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Jockeying for position in the rival Royal Households has apparently led to the Queen losing her most senior courtier and deputy to appease her sons. Charles wishes to be more established in centre-stage roles by his 70th birthday next year, and Prince Andrew disliked the aide because he curtailed his extravagant travel plans.

The Queen has always indicated she would never abdicate, though in her 90s she will clearly cut back more and more, especially with Prince Philip having retired.

Prince Charles facing falling popularity in the polls, accelerated by the Diana remembrances, does have tr Uranus conjunct his 10th house Taurus Moon in mid May 2018, on and off for a year afterwards, which might suggest a major change in his status and direction. That’s exactly at the same time as tr Uranus is conjunct the Queen’s Sun, so there may be a more substantial handover coming during that twelve months. But he looks less than enthusiastic through this autumn and winter, with disappointments and frustrations extending till late 2018. The next really major turning point career-wise for him happens in 2023 when his Solar Arc MC is conjunct his Uranus and opposition his Jupiter.

Prince Charles relationship with his mother has never been easy. A composite Sun square Uranus suggests wildly differing temperaments and agendas, not designed for close co-operation. Plus a Mars Mercury Jupiter opposition Pluto bringing arguments and a struggle for the upper hand. There will be significant changes in their relationship in 2018/19 with the aggravating tr Pluto conjunct the composite Mercury Mars; and tr Uranus square Jupiter and Pluto – plenty of simmering resentment, differences of opinion and a strong desire to be free of the constraints of each other. 2021/22/23 look the most unsettling as tr Uranus squares the composite Sun and is then conjunct the composite Uranus.

Camilla, who never sought the limelight, looks under pressure in 2019/2020 with tr Pluto opposing her Cancer Sun, and indeed before then with tr Pluto opposing her Mercury this year and next. Her relationship with Charles looks deflated at the moment and more so from mid 2018 to late 2019, so she may not appreciate being shoehorned into an unwanted barrage of criticism. The really major upheavals for her come in 2020 to 2022.

Whatever détente there was between Charles and Andrew over this matter won’t last, sagging badly from this year-end across several years ahead. Even the Queen looks less than enamoured of her supposedly favourite son across this New Year and in 2018.

The ousted courtier, Christopher Geidt, a Sun Uranus in Leo with Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn, had a business-like and friendly connection with the Queen, but not either of the Royal sons.

Shame to upset her life at this stage.

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  1. I’m really wondering on how Queen Elizabeth’s – who I really admire – Taurean stubborness will translate to the time she’ll be gone, in a way or another, which can’t be more than half a decade away. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands and even King Juan Carlos of Spain, who probably was forced to it, obviously made the right choice by abdicting recently. I suspect Scandinavian Monarchs, all in their 70’s by now, will leave as soon as their direct heirs’ children won’t need their parents as much as now (this is especially true for Victoria of Sweden). And somehow, I think this suits the early 21st Century, with people’s lifespans exceeding what was common just 100 years ago (Queen Victoria was “only” 81 when she died) much better.

    • I think the Queen was so scarred by the abdication of Edward V11 and the damage it wrought on her father, that she’s allergic to the whole idea. Plus the impression is that she doesn’t have too high a regard for Charles’ abilities.
      She’s been such a bedrock of calm, steadfast security for the country, rarely putting a foot wrong, that it’s difficult to see how Charles can hold that together when he takes over. He’s a bit of a loose cannon, although some of his ideas are sound. Never mind the whole Camilla thing which is going to cause a rumpus – which personally I think is a lot of nonsense. She makes him happy and why people have got so puritanical about it, I really don’t understand. Diana was no saint and split marriages are hardly the scandale they were a century ago. Previous Royal marriages were utterly horrendous but it was all swept under the carpet and no one bar those close knew until after they’d gone.

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