USA & Trump – rabble-rousing boils over ++

“The mob is the most ruthless of tyrants.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

‘You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!’    Shakespeare’s reflections on the mob in ‘Julius Caesar‘ are a reminder they have existed throughout history. The Romans were acutely aware that the crowd of common men had to be treated with caution, kept amiable with bread and (blood-drenched, gladiatorial) circuses.

  Two astro-events collided this month for the USA. One is tr Pluto opposition the US Mercury till late this month, which promotes bitter, hostile debate, riled up by demagogues and agitators with deceitful rhetoric. And it leads to excessive mental strain. That has been running on and off through 2020 and repeats mid August to late November this year.

  The other trigger was the December 2020 Sagittarius Solar Eclipse which opposed the USA 1776 Mars in Gemini. It runs in effect for several months and leads to an overspill of argumentative and aggressive energy. Jansky in his book on Eclipses describes it thus: ‘A period of warfare. Compromise? Never!’  It can turn destructive which it obviously did in Washington yesterday. 

  Trump channels into the USA Mars with his Gemini Sun conjunct and his Sagittarius Moon exactly in opposition, so he was always going to be a divisive and inflammatory catalyst for the country. And his Full Moon was exactly what the December Solar Eclipse provoked  – to his detriment, which in turn generated full-blown narcissistic rage. To do the decent thing and face up to loss and failure for him would mean psychic death, against which he defends himself with volcanic anger and frenzied desperation.

   His relationship charts with both Republican Party charts have composite planets also being rattled by the Eclipse – one has a composite Saturn Pluto at 24/20 Gemini and the other Pluto at 21 Gemini square Mars. Even his die-hard political supporters are, mainly, turning their backs on him – too late.  The Republican Party, 22 February 1856 chart, has a sober-moment of reckoning from the December Eclipse opposition the Saturn, which brings responsibility for those under their care. They voted for him, stood behind him and now they are seeing the chickens come home to roost. This chart is sagging badly through 2021/22 with tr Neptune square the Saturn.

  Tr Uranus is also square the USA North Node in Leo, exactly now, which is arguably denting the USA’s leadership image as a shining beacon of decency and democracy.

  What next?  The tr Pluto opposition the USA Mercury runs on into the Pluto Return in 2022/23 so there will be lingering aggravation and resentment. This is a pivotal moment for the USA, with a contradictory outcome.  Trump as wrecking ball may have been a necessary force to tumble the house of cards of American politics and bring greater self-awareness of what is needed in the rebuilding process. But there is also a sense of deep wounds exposed which won’t heal easily. He leaves a poisoned legacy behind – “the evil that men do lives after them.” (Shakespeare)

  Of Trump himself, he appears to have overshot his bolt to such an extent that there will be no coming back and no compassion for his manifest financial sins. It may be that John F Kennedy was right when he said in his own inaugural address: “Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.”

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  1. The problem with Trump and with the Magas is that they are equally stupid. Never read a book, never opened a newspaper, although I assume that most of them have been uneducated or undereducated through no fault of their own. You can see the general look of the men is that which suggests that the Civil War has been over for only a few minutes. To the person nad, try reading the newspapers on line, try to watch newscasters who do not lie. Your education awaits you.

  2. I’ve been sampling posting from NAD and others. as long as you enable him by posting back, NAD will continue posting non-astro blogs.

    Is that what the forum is supposed to support? I’m confused.

    • A good many posts here are non astrological. It helps to have some context. Most pro-Trumper posts I bin but I am genuinely interested in how people’s minds work – or don’t as the case may be. And like him or loathe him he did pick up 70+ million votes. There have to be reasons.

  3. Anita,
    you are stating that millions of people who support Trump blindly follow? Are you suggesting we are not able to think and make our own judgment? Everyone has their reasons and the right to choose in democracy. I become a Trump supporter last year after listening to the impeachment proceedings and saw the methods used, which reminded me of the Soviet-style accusations and trials. I followed closely what was said and done and I formed my own opinion, based on my beliefs.
    I got disappointed by the democrats. I got sick from the twisted interpretation and name-calling made by many in the media! My fear is, that we are becoming a totalitarian society.
    Trump is gone, and now some are calling for the “cleansing” of Trump supporters!!! To be “blacklisted” by many companies when looking for a job, fired in many instances. Is that going to be perceived with the same outrage? Is that right? Is that going to be reported even?
    Half of the country whose candidate won should be happy and celebrate, not vindictive, spilling hate and censoring people with different political views.
    Marjorie, from the astrological point, is it possible to see if the Trump movement is actually a third party.
    For now, it is under the Republicans, but I don’t see it really that way. Is it possible, do to the extreme in both parties for the third party to be formed?

    • Heaven help us. Forming opinions based on your beliefs rather than scrutinising the facts is what leads you off the edge of a cliff. There is utterly no doubt about Trump being compromised by Russia – if Mueller had found himself a backbone, he would have made his findings clearer. This was no corrupt investigation, merely a lame and ineffectual one.
      I doubt Trump is going anywhere but into decline from now on. If you want to ally yourself with the supremacist militia which is attempting to put itself forward as the third Trumpian party, suit yourself. Well they were until he disavowed them so now they’ve just gone back to being their rancid selves.

      • I agree, havens help us.
        I do not ally with white supremacists, Antifa, or BLM. I tried to give the human face to Trump supporters who are average Americans, not radicals. If nobody wanted to know why we support him and just want to disregard millions of people we will have a problem My intentions are to avoid future divides.
        Thank you Marjorie.

        • I agree with not aligning with the first 2 groups, but BLM? What’s wrong with showing support there? BLM is only a problem for Qanon believers who are under the impression it is all about manipulating the public while something else gets through the back door and that George Soros (or such a figure) is all behind it. BLM has finally exploded and at the right time and long overdue, imo. Along with the Women’s Movement. It couldn’t have happened at a better time really but we are in a period of history where much of the most important things are being thrown into our awareness to be addressed and dealt with. Even our politics.

          The political leadership over the years in the West that lead before all this chaos is actually what has lead to all this chaos! We have broken systems and the current way of doing things has not been working for some decades. Enter the populist wave birthed from a lot of anger that has been brewing for some time. Bringing Trump in to destroy it doesn’t help because he has also tried to destroy democracy while looking after the numero uno group; white, usually male, and priviliged. Ironically, its leaderships like that that bring in totalitarian/communist states. And yet, Americans fear socialism. Odd. We need to be intergrating ‘the other’; in ourselves and those who we percieve as different to us. Otherwise, the groundswell of irrational fear and hatred is going to destroy us all in the process.

          • Jo,

            I thought I’m done posting but, just one more clarification for what I said, and then I will stop, before getting kicked out.
            My kids who grew up in this country,( I’m naturalized American), are color blind, sex blind, and religious blind. I know all their friends and had discussions with them many times. BLM matters as long as not being used radicalized version of it. I’m saddened that the divide is made based on color instead of talking about poverty levels and I think it actually prevents the potential. As an immigrant, I see and judge people based on merits, I’ve been exposed to different ways of being discriminated too and refuse to be a victim.

          • I would say I was colour, religious, sex blind etc. But I’m not so blind that I cannot see that many people of colour are overlooked in vast number that reduces them in the eyes of the law and barricades them into a lower-socio economic holding pattern.

            I cannot see the radicalization of the BLM – yes there are some who do it just as they are found in many movements. I see anger that has been brewing. They have aired their reasons peacefully for over a century and almost NOBODY listens. They get a little louder and are beaten back. Then the zeitgeist happens and a movement explodes and the roar pisses off those still not willing to listen. It is not radicalization. Qanon, conspiracy theories and religious overtures to manipulate emotions to get the political outcome they crave, and those pushing back against democracy regarding this Biden presidency IS RADICALIZATION.

            “I’ve been exposed to different ways of being discriminated too and refuse to be a victim.” –
            That sentence alone kind of does underpin how you see the BLM movement, that they are pulling the victim card when they should just get on with it. I’ve been discriminated too and don’t like playing the victim. However, it infuriates me immensely when there is clearly institutionalized racism and people will just not budge. I hate seeing people being victimised. If you have been discriminated you must know how angering it is when those who hold all the power refuse to listen? Yes, we all just get on with it because we have to. But the power structure still remains with those who cause the problems. Nothing changes. Unless you create noise. Just like the Trump supporters believed they were doing to overthrow the ‘elite run’ presidency.

            “You could have done it this way, you could have done it that way, only then would I have listened. But now you are too radicalized, I’m not interested in what you have to say now.” It’s just typical gaslighting. Its another way of saying ‘Your’e too emotional. Go away.’ You might not even mean to do it. You wouldn’t go to a cancer rally and then be bombarded by an aids group who demand, “what about us? we matter too.” Why can’t people just hear what the problem is rather than telling them ‘well if you did it this way I might have heard you?’ In almost ALL instances when people reach this far in the road and explode, it is because they have tried EVERY single way imaginable and still not been heard.

            But most of us were just blindly going about our own bubbles until the mayhem was heard. It seems like it came from nowhere but it has been there all along brewing and growing. It just never interested or encroached on most peoples lives until now. This conversation could also be about politics too using the same questions. But Trump and his supporters are allowed to be explosive and devisive but BLM need to reign it in? BLM is about structured reform and equality. Trump is not. He is about destruction. I fully understand why you might have wanted the change with the sour way politics was going. And I believe it STILL needs a huge overhaul somehow. But Trump was not going to give you that change. I suppose its all down to how we engage with something emotionally and how it resonates or conflicts with our egos. Lord knows, we all have ’em. But sometimes we have to overide those feelings and look at it with an intellectual bent. Otheriwse, its just typical populism.

            I guess we both just have to accept we have wildly differing opinions. Such is life. All the best though and I mean that genuinely.

          • Jo, I tend to agree with Marjorie that Trump may have been the necessary wrecking ball to American politics. Last night there was a great interview on 60 Minutes with Senator Angus King, an Independent and refreshing voice in American politics. The blind followers are not just for Trump, but on both sides of spectrum. To find out what BLM wants, their website is a good guideline. Getting rid of nuclear families is one of its tenets. Also, according to the website, “Defund Police” is accurate — the podcast on the website says the retraining and reforming doesn’t work. However, many people think defund means “retrain and reform” and get rid of racial bias, rather than anarchy. Even former President Obama says defunding is problematic. Most BLM supporters don’t agree with literally defunding police just as most Trump supporters don’t believe in Qanon. With Trump, there’s a cult of personality (which I can’t stand) and he cultivated it. My belief is that the majority of Trump enthusiasts will be wounded for awhile and then realize they were duped by him as a person, while thinking his America-first trade policy was right. Then they’ll get over it. Aren’t all of us duped by people, including friends and lovers, sometimes???

