Joseph McCarthy – a Uranus Neptune fanatic




Joseph McCarthy, the Senator, who led the witch-hunts against communists in the USA between 1950 and 1954 at the start of the Cold War was born 14 November 1908 3pm Grand Chute, Wisconsin.

He had an intense, obsessive 8th house Scorpio Sun. And more significantly had the Uranus opposition Neptune of the time on his MC/IC axis. There is an irrationally fanatical side to Uranus Neptune which he clearly lived out. This opposition squared onto Mars Venus in Libra, making him verbally combative and emotionally erratic. Plus his Mars was in an enraged, can-be-brutal trine to Pluto.

When he started his high-profile campaign to root out reds under the bed, Saturn had just moved into Libra and the Uranus square Neptune was at its height through his four-year terror regime. When it started to wane he was removed from his position.

The only similar thing at the moment is tr Uranus moving to hard aspect the USA 1776 Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn in 2017/18 but it lacks to highly-strung Neptune connection.

The Tunisian terrorist being sought in connection with the Berlin Market killings, was born 23 December 1993 (Tunivision). If accurate, this gives him a close Uranus Neptune conjunction.

Leslie Kenton – New Moon in Cancer – earth mother



Leslie Kenton was the guru of health and beauty in the 1970/80s when she was a lynchpin of Harpers & Queens magazine, extolling the virtues of raw food and juice diets long before they became commonplace. She lived an alternative lifestyle, often dressed in white flowing robes, had four children by four different fathers, lived for spells in a Buddhist monastery, embraced shamanism and other spiritual practices.

She was a larger than life personality with considerable presence and in later years wrote a memoir about being abused by her father Stan Kenton, the jazz musician. Of her death in November in New Zealand where she lived in recent years, her children wrote on her blog: ‘On the evening following her death the earth literally shook. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake 150km north of Leslie’s home rocked the country. A day later there was a Super Full Moon.’ She would have appreciated the syncronicity.

She was born in Los Angeles on 24 June 1941 and my memory is she had a 9th house New Moon in Cancer, so I’ve put the birth time circa 1pm.

Her New Moon was square a showbizzy, publicity-attracting Mars in Pisces opposition a 12th house Neptune. Neptune in the 12th would certainly crave solitude at times but she always revelled in attention from a public audience. A focal point Sun is quite ego-centred and a focal point Moon needs the attention of a wide circle rather than just one person.

She wrote 40 books which fits a communication 9th house emphasis. As well as the Cancer slant since she had Venus and Mercury also in Cancer around her MC. Cancer has a knack of intuiting what the public wants at any given time. Her 10th house Pluto would help to give her legendary status and influence though was also controlling. Her Saturn Uranus in Taurus in her 8th would contribute to her constantly changing emotional life, as would the self-sufficient New Moon.

She had a strongly aspected get-it-together 5th Harmonic; as well as 7th Harmonic which is a spiritual number, a seeking soul, perfectionist and craving of peace. Plus her victim/healer 12H was marked and intense.

Stan Kenton, born 15 Dec 1911, was a controlling personality with a Sagittarius Sun opposition Pluto with his Pluto conjunct her New Moon, so she would feel dominated by him. His Mars in Taurus was conjunct her Saturn Uranus in her 8th which is a damaging and unkind cross over, though she said she never hated him.

Berlin truck killings – Uranus Jupiter + Pluto

berlin-truk    germ


12 holiday shoppers and sight seers are dead with 48 injured from last night’s atrocity in Germany as a truck drove into a Christmas market in Berlin at 7.14pm. It is being viewed as a “probable terrorist attack” with the driver, reportedly a Pakistani asylum seeker, being questioned. The Polish driver was apparently stabbed and his lorry, carrying steel girders, hi-jacked.

Uranus was opposition Jupiter square Pluto – and that is a signature carried through next year’s US Inauguration Trump First Term and the February Eclipses. Jupiter despite its merry reputation often appears critically placed in disasters. The negative aspect of a Jupiter Uranus opposition can lead to wild optimism and grandiose get-rich-quick-schemes far removed from common sense; and can stir up religious conflict. Which latter this will certainly do. Angela Merkel has already had to back away from her open-hearted welcome-to-all approach; and called for a ban-the-burqua policy.

Germany was always due for an emotional shock with the Solar Arc Moon conjunct its 12th house Mars now, though not exact until four months’ time, so there may be more to come.

