Athletics doping – Sebastian Coe under pressure


The latest report on in athletics is a headache for Sebastian Coe, former UK politician and Olympic track gold medallist, now President of the International Association of Athletics Federations. The report says corruption was embedded in the IAAF of which he was Vice President since 2007.  Despite that he is thought the best person to sort out the problems and move forward.

Born 29 Sept 1956, London he is a Sun Mercury in Libra with a sociable collection of maybe Moon, Uranus Venus Pluto in Leo and an adventurous Mars in Pisces opposition Jupiter in Virgo; plus a tough Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto Venus.

His personal chart indicates great confidence through 2016/17 with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter in Virgo; but also major problems in a year’s time (maybe less) with Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Sun, Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune, and Solar Arc Saturn square Neptune – so scandal, confusion, panic, jolts.

His IAAF Presidency chart 31 August 2015, 12am Monaco, has a high-hopes-dashed Sun Jupiter opposition Neptune which has had a few wobbles recently as tr Saturn moved to square all three planets. Where it hits instability is by 2018 when tr Pluto will square the Uranus. But even before the Sun will move by Solar Arc to oppose Neptune exactly now so a major banana skin.

The IAAF, 17 July 1912, is hitting a considerable upset and disruption from June this year, on and off till April 2017 as tr Uranus squares Neptune and the Sun. Then tr Uranus moves on to square the Venus – so more emotional shocks.   Plus this year also tr Neptune is square and tr Saturn conjunct the Solar Arc Mars – so a time of deep uncertainty.

Not quite the glory job he had anticipated.

Jerry & Rupert – you couldn’t make it up

The odd couple have made it into The Times engagement column. Unkindly, though aptly, dubbed the Beauty and the Beast, the blonde, leggy Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex, is to marry mogul Rupert Murdoch. They have hit it off recently and after a four month romance are heading up the altar sharpish by the sound of it.

Murdoch, 11 March 1931 11.55pm Melbourne, Australia, is a Sun Pisces, Moon Sagittarius, Venus in Aquarius with a fearsomely confident Jupiter Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn square Uranus North Node in Aries. Jerry Hall, 2 July 1956, Texas, USA, is a Sun Cancer, Moon probably Aries, Venus in Gemini and a similarly confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo.

Despite their age gap of 25 years, they do have good cross-overs on their charts. Her Cancer Sun is exactly conjunct his 7th house Jupiter so they do suit each other.  Both have Venus in an Air sign and a Fire sign Moon so they will understand the other’s emotional approach.

Where it may get stickier is her Mars in Pisces conjunct his 4th house Sun Mercury IC – maybe arguments at home or some ruffled feathers in his family. Plus her freedom-loving Uranus is conjunct his excitable and possessive 8th house Mars – and that could cause fireworks. And, of course, his 4th house Uranus in Aries squares her Sun – which again suggests domestic/family upsets.

Their relationship chart has a ‘power-couple’ composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to a Uranus trine Neptune. Together they will boost each other’s morale and possibly push each other over the top. There’s a sparky-attraction composite Sun Mars which may square the composite Moon – that will bring an initial attraction but could get argumentative. Plus a stabilising composite Saturn trine Venus.

Of the children, James seems least enamoured with his new stepmother-to-be with some aggravations coming through the next two years between them.

Hunter S Thompson – a libertarian control-freak


Hunter S Thompson, was a writer and journalist, associated with Rolling Stone magazine and an icon of the counter-culture, known for his drink and drug abuse and his dislike of authority. He committed suicide in 2005, aged 67.

His son Juan, a remarkably normal IT manager, has written an affectionate but warts-and-all memoir of his father. He writes in the book. “[My father] didn’t care what she [his wife] was trying to say, he cared about breaking her,” he said. In the book, he also recalls his father’s “deliberate distortions and carefully chosen words that would inflict maximum hurt”. Astonishingly they made an effort in later years to come to some acceptance of each other.

Hunter S Thompson was born 18 July 1937 10pm Louisville, Kentucky and had a ferocious chart with an ego-driven, controlling 5th house Sun Pluto in Cancer in a pushily confident, rules-don’t-apply-to-me opposition to Jupiter in Capricorn; with Sun Pluto trine Mars in vengeful Scorpio. Talented certainly with an Earth Grand Trine of Neptune in Virgo trine Jupiter trine Uranus but a nasty streak as well.

His son, Juan, 23 March 1964, is a Sun Jupiter in Aries with a Leo Moon which probably helped him bounce above the emotional cruelty of his childhood. His Sun did conjunct his father’s hard Saturn in Aries so his father would come across as cold and block him out. Though he’d also induce shame in his father since Saturn is always one of the wounds in the chart. It clearly mellowed with age as Saturn usually does.

