Jeremy Corbyn – arabesque to fouette

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Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Labour leader, theoretically in opposition, who has been driving his party to despair, has managed to shoot himself in the foot by doing a pirouette on a new policy initiative on immigration and wages all in the same day. Yes, no, maybe.

Depending on which of his leadership charts you look at: 12 Sept 2015 11.42 am London or 24 Sept 2016 12.51pm – there’s a slightly different timing on his exit which is fervently prayed for by those who wish to see Labour back in power sometime in the next decade.

The first leadership chart suggests increasing instability of the topple-of-perch variety starting this March and extending on till late 2018 as tr Pluto is square the Uranus. The later chart puts the date more into 2019 though with a fair few sinkers in 2017 and bad-tempered setbacks along the way. Both charts have a strong Jupiter in the 10th which moving by Solar Arc to conjunct the Moon in the earlier chart and the Sun in the later through 2018 into 2019, which may provide a cushion.

His own personal chart, 26 May 1949, is depressed this month with tr Pluto opposition the Sun/Saturn midpoint, repeating till late 2017; with a truly challenging, enraging frustrating tr Pluto trine his Mars in Taurus in 2017/18. 2018 will find him more muddled and sagging with tr Neptune square his Venus Mercury.

Keir Starmer, being talked of a more electable successor looks in a good position come 2019/2020 with a sprinkling of Jupiter around his midpoints.

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  1. To be fair I’m not sure he could win on this, so divided is the party on the issue – London and Scottish Labour voters feeling quite different to Labour voters in other areas. i think perhaps his own feelings about it are complex and he is honest, but leadership requires a clear message. I have an inkling that he doesn’t want to be PM anyway but wants to hand over to someone who is a good fit for the half a million Labour party members who voted him in. At some point he may realise that he might be doing exactly what Cameron did, putting what his party wants above what the country needs and there is no integrity in throwing the country under the bus instead of your party.

    He became the leader when the Labour party’s SA sun entered Cancer and transiting NN was in Libra, as it had been during the 70’s and 90’s birth of “New Labour”. I don’t think there will be any going back. I have been thinking about Pisces lately, as it’s quite a misunderstood sign and realised something about all the Pisceans I’ve met over the years. They never go back, they don’t do regrets, the past dissolves behind them; a much stronger, resilient sign than people realise. Neptune is also going over Labour’s Piscean Sun, interesting to see what happens when the mist clears.

      • I haven’t looked at all of them, but the 12pm 27th Feb 1900 seems a good fit to me.
        Collective Pisces/Aquarius with the traditional rulers, Uranus and NN in the 6th house of workers. Neptune in the 12th. Importance of healthcare/NHS. It also puts Uranus transiting the Aquarian moon in 1997 – breakthrough.

        Just quickly looking at the previous prog sun sign changes –
        1983 Neil Kinnock taking over from Michael Foot, start of the drift to the centre.
        1951 Clement Attlee losing the election despite record Labour vote, party split into Gaitskell/Bevan wings.
        1922 Leader Ramsay Macdonald wins seat at parliament, Labour overtake Liberals as main opposition.
        Not an exhaustive list, but there are some more solar arcs that seem to fit events.

        What do you tend to go for? Is there a better chart?

    • Thanks for the note on Pisceans. I am one and I can identify (to a limited extent with it). I am supposed to be a dreamer and I am, but I have also got to live a real life and am quite practical about it. The past makes me miserable, but I can’t relive the past and I must get on with living life as it is, not as I want it to be.

      If it helps, my ascendant is 1 Cancer and my moon sign is 9 Libra

      • That is interesting about Pisces. I have a family member who’s Pisces who is deeply resistant to any dredging up of the past. Whereas my infinitely curious Virgo, Gemini, Uranus just loves to go on archaeological digs into the whats, whys and wherefores of life’s long journey from the beginning. Mind you the detachment of earth/air probably helps. Maybe Pisces gets overwhelmed by old memories and the not-doing regrets is a defensive strategy.

        • Thank you Unmystic Mom, it’s interesting to hear a Piscean’s take on it.

          Marjorie, that’s interesting, exactly the same as you I had a Piscean relative who never talked about the past. She came to England in the 50’s and rarely left London after that, come to think of it. Never went back home, not for a wedding, a funeral, anything. Never spoke about it. Sagittarian relative on the other hand, was full of stories of the past. She even had stories about Victorian ancestors in London. She lacked water signs.

          I wondered if something awful had happened to Pisces, but now I don’t think that was it. Her life here in the early days wasn’t too great either. I just don’t think it occured to her to see any value in it beyond a certain point. She was always talking about what is happening now. Pondering it recently and thinking of other Pisceans it occured to me that it is the last sign, they are able to say goodbye and deal with endings. The word “acceptance” sprang to mind. She accepted her lot more than the Sagittarian and later in life she seemed the more resilient and happy. She kept very busy and didn’t dwell on anything. I don’t have anything in Pisces, but I have a fair amount of water and can relate to the emotional processing. I have seen people with dry charts struggle with the past, their processing needs to be done externally (which explains the amount of musicians, artists, poets with no water I guess).

          Sorry, I think I may have derailed Mr Corbyn’s thread a little (who isn’t a Pisces, but I think the Labour Party is).

