Jeremy Thorpe – A Very English Scandal



High farce and conspiracy to murder combine in the truth-stranger-than-fiction tale of Liberal MP Jeremy Thorpe, who almost became Deputy UK PM in 1974, with his attempt to silence his erstwhile homosexual lover, Norman Scott, at a time when such liaisons were still illegal. He assembled a hapless crew of helpers to handle blackmail claims and finally do the dirty deed with the only death being his lover’s dog. Thence to a luridly public trial, where almost everyone appears to have lied on both sides of the case; with a notoriously biased summing up by the judge. Thorpe was acquitted, though his career was ruined; while Scott, who was a fantasist but seems to have been correct in his accusations, was vilified in the press. Both men were bi-sexual and had been married. Hugh Grant stars in a BBC drama A Very English Scandal, starting tonight, which has garnered much praise in previews.

Thorpe, born 29 April 1929 London was a Sun Taurus trine Saturn Moon in Capricorn; with Jupiter, Mercury, North Node also in indulgent Taurus. His Mercury Jupiter were in an expansive, though slippery square to Neptune; and he had a determined and dominating Mars Pluto in Cancer square his Venus in Aries to fuel his romantic life.

The Taurus North Node often indicates a strong sex drive as well as  an over-developed sense of defensivenss. Martin Schulman says in Karmic Astrology: ‘like a wounded animal can be deadly  to any who represent the slightest threat’ – ‘appears jovial, while planning intrigues.’

Norman Scott, who is still alive, 12 February 1940, came from an ordinary family, but boasted of having an aristocratic background and was described by a journalist as having an “extraordinary talent for wheedling his way into people’s sympathy before turning their lives to misery with his hysterical temper-tantrums.”

He has an Aquarius Sun square Uranus, sextile a difficult Mars Saturn in Aries and inconjunct Neptune, so not an easy life or an easy temperament. His Jupiter (Moon) and Venus in Aries were conjunct Thorpe’s Uranus; and his Mars Saturn was conjunct Thorpe’s Venus – an adventurous and gritty mix.

On the relationship chart there’s an emphasised composite Jupiter Uranus conjunction square Pluto – risk-taking, disruptive, power-struggling for the upper hand.

Thorpe insisted to the end of his life there had been no relationship but the evidence is substantial.   Next to Profumo it was the political sex scandal to end all.

Harry & Meghan Sussex – a happy occasion



The marriage vows between Prince Harry and Meghan (Duke and Duchess of Sussex) were taken at 12.39 pm in Windsor.

There was a Water Grand Trine of Cancer Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, which is emotionally private and self-protective, can be healing for others. Formed into a Kite by an intense Moon opposition Pluto. It makes Pluto the driving planet and tied into Jupiter, suggests an ambitious, influential power-couple marriage.

There is also an Earth Grand Trine of Saturn trine a Virgo Ascendant trine Mercury Uranus in Taurus, which brings practicality to the mix with new ideas in play, especially abroad – which fits with them having been nominated for a Commonwealth role. Uranus is further emphasised being on the point of a T Square to a leadership Leo North Node opposition Mars – innovative, not scared to ruffle conservative feathers; but since it trines Saturn there’ll be a nod to traditional values.

It’s a chart which also describes the family arguments running into the wedding with the Moon opposition Pluto and Mars; and the explosive Mars Uranus.

Often wedding charts reflect the relationship chart though in this case not so much. Harry/Meghan has a curiously contradictory mix of a needs-space composite Sun square Uranus; a showbizzy Neptune square Mars; and a rigid and somewhat bleak composite Moon square Saturn Pluto, with duty looming large and taking precedence over feelings.

As ever the Royal pomp and pageantry showed the UK at its best. I remember watching the Queen Mother’s funeral which ran like clockwork and thinking the sooner the military take over running the country the better. The guests were an eclectic mix with the bride’s mother, Amal Clooney and several others looking fabulous; Victoria Beckham with the oddest shoes (no wonder she’s so pinched face); Princess Anne looking grumpy, dressed in her own peculiarly unattractive style; and when, dear heavens, will Prince Andrews’ two girls ever get themselves a stylist to pick their clothes and hats sensibly.

Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother may have been born 2 September 1956 which would make her a Sun Jupiter in Virgo; with a healing Water Grand Trine of Venus in Cancer trine Mars trine Saturn and Saturn square Pluto. She’s a yoga teacher and social worker so it would fit.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Santa Fe shooter – a volatile Mars



Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the Santa Fe school shooter, was born 12 October 2000 (media sources). He appears to have been quiet, intelligent, reasonably athletic, church-going with no red flags in his background to suggest violence. Though he appears to have been interested in World War 11 kamikaze pilots and wore Nazi and communist symbols on his coat. He used his NRA enthusiast father’s guns.