Their relationship chart is a curious mix of an affection Sun Venus in an argumentative trine to Mars, square a dominating Pluto; with an idealistic composite Jupiter Saturn conjunction. It says a lot for the son that he tried to reach across the abyss and make some kind of connection.

Poland – repressive government



The new right-wing Catholic government in Poland is facing not only demonstrations at home but also an unprecedented EU inquiry into whether new Polish laws break EU democracy rules and are a threat to fundamental EU values. President Andrzej Duda approved controversial laws enabling the government to appoint the heads of public TV and radio, and choose judges for Poland’s constitutional court.

There are several charts for Poland – 5 Nov 1916; 11 Nov 1918; and 24 August 1989 1.05pm Warsaw. All of them are sagging under Neptune transits through 2016 suggesting a discontented population. The 1989 one looks directionless this year with tr Neptune opposition the MC, moving into the 4th; and tr Neptune square the Moon.

President Andrzej Duda, who belongs to the ruling party, was born 16 May 1972; and sworn in on 6 Aug 2015 around 10.05 am. He’s a tough Sun Taurus in a controlling trine to Pluto trine North Node in Capricorn. With the Sun and Saturn in Gemini opposition Neptune – so quite idealistic/fanatical. He’s certainly confident/over confident at the moment with his Solar Arc Sun opposing his Jupiter.

His Term chart has a harsh Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio; with a 4th house Pluto square a 7th house Uranus – so empathy and sentiment not strong; with a mutinous domestic electorate and splits with neighbouring countries or partners. A divisive administration.

The Prime Minister Beata Szydio, 15 April 1963, has a fairly disjointed chart (without a birth time). Her Aries Sun is sextile Saturn; her Jupiter in Aries is trine Mars in Leo; her Venus in Pisces trines Neptune. But none of it really hangs together. She’ll have a very bumpy ride from mid 2016 with tr Uranus conjunct her Sun into 2017.  And looks to be taking gambles and reckless decisions in 2017 with Solar Arc Mars opposition Jupiter.

Her swearing in chart, 16 Nov 2015, is confident enough with Sun Mercury sextile Jupiter and Jupiter trine Pluto Moon. And controlling with Venus opposition Uranus square Pluto. Her enthusiasm will take a dip when tr Saturn squares the Jupiter through this year. But that apart there are no major disruptions showing (without a start time).

You’d think Poland had survived under enough dictatorships not to want a heavy-handed government.

David Bowie – revolutionary focal point Uranus

David Bowie, one of the most influential singer/musicians in 20th Century rock and pop has died of cancer. His stage persona was flamboyant, androgynous and constantly changing.  One obituary said: ‘Where before, artists and groups either evolved their musical style and appearance or remained unchanging, David Bowie seemed to be in permanent revolution.’ He moved from 1960s hippy, through Ziggy Stardust and later became a soul rocker.

Born 8 January 1947 in London at around 9am (from memory), he had a 12th house, creative and private Sun Mars in Capricorn on one leg of a Yod, in sextile to money-attracting Jupiter in Scorpio in the much-travelled 9th inconjunct Uranus in Gemini. A focal point Uranus would make him unconventional, erratic, willful, intolerant of rules, original, a trail blazer. He did drugs, experimented sexually and refused to toe anyone’s line but his own.

His Sun Mars Mercury was also square an 8th house Neptune hinting at an attraction to showbiz glamour, strongly creative especially musical talents. The 8th house Neptune would also help give him a superstar aura.

His Leo Moon was conjunct Saturn Pluto, so fairly locked down emotions. Though his Moon Saturn did trine Venus in Sagittarius which would help marginally.

His Venus was 9th house suggesting romantic attachments with foreigners and his first wife Angie was a Cypriot-American, his second Iman, a Somalian model.

Angie, 25 September 1949, was a Sun Libra with a passionate (and unforgiving) Moon Venus in Scorpio square Mars Pluto in Leo.  Her Mars Pluto was in Bowie’s 7th house so a fiery relationship.

Iman, 25 July 1955, was a Sun Leo conjunct his Moon; and her Libra Moon fell in his 8th so a deep connection. Her Mars is also in Leo but conjunct Jupiter which would make it less aggressive, more enthusiastic.

The relationship chart between Bowie and Angie did have an adventurous composite Uranus opposition Jupiter square Moon; and an affectionate Sun Venus conjunction. But that Sun Venus was also square Saturn Pluto with Pluto sextile Mars – so all manner of blocks, lack of empathy to go along with passion.

His relationship with Iman didn’t look that easy with a controlling Sun Mars Neptune sextile Pluto; and a cool, too-much-work composite Venus Saturn conjunction.

