Texodus, an oil baron putsch – CaLeavefornia, a hippy coup

Texas 1836USA Tex compCaliforniaCalif US comp



There is now threatening to be a pandemic of breakaway movements who have taken heart from the Brit bungee jump (with less elastic than expected). Texit or Texodus, Calexit or CaLeavefornia, even NHexit in New Hampshire, are getting all roiled up about splitting away from the already federalised USA. There is no escape clause in the much cherished American Constitution and early attempts have been bounced back.

The USA 4 July 1776 chart does look unduly unsettled from this month till April 2018 with tr Uranus square Mercury at the moment and moving on to square the USA Pluto. So there may be much heated debate though it’s unlikely to lead to a King/Emperor/President in Texas.

Texas is leading the charge and the Texas 2 March 1836/USA relationship chart is riven with dispute over the next few years as first tr Uranus is conjunct Mars and then opposition Saturn. But with a 12 degree Pisces Sun, the oil baron state doesn’t look to be winning much for a couple of years.

California, 9 Sept 1850, already has a revolutionary-prone Uranus Pluto in Aries conjunction natally in its joining chart. That is being keyed up by tr Uranus conjunct Pluto Uranus in 2018/19 so they’re like to be in the mood to disrupt and cause some unrest.  The California/USA relationship chart does have tr Pluto trine Uranus in 2017/18 which could shake a few apples out of the tree.

But the likelihood of a full scale civil war between states and Washington seems unlikely.


Eclipse, Cancer Ingress & configurations colliding

Eclipse Sept1Cancer Ingress 16UK EECUK




The 9 degree Virgo Solar Eclipse of 1 September upcoming is conjunct the North Node opposition Neptune and square a Saturn Mars conjunction in Sagittarius so will be significant in its effect – spreading unease from Saturn Neptune, aggravation, bad temper and accidents from Saturn Mars. The exact Mars Saturn conjunction is August 23rd at 9 degrees Sagittarius – so there will be a pre-Eclipse spike and a lingering post-Eclipse hangover.

Mars Saturn has a variety of meanings – associations with the military, with assassinations, harmful and destructive energy, but it is also a bringer of discipline (through gritted teeth), has a capacity to overcome obstacles through sheer will power. Admittedly it also tends to erect the hurdle course over which we will, all in different ways, have to negotiate our way.

The Virgo Eclipse is in a Saros cycle, 19 North, which is about coming down to earth with a bump, seeing a situation for what it really is, a good time for facing the truth.

Setting the Eclipse chart for London it puts Uranus in the 7th conjunct the Descendant = splitting of a close partnership; with the afflicted Mars Saturn in the 2nd house of personal finances.

The Cancer Ingress chart for 20th June 2016, set for London, has Saturn on the MC and Pluto in the 12th. Both these placings were on the Cancer Ingress for 1939 just pre-the outbreak of World War 11, though it had the much more brutal Pluto opposition Mars square Saturn MC. This 2016 Cancer Ingress has Moon in the 11th = uncertainty about an unknown, insecure future; Neptune in 1st = uncertainty about identity; Neptune opposition Jupiter = cloud cuckoo land hopes bring disappointment; unpredictable Uranus in the financial 2nd quincunx vengeful Mars in the foreign 9th.  Plus a 5th house Sun Venus = a Leonine sense of self-importance, though since it fell on a Full Moon, also a split population, with head going one way, heart another.


I’m still chewing over quite why such a cataclysmic and game-changing event wasn’t clearer on the charts.  The UK joining the EEC chart 1 Jan 1973 12am, was never that happy with a controlling Sun square Pluto, a mutually non-supportive Mars Neptune and a suspicious, doubt-ridden Neptune Venus opposition Saturn. Plus an ‘adventurous’, leap-in-the-dark and hope-for-the-best Uranus square Jupiter.

Tr Uranus moving through the 7th is opposition the UKEEC Uranus (a Half Return) this year, exact through the run up in May, so would be a time for a rethink and perhaps a rebellion. In individual charts the Uranus opposition Uranus brings a mid-life crisis when people do crazy things, kick over the traces and act like teenagers. Tr Uranus was also trine the Solar Arc MC over the referendum which would suggest a change of direction. Though tr Uranus in Pisces in 2005 was trine the MC – and nothing split then.

