Trump in tartan – leaving him exposed

Rumours are rife in Scotland that Trump may fly to his Turnberry golf course hotel in Ayr (despite it being closed) on January 19th to avoid the Biden Inauguration next day. It may turn out to be a non-story or he’ll change his mind or Nicola Sturgeon will quite rightly throw a hissy fit over him breaching coronavirus restrictions and deny him entry.  Nor is it clear how, as a private citizen, he would be allowed to fly back to the US after January 20 from a plague-zone.

   In any event he might be better advised to avoid turning a publicity spotlight onto his two Scottish golf courses, which are haemorrhaging money, and in debt to the tune of £158 million. Their long-term viability is underwritten by the Trump Organization, which will come under renewed scrutiny after Trump leaves the White House. And there is a larger and scarier threat with Scottish lawmakers pushing to investigate Trump’s finances using an anti-money-laundering statute typically employed against kleptocrats, oligarchs, and crime kingpins. Their question: Where did the hundreds of millions Trump poured into his Scottish courses actually come from?

  During his well-documented low period between 2006 and 2014 he splurged $400 million in a cash spending spree, in addition to Scotland, purchasing a golf club in Ireland, five courses in the USA, and several expensive homes.  Then spent mega-millions more in refurbishments.

Questions, questions and with Deutsche Bank backing off, who knows what might crawl out from under rocks?

  Scotland is where his mother Mary was born, but is a risky area for him. Relocating his chart to Ayr put his secretive, dirty-dealing Pluto in the 10th which is generally considered unfavourable, since it brings out a ruthless energy which can be destructive or damaging. His Pluto is being particularly battered this coming year by tr Uranus in square and tr Saturn in opposition.

  Trump’s relationship with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has never been good and she said recently that he will face “due accountability” in Scotland if evidence emerges that his Scottish golf courses have been used for money laundering and fraud. Trump’s Pluto is conjunct her Mercury, her Saturn is conjunct his Midheaven and square his Mars – so there will be a war of words and she’ll put blocks in his way.

   Their relationship chart is volatile with an uncompromising composite Uranus Mars which is being ramped up to explosion point through this year by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus. The recent December Solar Eclipse was opposition their composite Saturn; and tr Pluto is opposition the composite Mercury this month and again later in 2021. Relations will deteriorate badly in the months to come.    

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  1. The rats are deserting the sinking ship. White House staffers resigning in condemnation of the riots and blaming Trump.

    Or is it post-confirmation of Biden as next president? These people supported Trump from start-to-finish, enabled him and played along. While he had power and could protect them, they were part of the problem. They know the writing is on the wall.

    All of this is standard behaviour for dysfunctional people in dysfunctional families and groups – blaming and scapegoating, projecting their evils onto others.

    • We all saw it, the whole world saw it.
      So sorry and horrified for you all.
      I so hope they prosecute the perpetrators and ALL the instigators to the full extent of the law.
      And the police!
      I couldnt believe how weak the response was, especially given all the warnings they had. And compare it to the BLM protests with the scary unamed ‘law enforcement’ unmarked cars, helicopters, beatings, gassings etc etc

      Disgraceful, and so overt.

  2. “During his well-documented low period between 2006 and 2014 he splurged $400 million in a cash spending spree, in addition to Scotland, purchasing a golf club in Ireland, five courses in the USA, and several expensive homes. Then spent mega-millions more in refurbishments.

    Questions, questions and with Deutsche Bank backing off, who knows what might crawl out from under rocks?”

    It’s truly stunning to watch how astrology unfolds these days. Republicans lost (well, Perdue-Ossoff race hasn’t been called, buy Ossoff has a 16 k vote lead as I type, with the remaining 100 000 or so to be counted likely falling for him at 75-25 rate at least, meaning he’ll probably clear even the automatic recount at 0.5 per cent) BOTH Georgia Senator races, meaning Biden does not have to try to please any Republican naming AG. He can also let Justice Brayer to retire and nominate a Black Woman as he promised to do. Kamala Harris who has been receiving Senate Intel briefings and knows Russian Investigation isn’t a hoax will be the most consequential VP in recent US history (Bush Senior was one behind the scenes, but this will be up front). Pelosi already nominated stellar questioners Katie Porter and AOC, among others to House Oversight which means Dems will not play.

    So, I think Trump Org. will be dropped with money laundry charges both in The US and Scotland even independently on what emerges with Deutsche Bank. It has probably been done in very “OG” mob style, through contractors, because these people are (even) criminal masterminds.

    • @Solaia Looks like your reading of the GA election back in November and interpretation of Stacey Abrams chart has come to pass. Warnock was called by the AP and Ossoff ahead with votes from blue strongholds still rolling in. Your post kept me believing is was possible. Super excited!!