He is a Sun Libra trine Jupiter trine Uranus, so would have a good brain – though an Air Grand Trine can indicate a fervent ideologue; and that forms into a Kite with Jupiter opposition Pluto, giving him the confidence to assume rules don’t apply to him and bring him into clashes with authority.

In addition he has an extremely volatile Mars in Virgo on the focal point of a Mutable T Square to Jupiter opposition Pluto and perhaps on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Uranus sextile an Aries Moon. Such a Mars is high-wire, easily triggered, scattered and inclined to be overly reckless. Mars Jupiter tends to take risks, and Mars Pluto can be ruthless. Plus he has Venus, Mercury in intensely emotional Scorpio with Mercury in an impulsive square to Uranus.

At the moment tr Neptune is squaring his Mars, which usually brings a panicky sense of failure; and he’s had the challenging and stressful tr Pluto square his Sun through this year. The catalyst for this may have come in April when tr Uranus was opposition his adventurous Mars/Jupiter and ‘catastrophic’ Mars/Pluto.

Texas shooting – Algol and Mars Pluto Saturn



A school shooting in Texas has left between eight and ten dead as at least one student went on a rampage, with explosive devices also found in and around the school.

The attack happened just before 8am in Santa Fe, Texas. This puts the Taurus Sun conjunct Algol, the destructive Fixed Star, in a high-tension trine to both Pluto and Mars. With a Fixed T square of Mars in Aquarius opposition a Leo North Node square Uranus Mercury in Taurus – explosive, disruptive, violent, wanting to grab attention. And a Cancer Moon exactly opposition Saturn – cold-hearted also loss. There’s also a mini-Grand Trine of Neptune trine Jupiter sextile Pluto, with Pluto sitting midway between Mars and Saturn – which is a mix of warped megalomaniac ideas and a strong urge for control.

Jupiter squares the Neptune/Pluto midpoint which Ebertin associates with (among other things) mania, obsession, self-torment and loss.

Uranus is making its presence felt in Taurus squaring Mars – first Gaza, now yet another USA horror.

Israel shrugging off the Gaza ‘bloodbath’



A ‘bloodbath’ and a massacre’ were two of the diplomatic responses to the 58 Palestinian dead and more than 1000 injured, most of them unarmed, as they protested inside the Gaza border fence with Israel yesterday. They were demonstrating about the US shift of the embassy to Jerusalem and also marking Nakba (catastrophe) Day – in May 1948 when 700,000 Palestinians were cleared out of their homes and off their land as Israel came into being. Hamas is being blamed but the Gazans are a people without hope, so hardly surprising they felt the need to make their presence felt even if it meant risking their lives.

Israel spent most of the day looking the other way, applauding the Eurovision win and discussing Ivanka Trump’s outfit.

The Israel chart isn’t showing much; though the February and August Eclipses in Aquarius/Leo impact on their 10th house Mars in Leo, so it is a combative year. The late July Lunar Eclipse will also rattle their 10th house Moon, unsettling the leadership and population. Ahead in 2019 tr Uranus will square the Israel Moon for a major jolt with outbursts from voters as well as rulers. Late 2019 as well tr Saturn will square the MC for a setback and rethink about the country’s direction.

The warlike status and image is unlikely to disappear anytime soon with the Solar Arc Saturn on the Ascendant now, followed by Solar Arc Pluto in three years plus. 2021 sees tr Uranus square the 10th house Pluto and then Saturn the following year, so it’ll be upheavals, disruptions and jolts all the way.

Where the Israel/Hamas and Israel/Palestine Declaration 1988 charts show most radical shifts are 2021 to 2024 with tr Pluto hitting on the Uranus opposition Pluto on both.

The Gaza 9 November 1917 9am chart looks stuck and blocked this year with tr Pluto conjunct the Solar Arc MC; on high alert in 2020 and not making much headway into any major changes until into the 2020s.  The Gaza/Israel relationship chart has the explosively insecure tr Uranus trine Mars at the moment, having just cleared the trine to Mercury on the run up, through the seven weeks of demos. That repeats later in the year and into early 2019. There is likely to be more serious disruptions through 2019/2020 with tr Pluto square the composite Uranus and opposition Pluto – along with disappointments.

Israel has an infinitely stubborn, martial and bleak natal chart with an 8th house Taurus Sun square Mars; and a 10th house Leo Moon, Saturn, Pluto. There’s not much insight or empathy in there.

Palestine and Gaza charts are both Scorpio Sun with several fixed planets so it’s an unyielding face-off on both sides.