        • Nonetheless, nad, *more* “millions of people” voted for the other guy. So your use of the “bandwagon” logical fallacy was already dead on arrival. Why is it acceptable for you to disregard *those* millions of people? NO proof of a stolen election. As I type this, I also acknowledge that the U.S.’s upcoming Pluto return in 2022 sends a message that the crises will continue on here in the U.S. for a time. No doubt the rich and powerful will continue to foment the divide for exactly as long as it puts profit in their own pockets.

      • @ Marjorie
        I believe that Mueller’s safety and the safety of his family was threatened. When Mueller testified before Congress he looked as if he hadn’t slept in days and he seemed overly careful about what he said and he was giving ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to open-ended questions.

        Mueller’s testimony was very disturbing as well as disappointing.

        As for Trump’s followers I fear that they will be much more dangerous in the future without a leader like Trump.
        Trump was the nexus for these mentally unbalanced people and now they will be out there floating around without any direction ready to scooped up by the next bat-crap crazy conspiracy theory. *sigh*

    • You do realise that the people who stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday were planning to hang Mike Pence, that some were in possession of zip ties. Have you actually watched some of the footage? I can tell you, it was much more terrifying than the media have reported IMO. These people were not demonstrators, they were a lynch mob, and you’re frightened of communism and progressive politics!

      Also, as Marjorie said, one doesn’t base one’s opinions based on beliefs! You use facts, knowledge of history and the lessons thereof, fgs.

      • I don’t know what it is with Americans and and their twisted views of socialism. There is such disturbing propaganda around their belief of it. Or I should say, Republicans/Conservatives and socialism. It absolutely terrifies them. And yet, there is growing evidence it works. They keep throwing countries like Russia and North Korea as examples of socialism or rather ‘communisim’ which they seem to get confused with.

        Even Cuba (which is based on a socialist structure not communist – and until the US leave them alone and stop draining their financial infrastructure with this bloody embargo, we will never know if they can thrive without constantly being bullied by America. They are certainly industrious people and most want the socialist structure and not imperialist interference. Though lack of money makes it hard to live there for many and I can understand why they may want to leave.)

        Yet the countries that tend towards the democratic socialist model are regarded as the most successful countries in the world. Not neccessarily financially, but holistically; finance, economy, mental health, equal and civil rights, etc. There is an article with this data to prove it. I will try to dig it out.

          • Thanks, Anita. Yes, I forgot about that! No offence to my well-adjusted American cousins but paranoia is definitely a strong trait in the American identity. I wonder what astro aspect that might come under in the US chart?

          • I think it’s the USA’s Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn. There’s real, deeply rooted fear in that aspect – the ‘enemy’ is out there, not ‘us’ but ‘them’, be they reds under the bed, POC, Muslims, witches (Salem), etc. The fact that this opposition falls across the parental, MC, IC axis of signs shows how these fears have been passed down the generations. This is deeply rooted stuff and it’s no accident that these fears have boiled over now that transiting Pluto is opposing natal Mercury. The truth is, it is often our own thoughts which hold us back and as someone with Pluto rising I know that my worst enemy is myself. I hope that the soul-searching that may result from this crisis in the US will lead to better understanding for all.

          • @ Anita, no it is rooted in anti-intellectualism and hypocrisy.
            If you asked any of these cretins to define ‘socialism’ or ‘communism’ 99% of them couldn’t.
            For the most part Americans are fat, dumb and happy and ironically Hollywood’s assistance in dumbing down America has helped the GOP continue to be a viable political party much longer than it should have.
            What’s funny is both Social Security and Medicare qualify as ‘socialist’ programs because the average America receives much more in benefits than they paid into the system.

          • VF: the ‘enemy’ is out there, not ‘us’ but ‘them’,

            Yes people who can’t accept their shadow side so they project it onto others.
            I have been a scapegoat of that all of my life and I still haven’t pinpointed what aspect (s) in my astrological chart is responsible for that.

          • @Roderick…. Agreed, but I would say that McCarthyism itself was rooted in anti-intellectualism and hypocrisy. Those intellectuals in Hollywood who ignited the protest against Disney’s overbearing paternalism, high-handedness, and insensitivity were blacklisted. A campaign ensued by the political action group cofounded by Walt Disney around a list of ideological prohibitions, such as “Don’t smear the free-enterprise system … Don’t smear industrialists … Don’t smear wealth … Don’t smear the profit motive … Don’t deify the ‘common man’ … Don’t glorify the collective. So you see how history repeats itself in the US.

    • “I got sick from the twisted interpretation and name-calling made by many in the media!” – But Trump has done this almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, not word of mouth, not deep fake videos, but from his OWN MOUTH. Yet you have no problem with htis behaviour from him? This is so bizarre.

      Here in the UK they had four female Trump supporters sitting together who in one breath distanced themselves from the Capitol storming white-supremacist terrorists. Then when the reporter asked about Trump’s mental health regarding his stance and history on Twitter and why they have banned him, the blonde woman’s face went from trying to be like she was all refined to twisting into an ugly stare-down with words close to this; “How dare you! How dare you even say that. He did not incite this violence. If you want to put that man (meaning Biden) in power then so be it. It is absolutely clear he has severe dementia and you people put your faith in him and you need to be questioned for following someone like that!” – she thinks Biden has ‘severe dementia’? Then what the hell would she call the clear cognitive decline in Trump?

      Then the African-American woman also chipped in saying,”Trump isn’t your everyday pretty politician. He isn’t bought by the elite to do their dirty jobs. He never lies.” – Trump never lies? What planet is she on? I do get the fact many politicans are quite often following out an agenda to a certain degree for others who pay them in many ways to push something through (Trump is doing this for them as we speak. Antarctica, anyone?) and this neo-liberalism that spearheads the Captilist model has lead us into a vast brick wall. But Trump never lies and isn’t bought by those nefarious types with money? Give me a frickin’ break. He’s as corrupt as the day is long.

      As Marjorie mentioned below, it’s amazing how others see something the other side do not. They won’t even entertain the idea even if it is truth. It reminds me of severely dysfunctional families who make excuses for generational abuse and misgivings. It is actually mind-blowing when you see it on this kind of scale.

      Also, what suprised me about the four women I mentioned above was, one was white, one chinese, one hispanic, and one african-american. I’m dumb-founded how women and ethnic minority women at that, can see this man as some kind of saviour for them. Trump has shown time and again what a nasty little racist and woman-hater he is. It is why his low-vibe dark frequency resonates so profoundly with white supremacist, mysogynistic men and not groups of people willing to lift EVERYBODY up.

      • ‘They won’t even entertain the idea even if it is truth. It reminds me of severely dysfunctional families who make excuses for generational abuse and misgivings.’

        I have always said that Trump’s behavior is very similar to that of a domestic abuser and his followers behave like the abused spouse.

    • I appreciate you view, but I think you need to take a wider view of the problem. I don’t like getting into a heated discussion on politics on this “astrological” forum. But I wrote “many” (meaning not all) people are blindly following Trump, a QANON follower himself but possibly only for political gain, are not able to critically think for themselves whether conspiracy theories spawned by the President and Republican politicians are true. Marjorie has written a piece on QANAN but maybe you missed it. In case you don’t know, QANON is a disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory. It alleged that a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibalistic pedophiles (primarily Democrats) is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against US president Donald Trump, who is fighting the cabal. QAnon also commonly asserts that Trump is planning a day of reckoning known as the “Storm”, when thousands of members of the cabal will be arrested. They also also claimed that Trump feigned conspiracy with Russians to enlist Robert Mueller to join him in exposing the sex trafficking ring and preventing a coup d’état by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros. The QAnon conspiracy theories have been amplified by Russian state-backed troll accounts on social media, as well as Russian state-backed traditional media. No part of the conspiracy claim is based on facts.
      While I agree that Democratic Party also to blame for leaving people behind. Trump has displayed totalitarian beliefs whose ultimate goal was to crown himself King of the USA squashing descent at every level while the GOP coddled his child like impulses for political gain throwing out every democratic value along the way. The methods and the man had every intention of converting this country into a totalitarian regime with the help of Puttin & Russia. Sorry sounds like a cult to me. People need to expose themselves to balanced news sources including those outside of this country. I’m European by birth spent the first 30 years in Europe & the rest 35 years in the US. The US has become a deeply troubled country, the built-up to this moment has been in the works since the 70’s. The Pluto return is coming whether we like it or not. For those who stick to how it used to be, Pluto brings the ugliest experiences. The fear of a too rapidly changing world will only become worse. Imprisonment, illness, even death are Pluto’s ultimate threats. Forced destruction of orders that outlived their time. But on the other side of death is rebirth. As the past is surrendered the future arrives with fresh energy and new wonders. That is the gift of Pluto. For those who seek to embrace change Pluto can be a joyful experience. Liberation so complete it inspires awe and gratitude.

        • Yes, thanks Marjorie. I imagine once he’s out of power and after this year, the conversation will eventually die out and along with him when he finally leaves this mortal coil. Unless there is evidence of his corruption or even worse (Ghislaine Maxwell). But it will all fade away sooner or later. I think a lot of the conversation escalated on the back of the Capitol terrorist event.

    • One heartening insight comes from a friend of mine in Pittsburgh who is a Democrat. In the last few days, he has spoken with clients and overheard conversations in a grocery store, post office and drycleaners where many Trump supporters: a) expressed deep anger about the invasion of the Capitol (“pissed” was his term) and b) commented on the extreme difference in treatment by police of BLM protesters and the violent mob at the Capitol. The unfolding, bad consequences for Trump, the Capitol invaders and Capitol Hill police who facilitated the mob (apart from the heroic officers who tried to stop them) surely underline the alienation now felt by many Trump supporters. BLM already raised Americans’ belief that Black people are unfairly treated by too many police and the Capitol fiasco will now reinforce this which is good. A sadder but wiser American populace deserves credit. Unfortunately, Trump has crystalized a great deal of toxicity into home-grown terrorism. This will pass its way agonizingly through U.S. society like so many gall stones. Further, as my Pittsburgh friend fears, ISIS has surely noticed how easy it could be to use the violent nutbar fringe to wage terror via infiltration or distraction. AT LEAST we get to watch Trump punished in every way that matters to him. I wish him a long life to experience it to the full.

