Kamiyah Mobley – stolen yet loved, with three strained Yods



Kamiyah Mobley who was abducted when she was 8 hours old has now learnt that she was brought up by a kidnapper. She was born 10 July 1998 at 7am Jacksonville, Florida, and was taken from the hospital. From reports it seems she had suspicions and gave a DNA swab to the Missing Persons bureau, but still seems very attached to her ‘adoptive’ mother who is now in prison, awaiting trial.

If ever Yods made sense this is one case that certainly does with all their discomfort, strain, a sense of not fitting in and dramatic game-changers. She has three Yods: Mars in Cancer sextile North Node in Virgo inconjunct Neptune; Saturn in Taurus sextile Mars inconjunct Pluto; Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars.

At the moment she’s on her Nodal Return; with two of the Yod focal points in their Solar Arc positions picking up key transits – of tr Saturn conjunct Solar Arc Pluto and tr Uranus square Solar Arc Mars.  Usually when Yods click into gear there are heavy influences on them, pushing them into the next more focussed phase. And the challenging, transformative tr Pluto  opposition her Cancer Sun is exact this month as well, continuing on and off throughout 2017.

Her ‘victim’ 12th Harmonic is strong; with a cruel Sun Mars Saturn; and a protective/possessive mother Moon Jupiter Pluto. So the good and not so great side by side.

It’s an almost impossible dilemma for a teenager. How do you cope with something like that? On top there’s the unanswerable puzzle astrologically. What if she hadn’t been kidnapped? She’d still have had that highly stressed chart which would have attracted other grating and sudden life changes.

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  1. The draconic chart (the soul’s chart) is fascinating. A lot of mars connections. Also a lot of deceptive Neptune connections. She also needs to be careful about the men she chooses in her life.

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