So maybe a combination of influences building up to a critical mass. Tr Pluto moved into the 4th for many years ahead in 2012, then crossed the Sun and is now sitting exactly conjunct the North Node in the 4th – so a time of domestic mutiny and resentment about the old ways not working. Plus tr Uranus in the separating-relationships 7th since 2013.

What is being elbowed sharply this year is the UKEEC Uranus square Jupiter, with tr Uranus tugging at one end and tr Pluto at the other. It would certainly suggest a strong desire for freedom and hang the consequences. Uranus Jupiter is nothing if not a gambler.


Looking at the UK 1801 chart again with the benefit of, not just hindsight but, distance, following the old Arab astrologers’ belief that the primary function of astrology was in understanding the past, it does become slightly clearer.

The 1801 chart has two major configurations. One is a Cardinal Grand Cross of Capricorn Sun opposition Moon MC square North Node opposition Ascendant, the other is a wide Fixed Grand Cross of Mars in Taurus opposition Neptune square Venus opposition Saturn. All bar three planets are tied into these two configurations.

When a major configuration moves by Solar Arc to hard aspect another, then a life-changing crisis occurs. It pulls together almost the entire chart into one compacted bundle. At the moment Solar Arc Sun is square the UK Mars, and Solar Arc MC is square Mars from the other side.

The UK’s Fixed Grand Cross is heavily resistant to change, but here it gets enough of a dunt from the Cardinal Grand Cross , moved by Solar Arc, to take the initiative to shift. There was certainly a major shake-up and shock when the Solar Arc Moon squared Mars in 2007/08, but clearly not enough to take the decisive step. Or perhaps that was a necessary forerunner, laying the ground for this.  So first the 2008 financial collapse (Mars in 8th) with no constructive steps taken afterwards, except old style governments entrenching the status quo by propping up the banksters who’d caused the problem.  This is stage two. It’ll be another couple of decades before these configurations pull apart with the focus until the mid 2020s being on the financial ramifications. Only latterly will Saturn in the 11th = the legislature, get a radical rethink.

Mary Jane Seacole – recognised at last

Mary Jane SeacoleFlorence Nightingale


A statue to Mary Jane Seacole, voted in 2004 as the greatest black Briton, has been unveiled at St Thomas Hospital in London. Born to a Scottish soldier father and a free Jamaican mother who was a herbalist, she went to tend the sick during the Crimean War at her own expense. She became destitute on her return to the UK and was helped by service personnel who raised money for her. In her later years she returned to Jamaica and then to London where she moved on the periphery of royal circles.

Born 23 Nov 1805 in Kingston, Jamaica, she was a Sun Mercury Jupiter in Sagittarius square Pluto; with Jupiter conjunct Mars also in Sag. So not short of determination or a yen for travel, though not perhaps blessed with practical sense about money. She also had an innovative and courageous Saturn Uranus in Libra sextile Mars. After her death, she was forgotten for almost a century.

Florence Nightingale 12 May 1820 2pm Florence, Italy who also organised nurses during the Crimean War and became a social reformer has tended to get all the glory. She was a New Moon in Taurus in the travelling 9th house sextile both Jupiter and Pluto in Pisces – so confident and determined. Her Mars in Leo was trine Saturn in self-reliant Aries, so brave, disciplined, suited to military associations.

Absolutely Fabulous – raising a glass of Bolly

Joanna LumleyJennifer SaundersJS JL comp


Absolutely Fabulous, the movie, has just launched, a Brit comedy about fashionista desperation, with a pair of drunken ladies d’un certain age, embarrassing themselves on a spree across Europe. Written, like the original successful TV series by Jennifer Saunders, she co-stars with Joanna Lumley and the original cast plus Kate Moss and a zillion other celeb cameos. Reviews suggest it may be just what a battered UK needs to divert attention from existential meltdown.