    • I appreciate you view, but I think you need to take a wider view of the problem. I don’t like getting into a heated discussion on politics on this “astrological” forum. But I wrote “many” (meaning not all) people are blindly following Trump, a QANON follower himself but possibly only for political gain, are not able to critically think for themselves whether conspiracy theories spawned by the President and Republican politicians are true. Marjorie has written a piece on QANAN but maybe you missed it. In case you don’t know, QANON is a disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory. It alleged that a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibalistic pedophiles (primarily Democrats) is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against US president Donald Trump, who is fighting the cabal. QAnon also commonly asserts that Trump is planning a day of reckoning known as the “Storm”, when thousands of members of the cabal will be arrested. They also also claimed that Trump feigned conspiracy with Russians to enlist Robert Mueller to join him in exposing the sex trafficking ring and preventing a coup d’état by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros. The QAnon conspiracy theories have been amplified by Russian state-backed troll accounts on social media, as well as Russian state-backed traditional media. No part of the conspiracy claim is based on facts.
      While I agree that Democratic Party also to blame for leaving people behind. Trump has displayed totalitarian beliefs whose ultimate goal was to crown himself King of the USA squashing descent at every level while the GOP coddled his child like impulses for political gain throwing out every democratic value along the way. The methods and the man had every intention of converting this country into a totalitarian regime with the help of Puttin & Russia. Sorry sounds like a cult to me. People need to expose themselves to balanced news sources including those outside of this country. I’m European by birth spent the first 30 years in Europe & the rest 35 years in the US. The US has become a deeply troubled country, the built-up to this moment has been in the works since the 70’s. The Pluto return is coming whether we like it or not. For those who stick to how it used to be, Pluto brings the ugliest experiences. The fear of a too rapidly changing world will only become worse. Imprisonment, illness, even death are Pluto’s ultimate threats. Forced destruction of orders that outlived their time. But on the other side of death is rebirth. As the past is surrendered the future arrives with fresh energy and new wonders. That is the gift of Pluto. For those who seek to embrace change Pluto can be a joyful experience. Liberation so complete it inspires awe and gratitude.

  4. wow so many comments. I think I may miss Trump-You couldn’t have made him up or known what he would come out with next. My jaw used to be on the floor. I hope Biden isn’t known as Boring Biden after the Trump show………

  5. Julie, I must admit to being shocked to read your pst 9/1/2021 And that you should choose an astrological forum such as this to air your views which are judgmental and discriminatory and aimed at one sector of socety alone
    I feel I must put forward an opposite point of view
    Here ,where I live, it is the church and chapel going people who work hard to send Christmas parcels to the forgotten children in East European orphanages They raise money for homeless charities and organise the food banks to feed the people living on our streets Communities which have been overlooked by our politicians.
    Julie, I feel you perhaps should learn to be more accepting of people whose views may differ from your own Open your mind and above all, Don’t judge the actions of the many by the actions of the few.

  6. Thank-you Marjorie,.. for this post..
    and for genuinely asking NAD to share more on his/her views.

    and NAD.. thank-you for the sharing you have done and for responding.

    My offering is that I DO hear you and acknowledge the underlying frustration, loss and grief over the ever widening class divide.. in the USA and in the rest of the world. This is untenable and is at the root of today’s upheaval. I certainly have experienced this in my own life now.

    It is SO easy to get triggered and to simply shut down a conversation.
    To make a person feel “less than”.. that’s not okay.
    It is difficult to be curious.

    The Democratic party has a lot to answer for. They have lost touch with their base.
    There IS a liberal elite that cannot seem to see how privileged it/they are.
    Certainly many of my wonderful friends are like this!!

    I’ve been re-reading Liz Greene’s book, The Dark of the Soul. There is a long chapter on the archetype of The Scapegoat. Well worth the read.

    NAD. While I understand what you are expressing, my biggest concern is how easy it has been for this disenfranchised group of people to elevate Trump to this position of “saviour”. He SOUNDS like he speaks for you.. for these people… however it is only words. His actions speak louder to me.

    And the result has been “the ends justify the means”.
    Maybe some of “his” policies have helped some poorer people (I don’t know enough economics to know this for sure)…. The wealthy few – people and companies – have benefited far more than you have. And THEY are a bigger part of the problem.

    The “means” Trump has used to accomplish this (for you and for the wealthy) are deeply hurtful to many, many people and to the environment. There is a high price being paid for any little gain.

    When there is a lot of anger and pain, it is easy to want quick, easy solutions. Quick and easy answers. There are none, I’m afraid. This is so huge that no-one seems to have answers right now. And we are all part of the problem.

    The one thing I can tell you is that having a socialized health care system is crucial to the health of a country. My husband is from the USA. He was self-employed and had a ridiculously expensive and insufficient health care plan. I am Canadian. We are in Canada now and having that one safety net makes all the difference.

    We have choice.. of where we live, who we work for.. etc.

    Fear, anger, pain.. it makes all of us corner and go into survival mode.
    I’m just trying really hard to be curious and to listen.

    I once had a client who was very right wing politically. Boy would I get triggered by him. We’d try to have a civilized discussion but it would get pretty tense. At the end of our time, we would look at each other and smile. We both shared the same day birthday, so we would acknowledge that and open our hearts a bit to each other. Honouring that simple shared thing always offered us a New Beginning!!

    all the best,

    • @Sandra I agree with you. It’s really rather devastating and yes, it’s much more complicated than to just point fingers at Trump’s followers and call them stupid. Not that I agree or feel sorry for them, because at some point people need to do some critical thinking instead of blindly follow. Yes, Democrats are in part to blame too, but many of these people have been used & abused, brainwashed, lied to by their spiritual & Republican leaders, the president, right wing media etc. leading up to Dec 6 and it’s still going on. They’ve had their beliefs and pocketbooks picked by ruthless politicians, right wing agenda groups that were only in it for power, political and financial gain like Graham, McConnell, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Giuliani, Steve Bannon, McCarthy and so many others. Many of these people encouraged the attendees to see themselves as foot soldiers fighting to save the country ready to “bleed” for freedom. But make no mistake Social media companies and corporate America, NRA etc. are just as complicit as the people that stormed the Capitol. It isn’t at all new in the history of American politics.

      I think when desperate people are looking for answers they get blinded by hope & their beliefs and they hear what they want to hear therefore it is truly a cult. This assault was in the works for years. Trump and his team had demonized political opponents & media long before his election. Once elected, it operated like the Goebels’ propaganda Nazi machine with the lies & egging on of thuggish behavior at his rallies. Now his followers need to accept what they were promised isn’t happening. It will be a long road to recovery and hopefully the Pluto return will be a complete breakdown and rebuild from scratch.

  7. As we’re leading up to Inauguration Day, Im afraid we can expect a lot more to come… Twitter execs have released a statement that “Plans for future armed protests have already begun proliferating on and off-Twitter, including a proposed secondary attack on the US Capitol and state capitol buildings on January 17, 2021.” Off Twitter sites like Parler has been shut down.

    Marjorie’s November post on Jan Inauguration stated “looked a mix of successful and explosive.” Notably the “marginally surprising Pluto on the Midheaven more often turning up in dictator’s administrations given its tendency to over-control” may indicate planning underway to control social media, paramilitary groups, white supremacy groups etc. etc who are trying for a second assault on DC. However insurrection is also planned at local level. I hope states like MI, AZ, PA and GA are fully prepared for what’s to come.

    • I’d point out that while the Parler App has been taken off the Google and Apple app stores, it can be sideinstalled on Android phones from external websites and the Parler website itself is still working.

      • @Unmystic Mom, apparently, Parler did suspend Lin Wood from the site for invoking hanging Mike Pence. I guess people behind the app are not completely moronic, and know they have legal liabilities here.

      • Also, Parler has also been booted out from AWS, Amazon based hosting service they were using. Meaning the site is, effectively, offline before they can find a new host. Hard to think any service operating commercially in The US will risk to take them, because of possible terrorism charges. I think they might need to look at Russian and/or Chinese host. Which is what certain “patriots” have done here, alt-right loonies here conduct their business at VK.

  8. NAD: The “church-going and believing” people I’ve known in my life have been nasty hypocrites, many of them downright cruel. Evil hides behind religion. Look at Trump holding up the Bible a while back…..what a joke. I’m sure there are exceptions…..I just haven’t encountered any yet. And I’m sure I’m offending some people on this forum with the above observation. Can’t help it. Had to say it.

    • It is a shame that the basic precepts of religions are ignored by the religious

      Care for the orphan, the poor, the widow(er), the stranger
      The concept of a sabbatical year (loan forgiveness)
      Banishment from the community for egregious affronts to others
      Humility (whatever God is is more than what we are)

      But human nature is basic & stronger than ideals
      And it’s easily manipulated

    • There is something I’ve never been able to work out about the frequent juxtaposition of religion with downright immoral behaviour. Look at the Dutch Reform Church in South Africa – upholders of apartheid.
      The eye-blinking Prosperity Theology in the US which says the rich are self-evidently holier and the poor clearly deserve to go without since they are sinners by definition.
      The Vatican has been egregiously corrupt throughout its history. Firstly financial and then sexual. I just don’t understand how these people square it in their minds.
      When I was practising therapy it was always the ‘spiritual’ ones who were a horror to work with since they would not/could not face up to their shadow – which everyone has. As if the flight to Neptune was an escape route from having to face up to and sort out the shit. And by ‘spiritual’ I don’t necessarily mean orthodox – they could be hippy-dippy faux Buddhist whatevers.

  9. @nad

    My brother in law is a banker – whose bank lost lots of $ with Trump in the 90’s and they cut him off and never worked with him again – and this does not include all the small business owners and workers who he never paid – re the original agreements- I know I lived in nyc for 30 years – All New Yorkers know his scam – My BIL sees the recovery starting with the obama years which Tump inherited – as helped him which he built on and he is also concerned about the text breaks given to the uber uber wealthy – Also the same people you mention were initially affected $ negatively from the Regan years – but voted on social issues – Hopefully as the planets change now – many will wake up. My hope that Jupiter entering pisces will help with that.

