Trump’s death dealing tantrum as he exits

Trump’s brawling exit from the White House, slashing-and-burning as he goes, leaves (he hopes) a scorched earth legacy for his replacement. It is even for him, nauseatingly destructive. He is, for one, auctioning off portions of the Arctic national wildlife refuge to oil drillers to add to his previous sins against the environment and mother earth. Executions are also on his wish list as he ‘rushes to kill three prisoners over four days as a macabre climax of his time in the White House.’ One of them, if it goes ahead on January 12th will be the first woman executed in 70 years.

Lisa Montgomery, 27 February 1968 in Kansas, did commit a shockingly brutal murder of an eight months pregnant woman to steal her baby sixteen years ago. But the story of Montgomery’s childhood is so beyond horrific that it is a miracle she survived at all, let alone was left with any spark of humanity. Raped, gang-raped while still a child, suffering severe concussive injuries when she objected which are visible on MRI scans, sold for sex by her mother – not a story for the faint of heart or stomach. No civilized country executes those suffering from severe mental disorders – apart from the USA.

  Montgomery is a Sun and probably Moon in Pisces opposition Jupiter in Leo, with her Jupiter square Neptune. It was possibly her emphasised Jupiter which allowed her to keep going in the face of years of brutalising treatment. What stands out starkly is a Mars Saturn conjunction in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries. Mars Saturn can be an indication of unkind if not downright cruel treatment. But there is always a spectrum of meaning with any planetary aspects and how they work out will depend partly on house positions and on the ‘indefinable’ something that a chart won’t show. In old style astrology Mars Saturn had associations with assassinations or violent death; as well as military ability.

  Two born near Montgomery with the same Mars Saturn in Aries are Daniel Craig, born 2 March, who became the face of acceptable violence as James Bond. And Kate McGann, born 5 March, tragic mother of the disappeared Madeleine.

  Montgomery has her Black Moon Lilith conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol opposition Neptune. When she committed the murder in 2004, her Solar Arc North Node was approaching the conjunction to her BML and opposition her Neptune.  A touch nebulous but it may be significant.

  Oddly enough her Jupiter falls exactly on Trump’s Ascendant; her Uranus Pluto squares his Full Moon, her New Moon sits in his 7th; and her Mars Saturn sits in his 8th.  There’s more than a hint of a karmic link between them.   And their relationship chart has a composite Sun Venus opposition Neptune, trine Pluto, square Uranus – which is quite interconnected.

  If there is any decency in the universe, his karma will surely come up and bite him for his misdeeds.

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  1. This to me is no different to executing the mentally ill or the intellectually disabled. She was expected to live normally but never lived a normal life.

  2. With all the evidence how is it possible that Trump is not to be arrested or arrested already? The system has become a joke.

    • I can’t believe that social media are banning him from their platforms for only 12 and 24 hours. He needs blacking out entirely until the end of his presidency because he has incited a coup and they are completely responsible for not being aware (yet again) of yesterday’s event which was gathering speed on their platforms for some time.

      The sooner silicone valley is broken up and regulated the better. Zuckerberg has been given ample time to sort all of this out but he is yet another useless guy who does nothing but profit from it all and let people run amok on his platforms. I think he is going to be coming under some fire in a more serious way than just being questioned by congress.

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wiped the floor with him when she questioned him about the problems happening on his creation and what he refuses to do “People should have the right to make their own minds up what is real and what is not; that is democracy.” Despicable man he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is secretly a Trump loyalist behind closed doors.

      • ‘…. for not being aware ….’

        @Jo, they are totally aware. From the get go they have allowed him to say scandalous things and lies because he was President. Do you think Obama (for example) could have gotten away with such?

        Whilst there is now a case for looking more closely at social media platforms, I think Trump’s behavior goes deeper into the white American psyche of which he is a product of.

        Why is he not being removed (or any power he may still hold to sign anything) with immediate effect to set an example that said behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstance? This is where it looks farcical.

        • Why are the American people not shouting loud and clear, ‘Remove him now’? He has given up all rights to stay until 20 January. Period!!

          • Americans more easily act out and then sit back. Don;t want to lose their financial and materialistic accomplishments!