      • @Anita, thank you! I wasn’t calling it outright at the time, but as weeks passed and Trump kept challenging the November result, I became convinced the turnout would favor Dems. I also think this is a much more pivotal change than pundits currently predict, leading to Biden Admin really being able to push through surprising reforms. The “traction” visible on 2021 Inauguration chart could, and should be reinterpreted accordingly. The 12th house on that chart is already happening through Inauguration itself being an subdued affair due to Covid-19 surge. Because judging from case numbers and course of this disease, unfortunately US deaths will peak in about 2 weeks, and and it wouldn’t surprise me if they’d climb to 5000 a day.

    • On somewhat related note: Eric Trump appeared on some Fox show yesterday telling how “MAGA movement isn’t going anywhere” but looking and soundinh like he’d hit his big brother’s stash of white powder. Remember, he has been heard by New York AG on charges for state crimes. I suspect he has every reason to freak out.

  3. Frankly, Scotland can have Trump – because we don’t want him here. 81.2 million American voters (and I’m one of them) kicked Trump out of the White House. I wish we could could vote to kick him out of the U.S. too.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • Erm NO NO NO NO. Its not acceptble to even joke about it.
      Look he is your problem, your creation, that you lot foisted on the rest of the world. We trust your nation considerably less as a result and have a lot lot less respect for america. Some apologies for the last 4 years would be great, given the harm the US has done, especially to the planet when the need is so urgent.

      He is the quintessential ugly Murican. You made him, you keep him!

      And I strongly recommend you lot prosecute him to the full extent of the law if you want your nations respect back.

      • @ Marina,

        I didn’t create him. I hate Donald Trump and his family with an immense passion. I’ve always known he was an idiot who should’ve never even been born.

        And for the record, majority of voters (myself included) did NOT vote for Trump in 2016 or in 2020. He lost the popular vote twice. You can thank the horrid, outdated Electoral College for giving him the win in 2016. Luckily, we didn’t have a repeat of that nightmare in the 2020 election.

        Anyway, I don’t care where Trump goes, I just want him out my state (Florida) and I want him out of this country. Send Trump to some deserted island in the South Pacific where nuclear testing once took place for all I care.

        • No one said you did. Its about your collective responsibility and your willingness to drop your problems on others, thereby missing the lessons you should be internalising, lest you repeat the situation again.

          The ONLY place you should be sending Trump to, is to an American prison.

          • @ Marina,

            The “collective responsibility” is the responsibility of those who supported and enabled Trump all of these years. Since I am NOT one of those people, I’m not taking responsibility for him or his actions.

            I did my part by voting against Trump. Millions of others did the same. That’s really all we could do. Those of us who opposed to Trump have no control over what the other side does.

            Speaking of prison, Trump does indeed deserve to be in prison. However, again, that will entirely be up the lawmakers. I’m not convinced (yet, at least) that he’ll face any legal consequences for his actions given that he’s had people protecting him his entire life.

          • Marina, I sympathise with your reaction to Trump and American ‘responsibility’ for him since I’ve had a few of those moments myself. But to be fair most of the European continent and elsewhere, in a more muted form, are thinking similar thoughts about the egregious act self-harm of Brexit by the Brit people – many of whom voted the other way or like me were never given a chance to vote.
            Such events – and Trump’s election and Brexit do have an eerie syncronicity – say a good deal about what is going on in the country’s psyche. Responsibility involves being rigorously honest about what it says about that particular country. Trump’s rabble-rousing mendacity and flagrant corruption has laid bare the galloping hypocrisy of the goodie-two-shoes, white-picket-fence, god-fearing and holier-than-thou image that most Americans have of themselves.
            Not sure what Brexit says about the Brits apart from soggy nostalgia for long-gone glories, with a dollop of racism and a good deal of xenophobia about EU neighbours.

      • @Marina, I don’t know if these radioplays were anywhere as popular in The UK as they were for some reason (good translation and magnificient casting, I guess) in Finland, but I grew up listening “The Men from the Ministry”, where the threat hanging over the heads of the main characters, incompent civil servants, was to be sent to Outer Hebrides. And wasn’t that where Mary Anne Trump, nee MacLeod, was from? I once read that while his sisters would visit frequently, DJT spent about 5 minutes of his life visiting Lewis.. I guess banishing him there with a bad wifi might just work.

        • No Ive not come across them.

          And NO, the outer Hebrides is a beautiful place and as it is, revolting US big game hunters go over there to shoot endangered local species with huge guns. PLEASE enough with any suggestion he should come within spitting distance of the UK.
          You take him!

          For a great film that sums this up oh so eloquently and was semi autobiographical of Trump, see “Local Hero”
          Although the trump wannabee played by Burt Lancster, while still an utter prick, is infinitely more intelligent, self aware and sensitive than the character he portrays.

  4. Nicola Sturgeon has already said that Trump will not be allowed into Scotland, as playing golf does not constitute ‘essential’ travel.