  10. I’d love to hear Marjorie’s take on the Biden inauguration.

    It takes place on 20th Jan 2021, Washington DC at noon local time.

    When I saw the chart a year ago, I assumed Trump had won – it has an ominous Pluto conjunct midheaven and a Sun-Saturn conjunction in the tenth house. The Moon (people) is square that Pluto. And Mars exactly conj Uranus in Taurus – both conj Asc and wide conj to Moon in the 12th.

    Quite a scary chart that doesn’t line up with Biden’s character at all.

    Perhaps Biden isn’t the dominant person in this administration and maybe they’re going to go for contentious constitutional reform.

    • Candy, I’ve never looked at it before – the chart ruler is Venus (ruling Taurus) and that planet is benasp Uranus/Asc, from the 9th (politics, law etc). My hopes lie with the fact of 4 planets are in earth signs, and 4 in air (+ ascendant/midheaven). Earth and air represent reality/practicality and intelligence/reasoning ability – with only Neptune in water (yes, it will be emotional) and an Aries Moon in fire, I am hoping the bias in earth/air will win the day… sounds unfeasible I know, but we have to trust the astrology. I don’t think Biden will appeal to the emotions, he seems to stay centred and emphasising the day to day life of the average US citizen counting as powerful, and not going into history or sentiment – emphasising that law will prevail, that every man, woman and child counts and that consensus (Venus) is at the heart of the new government. Good luck to the man (the luck of the Irish I pray).

      • @Maggie, not certain I commented on Nov 9th 2020 post, but this is how I see it too, and have seen since 2017 when I first looked at this chart. I also like to look at certain Asteroids for Mundane Events. Vesta, for instance, has a strong association to women’s right movement, and interestingly, judicial system. Vesta is 21′ Virgo (which I’d say very “Vestal” sign) aligning nicely with Capricorn planets and Axis (which always are the same). Another interesting aspect is on US Inaugural Chart is Juno, that I’ve come to see as “the second in command”, and in The US Charts it’s very indicative of VP (in some cases could be a strong First Lady/Gentleman). On this chart, Juno is at 10′ Sadgittarius, practically on Sibly Chart Ascendant! This was one of the reasons I believed US Senate would be split for a period during this Admin, making VP becoming decisive. It could also still mean POTUS not completing their term, which I obviously would not wish to happen, but here it is, said.

        For comparison, many Astrologers seemed to see potential in Inauguration 2017 Chart. However, my first instinct there was that this term would be problematic based on 11th house Venus in Pisces square Saturn (and Juno), and especially 11th house Mars square that Saturn. 11th house is Parliament, and although it really took until Midterms and Dems taking House, the friction was always there. Saturn conjuct Juno made it for a largely inefficient, somewhat unwilling VP. Also, Vesta was 27′ Cancer, opposing Inauguration Chart MC. Trump got to nominate 3 SCOTUS, but was also investigated by a Special Counsil, impeached at least once and will leave the office with multiple legal liabilities.

    • It is some sort of cult. I was just over on another forum I has been part of 20 years, and it has been taken over by pro-Trumpers who casually disregard facts and live in their own conspiracy theory bubble. It is an astrology blog, and I told the owner I could not visit or participate any more. The posters honestly cannot understand why anyone is upset with Trump. It is a cult of true believers. Everyone keeps talking about the 74million for Trump. What about the81million for Biden
      More people want Biden. I am worried for my country.

      • @Liz, I’m sorry to hear this! I used to be on many American boards until 2016-2017, when Pizzagate became a thing on them. After that, I just couldn’t. Interestingly, I also saw the tone changing, but even a couple of years before Trump announced his candidacy. Hillary hate is now well documented, but the amount Obama was slandered, for being “a Socialist”, was baffling for an European, because business people here saw his Admin as very business friendly.

        Besides of a cult, I think what has happened here has a lot of common with MLM schemes. I’ve always wondered what keeps people involved in these, even when they are constantly losing, not making, money. And having read on issue, it’s the sense of community. I think many of the people I saw on these boards and went “all Trump” also were involved in some sort of MLM. They might not have said it outright, also because of rules on various boards. But you could see a pattern. Lots of white, suburban/rural women who’d identify primary as “homemakers”, with very limited education or job history and who had a “small business”. That said, by no means stupid people. Most had wide ranged interests, were avid readers, for instance (this was common for board culture, people writing 500 word posts usually have started as readers). But, I’d say, very needy of an “outside” identity for them, something a MLM convention or buying a ticket to Trump Rally would give them.

  11. @nad. Since this is an astrology forum, you may want to take a close look at DJT birth chart which reveals him to be a damaged, flawed personality, indulgent, and judgmental to the extreme. A Gemini, who often have the reputation for being double-talkers who twist people’s words and contradict themselves, turns out to be the extreme case here, with a Leo rising, for which the downside is that it can give more bluster and ego than anything else can also can exude a warm, protective energy, which Trump undoubtably is able to project to his unquestioning followers…until he ruins it all by losing his temper, plus a Sagittarius moon which can be combustible and prone to hotheaded, offensive outbursts. Mars in Leo where the ego is often in the driver’s seat suggesting power trips and even narcissism. Trump’s North Node, which reveals his karmic “learning curve,” causes him to flounder on the path. His endless spate of rookie mistakes are as frequent (and jaw-dropping) as his bankruptcies. His 10th house Uranus keep him inciting anger and rebellion at his rallies, no matter what he says or does. Since Uranus rules “fringe” groups and radical gatherings, it’s no surprise he’s drawn a base of white nationalists and alt-right devotees. The multiple planet oppositions in his chart are not helpful either. This is just some of it and all in all not exactly material for a successful president. You can blame the media, the left etc, however sad taking his birth chart into consideration, the man is who he is.

    • Anita,
      Thank you for your interpretation of DJT I follow Marjorie for years as well as other astrologers, even when disagreeing with their political views and interpretations
      I’m concerned about the inauguration chart and I would be glad to read about Marjories and yours take on it, as well as about Biden’s presidency. Marjorie graciously allowed me to express on this forum my opinion which differs from many other comments. I’m here for the love and interest in astrology.

      • Nad, I’m genuinely interested in how you square your support for Trump with church going. And how he equates with law and order – given his lifetime’s disregard for the law, in corrupt financial wheeling dealings, and denying black tenants rights in his rented properties; as well as supporting Neo-Nazi racist thugs causing mayhem?

        • Marjorie,
          I do not see DT as devoted Christian as Mike Pence is, I see him giving a blanket of protection to many American church-going and believing people. America is big and many parts of it have a huge opioid problem no jobs, factories closed, a decline in the standard of living.
          Many are disappointed in lies and broken promises by both parties and feel like forgotten people. Donald Trump recognized them and uplifted them.

          The Telegraph UK that you cited is one of the rare articles talking about Trump’s accomplishment and not his personality. Trump supporters, Small business owners, regular people understand the language he uses and do not feel insulted by it \, they see him as someone who gets things done.
          It is huge pressure by media, big tech, and companies to be politically correct; they tell everyone that Trump is bad and we should obey! We have a new dictionary with words that may be racist and we are not allowed to use them. People lose jobs, get censored, feel threatened for political views different from the mainstream all in the name of democracy. For all of them, Trump is/was, the only hope of freedom that erodes from our lives every day.
          I would be very concerned for the nation even if Trump won, I already witnessed similar passion before the counties break apart.

          • OMG your entire post reads like a bunch of right-wing talking points–all based on emotion and none on facts.

            God bless you because you need it and enjoy the tiny bubble in which you exist.

      • @nad. Marjorie’s post on the inauguration see November 9th 2020.
        If the inauguration time of noon changes because of mayhem in the Capitol there may be adjustments.

        With all the planets but one on the left side of Trump’s chart, suggests he is very guarded and never thinks to reach out and ask for help. Nine out of ten planets placed in this position also suggest little or no consideration for what others may want. Combine this with Sagittarius moon known as the salesman, the storyteller, and the exaggerator it suggests rather than advancing the interest of helping his followers his motivations are self serving to elevate his ego and the need to feel loved, and sadly a lot of people have been fooled in believing otherwise. It is what it is. For me, Marjorie’s post on what the Pluto return indicates for the US is at least hopeful as to what we may expect for the future.

        • @Anita, none of your analysis needed to be based on Trump’s chart or astrology in general because his behavior over the past four years has exhibited all of those traits.

    • Nicely stated, and great simplified explanation of his astrology.

      Biden is absolutely the right person to take over at this time. It’s Biden’s amiable personality that has a lot to do with why he can do it (He puts his foot in his mouth, but it makes him human). It’s also because a lot of Republicans know him well and will get along with him. None of the other Democratic candidates or Hillary Clinton would have the same type of charisma that is soothing and can bring unity after these tumultuous years.
      The silver lining of keeping Merrick Garland off of the Supreme Court is that he will be our Attorney General, and his character is impeccable.

      • Capricorn is the astrological sign of the aged and elderly and it fits that Biden who is the oldest president ever elected in American history would also be the last American president elected while Pluto was in Capricorn.

    • Anita – I had a flash of insight the other day about Trump’s chart. Some of what follows I’m sure you know given the knowledge in your post, but I’ll include go step-by-step for anyone else who reads this.

      Astrotheory states (and shows up in practice) when someone has an oppositions in their chart, they live out one end of it and find someone else to pick up the other end. If you meet someone with oppositions, you can force them to switch ends by taking up the other end!

      In Trump’s chart, the Gemini Sun-Uranus is opposite his Sag moon. This is a man with no empathy or emotional intelligence – he’s usually living the Gemini Sun-Uranus end.

      It occurred to me that Ivanka picks up the Sag moon. Firstly she’s a woman (moon), secondly she has an early Sag moon herself. And she has, if I recall correctly, her Venus-Neptune conjunction close to DJT’s moon. This is why she’s so important to him.

      She’s been very quiet for the last few months. Her Scorpio Sun is being transited by opposition by Uranus. I suspect she has been her separating herself from him. (The sun in a woman’s chart often represents the father).

      • I don’t know about her being quiet, GnarlyDude. This is from The Independent:
        ‘Ivanka Trump has deleted a tweet in which she referred to the mob of President Trump’s supporters violently rioting at the US Capitol building as “patriots”.’

