George Osborne – vengeance digging its own grave



George Osborne, the former UK Chancellor, famously dubbed ‘one of the posh boys’ by Theresa May, has been getting his own back since taking over post-Brexit as editor of the London Evening Standard, describing her as ‘a dead man walking.’ A fervent Remainer he’s become almost the voice of opposition to the government, given the chaotic not-quite-decided strategy of the Labour Party. But he’s letting his vengeful streak get the better of him with a reported comment about wanting her chopped up into freezer bags.

There’s certainly terrible chemistry between them with her Pluto in Leo square his Saturn in Taurus and Gemini Sun and square his Jupiter Neptune; her Mercury is conjunct his Pluto, and worse her Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct his Jupiter Neptune and opposition his Sun. She completely squelches his head-in-the-cloud confidence; brings out his dogmatic streak and he brings out his control-freaky side. A clash of dinosaurs, neither giving an inch.

Their relationship chart has a hostile-dislike Saturn Mars conjunction which along with the composite Mercury, is being stoked up over coming months. Though there’s the wild card of tr Uranus opposition the composite Jupiter this December and January 2018, which will be worth watching for.

2019, running into the next election in 2022 (if the government holds that long),  Osborne looks highly unsettled with tr Uranus conjunct his Venus, Mercury; and tr Saturn square his Uranus. Then in 2021/22 tr Pluto is in a two-year discouraging slog trine his Saturn.

2 thoughts on “George Osborne – vengeance digging its own grave

  1. Ok, to fire him, but tricky. After all, he’s been the power behind the throne for years, even to helping Cameron’s be elected as leader of the Conservative Party. She was ill advised to humiliate him. BTW, who is advising her these days? Or is she doing this on her own?

    Unsurprising he’s reacted badly, but thought he’d be a dish served cold sort of bloke. This blatant hatred just shows how angry he is. Odd for the consummate politician he was.
    Actually neither behaving like politicians. Her, because she can’t or won’t talk to people, from the shell shocked victims of the Grenfell Tower fire to the EU Parliament. Him, because he’s shown his hand too clearly and gone way beyond the pale.

    A lot happening astrologically this December/January. Don’t know whether to await with interest or duck for cover.
    Weird times.
    Thanks Marjorie.

  2. Given the murder of Jo Cox a few months ago, the comments made by George Osborne are out of touch with current feeling about “media abuse” to celebrities and politicians and must be condemned by all.

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