Eclipses 2017 – upbeat early on, then focus on USA

se-feb  le-feb  se-aug  le-aug


The next Solar Eclipse on 26 February 2017 is at 8 Pisces conjunct Neptune in a Saros Series Bernadette Brady describes as bringing pleasant surprises, sudden happiness, joyful events and lucky breaks or wins. Positive changes in people’s lives.

There is also at the time of the eclipse an adventurous Jupiter opposition Uranus Mars square Pluto which could go several ways – over-confident pushes to prove a point, too much control and an aggressive Saturn trine Mars Uranus – but none of these are in aspect to the Eclipse itself so should have less long term effect. Eclipses tend to cast a shadow over the following six months, and just before.

It’s difficult to tell where it will brew up events in the world. The midheaven runs through Greenland and down through Brazil. UK/London is catching Mars Uranus.

The Lunar Eclipse of 11 February 2017 is at 22 Leo/Aquarius in a Mystic Rectangle trine/sextile Uranus opposition; a three-quarters Grand Sextile with Saturn involved – it could be lively. Jupiter always helps. New Zealand is catching it on the MC/IC axis.

The 21 August 2017 Solar Eclipse is at 28 Leo, conjunct Mars and trine Saturn and Uranus. A Fire Grand Trine. With a Cardinal Grand Square of Jupiter opposition Uranus square Venus opposition Pluto. [See previous post November 11th]. It’s in a series which puts pressure on personal relationships, with tiredness and maybe health issues. Hasty decisions warned against.

It’ll be seen across the USA and does impact on Donald Trump’s Ascendant Mars, so could be quite a jolt. Mars triggered by an Eclipse tends to go into fighting gear and usually provokes a crisis.

The Lunar Eclipse of 7 August 2017 is at 15 Aquarius/Leo conjunct Mars and trine/sextile Jupiter, so confident and combative. The USA catches that on the MC/IC axis.

Poland moving in reverse and causing alarm in the EU

pol-89   pol-eu-comp   pol-eu-acc


Poland seems to be rolling backwards in terms of democratic rights which is giving Brussels yet another headache and pulling demonstrators out onto the street. They are protesting about government plans to restrict journalists’ access to parliament. And the outgoing president of Poland’s highest constitutional court has accused the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party (PiS) of a systematic attempt to destroy oversight of government activity, describing the country as “on the road to autocracy”. The European Commission is to consider sanctions for what it has described as a “systemic threat to the rule of law in Poland”.

The Poland 24 Aug 1989 1.05pm Warsaw chart has a panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition Mars, on and off till late 2018; and Solar Arc Pluto opposition the Gemini Moon in late 2017 which suggests a mutinous-population feeling oppressed.

PM Beato Szydio’s swearing in chart, does have an uncertain Solar Arc Saturn square Neptune now. Though there’s a bullishly confident tr Pluto triune Jupiter in 2017/18 which doesn’t suggest much back-tracking.

The relationship chart between Poland and the EU looks very stressed through 2017 with tr Uranus opposition the composite Uranus and Mars; with a radical shift in the relationship come 2018/19 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus. By 2019 tr Uranus will oppose the composite Sun, which may well lead to calls to break away altogether.

Poland acceded to the EU on 1 May 2004 which has a highly restrictive, enraged Mars Venus opposition Pluto square Moon – which is under severe strain in 2017 from tr Saturn in hard aspect to all four planets; with a disruptive tr Uranus trine Pluto and sextile Venus Mars as well. Plus Solar Arc Uranus opposition Moon, exact in early 2017; and a bad-tempered Solar Arc Mars conjunct Saturn just after mid 2017.

So it’ll be tense times and not just for Poland. Other countries also joined that day – Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. All in different ways will be feeling aggravated and uncertain about the EU. Tr Uranus moves to conjunct the Taurus Sun of that 2004 accession chart by 2020, which is when the EU chart itself is under hugely challenging influences as tr Uranus catches its Fixed Grand Square.

Brexit may be just the beginning. .

Zsa Zsa Gabor – a honeytrap for publicity and money



Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hollywood socialite and one of the first ‘famous for being famous’ celebrities, has died aged 99. She married nine times, outstripping her elder sister’s six weddings, and her mother and other sister’s three weddings apiece.

Born 6 February 1917 8.08pm Budapest, Hungary she came to the US during World War 11. Her mother had a jewellery store and pushed her daughters towards acting and publicity.

Zsa Zsa was unashamedly flamboyant and wittily upfront about her approach to men and marriage.