        Only after, did she do a u-turn (probably when she realized the whole thing was making her own future presidential ambitions and ‘brand’ look bad, even though the past 4 years means nothing to her). Again from the Independent:
        ‘Following near-immediate criticism, Ms Trump deleted her tweet, clarifying in a tweet to CNN correspondent Kate Bennett that she meant only “peaceful protest is patriotic”.

  12. Interesting look at US chart (Sibley) with SA Moon just into Scorpio, transit Mars exact opposition 6 Jan. Tr Pluto opp natal Mercury and tr Mercury partile conjunction to natal Pluto. Well damn!

  13. Marjorie, please would you have a look at Mike Pence’s chart. Suddenly in the last couple of days he has come forward as the reasonable man, the safe pair of hands.
    It would be dreadful, if after all these years of enabling and sitting by, he is rewarded and legitimised by taking over the Presidency, even temporarily.

    • @ Zita, apparently, he has said he won’t invoke 25th. But I wouldn’t be certain this won’t happen, in coming days based on, for instance, “additional medical information” coming to light. Because with Trump loyalists “on the top” finally distancing themselves, I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard more about his trip to Walter Reed in November 2019. Obviously, that’s slightly risky for a VP, because a VP would have been asked to “stand by” in case Trump’s state worsened. However, he might argue he did not have the full medical history.

      Astrologically – and I’ll chime in since Marjorie uses other techniques -, he has Jupiter/Saturn transiting oppose to his Venus/Mars in Leo, which obviously would amount to him “looking” good here. He will also have Jupiter trine his Gemini planets through the year. I remember Marjorie, time ago, that he is one of the very few Trump Admin members looking good around Inauguration, leading to some speculation here on Trump winning but not being able to finish his term, for a reason or another.

      • @solaia the movement for removal is gaining momentum. If that happens could it also suggest that Pence will pardon Trump to redeem himself with the Trump voters? On one wonders if he may have ruined his reputation in their eyes for not overturning the election

        • Pence: If that happens could it also suggest that Pence will pardon Trump to redeem himself with the Trump voters?

          Why? For all intents and purposes Pence’s career ended when he became Trump’s VP.
          What’s ironic is that I think Trump has a better political future than Pence.

          I still think that Putin is blackmailing Pence because Trump was manipulating into picking Pence as his VP.
          Manafort arranged a meeting between Pence and Trump. Then Manafort lied to Trump saying that the campaign plane was having mechanical trouble so Trump ended up staying in Indiana overnight and having dinner with Pence.

          Before meeting Pence, Trump was going to pick Chris Christie as VP. Boy did he dodge a huge bullet.

          • Most political analysts have said that Pence was selected as VP to secure the evangelical voters (a large voting block) and would offset any doubts about Trump’s commitment to conservative values. Pence always was & still is popular with them despite the last 4 years.

      • @ Solaia, I don’t think that Chao and DeVos resigned out of honor but to avoid having to vote on whether to oust Trump if the 25th Amendment had been invoked.
        They are cowards all day long and Chao did it for political and personal safety reasons since she is McConnell’s wife.
        If she had stayed and Pence had invoked the 25th and she had acquiesced that Trump was no longer fit to be president you can imagine the threats of violence that she and McConnell would have received and McConnell’s career would be over as leader of the Republicans in the Senate.

        • @Roderick, I agree on Chao 100 per cent. As for DeVos, apparently, she is really, really close to Pence Family, and especially Mother. It hasn’t been reported that not only Pence, but Mother and their daughter were at Capitol to assist to the vote. Apparently, this has caused commotion among WH Staff who come from Pence’s sphere of influence, and DeVos was genuinely mad at Trump she resigned because of his mishandling of the situation. And I actually believe this, her response to Liz Warren tweet suggesting she only resigned to avoid the 25th Amendment was raw enough.

          • Solaia: and DeVos was genuinely mad at Trump she resigned because of his mishandling of the situation.


            But Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis which has cost the lives of over 350K Americans hadn’t disturbed her to resign? Selective outrage I would call it.

            Devos is the sister of Erik Prince who is the president of the Blackwater which is mercenary military outfit and their father Richard “Rich” Marvin DeVos Sr founded Amway which was one of the original pyramid schemes so both of them have dark greedy souls.

          • My bad. Betsy married into the DeVos family. Richard Sr. is her father-in-law and not Betsy’s or Eric’s father.

    • He’s got tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter through this month which suggests mild success and confidence. But his Solar Return from mid 2021 for a year is trapped and scary.

      • Does that mean Pastor Pence is going to be outed?
        I always knew that Pence was barely hanging onto his sanity while hiding something very intense and sinister behind that placid façade but it was confirmed when I found out that he has Jupiter in Scorpio.

        I still think that Pence strangles puppies in his spare time. Ha,ha,ha!!

  14. Normally I bin the Trump-for-ever posts but it is worth contemplating why after four years of mayhem, almost half of America still voted for him. The comment below from Nad gives some reasons but also exemplifies the great mystery of how the same reality can produce diametrically opposed views.

    To one side – who read the investigative sources on Trump’s flagrant financial corruption, never mind his demonisation of immigrants, Muslims and blacks, his demeaning treatment of women, mocking of the disabled and the tortured like John McCain, and disregard for democratic and constitutional decencies – loathing him is a no-brainer.

    Yet he obviously taps into something. Nad below links Trump to law and order, which a day after the Neo-Nazi siege of Capitol Hill and earlier Charlottesville excesses, supported by him, seems astonishingly blinkered. But the fear of antifa, BLM does loom large in racist USA. The Defund the Police movement probably cost the Democrats several Congress seats.

    The Telegraph (UK right-wing) does offer some clues – and I can’t answer for the economics of it – “the blue collar workers were rewarded, as his controversial tax cuts lifted take-home pay. Over his first three years, average American incomes rose five times as much as they did during all eight of the Obama years. And, unlike those years, it wasn’t the richest who did best. The biggest beneficiaries were the unskilled workers who left school without any qualifications: precisely the group who had previously been written off as people for whom nothing could be done in the globalised era. Poverty rates fell significantly. Unemployment for African Americans hit a postwar low. Income inequality narrowed, with the best income gains for middle and lower wages. Living standards in the rustbelt states got appreciably better, for people who had all but given up hope of improvement. Just how much of this was down to Trumpian policies is debatable, but there was a clear case to be made.”
    “On foreign policy he confronted China, refrained from starting new wars, oversaw rapprochement in the Middle East – which gave him a record that was certainly defensible.”

    Just one other thought, which I have to admit hits one of my raw nerves – Nad talks of the Trump voting silent majority as law-abiding and church going. How in conscience anyone ever put Trump in the same box as religion is beyond my comprehension. I don’t think he’s the anti-Christ – more a two-bit huckster, grifter and mob conman, whom fate flipped up to prominence. But he’s a million miles away from the values upheld as I recollect from my distant Sunday School days – of morality, compassion and humility.

    Julius Caesar: Cassius
    “Ye gods, it doth amaze me
    A man of such a feeble temper should
    So get the start of the majestic world
    And bear the palm alone.”
    [It astounds me that such a weak man could beat the whole world and carry the trophy of victory alone.]

    • @Marjorie, spot on. I stopped arguing with certain Trump supporters who voted for him in 2016 soon after 2017 Inauguration. There’s an element there that makes them completely unreachable, especially for “outsiders” like us, but, reading comments, even their own family members.

      I would, however, add one element that has been visible at Trump Rallies and now at storming The Capitol that wasn’t there even a couple of years ago, for instance in Charlotteville, namely QAnon. America has always given a fertile ground to conspiracy theories, given natal Mercury/Pluto opposition, but since at least 1930’s, when Nazism was a true force to recon with in The US, too, and people last believed in a Cabal, there really hasn’t been a theory this consequential, politically speaking (some would say McCarthyism was on, but there, at least, you had some ground to that paranoia, although many innocent people suffered). Since my life is extremely online, I’ve been aware of this “fringe” for quite a while, and seen politicians have started flirting with it. Maybe not the weirdest and wildest claims, but they’ve certainly tapped into some QAnon talking points and attracted crowd buying some of it.

      • I agree about the magic ingredient of QAnon adding fuel and drive to this movement and its influence cannot be underestimated. It is of course a rehash of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (which helped to drive the Nazi movement) with added showbiz and paedophilia, and the Protocols in turn has its roots in Medieval millenarian, anti-Semitic, anti-papist conspiracy theories. In ‘Pursuit of the Millenium’ the historian Norman Cohn writes that once these conspiracies are legitimised by those in power or by intellectuals, they gather such momentum that they become highly dangerous and begin to pose a real threat to law and order, mobs riot and go on the rampage and in the case of Medieval Europe, violent outbreaks against Jewish communities.

        The power of belief in a righteous cause and the sense of meaning and mythic significance that it must give these followers’ lives, as if they are taking part in some kind of holy war, you can’t underestimate how attractive that is to some people.

      • Another pro-Trumper from the BBC website:
        “The behaviour of protesters is just not like the Trump people I’ve been around.
        “It doesn’t change my support for Trump. The people that love Trump, that’s not going to change no matter if he gets a second term or not. It just means we’re going to hold out for 2024 and hope either he runs again or his kids do.
        “Our country is going to go downhill over the next four years if Biden does take office. We’re going to catapult towards socialism and communism.”
        I suspect that last sentence might be at the root of a good deal of anti-Democrat sentiment. The centre of political gravity in the US is so overweighted to the right, that any hint of policies Europe would regard as centrist or normal get dubbed – communist for heaven’s sake. The old John Wayne (Maggie Thatcher) spirit is alive, well and kicking. It was a standing indictment before Obama that there was no health provision in what likes to think of itself as a civilized country.

        • Fear of Socialism in the US really perplexes me. I mean, Biden would be considered perhaps slightly to the right of the Centre Right in Europe?

          Yet another popular delusion that the US seems to stubbornly refuse to let go of.

          • VF – “The Truman Doctrine” was embedded into the Baby Boomers throughout the 50s with “Reds under the Bed” and the McCarthyism witch-hunts. Astrologically it’s the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo.

            But it goes back further than. America has always rewarded people who are willing to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I’m not sure where it shows up in the US Natal chart.

            The really sad thing is that the ordinary American’s fear of Socialism cannot see that modern capitalism is “social for the corporations, capitalism for the masses”.

          • Gnarly – in the 1960’s, socialized medicine was floated here in the states to replace the classic health insurance of the day. It was shot down quickly; socializm was associated with communism; hence it was DOA to the american public.

