Judi Dench – a regal twinkle in her eye



The irrepressible Judi Dench is getting laudatory reviews for her latest Queen Victoria portrayal – Victoria & Abdul – about the elderly monarch’s dalliance in the final fifteen years of her reign with an Indian clerk raised to a status which raised courtier’s eyebrows. Her Highland ghillie John Brown had died four years before Abdul Karim arrived.

Judi Dench has had a prolific, successful and enduring career on stage and in television but is best known for playing Victoria in Mrs Brown, Elizabeth 1 in Shakespeare in Love, and M in several Bonds.

Born 9 December 1934 with a speculative time of 7.55pm (astrotheme) she’s a bubbly, colourful, outspoken Sun Venus in Sagittarius. Though it’s not an easy chart with three Yods onto focal points of Pluto, Saturn and Mars (see post December 31 2016) so she’s more troubled than she appears. Though on this birth time she has a 4th house Jupiter which would provide a bedrock of domestic security to keep her afloat.

Queen Victoria, 24 May 1819 4.15am London, had Mars and North Node in Aries, which sits exactly on Judi Dench’s Midheaven, with Victoria’s Venus, Mercury, New Moon in Gemini also in Judi’s 10th –  good for a career boost. With Victoria’s Aquarius MC conjunct Judi’s North Node and Moon –  quite a connection.

Queen Elizabeth 1, 7 September 1533 JC, 3 pm London, is also well-linked, with Elizabeth’s MC conjunct Judi’s Jupiter, and Elizabeth’s Pluto conjunct Judi’s North Node, and Elizabeth’s Jupiter in Sagittarius conjunct Judi’s Sun and Venus.

Both composite charts are strongly Saturnine, which suggests a positive business relationship.

There’s no birthdate for Abdul Karim except 1863. That would give him, like John Brown, Jupiter in Libra which chimes well with Victoria’s 10th house Jupiter in Aquarius and her Gemini New Moon. Abdul’s Sagittarius North Node was in Victoria’s 7th, as was John Brown’s Sagittarius Sun – so good companions.

The astrological chemistry rolls on down through the centuries.

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