Donald Trump & Jared Kushner – the relationship of the decade

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Democrats are on edge about Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, being taken on board as a top adviser because of concerns over nepotism and conflict of interest from his complex business affairs. Though that’s unlikely to have much impact. He is expected to consult primarily on the Middle East and trade deals and receive no salary for the post. There’s a fuller rundown on Kushner in previous posts on 20th October and 18th November; but what is worth focussing on is the composite Yod in their relationship chart.

Their composite Mars Neptune is sextile Pluto and both are quincunx Mercury.  Yods always have a ‘fated’ quality and are known as the Finger of God. When they occur in relationships, they indicate accelerated change which transforms the lives of both individuals, for good or for ill. They also put an element of strain into the relationship forcing each to face parts of themselves they might have preferred to avoid.

Famous relationship Yods, which make a fascinating grouping, include: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, and UK child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hyndley. All of those had a focal point Uranus. Murderers Bonnie and Clyde also had a composite Yod onto vengeful Mars in Scorpio. Jackie Kennedy and Ari Onassis had a focal point Sun on their Yod. These were all iconic partnerships, which were locked together for a time and did irrevocably change the life of each other.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, possibly the most enduring of Hollywood’s ‘happy marriages’ also had a couple of Yods in their relationship chart onto focal points Neptune and Pluto. So it doesn’t always mean disaster and a split; though that one had its problems as well.

The Kushner/Trump Yod has Mercury as the driving planet which indicates communication is their key focus together. As Trump’s campaign manager, Kushner clearly got it right, whatever he was doing. There is always pressure on this kind of strained Mercury to declutter thinking and become more coherent.

It’s certainly a relationship that tests both of them. Kushner’s Mars in Aquarius opposes DT’s Pluto; JK’s Capricorn Sun and Mercury oppose DT’s Saturn; JK’s Neptune (Venus) is conjunct DT’s Moon and opposition DT’s Sun; JK’s Saturn is conjunct DT’s 2nd house Neptune; JK’s Mars is inconjunct and his Saturn square DT’s Mercury; and JK’s Uranus is square DT’s Mars Ascendant. So it will be a clash of wills; with major communication blocks; Kushner irritated by DT’s slapdash approach to money; and real explosion points along the way. Though Kushner’s Sun square Pluto with a history of having had a dominating father, has probably instilled in him the ability to control how and where he asserts himself. And the composite Mercury does oppose Venus Jupiter which will soften some rough edges.

There may also be another Yod in their relationship chart of Moon sextile Sun inconjunct Uranus.

If the above examples are anything to go by, this could be a hugely significant relationship. Though with a composite Mars Neptune, it’ll tend to be a one way street for credit and glory with the other feeling suppressed. This coming year will be especially tricky with tr Pluto square the composite focal point Mercury and sextile the composite Mars to the year’s end.

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  1. Yes, I have never used these either! very creative and instructive….every astrologer seems to develop their own weighting system, it evolves rather than is something on paper I think. Mostly it’s learning from the reality of the charts/relationships themselves. Hope to get time to take an in depth look at some. Thanks, Marjorie

    • To be honest I hadn’t known it either. I was just searching around for something to say and an idea or two from different websites and books sent me off on a chase to find more of these high-profile and latched together relationships. They are all remarkably similar even from different milieus. Rather exciting and very illuminating. One to watch out for.

    • Grace, For a one-off inconjunct I’d use 2 degrees though I might stretch that a bit to three or four for a configuration like a Yod. The significant thing about Yods is the out of element uncomfortable mix – Aries to Scorpio Virgo for example, or Taurus to Libra and Sagittarius. Sextiles normally up to six degrees but again a touch of latitude if in a configuration like a mini-Grand Trine

      • Thank you very much, Marjorie. Very helpful.
        Often vacillate as to the orb and importance of inconjuncts. Some astrologers dismiss them as “minor” aspects — even “codswallop.”
        Yet it’s really hard to ignore, for instance, a Sun/Moon inconjunct of less than one degree. It jumps off the chart, particularly when accompanied by other planets in a stellium also within a narrow orb of an inconjunct to the same planet.
        The “uncomfortable mix” you describe is often starkly apparent in the native’s life and challenges.
        A constructive way to look at quincunxes could be “evolutionary” — requiring constant adaptation to changing circumstances.

  2. I have a yod with pluto focal point in 6th house. Had a brutal life altering surgery in my teens. The result is that I am a firm believer in natural health!!

  3. Does anyone still believe the constituents will gain from these appointments? Can’t wait to see the Homeland Insecurity annointment. Which billionaire will oversee American Homeland security?

  4. Wow. What a great deep dive into the relationship and the precedents. Not many astrologers seem to have such a grasp of relationship Yods. Thanks Marjorie.

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