    • Marjorie, the Republicans in the Trump years (and before) have done a masterful job of “branding” that explains some of his following. Therapeutic abortion, in Republican-speak, is “baby killing.” Democratic support for the gay and trans community has been mocked and distorted to the point that Trumpists view Democrats as the party of gender fluidity and experimentation–deeply unpopular in the middle of the country. So much of his support, ironically, comes down to conservatives who champion orthodox sexuality but ignore Trump’s own behavior with sex workers and his extramarital sexual affairs. (Ironic, too, that the sex scandal and closeting ratio among Republicans is so high.) Throw into the mix the right’s passion for conspiracy theories and Q-Anon. It’s easy to understand how a frustrated blue collar worker embraces colorful fictions that make him/her part of a “resistance” against nonexistent “liberal pedophiles,” etc., per the crazy Pizzagate case. Finally, the adjustment in income tax withholding was a Trump masterstroke. Workers didn’t get one penny more in the Trump years; their regular tax liability was lumped together and billed at the end of the year. But they wrongly perceived that more cash in their pockets on the first and fifteenth meant they were actually doing better. Problem is, it takes a lot of critical thinking to understand what the GOP is up to, and they have been busy starving our public schools and deflecting money to fundamentalist evangelical schools under the guise of “school choice.” So critical thinking is almost never taught any more. Cannot wait for January 20.

    • The Defund the Police movement probably cost the Democrats several Congress seats.

      Most of those seats were red before they went blue in 2018 then flipped back to red in 2020.

      I think that Biden and the Democrat’s tunnel vision focusing on the coronavirus cost Biden a landslide and the Democrats more votes than the Defund the Police.

      If you consider the Sibley chart America is an extremely emotional country with FOUR planets in watery Cancer and lots of cardinal and mutable energy but no fixed energy which engenders endurance.

      So basically Americans were emotionally burned out from all of the lockdowns and restrictions due to the coronavirus and then Biden was proposing 100 day mask mandate as one of the first things he would do after being sworn in? ohhhhhhh–k

      How in conscience anyone ever put Trump in the same box as religion is beyond my comprehension.

      White American Evangelicals have been the backbone of racial segregation and white supremacy since before the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s.

      When the Moral Majority (oh the irony) fronted by the likes of Jerry Farwell made their alliance with Ronald Reagan ( who was the first divorced and remarried president) during the 1980 presidential campaign their only goal was to stop the ERA and roll back Roe v Wade. Nothing else has mattered to them since except bashing gays and keeping whites as the majority of America for as long as possible.

  15. A cop has died after returning from the mahem. This “expression of 1st amendment rights” has taken on a different context. Perhaps this will light a fire under Pence to get moving on 25th amendment activities.

    As I watched replays of the assault by Trump’s seditionists, I became very sad. Upset. I felt so powerless to stop the madness by these terrorists with no morals.

    Who ya gonna blame for that, Mr. President? China? Iran?

    • @larryc, his name was Brian Sicknick, and apparently, he was clubbed in the head with fire extinguisher. I have a feeling his murderers will be caught, and this will be a big story that makes at least a certain Senator from Texas to wish he’d never said anything about this.

      • @Solaia, the fact that the seditionists were escorted off the premises as if they were children leaving the playground just shows how biased law enforcement is in America.

        I really fear what is going to happen on Inauguration Day and the Democrats need to fully investigate every single cop who was on the scene and did nothing beginning with their social media accounts and root out the white supremacists or white supremacist sympathizers.

  16. Can you please do Biden’a chart for Inauguration Day? I’m worried about that 6th/12th house Mars Uranus dynamic he has coming up especially given the general tense feel of the days aspects to begin with…

  17. Trump has just thrown the rioters he inspired under the bus. He has denounced their “heinous attack”, said he was “outraged” by the “mayhem” and vowed they “will pay”. Trump couldn’t restrain himself from yet another whopper, saying that he’d called out the National Guard and federal enforcement which is the opposite of what he did. He did concede the election:

    In the highly readable “Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths”, Robert D. Hare observed that psychopaths rarely work together, but when they do, and if one of them gets caught or confronted with wrongdoing, the FIRST thing they do is turn on their accomplice.

    I wonder how Qanon Shaman and his ilk will feel when they learn of Trump’s denunciation because, as Marjorie notes, Trump has overshot his bolt. Confronted with being Section 25ed or being the only president to have had impeachment proceedings launched against him TWICE probably concentrated Trump’s attention wonderfully.

    What a lousy LOSER leading a bunch of deranged LOSERS!

  18. This was an attempted coup. Trump held Pence in his office for hours on Tuesday trying to get him to agree with a Coup and no one on Trump’s team checked to see if Pence and his family (Who were all at the Capital for certification) were ok. Pelosi today called Trump Putin’s tool. It is not over yet. This group that did this is threatening to come back on the 19th and interrupt the innauguration.

    • The wonders of social media and pictures. People are starting to identify the fools who did this one by one, and sending tips to the FBI. The FBI has asked for them. There is a mass campaign by the law-abiding to out those who did this. There are no plea deals with the Feds – if you get into trouble with the Feds – it is real trouble.

  19. Thank you Marjorie knowledge insight and comment all one! I read a review the other day by an Astrologer Archie Dunlop his article on Inauguration day said “Transiting Pluto is at 24 50 Capricorn, signalling that Pluto is close to its position on July 4 1776.  The Biden presidency is all about transformation, the breaking down of the old, the creation of the new.  America cannot continue as it did before, and over the next four years there will be further evidence that the country is in serious decline. “ I think I agree especially with its Plutonian energy over the period. For 2021 I had assumed Trump represented Uranus and Biden Saturn. But I think I was wrong I think Harris is representing Uranus and will gradually clash with the old guard to enforce change. I hope the move into air energy will by calm and not a howling gale?

  20. OMG! Hate for Trump is the new normal!
    Are you ignoring 75 million people who voted for Trump who loved him and supported him? Did you ever give him credit for the good thing he did for this country?
    Are we, his supporters, all fools or stupid? Poor and deplorable? Not able to think, but let CNN and other “experts,” think for us?
    President Trump is blamed for everything under the Sun.
    We listen to the left and news media defending Antifa and BLM protestors the whole summer; looting was ok, rioting was ok, Covid was not spreading when people were protesting in mass on the streets, while the average law-abiding Americans were not allowed to open the restaurants and bars, hair salons, work for a living??
    Did you ask yourself why there are “secret” Trump supporters?
    It is because we are trying to avoid abuse. I’m afraid to put on a red hat, not MAGA hat, in fear of being attacked
    Hundreds of thousands of protestors, families with children, old, young, came to the capital so their voices can be heard, and yes, a group who probably planned to make troubles, which they did. But, stop blaming Trump, he does not have any “superpower” as every evil in the world is blamed on him.
    He represents people who want law and order, the opportunity to work and go to church, and not to be called racist when they are not. We are devastated by his loss. I’m afraid that this is the beginning of the deep divide in the nation.

    • So, for you all of this was great… you are soo out of your mind!
      Thank God i’m not american, but you will regret for following this devil!

    • Nad,
      Trump is a crude, vindictive bully with no redeeming qualities.
      This is a man who openly mocked a reporter with disabilities in front of thousands
      of his admirers. His spiteful comments about John McCain and serving members
      of the military haven’t been forgotten, never mind the fact he never served
      himself. The list is endless regarding his contempt for others.
      Trump turned up to a ceremony hosted by Her Majesty, fifteen minutes late!
      This is arrogance of the highest level. No wonder, he was openly mocked by
      other dignitaries on the global stage.
      Trump has no class or dignity. A truly hollow man.
      His stupidity has caused the deaths of over 365,000 people from COVID-19.
      20,000,000 people are infected with this vicious illness, with potentially terrible
      long-term effects financially and physically.
      This latest incident has caused death and more destruction.
      He has achieved nothing of note during his ghastly tenure as POTUS.

      You may be personally devasted by his loss, but the world has let out a huge cry
      of relief when the King of Ruin lost the 2020 election.
      75 million people were hoodwinked by this nihilistic man who made the USA
      look very small indeed.

    • Even many people who felt that Trump was right for the economy and saw their standard of living rise felt that Trump’s handling of COVID was disastrous. It was always clear that he was more concerned with how COVID would affect him rather than how it would affect the public. He seems to get his charge out of getting people admire him and follow him more than he cares about the country.

      • ‘Even many people who felt that Trump was right for the economy and saw their standard of living rise felt that Trump’s handling of COVID was disastrous.’
        Trump’s handling of the COVID is inextricably linked to the economy.
        Those tax cuts from 2017 didn’t trickle down because most corporations used the money to buy back stock and yes a few people got small raises in their salaries but the economy never trickles down and hundreds of thousands if not millions of businesses have closed permanently because much of the PPP loan money in still sitting in the Treasury.
        ‘It was always clear that he was more concerned with how COVID would affect him rather than how it would affect the public.’
        Trump is a narcissist who has never cared about anyone besides himself and maybe Ivanka who he sees as the female version of himself.

    • Nad, I’m honestly concerned for you and others like you. Do you believe the voice on the phone telling you you can have a million dollars of you and them $10? What makes a mind gullible, I wonder. Have you looked at your natal chart, where is Neptune in it and how is it aspected? Have a look at yourself, your chart will tell you a lot about yourself.

    • ‘It is because we are trying to avoid abuse.’
      Trump has all of the personality traits of a domestic abuser and he even trashes his supporters yet like the abused spouse you guys accept it and stay in this unhealthy relationship with Trump.
      Trump said that he loves the uneducated and not once but twice left people who attended his rallies were left in the freezing cold for up to two hours waiting on buses while he was nice and warm on a plane back to Washington D.C.

      ‘But, stop blaming Trump, he does not have any “superpower” as every evil in the world is blamed on him.’
      Did you miss the speech that Trump gave right before the insurrection basically encouraging those thugs to be violent?
      The next thing you’re going to tell us is that those thugs were really Antifa wearing MAGA garb and waving Trump flags.

      ‘He represents people who want law and order’
      You have got to be sh!tting me. Trump has broken more laws and violated more ethics than any other president including Nixon, but as long as he’s keeping his neck on darkies you’re ok with it.

      ‘the opportunity to work and go to church, and not to be called racist when they are not.’
      No one is stopping you from going to church even though you can stay home and worship since you know most churches are live streamed these days so you don’t have to risk exposing yourself and others to COVID-19.

