Anthony Armstrong-Jones – a Pisces overflowing with creative talent

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Anthony Armstrong-Jones, former husband of Princess Margaret, a society photographer and film maker has died aged 86. A talented designer, he also co-created the London Zoo aviary and an electric wheelchair. He himself was partly disabled from childhood polio.

The Telegraph wrote at the time a semi-authorised biography of him was published in 2008: ‘The couple had married in May 1960 and their louche and, at times, reckless lifestyle of drug- and alcohol-fuelled affairs – and their fondness for mixing with actors, artists and pop stars – meant that the couple came to epitomise the “Swinging Sixties”. There’s also a story that New York that the hostess asked Princess Margaret politely how the Queen was keeping. “Which one?” she is reported to have replied with her typically razor-sharp wit. “My sister, my mother or my husband?” He never denied being bi-sexual.

He was born 7 March 1930 6.15 am in London and had a charming and creative Sun Venus in Pisces in his 1st – Pisces is very much a photographic and filmic sign. His Sun Venus were trine a charismatic Pluto in Cancer in the party-loving and entertaining 5th house. His changeable, restless Gemini Moon was conjunct Jupiter and square Neptune on his Descendant, so he would like to spread himself around and find absolute commitment tricky. His 5th and 7th Harmonics were strong.

Their marriage came rapidly after Princess Margaret’s previous flame Peter Townsend, from whom she was then separated, found himself a bride.

It wasn’t a relationship that was exactly overflowing with deep affection, The relationship chart has a composite Venus Saturn in the 10th, square Uranus, opposition Moon and trine Neptune; with the composite Sun square Neptune – so illusory, arty and ultimately disappointing, with status being important.

He was probably more enamoured at the start than she was since her Sun Venus fell in his 7th and her Jupiter fell in his 5th. They did produce two talented and remarkably well-adjusted children, all things considered, in Sarah Chatto and David Linley.

Princess Margaret’s relationship with Peter Townsend, was much more passionate with a Water Grand Trine of Venus trine Pluto trine Uranus, and a Moon Jupiter conjunction. A wide-ish T Square of composite Sun opposition Saturn square Pluto, was probably what got in the way of them marrying which seems now that new records have been published, to have been her decision.

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