Principal Photography and the Premiere were both launched on the Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto, with the start of filming having an enthusiastic Venus Mars and Jupiter trine Pluto and a Libra new Moon, which had to give it head wind. Other less helpful aspects, of course, since nothing is simple these days.

The multi-talented, Jennifer Saunders, 6 July 1958, is a Sun Cancer square Mars in Aries opposition Jupiter, so not short of an adventurous spirit, with a Pisces Moon.

Joanna Lumley, 1 May 1946 7.30pm Srinagar, India, is a New Moon in Taurus square Mars Pluto in Leo, so not quite the flighty air-head she usually plays.

Both she and Saunders share Jupiter in Libra which in both cases is getting the tr Uranus opposition this year into early 2017 which is good news.  Both also have social-butterfly Venus in Gemini.

Their relationship chart has an energetic and argumentative composite Sun Mars Mercury Venus trine sensible Saturn and creative Neptune. It won’t all be sweetness and light since Saunders’ Sun square Mars hits on Lumley’s Saturn. But clearly there’s enough right to give them on-screen chemistry.

UK – an epidemic of elections

Apologies to non-Brits for the boring minutiae of internal elections.

Just to add to previous posts.  Boris’s Neptune clearly caught up with him as he exits the Tory leadership race. He has coming up a confident tr Pluto trine his Jupiter but also sextile Neptune. That Jupiter Neptune opposition tends to send him off into cloud cuckoo land and both ends are being triggered this year. What inflates can also deflate.

Michael Gove, 26 Aug 1967, no doubt propelled by his string-pulling wife, Sarah Vine, a Daily Mail columnist, has, against all his previous declarations of being unsuitable as PM, now says he’ll stand.

The adopted son of a Scottish fishmonger, he’s a keen social reformer, who believes in ‘creative destruction’. He was criticised by teachers’ leaders for the “climate of bullying, fear and intimidation” that occurred during his time as Minister for Education. He’s popular within Westminster but not so much outside. He has his Sun, Mercury Venus and Uranus Pluto in Virgo, a Taurus Moon and Mars Neptune in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo.

Through the campaign for the leadership he does have tr Jupiter conjunct his Pluto Uranus in Virgo but that has gone by September 2nd. Plus a sinking tr Saturn square tr Neptune on his Sun/Pluto midpoint till mid August. He has one mildly successful tr Uranus sextile his Jupiter/Node until Sept 3rd but that’s all of note (without a birth time).

Theresa May, 1 Oct 1956, a quiet Remainer but keen to polish her Brexit credentials now that it is a done deal, is a Sun Libra, with Venus Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio, and Jupiter Mercury in Virgo so cool, hard working, utterly determined. Her Sun falls on the UK Ascendant which might be thought a good sign. She’s got a charm-offensive tr Pluto trine Sun/Venus until mid July; and a lucky tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter/Node running now till September 3rd, which could stand her in good stead. Plus tr Jupiter having moved through its Jupiter Return in early July, will be conjunct her Mercury and Sun/Jupiter at the final in early September. No birth time so not much more info.

Outsider Angela Leadsom, 13 May 1963, a Leaver, has an enduring and utterly determined chart with a Taurus Sun (Mercury) opposition Neptune square Saturn in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo. So not much budges her. She probably doesn’t expect to win. But she does have a useful tr Uranus sextile Jupiter/Pluto till Sept 3rd as well as a career-boosting tr Pluto sextile Jupiter/Saturn.

Angela Eagle is expected to run an official challenge to Jeremy Corbyn, which is a protracted process involving party members as well as MPs. Born 17 Feb 1961, she’s a rebellious Sun Aquarius opposition Uranus, and is certainly in a mood for a risk with tr Uranus square her Jupiter in Capricorn running till early September; as well as a reasonably successful tr Pluto sextile Jupiter/Pluto and Jupiter/Node.

Netherlands – high-anxiety, but separatists not making ground

Netherlands 1815Netherlands 1815 EUNetherlands 1581Netherlands 1581 EU



The Netherlands has always had a vociferous anti-EU lobby led by the right-wing Geert Wilders. The country was in the European project from the start so very invested in the ideal.