  3. Well, if today’s events wasn’t a pristine clear example of white privilege, i don’t know what is. Can you imagine groups of black men or Muslims storming the Capitol with guns and bombs and being let off to go home? Also, these police officers have been filmed letting these terrorists into the building and even laughing and taking selfie’s with them. But just go back a few weeks to the Black Lives Matter protests. The same police officers were attired to the teeth in riot gear and shown to be violent with the protesters. The whole thing is just utterly sickening.

    Another thing, how ironic is it that the hardcore Trump camp who believed the conspiracy that antifa were the ones behind inciting violence at protests have been the most dangerous ones all along? These kinds of men and their equally useless leader need to be strung up by their shriveling family fruit and hung out to dry under a scorching sun!

    • Totally agree with your first paragraph @ Jo. I was thinking the same thing about ‘what if black people tried something like this? A bloodbath…..!’. Yet look at the scenes.

      • I know. If anyone didn’t know what was going on and had just put the news on, it looks like a load of people going home after a lawn concert and the police were just merrily supervising it all. Especially with that moron dressed in war paint, bare chest, and buffalo horns; he could be mistaken for being Jamiroquai!

          • It’s shocking isn’t it? I was trying to tell my mother about it today but the whole ‘white privilege’ thing triggers her. She doesn’t think it exists. “All Lives Matter!!” is something she keeps screaming back at me. And because there were a few black people in the Capitol crowds this validates it for her that white supremacy doesn’t exist. It absolutely infuriates me and my brother. He has taken a step back and doesn’t contact her much but I currently live with her. She almost becomes apopletic when I say the way she is seeing things is actually racist. She cannot even consider that her actions are defensive and there could be a way to see why that might be and how to work through it. She thinks a racist is someone who goes up to people and spits in their face. But racisim is often much more subtle than that. At one point she raged, “if they don’t like the way things are, why don’t they all just buy an island and **** off and leave the rest of us alone!” Yeah, of course she’s not a racist with views like that.

            Priviliged isn’t living some glorious, wonderful life where everything we wish comes true. It means by being white we don’t have the added stress and fear of being pulled over, picked out of a crowd and have vitriol thrown at us because of our skin colour, lose out on a job, or fear for our lives because some racist in a uniform wants to make something out of nothing just for the fun of it. Being female and experiencing misogynistic predatory behaviour like many women, is the closest thing I can experience to these situations. But my mother, who has been a victim of men herself, cannot see the meaning in the Black Lives Matter movement. You’d think having experiene of being victimised would have woken her up, but it didn’t. But then she is on the narcissistic spectrum and its disappointing for me to come to terms with the fact she is racist and misogynistic herself and nobody can get through to her. Thankfully though, she is not on Donald Trump’s level of insensitivity. I imagine many families and friendship groups have gone through ructions with Trump in power over these past four years?

  4. Since this post mentions Trump’s erratic behavior, I’d like to mention how absolutely chaotic and violent it was today up in Washington, D.C.

    Today, January 6, is the day in which President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’s electoral vote totals are to be officially confirmed by the House and Senate. Pro-Trump supporters formed a mob around Capitol Hill and began breaking glass, throwing objects, and even stormed art of the building.

    The pro-Trump rioters were trying to get their hands on the electoral vote boxes so they could destroy them. Fortunately, Senate staff managed to safely evacuate the votes to another location of the building.

    One of the pro-Trump rioters, a woman draped in an American flag trying to climb over a ledge, was shot and she eventually died.

    All in all, I can’t say that I’m shocked by what happened today….but I am infuriated and very disappointed that this chaos occurred. It boggles the mind that Trump, of all people, has managed to galvanize such a delusional personalty cult who is willing to believe anything he says and is willing to do anything he wants them to. It feels so surreal.

    There is now talk from House and Senate Democrats about invoking the 25th Amendment. I certainly hope they do. We’ve had enough of Trump’s nonsense.

    Just imagine what January 20th is going to be like if nothing is done now.

  5. “He is, for one, auctioning off portions of the Arctic national wildlife refuge to oil drillers to add to his previous sins against the environment and mother earth.’
    This drives me mad.