      ‘We are devastated by his loss. I’m afraid that this is the beginning of the deep divide in the nation.’
      I am sorry that your life is so dependent on another human being–that’s saddest part of your post.
      This country has always been divided but Trump has exacerbated that divide but maybe Biden can heal it.

  21. Can you just bog off with your conspiracy porn, please? If you are going to be the ‘woke’ warrior of truth, could you at least give us access to something more meaty and substantial with strong links to truth than some god-awful site that isn’t even set up on their own digital real estate? It’s some useless blog posted on and has absolutely zero credibility or authority. It gives off the impression some spotty teenager so fearful of the world around him and devoid of critical thinking set up the page in his mother’s basement to rage against the world. ‘Reptilians in the Vatican church’ is one of the subjects, folks, if you want to knock yourself out.

    Richard Florida’s 2010 book: The Great Reset: How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity is quite highly acclaimed. Maybe read that? Or just stick to zero-credibility websites and memes your fifth cousin twice removed showed you that states if you resort to 5G you will morph into an eggplant & parmesan baguette for your medical and political education. But I guess you don’t want progress? It clearly frightens you. Stop being so damn suspicious of the world and everything in it. Barely a fraction of all the conspiracies proposed over the years have ever come to pass. I know. I used to be one of those sheep who swallowed it all up myself. So please, quit spreading your fear-porn to others when you can’t even back it up properly. You should be embarrassed for posting this.

  22. Also of concern in the light of yesterday’s events is the incendiary chart for the inauguration (covered by Marjorie previously), which has Mars conj Uranus square both Jupiter and Saturn. This suggests conflict for the day of the inauguration and for Biden’s first term. Phew.

    • @David W, Mars/Uranus is in 12th house. Jupiter/Saturn on MC, and not all unfavorably aspected. I think the 12th house is definitely indicative of circumstances. There will not be a traditional Inauguration, with massive crowds due to covid-19 situation. Because yesterday, The US was almost hitting 4000 daily covid-19 victims, and in 2 weeks, the number will very likely hit 5000. So, understandably, thia won’t be “business as usual’.

      I honestly think this Admin will make some surprising progress, too. Just give it time.

  23. Ultimately, it’s all about the Gospel according to Money and Power. I can bet my bottom dollar The Donald put a lot of money in a lot of his Reps individual pockets. The corruption is real. Hence the reluctance to hang him dry of course.

    I truly hope this Pluto return fixes things but be prepared for a lot of boats including the Constitution to be rocked.

    Maybe, this is only the hot and tasty of what to come. It may not be to everyone’s palette.

    Life goes on… One love

  24. For a long time – at least 3 yrs of his presidency – it seemed Don was Teflon Don. Since the coronavirus though, every one of his moves (or inactions) backfired on him – though we also paid a heavy price in thousands of deaths per day. We were able to vote him out. He kept trying to intervene, we won Georgia. And incredibly Trump thought it’d be a great idea for his mob to storm the Capitol in his deranged dream of preventing the electoral vote count, finally scaring his GOP enablers (now that their safety is jeopardized, not just those of Blacks or other progressives, or that of the Governor of Michigan…) and thereby ending any objection to the count (not that it would have made any difference. Trump also proved that he is the worst US president ever, destroying himself in the process.

    This wake-up call was also much-needed, so maybe that is also a silver lining (tho we now have Russia, China and Iran laughing at us, if they weren’t already). I couldn’t help thinking of the failed appeasement of Hitler – as no one believed it could end up becoming a full-scale aggression, then no one believed the concentration camps existed. The US had grown accustomed to Trump and his MAGA’s antics, the constant stream of lies and scandals. We should never have reached this point -I can only hope that someday somehow we’ll return to ‘normal’, but even without Trump we still have those 70+ million voters, many of whom still believe the election was ‘stolen’, that they have to fight for their ‘culture’, with arms if need be. The kid-gloves treatment of the domestic terrorists yesterday, and in past incidents (videos showed that some Capitol Police were sympathetic to the storming rioters) is yet another reminder of the enduring racial divide, even in a cut-and-dry criminal situation.

  25. 70 million people voted for Trump.
    This is not a minority. This is a vast group who actively supported this vile thug.
    Trump is closer to the likes of Gerald L.K Smith, a long-forgotten far-right rabble
    rouser who was the dark side of American politics in the 1940s.
    America needs to have a long look at itself in the global mirror. The reflection
    is very ugly right now. It speaks volumes that Donald Trump was able to get to
    such a powerful position, despite the obvious concern at the time.
    The USA swooped sanity for stupidity when he was elected POTUS.
    It is paying the terrible price for such a grievous error of judgment.

    • “70 million people voted for Trump.” Truth is more like, 70 million suckers have been brainwashed by lies posing as journalism. Lets not let Murdoch, etal, and their cohorts off the hook for their part in fomenting this sorry tale in history.

  26. Amazing that Pence’s daughter has congratulated Biden for his presidential win. Is Pence et al trying to curry favor at this late hour? Perhaps.

    • My first thought when I heard this was that film Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen were in, 1983 I think – The Dead Zone – where Walken’s character has a car accident, waking a few years later with psychic powers…..he can see the future. It’s along story of course, but the last scene is where Martin Sheen (a dead ringer of Kennedy in most old films) is the President of the USA and goes against all the advice of his government, insisting they’ll be bombed by the Russians and not to trust them – they are uselessly begging for calm and trust but he raves and yes, actually pushes the button, I think saying something (as the door burst open and the Russians have surrendered like “The Eagles have flown…..” the man is still there for a few weeks. Do the decent thing and remove him…nothing is beyond possibility with such a maniac in any sort of power. He should have been sectioned and locked up – don’t underestimate his power even now.

      • @Maggie Cassin, I’ve thought about “The Dead Zone” ever since Trump first announced he’d run. I think so has the author of the original storu, Stephen King. In his book, aspiring Senator Stillman’s political career comes to an end when he shields himself with a child at a rally the protagonist tries to assassinate him to prevent nuclear holocaust. King too knows, I think, that this would be exactly what Trump would do in a similar situation.

        Also, it’s freaking scary DJT has been locked out of his social media accounts

        • … (continued), but still has nuclear codes. Might be for the best, though, because he is at a state where he is consumed by one thought at a time, and after Electoral Votes verified, he needs a new target.

          • Nuclear football. Someone carries the football but is there a preventive plan in-place to ensure the Dump Trumpster doesn’t deliberately run off with the codes on an Alaska Airlines flight?

            Amazing all the holes exposed in “our” glorious country full of security.

        • Thanks for the memory jog. A photographer caught on film him holding the baby in the air as a shield…which eventually was his downfall.

          Trump is evil and resourceful. He’ll find a way to be resurrected. America no longer has sufficient spine to root him out and place him in jail.

          I always felt he was a Manchurian Candidate.

          • “Trump is evil and resourceful. He’ll find a way to be resurrected. America no longer has sufficient spine to root him out and place him in jail.”

            Fortunately for us, he isn’t immortal. The cognitive decline I’ve previously mentioned is there. What’s especially visible in photos and footage from the last couple of months is he is losing control of his tongue. I posted one of his “golf pictures” to a geriatric nurse friend recently. They said it’s crystal clear he has vascular issues.

        • Thanks for that Karen, it was a superb story but DT couldn’t say something longer about four letters…and it wouldn’t be hallelujah…..!

  27. Interesting… or maybe not. He has not condemn the events and violence except to say he will accommodate a peaceful transition on 20th. This guy needs to be uprooted now.

    But we are really now seeing what American politics is made of… ! Embarrassing, shameful, corrupt in the name of freedom and Democracy, and definitely not democratic. No more words can communicate without going over the border towards ranting. How does the US claw back from this? Shameful

    • What is the US political will? Just watching the news that says that the 25th Amendment can be changed in hours ‘if the political will is there’. Shocking that they still sit on their ass and do nothing!! Even if it is to make a point to others with that propensity. Everything ‘reakes’ of corruption.

    • Abe Lincoln would be shaking his head in sorrow if he knew what his party had
      become, in the early part of the 21st Century.

      • Don’t think so..Lincoln saw worse..a real civil war n he knowingly it would happen still supported anti slavery n brought back America to glory

        History has been worse than v experience seems at times

  28. It seems like Americans think Donald Trump is the problem and that once he’s gone, everything can be normal again. They don’t seem able to see he would never have gained power without the support of almost 50% of ordinary Americans. There is a huge underbelly of unhappiness because their politicians, of both parties, do not represent them. Trump was able to tap into that feeling and exploit it.

    Pluto transits require you to dig deep and look at the parts of yourself you’d prefer not to look at. Then to actually heal those things. I’m not sure America has the appetite for looking deeply at itself. Even if it does, do they have the togetherness to actually fix the real problems? It would take a wholesale change of attitude. I’m not sure how you achieve that with a nation of 300+ million.

    Neptune will go into Aries in 2026. Last time it made that ingress was April 1861 and the first shot of the Civil War was fired that very day. If America doesn’t begin to sort itself out during its Pluto return, I fear what comes next for it.

    • Tremendous progress has been made to dump Trump and hopefully just in time. There seems to be a global fascination with fascism, so the illness is systemic. I live in the usa and happily voted for Biden, but more as an anti-Trump pledge. There could have and perhaps should have been better anti-Trump options, but the DNC ‘safe’ plan worked. I agree usa has deep-rooted problems, but at least Don has self-impaled and bleeding near the exit door. USA needs psych help with it’s current white nationalist daddy issues. One reason for global authoritarianism rarely discussed is planetary node positions; Saturn & Pluto have been transiting their S nodes in Capricorn, with Jupiter & Saturn about to conj Neptune’s S node. Moon’s nodes are currently conj Uranus’ nodes.

      • Mike – thanks for the reply and further astro insight. Pluto in Cap era has always been about getting rid of the existing power structures – America & France did most noticeably last time around as they moved into the Pluto Aqua era with their revolutions for equality and freedom / liberty. No-one predicted the mutables would be the cause of those power structures crumbling to pieces although it makes a lot of sense.

        I’d personally linked the rise in fascism as being linked to Uranus in Aries/Taurus as it was back in the 1930s. Signs that don’t archetypally think of anyone else, and therefore don’t implicitly understand how to understand, negotiate accommodate or get along with others. Their responses are simply to attack or defend. The fascist need for control and rules are crude ways of keeping societies in order and promoting security. It would be interesting to look back to the 1830s/40s/50s to see whether previous cycles hold true to rise of fascism.