          • Maybe this is special pleading on my ‘dry’ part but I stick to Santayana’s ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’ line. My impression from the two Pisceans I know well is that in some odd way they are very stuck in the past in terms of lifestyle. So it may be partly a difference between what is conscious and what is unconscious. All of us are rooted in our past since we can’t rewrite our autobiographies, but some are driven to explore it and perhaps, just perhaps, have more chance of moving away from the old patterns. While others who cut it out from conscious thinking and reflection go on as before. But certainly your description of ‘busy, doesn’t dwell, resilient’ sounds spot on.

          • Haha I don’t know why I say “dry”, I wouldn’t describe a chart without fire as “chilly”. It’s just my mental shorthand for “charts without or lacking in water signs” as I know quite a few. It doesn’t surprise me that your chart is “dry” as you are a good writer and know a lot about psychology. I agree about learning from the past, I think it might be more accurate to say that most Pisceans do but in a different way, I am still trying to nail it down.

            You will know a lot more about this, but didn’t Freud have just 2 water planets which not only happened to be in Pisces, but the co-rulers of Pisces Jupiter and Neptune? Jupiter in the final degree of the final sign. I’m probably horribly oversimplifying, but perhaps the transference described psychoanalytic theory is something Pisceans are more resistant to or adept at dealing with? Or something to do with this is significant in some way with this sign? Maybe I’ll be closer to understanding in another 20 years.

          • Dry is OK, good shorthand. I do know heavily Air sign people who don’t seem to react to anything with feeling but instantly jump back to reflect on what’s happened, and they can seem ‘dry’. A bit of earth probably helps to make it warmer dry. I do have six planets in the 12th which is a Piscean kind of feel on top which is probably just as well with only Saturn in a water sign.
            Freud did have Jupiter Neptune in Pisces, though oddly Carl Jung who was much more spiritual didn’t have any Pisces input, except he did have a Leo Sun exactly square Neptune. What helped their analytic bent was having 7th house Suns, as did RD Laing – more of a Libra understanding-the-other feeling. All three had Moon Pluto aspects which may have prompted their fascination with childhood and its consequences.

  2. Dear Marjorie,

    I had to google the meaning of the headline of this article, but when I did, wow, it completely captures the story. That is a fantastic description.

    I was going to ask you about the future of the UK political parties (Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems, UKIP and the SNP) around the start of the New Year. There is just so much going on, but my bones tell me that Labour is pretty much dead in the water (and that has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn-apart from very indecisive leadership) and if there were a snap general election (unlikely), the Lib Dems could even be the official opposition, with Labour in the low double digits of MPs.

    What are your thoughts on the political parties, even looking at the 2020 elections so far in advance?

    It is both terrible and exciting times for politicians. As an aside, what stars/planets/constellations rule over politicians? I would take a gander at Gemini (two-faced that they all are) and Mercury (lord of communications and thieves).

  3. But you were totally hopelessly utterly wrong predicting Clinton to win with your “Oh this power favours females” and “Trump can’t win”….And you were wrong in several predictions? Then clutching at straws on “Oh I read Trump’s chart wrong?”… Adding your voice and propaganda to Corbyn bashing is not welcome at all and all the Tories as Labour shafting we have had with Blairites. Is this what you mean by ‘Labour running as it should’…What ‘The New Conservatives’ as ‘The New Labour’. With a fake name disguise they begin the process of looting the schools, looting the hospitals, looting infrastructure, looting the transport with PFI 600% interest loans on money from banks at 0%…This is all ‘Labour running correctly’ that you are presenting. Do you want NHS sold off as in ‘Sell-Off’ Film on YT for the $1!0Billion to Health Insurance Mafia in USA? Then the domino effect when they have our Jewel in the Crown they then do the take the whole of Europe one after another. We either have Labour as Socialist Labour as it always was before The New Conservatives Called Labour with Tory Tony Blair, with Jeremy Corbyn, or the UK is going to have a massive wave of middle class native people emigration away from this bankrupt robbed state of two classes Rich and Poor. We cannot stay. Let us hope that you are as wrong as you were with Clinton. UK people’s future is Jeremy Corbyn and Socialist Labour, not fake Labour with Zionist tories. I like your page and horoscopes but I don’t like to hear you adding to this Corbyn bashing. It is not helpful in the looted UK.

    • Sharon, please note: Hillary Clinton DID WIN the election. She had over three million votes more than Don Trump. That is a 100% win in any way shape or form. Marjorie was NOT “totally hopelessly utterly wrong” as you mislabeled her. She was correct in her astrological prediction, but because of the archaic Electoral College, Don was given the presidency. Given it, he did not earn it. I don’t know of any astrologer who did the chart of the Electoral College to check for this interference.

      Even the Election College was conducted illegally this year. Electors must live in the district represented by their vote, be registered voters, and vote for the winner of the majority of votes in the district. 51 Electors broke one or more of those rules. That alone should have nullified this election.

      Russia hacked the US Presidential election. Even Don finally admitted it in his first press conference yesterday. That alone should have nullified this election.

      In a side note, at Don’s press conference, he refuted the “watching Russian prostitutes urinate” rumor by saying he’s a big “germaphobe”. This from a man who likes to grab women by the pussy! To add to the craziness, he wouldn’t answer questions from a CNN reporter because CNN is “fake news”.

      Big multi-page article in the local paper today about American women knitting tens of thousands of pink cat hats for the Pussyhat Project, to give to the women’s protest march in Washington during Don’s inauguration.

    • Have a go yourself Sharon, what are the positive astrological influences for Corbyn that you see? This aggression and writing style sure seems familiar…”Sharon Turner”…

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