Meghan and Harry – a sticky week to pick for a wedding



High family drama, intense feelings, jealousy and unwelcome surprises were written in the stars for Meghan and Harry’s wedding this Saturday. The Mars Uranus square exact tomorrow did hint at explosive upsets, insecurity and over-reactions. And on the day itself the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto for emotional tensions. Her father is stressed out over media attention and apparently in the throes of a heart attack, so is ambivalent about coming or may not be allowed to by the medics. Even worse, her estranged half-siblings have arrived in London mob-handed, clearly paid for by the vultures, and although uninvited to the event will make their presence felt in interviews.

Family problems do loom large in Meghan’s chart this year with tr Pluto squaring her 4th house Pluto as she attempts to pull away from her childhood past; plus tr Saturn in a separating square to her Moon, Saturn, Jupiter in Libra. Those run on for a few months and she does look unnerved (not surprisingly) over the main event with tr Neptune opposition her Sun/Pluto, as well as trapped.  She has a close Jupiter Saturn conjunction with Jupiter leading, so she’ll always experience the highs followed by setbacks and problems. It’ll be a tough introduction to the strictures of married Royal life.

Harry looks deflated and panicky with tr Neptune square his Mars through this month; as he copes with the upheaval of tr Uranus opposing his Pluto exactly now as well.

The Royals were never good at coping with in-laws. Prince Anne’s first parents-in-law, the Phillips, were fairly frozen out.  The only reason the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents were so omnipresent is down to her determined mother. But at least to date most commoner relatives had the sense to keep out of the media’s clutches.

If her mother does walk her down the aisle it won’t be setting a precedent since Queen Victoria walked two of her daughters to the altar after the death of Prince Albert.


Tom Wolfe – chronicler of greed



Tom Wolfe, author of The Bonfire of the Vanities and instigator of the more subjective and literary New Journalism, has died. He was a chronicler of the “Me Decade” and satirized the greed, ambition, racism and social class of New York in the 1980s. He supported GWB but denied he was conservative, writing about a wide spectrum of American society.

Born 2 March 1930 2.21am Richmond, VA, he had a full 3rd house as befits a journalist with a Pisces Sun and Venus there as well as an Aries Moon. He would be quick-witted, keen to be admired for his intelligence and ability to communicate. His Sun was in a confident and expansive square to Jupiter in chatty Gemini.

He also had the signature generational Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto square Uranus in Aries, which would give him a resilience as well as innovative tendencies, always keen to push back the boundaries. His Mercury in outspoken Aquarius was in a combative conjunction to Mars and inconjunct Pluto, which would give his writing a sarcastic, at times bitter edge and he never shied away from controversy.

His creative 5th and 7th Harmonics were strong as was his writers’ 21st H.

Melania Trump – not her easiest year



Melania Trump is in hospital having undergone surgery for what the White House describe as a benign kidney condition.

She does look fairly stressed this year though living in the DC goldfish bowl with scandals swirling that’s hardly surprising. She does have tr Uranus square her Mars/Pluto midpoint exactly now which is a considerable challenge and scary, repeating on and off into 2019 – though there could be other reasons for it when it returns. Oddly enough she also has tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter which normally provides a welcome break. Though since her Jupiter is tied into her Sun, it may have a jolting effect as well. Her Moon may be in early Capricorn with her Progressed Moon in Libra, which tr Saturn is hard-aspecting this year. The Moon can be about the body as well as home and family life. Plus she has a really tough Solar Arc Pluto opposition her Saturn in Taurus. So life will feel it is weighing down on her for a variety of reasons. She should bounce more enthusiastically in September and October.

Margot Kidder – the iconic Superman star Lois Lane



Margot Kidder, who played reporter Lois Lane in four Superman movies has died aged 69. Born 17 October 1948 in Yellowknife, Canada, she grew up in remote locations, moving frequently through childhood. After Superman she played in The Amityville Horror, but suffered from bi-polar disorder and had a highly publicized breakdown in the 1990s. She latterly became an outspoken environmental and anti-war activist.

She had her Sun in Libra on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Pluto so she would have confidence, also supplied by Uranus in an adventurous opposition to Jupiter.

But she had an ‘unloved’ Venus Saturn in Virgo with her Saturn square Mars with Mars inconjunct Uranus – not an easy life, especially emotionally. She had three marriages, one lasting only a few days.  Her Sun was probably opposition an Aries Moon which wouldn’t help on that score either.

Christopher Reeve who played Superman, 25 September 1952 3.30am New York, was also a Sun Libra with Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Venus stretched out through Libra. His Venus Neptune was conjunct her Sun Mercury and her Jupiter was conjunct his Mars, so it was a reasonable though not necessarily close match.