Bernie Sanders – caring Virgo with a gritty Mars



Bernie Sanders has been pushing for a new Medicare government-run healthcare plan, cutting out private insurance, in which everyone would be covered, although it isn’t clear how the trillions of dollars in new spending would be financed. It’s a European/socialist type scheme which is unlikely to play well in the US and which even countries who’ve been running such a setup for decades are now finding overly expensive.

Sanders, born 8 September 1941 with a speculative time of 12.27 pm New York, came up through old-school socialist activism, had a complicated early emotional life about which he dislikes comment and did not hold down a steady job until he won his first election aged 40. He had a brief first marriage, then a son out of wedlock and has been married to Jane Sanders for thirty years.

He has a 10th house Virgo Sun in an expansive, idealistic square to Jupiter in Gemini. With Neptune in an innovative, creative trine to Uranus Saturn. His Venus in Libra is trine Jupiter and opposition Mars (Moon) in Aries.

Not having an accurate birth time doesn’t help. But on this one there’s a lack of solidity and substance about him with a 10th house Sun in hard aspect to Jupiter – good with words certainly; and outspoken with his Mercury in Libra trine Uranus and Saturn. But it’s the Moon Mars opposition Venus which points to a lack of emotional sensitivity and consideration for the other. That stands in contrast to his political views which purport to be caring about poverty and inequality; and Venus Jupiter can be fairly shallow, all surface charm and not much underneath.

The birth time may be out and there’s nothing much on this one that suggests great secrecy about his emotional life which he’s always been keen to keep screened from public view.

He looks disheartened through this autumn with tr Saturn square his Neptune; more so with tr Neptune opposing his Sun in 2018; and blocked in by 2020 with his Solar Arc Pluto opposing Mars.

6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders – caring Virgo with a gritty Mars

  1. Bernie Sanders is greatly beloved by the NRA, he voted against the Brady bill, took the Republican line on gun violence victims after Sandy Hook (saying gun control wouldn’t do anything to reduce tragedies), and in 2005, he voted for the law that is now keeping victims of gun violence, including the families of children who are gunned down by criminals, from suing gun makers, even if they are negligent and sell guns to criminals without background checks. How anyone can think his stance on gun laws is acceptable bewilders me. Bernie Sanders voted for the anti-immigrant, racist vigilante group called the “Minutemen Project”, Republicans in Congress were protecting their base: the anti-immigrant racists and gun nuts, both of which were personified in the “Minuteman” organization, the members of which arm themselves and play illegitimate border patrol and Sanders voted yes! There were reasons Sanders couldn’t get black or Latino voters to support him. Sanders and his despicable wife have filled their pockets at the expense of the American taxpayer.

  2. ‘finding more expensive’ …actually, mass healthcare is more efficient and done properly stops the huge drain on the economy caused by out-of-control healthcare providers. The ‘more expensive’ is coming from numerous semi-privatisation schemes and inflated drug prices.

    • Also, aging population in most European countries is a factor. But the OECD average cost per patient is still about half (!) of that in The US. And many countries achieve significatively better results than The US for that price. The US Healthcare system however is an unique mess, and most private insurance systems without regulation aren’t faring much better.

    • Agree that the big pharmas need seriously reined in and US health does seem to be stupendously expensive with not particularly good outcomes. Statistics aren’t my thing but as far as I can see the USA spends 8.3% of GDP on government funded health which compares to UK 7.6%, France 9% and Sweden 10%, Canada 7.4% – so on that basis is OK. But only 46% of US healthcare is funded by the government, compared to UK/Scandanavian countries around mid 80s per cent, France/Germany at 77%. So very anomalous – unless I’m reading it wrong.

  3. I love the fight in ol’ Bern. As a Virgo, he has to be genuinely interested in working for people, especially vis-a-vis health care. So he’s insensitive in his personal life……I’m sure he has faults aplenty, but he’s got the right idea re health care. There needs to be a drastic change…..Big Pharma is literally killing people. I’m sure Bernie’s bill will be dead on arrival. But at least it’s a start in the right direction.

  4. At least he (and Elizabeth Warren and others who support the bill) are TRYING to bring about a much more fair society unlike most of the rest of them. It takes great COURAGE to go against the greedy lobbyists.

    Perhaps not being then most sensitive soul in the universe helps him survive and actually work productively in a messy shark infested environment.

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