        • I thought the QAnon ‘Shaman’ was a strikingly literal embodiment of Uranus in Taurus – a revolutionary wearing buffalo horns, GnarlyDude!

    • Gnarly Dude,

      You have hit the nail squarely on the head. Trump got, and still has to a great degree, the support of the poorer Americans.

      Their jobs have disappeared as the factories they worked in have turned into the ‘Rust Belt’. They rightly believe that the Rust Belt has been created because the funds in the hands of those in the upper middle class professions and/or with money, have been transferred offshore to the Asian economies, particularly China, in order to make even greater returns.

      They feel that their better off countrymen have betrayed them with their greed and their anger has now become very apparent. The new Administration has two choices, either recognise the reasons for that anger and rebuild the US manufacturing economy, or try to suppress their anger. If they chose the latter then the US will fracture.

      • The term “rust belt” comes from the ancient knowledge that cars and trucks rusted heavily during the winter via the use of rock salt on the roads. Term still holds today tho in a different context.

        If you drove in the winter across IL, IN, OH, WVA, PA, NY, and NJ, it was a sure bet that car & truck wheel wells and quarter panels were rusted thru. Hence the term “rust belt.”

        • larryc – thanks for the titbit … very interesting. Had always wondered why since I first held the term. America likes to name its regions and it’s not always obvious to us outsiders.

  29. Trump, Don Jr. and Rudy should be arrested NOW for inciting violence. No more dilly-dallying and letting these criminals off the hook. NOW.

  30. Thanks Marjorie for your posts and keeping us sane. To think that this will drag on in some form until the Pluto Return in 2022/23 is disheartening.

    • @ Anita,

      It’s possible the extreme polarization and division might continue until 2023….but ot doesn’t necessarily mean the alt-right people Tea Partiers, and fascists will succeed again (like they did, unfortunately, in the mid-2010s).

      I remember Majorie mentioned something about Trump having some awful solar arcs coming up in 2022. I know the alt-right movement isn’t just limited to Trump and his cult following…but that movement could be watered down and less unified with him out of.the picture.

      Also, I’ll have to go back and re-read the post I referenced, but I thought Marjorie also mentioned something about 12th House Pluto with regards to Trump. Wouldn’t 12th House Pluto suggest prison time?

    • Not necessarily in the same form. What’s sparked up the violence now is the Eclipse on the USA Mars and that will fade in effect before mid 2021. The bitter debate of Pluto Mercury will keep going though, not surprisingly.

      • @majorie I had to look that up in Robert Hand’s Planets in Transits… communication that is used to coerce opinions & thinking, provokes resistance and a general breakdown in communication. Plus spawns fanatical ideas and convictions that have very little meaning and insistence on forcing them on others. Obsessive thinking with conflict as a result, nervous exhaustion & breakdowns, beliefs that are very obscure and hidden matters are the most dangerous here because they are very obsessive. That sums up the moment. I hope it’s waning soon.

        Marjorie, is the Pluto return for the US in the 4th house?

  31. “Stand back and stand by” executed!
    I was racking my brain why Trump made late moves to replace senior Pentagon officials with lackeys. Now we likely know why as DoD initially denied a request by the D.C mayor for the National Guard to respond yesterday, and was only granted after Pence reportedly ordered it. That wretched Mussolini re-incarnate with the ignorance of Hitler masquerading as a President planned this insurrection after he lost(maybe just prior) and has executed accordingly.
    His travel documents should be seized by latest 24 hours after inauguration to prevent him from fleeing justice and accountability. He must made an example of…..for history.

    • I had to look that up in Robert Hand’s Planets in Transits… communication that is used to coerce opinions & thinking, provokes resistance and a general breakdown in communication. Plus spawns fanatical ideas and convictions that have very little meaning and insistence on forcing them on others. Obsessive thinking with conflict as a result, nervous exhaustion & breakdowns, beliefs that are very obscure and hidden matters are the most dangerous here because they are very obsessive. That sums up the moment. I hope it’s waning soon.

      Marjorie, is the Pluto return for the US in the 4th house?

  32. Yesterday was such an awful mess. I expected there would be protests and disruptions of some kind. However, I didn’t consider the possibility that pro-Trump rioters would actually succeed in storming into the Capitol, set up pipe bombs in offices, steal mail, and vandalize the premises. Naturally, I assumed there would be more than enough law enforcement and security present – especially since U.S. Senators, Congresspeople, and staffers were congregating inside the building. However, this wasn’t the case – security and police weren’t anywhere near as prepared as they should have been for such an event.

    Luckily, the House and Senate refused to be deterred from the official certification process and they made sure to have it completed overnight – despite it being such a timely procedure due to at least 6-7 Republican Senators and over 100+ Republican Congresspeople objecting to the certifications of Arizona and Pennsylvania (which meant both chambers had to hold separate votes to determine whether the electoral votes for these states would be certified – both chambers agreed they would in the end). The whole process lasted until almost 4:00 AM. However, I made sure to watch the entire event despite how long and drawn out it was.

    In the end, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received all 306 of the electoral votes they won and absolutely none of the objections were successful. There were even some Republican Senators such as Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Kelly Loeffler of Georgia (who lost her seat to Democrat Raphael Warnock the other day), and even Lindsey Graham in South Carolina who reversed their decisions to object.

    Only Republican Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, John Neely Kennedy of Louisiana, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Roger Marshall of Kansas, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, and Rick Scott (whom I’ve always despised) here in Florida objected to at least one of the few contested states.

    Probably the biggest surprise of the night was when Trump released a statement to the media declaring that even though he still believes the election was stolen from him (which, of course, it was NOT stolen), he will ensure a peaceful transition of power on Wednesday, Jan. 20. I am not convinced he’s being sincere.

    Many believe Trump was pressured to release such a statement given that many GOP lawmakers are furious with him for helping instigate the riots and vandalism that occurred at the Capitol (thus putting them endanger along with everybody else) and because there were a number of resignations from the White House after the chaos.

    All in all, I’m very pleased that despite the unethical and tragic events that occurred yesterday, the system prevailed and hopefully better precautions will be taken next time – to ensure that nobody is left vulnerable or placed in harms way in case Trump’s vigilantes decide to create another disturbance on January 20.

    • It seems very much the case that Federal law enforcement officials and officers at the Capitol were in part in on the assault that took place. Local DC law enforcement did their job once they came on the scene. Several pictures have now surfaced of Capitol police facilitating and/or posing with the mob. We will see what comes out of the investigation which is hopefully headed by former police chief Rep. Val Demings.

    • ‘Probably the biggest surprise of the night was when Trump released a statement to the media declaring that even though he still believes the election was stolen from him (which, of course, it was NOT stolen), he will ensure a peaceful transition of power on Wednesday, Jan. 20.’

      @ Chris, of course he had to say that! He just realized his gig is up! All his peps are shouting ‘Abandon ship’. Real question is how can some responsible be made to stick to the Rep party who enabled all of this to get to this? It cannot be all about the Dems being in power because potentially this could happen again if so? Does something need to be revised and rewritten in the Constitution to reflect modern times? Food for thought!

      • They need to set an example and get rid of him now. Send that message to the populace that you cannot overthrow the democratic process; especially from a country that likes to shout loud that they are the bastion of Democracy.

  33. Well put Marjorie. Thank you. It shows me that Astrology in the right hands does not lie (love it in your hands.. haha).

    Ultimately I don’t believe this is fundamentally about Trump per se. This is about the foundation the American psyche has been built on. He is a necessary evil, because it needed to be addressed one day and this was the day!

    One love

    • Globally I agree…even in India n all countries with protests on…evil has to b looked in eye n fought..v can’t ignore it anymore..fascist global era will end but v need to consciously fight it out

  34. What a shameful event! I was watching frankly not good (despite a comedy all star line up) “To Hell With 2020” on Netflix
    when my phone started sending news alerts on what was going on at Capitol. Words fail me when I think about that well known “Qanon” figure dressed as some shamanic appropriation freely roaming and I’d suspect existing premises.

    DJT is, obviously toast, and has been for some time. Wasn’t mid-April the time we can expect major devolopments there?

    But there also were careers made and destroyed beyond him. I think Ted Cruz will never recuperate from the obvious shame of defending Trump moments after people he’d incited stormed Capitol. Same with that young Missouri Senator Josh Hawkey (Dec 31st, 1979, so interestingly goes to same pile with late 1970’s Libra Pluto/Capricorn Suns with Donald Trump Junior.), who obviously had Presidential aspirations. Incidently, a newly elected Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush was one who made her career here. Sworn in literally 3 days prior, she called for removal of every Republican supporting overturning election. While I don’t know if she’d be exactly Presidential material, her running against Hawkey in 2024 for Senate would be poetic justice.

    • @ Solaia,

      last year, I was disappointed when Cori Bush defeated Democratic incumbent Congressman Lacy Clay in a primary challenge. Since Cori Bush identifies more with the progressive wing of the party, I was concerned she might become as polarizing as AOC and the Squad members can be at times. However, when I got to know more about her, I became more impressed with Cori Bush. She is actually very pragmatic (which I think is very important in a candidate) and she immediately rallied her support behind Joe Biden (she had originally supported Bernie Sanders) when it became clear than Biden was getting the nomination.

      And I’m very pleased that Congresswoman Cori Bush is speaking out against the GOP House members who decided to put their political careers and party above the voters’ will. I fully support Cori Bush’s demand to remove those GOP House members from office.

      Anyway, I think she’s off to a good start. She might be another rising star in our Democratic Party like Stacey Abrams, Lauren Underwood, and many others.

  35. As a Florida resident yesterday was just sad, awful, embarrassing, despicable. Congress finally certified in the early hours what has been already known for months. Trump half heartedly conceding after his Social Media accounts have been temporarily frozen. The man is not well period and needs to be removed. Too many days left for him to do more damage. We need to try to come together and heal.

    • @Ava, yes, he had to do it through Dan Scavino’s account, which is great, since it shows where some of the more grammatically correct Tweets have originated from, anyway. Dan Scavino is also literally the only remaining Senior WH Staff from the initial Trump roster with Stephen Miller.

  36. I hope you are right about the future of Trump. It is fraught over here. Things can be broken. Democracy can be broken. It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

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