 2020.

    • @Hugh Fowler, this is not “official” yet, since Finland and Sweden are parliamentary democracies and things like this need to go through Parliament, but I have quite a few data points suggesting Finland and Sweden will seek a 1) major non-member ally status to NATO first (and this is confirmed by the best experts) 2) full membership by the end of year. President Niinistö’s visit to the US was likely about security guarantees during the process, as well as getting an intelligence brief from CIA leadership.

      2022 was always going to be a challenging, even “seismic” year for Finland and Sweden, as mentioned in various posts by Marjorie. I always thought (found a comment from 2017!) this would include a security threat leading to full NATO “integration”. But I will admit, even I didn’t think it would take a human tragedy THIS deep to drive the change.

  9. Always sobering watching the Gods at work.! 15 Taurus very visible on election this year in UK and 2022, then Jupiter to follow. Uranus to blow up Taurus smugness. ?
    Following your posts I looked at the second World War charts for clues to Polands fate as I have many Polish friends. Uranus was 21 Taurus on 3 Sept 1939 and will meet Jupiter in 2024 on that degree. Neptune now and plenty of other planets reversed from 1939. Pluto being one of them in 2024 to add to the Uranus Jupiter conjunction.
    Is it all written as a done deal? How can that be? Is mankind just doomed to repeat, repeat.? Why does astrology tell you what’s to come but you can do nothing? Don’t worry, I don’t expect any answers. The Jubilee this year has Mercury on Algol too.
    Re: Prince Andrew, I found that rather amusing that he gave in just before the Royals full moon in Leo, endings. And the heavily greased swine Johnson still escaping penalties.
    Thanks to you Marjorie, I looked up Ali Kemal his great grandfather and he was dragged from the barbers chair apparently, to be murdered for treason, perhaps that’s why Johnson doesn’t go near them!

    • Some commentators have rerun film footage from the 1941 Nazi invasion of the Ukraine and compared it to some of the images seen in the past week. There is an eerie similarity between some of the film. Marjorie has commented that Putin and most of his advisers were born in the early to mid 1950s. It is odd that they seem determined to rerun horrors that their parents generation had to experience. I think there is a tendency for leaders of that generation both in Russia and in parts of the west to cling to the perceived certainties of the past and to the view of the world that was inculcated into them as children. The biggest sadness is that neither Russia or Ukraine are short of land or resources. Their biggest structural problem is that their populations are falling due to low birth rates and emigration. The current conflict is not going to fix that problem.

      • @Hugh Fowler, one thing that has emerged is that these things were never really discussed in Soviet Russia. The narrative was that of “Heroic Partisans Resisting Nazis”, but places and nationalities may have been blurred. For instance, the Babyn Yar Memorial, which was almost hit in Kyiv earlier this week (it is also next to television tower that was the main target of these tech illiterates thought would be a main target to silence Ukrainian information flow – over 30 years after Lithuanian television tower) was only built 10 or so years ago. Soviet Union would not commemorate Babyn Yar or other early Nazi Occupation massacres of Jews. I personally have been to Latvian Rumbula Forest, and there too the memorial was only built in 2002.

    • It is often forgotten that Russia (under Stalin) and Germany (under Hitler) had a non-agression pact prior to WWII. It was known as the Ribbentrop/Molotov non aggression pact and gave the U.S.S.R. the right to mark off for itself a chunk of Poland’s eastern region whilst Germany was given the right to the rest. The invasion by the Russians commenced on September 17th 1939. The Polish Army was at the time retreating from the battles with Germany in order to regroup and was caught between the two behemoths.

      I only found out in 1972 through a friend who had escaped from Poland who told me that her husband, a Polish Army officer, and his friends had either surrended, been rounded up or handed over as prisoners by the Germans and shot by the Russians – not by the Germans as is usually believed.

      The ‘reason’ for the invasion was ostensibly that Russia had to come to the aid of its “blood brothers”, the Ukrainians and Byelorussians, who were trapped in territory that had been illegally annexed by Poland.

      A horoscope for the day of the invasion might yield further clues.

  10. I note that the Lunar Eclipse on 16 May 2022 at 25 Scorpio falls within one degree of the Pluto/Mars Conjunction at 24 Scorpio opposition Moon at 24 Taurus square Saturn at 2e Aquarius the EU 1993 Maastricht Chart. Transiting Saturn at 24 Aquarius will be a major aspect in both the Lunar Eclipse and the Maastricht charts.

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