    “If there is any decency in the universe, his karma will surely come up and bite him for his misdeeds.
    Share this:’
    Yes Yes and Yes.
    Thank you for this, reading that is traumatising, so I really appreciate your take on it.

    • The last line n the beginning really r Marjorie’s genius in spiritual work..thanks always…she’s a guide for newbies like me

  6. Egged on by Trump in a rally he held this morning in Washington DC, his supporters stormed the US Capitol building and broke into the building took over the Senate chambers in an attempted coup, and to stop the certification of the election total college. It’s a grim grim situation. Congress members are fearing for their lives. Unfortunately law enforcement was badly prepared reinforcement is slow to show up.

    • Bizarrely slow given the numerous warnings this was likely to happen.
      Contrast this with the scenes when tear gas and militarised police cleared crowds, including some of the church’s own clergy from its grounds, in order for Trump to pose in front of the church back in June.

    • Articles of Impeachment are being drawn up as I type this reply. Trump has gone too far and I feel that he may be removed; the Republicans may well ditch him in order to preserve their party.

    • It’s both entirely predictable and deeply shocking, larry. Trump caused this, is continuing to stir the unrest and should be arrested now.

      • If trump was arrested, a very predictable and overwhelming reaction would follow.

        Better if he simply disappeared.

        Coup + sedition. Trump’s response was predictable. A very insecure person.

        • Such days call for heroic decisions ..Lincoln took decision against slavery knowing fully well that civil war will follow but humanity was too much to b ignored by temporary violence

          Permanent good cannot b avoided for dear of temporary unsettling times

      • Four people are dead. The marauders with guns were allowed in. Two bombs were found. I believe Trump is positioning himself to be 25’d so he can get a pardon off Pence in exchange for leaving The GOP in relative peace over the next few years. This is Trump’s main worry – to end up in jail and penniless. Imho.

  7. I have an exact Saturn Mars Conj at zero sag the apex of a T square. It’s in my 4th. My first husband was from overseas and very abusive. He nearly killed me and stole my daughters.

  8. Rarely do you come across such a tragic or horrific story. You wonder how this little girl even managed to survive into adulthood.

    The U.S. should hang it’s head in shame at its backward, pitiless penal system and this latest round of executions, including that of Brandon Bernard last month, who was still in his teens at the time the heinous crime was committed. The U.S. is crying out for justice reform, including its habit of trying teenagers as adults and placing them in adult prisons. I am shocked that a so-called Christian country, which pretends to see all life as sacred (as long as it is a foetus, that is!) and yet can be so vengeful and cruel against people who stood no chance in life, such as this poor woman. As if I couldn’t loathe that low-life Trump any more than I already do.

    Marjorie, my own experience of Mars/Saturn is that I have two friends with it marked in their natal charts. One guy who has Saturn in Capricorn, opposition Mars in Cancer, T-squaring onto an Aries Mercury, his father was a domestic abuser who beat and terrorised his wife into an early grave, and whose older brother carried out the same violence against him. He actually did at one point want to join the Police. The second is a Sun in Capricorn man with Mars/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio. Again his father was a military hero, bully, criminal and cheat and his mother became so ill, she was hospitalised and he was raised by his grandmother. One of the most horrible experiences of my life was when Mars and Saturn conjuncted my North Node in the 12th house. The medieval astrologers didn’t call these two planets the ‘Malefics’ for nothing.

  9. *** Corrected / revised comment ***

    I’ve mentioned in a previous post that even though I am a liberal-minded person, I actually do support the death penalty – for the most heinous crimes.

    I remember the Lisa Montgomery case very well. She befriended Bobbie Jo Stinnett on the internet back in 2004 and tricked her into believing she was pregnant too. Montgomery was able to obtain Stinnett’s email and address through the online friendship and she later came up with a false name and pretended to be a customer interested in purchasing one of the dogs Stinnett was breeding.

    Despite having a tragic childhood, that doesn’t excuse Lisa Montgomery for strangling a 23 year old woman to death and cutting her unborn child out of her stomach. And people here in the U.S. do not receive the death penalty if they are proven to be mentally ill or criminally insane – Lisa Montgomery was not deemed insane in the eyes of the law because her crime was premeditated and meticulously crafted and orchestrated and she was aware that what she was doing was a crime.