When he died this week his Secondary Progressed Moon was exactly opposition his 6th house Saturn; and tr Uranus square his Mars and Sun/Mars midpoint.

His creative 5th and 7th Harmonics are strong; as was his enduring 8H and 11H; and his superstar 22H was also marked.

Mohammed bin Salman – ramping up the rhetoric with Iran



Described as naïve, arrogant and dangerous, Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, appears to have manoeuvred himself into a situation where he holds the power. Favoured son of the ailing King Salman, he became Minister for Defence, in charge of oil and economics, and has outflanked his rival Mohammed bin Nayef, by pulling his court into the King’s, to which he is gatekeeper. He has launched an ill-advised war in Yemen and Syria, and is now ramping up tension with Iran.

Born 31 August 1985, he has a Sun Virgo in an innovative/rebellious square to Uranus and inconjunct Jupiter. But what gives him his lust for power is a Fixed T square of Venus in Leo opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio.  Plus he has a hard-edged and flamboyant Mars Mercury in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio.

Depending on his birth time he could have a Pisces Moon opposition Sun square Uranus – making him a trail-blazer, but also scattered, impetuous, erratic, nervy.

His synastry and relationship chart with Saudi Arabia are extraordinarily strong. His focal point Pluto is conjunct the Saudi 1902 MC so he will want to be in the dominant position; with his executive and obsessive Saturn in its 10th; and his Jupiter conjunct the Saudi Mars which together could lead them into over-confident adventures, especially financial ones.

The relationship chart is even more starkly controlling with a composite Sun Mars opposition Venus square Pluto; with Pluto trine Uranus Saturn. He’s certainly very popular with the Saudi youth because of his economic reforms. Hence the Venus in there.

His relationship charts with the Iran 1906 and 1979 charts indicate a challenging and tense time ahead with major upheavals, on the 1906 chart as early as mid 2016, and on the 1979 into 2017. But both show serious hostility and grinding pressures. It’s a high risk game he’s playing on several fronts.

Tony Blair – romancing US Presidents

The bromance between Bill Clinton and Tony Blair has been revealed in declassified transcripts (heavily redacted) of conversations they had when they were both premiers. They refer to each other as ‘bud’ and ‘mate’. Blair always said Clinton was his soul-mate, but then along came Dubya, who once confessed to Condoleeza Rice that Blair was the only person he could talk to.

Certainly Clinton’s Taurus Moon being conjunct Blair’s Sun Jupiter would bring a shared resonance. And Blair’s Aquarius Moon was in GWB’s 7th, conjunct his Descendant, so there would be a nurturing, supportive friendship there.   Though GWB’s Cancer Sun was conjunct TB’s focal point Uranus – so he would be the catalyst for a major change in TB’s life, and not for the better.

The relationship chart between TB and both US Presidents have warm-hearted composite Sun Venus conjunctions; and composite Jupiter Pluto conjunctions which would make them together supremely confident, pushing each other onto possibly over-optimistic actions.

Though in the case of TB and GWB there is also a composite Sun Uranus conjunction which again reflects the potential for causing major change – both in joint ventures and in each other’s lives.

What is also interesting is that both Clinton and GWB have their Saturn Pluto Mercury falling in TB’s 4th house which also contains his own heavily aspected Pluto. I always thought TB’s ruinous love affair with GWB was motivated by his need to side with the superpower ‘father’ to whom he was in thrall.

Vidya Balan – charming Capricorn




Vidya Balan is an established, award-winning Bollywood actress who usually plays strong female protagonists. She married Siddarth Roy Kapur, film producer and MD Walt Disney India, in 2012.

All internet sites including astrology ones put her birthdate as 1 January 1978 with a putative time of 10.35pm in Palghat, India. This would give her a 4th house Sun Venus in Capricorn square Pluto; with Neptune Mercury in Sagittarius also in the 4th – so keen on her roots, determined and probably attracted to quite controlling partners. She also has a successful, much-respected Jupiter in Gemini in her 10th; and a feisty Mars in Leo square Uranus. She’s likely to become a pillar of the community the older she gets.

Siddarth Roy Kapur, 2 August 1974, is a Sun Leo trine Neptune so good for the filmic entertainment business; with a serious Saturn Venus in Cancer.

If the birth dates are sound, it isn’t an ideal match since his Saturn opposes her Sun which suggests he blocks her out; with his Mars in hard-working Virgo conjunct her Saturn; his Sun conjunct her Mars – so argumentative after the initial passion subsided.

Their relationship chart is very focused on work; with hints of an upheaval in 2017.

If her birth time is sound then her Progressed Moon is moving through her 6th house of health until 2017, as is tr Neptune, so a low energy time when care would be needed.