“I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.”

“To be loved is a strength. To love is a weakness.”

“Husbands are like fires. They go out when unattended.”

On former husband George Sanders: “We were both in love with him. I fell out of love with him but he didn’t.”

She had a 5th house Sun Uranus Mars in Aquarius, so loved socialising and having an audience, was volatile, explosive, stubborn and never scared to take a risk. Aquarians often make good comedians. She also had Saturn in Cancer (and Neptune in Leo) opposition Venus Mercury in Capricorn square an 8th house Jupiter in Aries. Venus Saturn can be promiscuous which plus an independent-minded Aquarius Sun Uranus and argumentative Mars would not make long term relationships easy. Her Jupiter in Aries hints at an ability to attract money as does her Jupiter square Neptune. She was born at the time of the Leo Full Moon so she’d certainly enjoy a five-star lifestyle but again would be ambivalent about close relationships .

She also had Pluto in the 10th which can often go with becoming a ‘legend’, is highly controlling, and a sign of her mother’s stage-pushiness at getting her daughters out into the public arena. Her mother died aged 100.

AA Gill – a savage and compassionate wit



The bitingly-funny television and food critic AA Gill died a week ago from cancer leaving a gap for many Sunday newspaper readers for whom his eviscerations of actors, directors and restaurants were the week’s highlight. Those on the receiving end would laugh ruefully (mainly) since despite, his fierce sarcasm, he was much loved.

He had an ongoing feud with the Isle of Man after he wrote: “The weather’s foul, the food’s medieval, it’s covered in suicidal motorists and folk who believe in fairies.” Later despite complaints in the Isle of Man parliament he said the citizens fell into two types:  “hopeless, inbred mouth-breathers known as Bennies” and “retired, small arms dealers and accountants who deal in rainforest futures.”

Born 26 June 1954 7.55pm, Edinburgh, Scotland (Astro com BC) to a TV director father and actress mother, he had a brother who was a Michelin-starred chef but mentally fragile who disappeared in 1998 and has not been seen since. Gill himself was severely dyslexic and had a major drug and alcohol problem which nearly killed him in his twenties. He cleaned up and despite his problems with reading and writing was amazingly erudite; and compassionate about wider world problems amongst refugees in the Congo, Jordan and Lampedusa.

He was a Sun Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th opposition Mars in Capricorn; with Mercury Uranus in Cancer in the 8th square his MC and 10th house Neptune. His indulgent Taurus Moon was in the entertaining 5th. Very intense with four planets in the 8th and influential. Plus a much-travelled Venus and opinionated Pluto in the 9th; a conscientious Saturn in Scorpio was trine his Sun and sextile his Mars.

He had multiple quintiles and septiles – 5th and 7th Harmonics – artistic, creative, could make his life work and the 7H can be prone to addiction.

Not an easy chart or easy life but he surmounted significant problems to shine.

Kellyanne Conway – Water Earth and a pro-active Mars




Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to lead a successful US Presidential campaign as manager and strategist for Donald Trump, was born 20 January 1967.

She has quite a chart with an ambitious (probably) Capricorn Sun opposition Jupiter square a combative Mars in Libra. She’s also got (possibly) two Grand Trines.  A definite Water Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Saturn in Pisces trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Sun – so creative, healing for others, talented and ego-driven.

She’s also got her Sun trine Uranus (Pluto) in Virgo maybe trine a Taurus Moon, which may in turn be opposition Neptune; so possibly two Kites off that with the Sun opposition Jupiter as well. She’s quite a powerhouse. An Earth Water chart with no Fire – practical, business-minded with a strong intuition and finger on the public pulse with Water and Moon highlighted.

Her Moon may be conjunct Trump’s Taurus MC with her innovative Uranus Pluto and Sun trine his MC. It wouldn’t be the easiest of relationships since her focal point Mars squares his Saturn in Cancer, which would be aggravating.

She has evidently turned down his Press Secretary role and says she’ll work outside the White House/West Wing but still in support of him. Their relationship chart has a heavily aspected Uranus square the composite Venus and trine Sun, so they’ll need space from one another; plus there’s a jockeying-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter Pluto, which can work well short-term but will probably be better suited to an arm’s length connection. Plus an irritable Mars trine Saturn.

She certainly looks in for a major success with her Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Pluto in 2017; though with some losses from tr Neptune; and insecurities or shocks as well from tr Uranus opposition her focal point Mars in late Feb/March.