    Meanwhile his neighbors are still trying to keep Trump from using Mar-a-Lago as his residence…

    How sad…

  5. It is interesting to see moon opposite his Sun/Node midpoint, along with Moon conjunction his South. He is feeling lonely and is looking for a parent figure. It makes sense to bolt to Mother. There has always been a lost boy inside Trump, desperately looking to prove himself. A bit like Johnson. Pity BJ doesn’t bolt the other way. The Uranus/Saturn midpoint on his North Node, in the 9th house, perhaps a spur of the moment travel yearn to be comforted by his Scottish Mother’s homeland. Don’t know how others feel, but to me Trump is a frightened of the future.

    • Semantically I’d say he’s frightened of his present. He’s not happy with who he is (which is composed of his past – his karma) so he’s making plans for the future because that’s where the illusion of something better lies. Same as any afflicted individual. But yes, the future is also beginning to look scary as his support and structures (Saturn) are whittling down (t-Pluto opposition) in the States which is why he’s looking at options outside of his norms.

  6. t-pluto currently oppoosing his saturn-venus in Cancer. So highly relevant that he should go to his mother’s country!

    I’d quite like Scotland to let him in and then arrest him for all the stuff they’ve got on him. Without his screaming hoardes around to back him or protest, I hope it would be easier to prosecute him. As opposed to trying to extradite him out of USA, Russia or whichever Middle Eastern country he ends up in.

    I don’t know which anti-money laundering laws they’ll use but I suspect it’s the ones that allow them to seize all the goods and possessions but won’t actually put him in jail for any of it. Would like to see him jailed where he won’t get an easy ride because of his connections.

    • One of these stories you can’t unsee or unremember. Makes you wonder how she managed to survive at all in any shape or form. Not sure I feel strong enough to do a post on her – maybe later.

  7. Thanks Marjorie!

    Only Covid is keeping him out… apparently the reason he won the application for hisblasted 2nd golf course in Aberdeen recently, is the council leader is a big fan. Utterly grim, I thought the Scots had more sense.

  8. Thanks Marjorie. I think Nicola Sturgeon should be able to block this possible visit, as you say. The prevailing weather in January might also play a part! I’d be curious to know what you think about the chart for the current iteration of the Trump Organization – 3rd November, 1999.

    The original organisation was founded by his family in 1923. The transiting Saturn/Uranus square looks as if it will have quite an effect on the 1999 chart. This has Uranus at 12 Aquarius, square Saturn at 13 Taurus. The Sun is 10 Scorpio, and nodes 8 Leo, connecting with Trump’s natal Pluto in Leo. Tr Neptune will also oppose the TO Venus at 23 Virgo, which could be a bit undermining or confusing financially. All in all, it does look as if chickens are at least trying to come home to roost. At the very least, Saturn and Uranus indicate tests and changes.

  9. How anyone can see this creature as anything other than the venal skinbag of horror that he is, following the Raffensperger tapes is beyond me.

    • Yes, VF, it’s astonishing, and depressing. But then, there’s always the “madness of crowds”….

      “We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object, and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.”
      ― Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds

      • Ha, Jane – I read ‘Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds’ some years ago, shall have to dig out my old copy. Never has it been more relevant!

      • Interesting, thanks for that I will seek it out.

        Anyone here remember the Alien Abduction obsession that hit the US in the late 80s/90s ?
        A huge percentage of Americans believed they had been abducted and anally probed.

        And now?
        Crickets, not a word.
        Now we have Qanon, a hodgepodge of decades of this stuff. Somewhere there is a very self satisfied and evil little troll congratulating himself.

  10. Trump’s chickens are coming home to roost.
    The Art Of The Deal has failed again.
    Financial vultures like the IRS and the Scottish lawmakers are hovering around, just
    waiting to swoop as soon as he leaves office.
    Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “Never interfere with an enemy, whilst he is in the
    process of destroying himself.”

    Trump’s career and gaudy life have been one long study in epic self-destruction.

  11. Thanks very much Marjorie. I was hoping that you would run the chart when I saw the Guardian news article. No one wants him around and he’s so full of himself that he thinks he can push the Scottish authorities around. Also it’s a big day here in the US with the Georgia Senate races’ vote underway.

  12. Why doesn’t he just sod off to Russia and be with his real employer whom I’m sure will look after this useless turd of a man and protect him from investigations? Surely, those were the perks of helping to destabilize democracy?

  13. Thanks Marjorie. Well Florida USA here. Another month of shaking my head and swearing under my breath. I hope this too shall pass but it’s seems like forever.

    • I know what you mean about forever. A definite overdose.
      And his latest performance shifts him from being a psychiatric case study to being nauseatingly corrupt. Stripped of the fluff, he’s a mob boss.

      • Sorry Marjorie, I wasnt really hoping that.Yes its too awful. I shared it in a fit of distress at Trump and how he is too often seen as farcical. And those in this country who enable him, who might think theres no harm to him residing here.

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