Esteban Santiago – Uranus Neptune gone off track




Esteban Santiago, 16 March 1990, is the most recent in a long line of mass shooters in the US and more worldwide. He killed five and wounded eight at a Florida Airport last week; and appears to have suffered delusions and hallucinations since returning from Iraq five years ago.

He’s a Sun Mercury in Pisces in an emotionally intense trine to Pluto (Moon) in Scorpio, and sextile bleak Saturn in Capricorn; with the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Aquarius. So quite a mix of highs and lows in his chart.

Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter also had Uranus Neptune in Capricorn with Mars in Pisces; as does Dylann Roof, just sentenced to death for the Charleston church murders, who has Uranus Neptune possibly conjunct a Capricorn Moon, and Mars Mercury in Pisces trine Pluto.

Omar Mateen, the Florida nightclub killer, on the other hand is marginally more like Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. Both have/had a heavy Scorpio influence on their charts. Mateen – Sun Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius and Pluto Venus Mercury also in Scorpio. Cho – Mars Pluto Saturn in Scorpio.

Santiago has had some tough years recently with his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars, Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune; Solar Arc Saturn square his Pluto. As well as the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Uranus Neptune in the past five years which would have been highly disorientating.

At the moment he’s got tr Saturn trine his Solar Arc Sun moving to square his natal Sun; His Solar Arc Sun is approaching the square to his Saturn; and there’s an excitable tr Uranus conjunct his Solar Arc Mercury; a delusional Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Venus – and a confident, power-surging tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter this month. So basically depressed and very hyped up.

Uranus Neptune can have a tinge of genius about it, and be creatively inspired; but some of that generation will suffer from mental disorders, since it tends to be fanatical and loses touch with common sense.

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