    People with Schizophrenia or some other form of mental illness lack the capacity orchestrate such a crime because they tend to act in the moment – not considering any consequences to their actions. Also, they often have difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy. Montgomery was not in that state of mind.

    If any new developments in evidence, further psychiatric evaluations, or mental health research that can suggest Lisa Montgomery was indeed criminally insane and connected with reality when she committed that heinous crime (like the way Andrea Yates was deemed), then I would say she doesn’t need to be on death row and that she would need to be locked up in a psychiatric ward for the rest of her life instead – otherwise, I consider her death row sentence is justified.

    That being said, I am opposed to her expedient execution date being set because I know this is just being used as a scorched-earth revenged tactic by Donald Trump. I’m more concerned about Bobbie Jo Stinnett’s family receiving the proper justice they deserve – and this isn’t the way they should get it.

    • Tragic? Did you read the Guardian piece?
      I’m not normally too forgiving about excuses for crimes- and this was a heinous one – but in this case Montgomery had a traumatic brain injury in addition to a catalogue of repeated barbarity which perpetrated on a young mind still in the process of being formed would have had a catastrophically warping effect. If the shrinks say she was sane they need their heads examined.

      • @ Marjorie,

        I hadn’t read the Guardian piece until a few minutes ago. I noticed you provided the link in your posting. I followed this case in the mid-2000s when it took place; I had not kept up with any developments until now.

        I also found an archived news article from The Spokesman-Review (a Washington State based newspaper) that mentioned two MDs having diagnosed Montgomery with Borderline Personality Disorder (which is definitely a form of mental illness).

        The article also went on to clarify that it was the jury who rejected Montgomery’s defense claims and recommended the death penalty. I had originally been under the impression that it was the legal experts and medical professionals who deemed her sane – so the information I acquired from The Spokesman-Review, in particular, changes my opinion on her case.

    • “If any new developments in evidence, further psychiatric evaluations, or mental health research that can suggest Lisa Montgomery was indeed criminally insane and connected with reality when she committed that heinous crime (like the way Andrea Yates was deemed), then I would say she doesn’t need to be on death row and that she would need to be locked up in a psychiatric ward for the rest of her life instead ‘

      To say this, you must not have read the article. I too urge you to read it.
      This situation is encompassed by what I was trying to say to you in the previous article about Americas national psyche.

      • @ Marina,

        I read the Guardian piece just now as well as an archived piece written for The Spokesman-Review (which provided further information to Montgomery’s psychiatric evaluation).

        As I mentioned in my response to Marjorie, I hadn’t followed this case since the mid-2000s so I hadn’t kept up with any further developments in Lisa Montgomery’s case after her conviction.

        Speaking of “America’s national psyche,” you appear to harbor stereotypes about how the general population in this country thinks and feels. You shouldn’t assume the politics of a nation will always reflect the thoughts and opinions of the general public. There are many countries around the world that have very dark pasts (especially in Europe) and are currently dealing with the same issues the U.S. is dealing with (such as racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, etc.)

        I don’t know what country you are from. However, I’m sure your society has had it’s own problems to deal with and it’s share of shortcomings too.

  10. Oh he’s gonna get his alright. He’ll be recent history’s poster boy for “Karma is a b….”.
    If his deplorable minions think their angry now….just wait.

    • Often very responsible and disciplined folk, Mars/Saturn people. My Mars/Saturn friends are both highly independent, one really into sports and a brilliant artist, the other very skilled in engineering and working with machinery and both overcame a bleak start in life.

      • Thanks, Virgoflake. I have aGrand trine of Mars, Uranus c Saturn and Neptune. Mars opposes Pluto in the 8th. Sounds awful, yes, and tHe bleak childhood is true but Forced me to learn, from a very early age, understanding through psychology, astrology and philosophy. I am definitely hardworking and disciplined. So its not all evil. Thank God, I never suffered any abuse from anyone, if anything benefited financially from Pluto in the 8th.

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