There are two possible charts for Netherlands.  26 July 1581 (astrodienst) and 16 March 1815 11.47am Hague ( Doris Doane).

The second of these showed up the invasion of Germany in May 1940 much more clearly, so might be more useful. It is certainly showing depression and aggravation, mounting through 2017 and extending through 2018. Tr Saturn will conjunct its Neptune and square the Pisces Pluto Mercury Sun till Nov 2017; and tr Pluto will conjunct the 7th house Mars till late 2018.

The 1581 chart shows panic now with tr Neptune square tr Saturn in hard aspect to the Mars in Virgo now and through 2017; with a devastated, confused tr Pluto square Neptune in 2016/17; plus a road-blocked Solar Arc Pluto square Mars this year.

The 1581 chart shows more separation from the EU than the 1815 one. On this one there’s a tr Uranus opposition Mars at the moment; then reversing to square the composite Saturn early in 2017; and tr Uranus opposition the composite Sun in 2017. Plus plus plus others uneasy influences.

The 1815 chart on the other hand, while unsettled at the moment by tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on the Pluto and then in 2017 the financial Venus, is much less suggestive of any kind of split. Though tr Pluto is moving into the 7th which usually throws up major tensions in partnerships.

If Geert Wilders is any kind of guide, 6 Sept 1963, he doesn’t look to be winning much with tr Saturn square his Pluto Sun Venus in Virgo this autumn; and then tr Neptune in opposition to these planets for several years ahead. He’ll be bullish through 2017/18 with tr Pluto square his Jupiter in Aries; though may over-estimate his reach as tr Uranus opposes his Mars from mid year.

The Central Bank of the Netherlands, 25 March 1814, is certainly jangled and conflicted with Solar Arc Uranus opposition its Neptune this year; and tr Pluto square Mercury in 2016/17. Tr Saturn squares the financial Venus this autumn; and tr Neptune is conjunct in 2017/18 so it will be feeling the economic pain.  It goes into a major upheaval in 2019 with Solar Arc Uranus square Pluto to good effect with a successful Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Pluto at the same time; with a cheering tr Uranus in Taurus trine Jupiter as well.

Jeremy Corbyn – for the proletariat

Labour PartyCorbyn Labour Party compJeremy Corbyn



The tragi-comedy of the UK political car crash continues with the Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, having resoundingly lost a vote of confidence from the Parliamentary Labour Party, then refusing to go. Is he mad or is it just another facet of Pluto in Capricorn hauling down the old structures? The electorate are a million miles apart from the Westminster bubble, and their displeasure led to the wild-card vote for Brexit. Corbyn, a 33 year veteran of Westminster, though never a corporate loyalist (to put it mildly), says he represents the people not the insular MPs.  See:

The Labour Party chart of 27 Feb 1900 seems to work better than the 1906 chart. Tr Saturn square tr Neptune are hitting on the Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius at the moment and Neptune trails on undermining enthusiasm till late 2017. Tr Saturn also opposes Pluto, which tr Neptune squares in 2017; and then tr Saturn opposes Neptune also in 2017.  So all muddle and uncertainty and discouragement. Plus a highly emotional, angst ridden tr Pluto square Venus in 2016/17. There are failure-writ-large Solar Arcs by 2018 – Mars conjunct Neptune; Sun opposition Saturn.

Corbyn’s relationship chart with the Labour Party  has an over-controlling, love/hate Mars square Pluto; plus an idealistic, unrealistic Neptune square Venus, trine Sun.  The composite Sun picks up the tr Uranus conjunction in February of next year, which could be a parting of the ways.

Corbyn’s own chart has Solar Arc Uranus square his Sun in 2017 which certainly looks like a major shift.

Istanbul bombings – retro Mars on a Yod and the Midheaven

Istanbul bombsTurkeyRecep Erdogan Pres


The bombing at Istanbul Airport in Turkey has claimed over 40 lives with 240 injured. It occurred around 10pm on June 28 which puts the retrograde, vengeful Mars in Scorpio exactly on the midheaven, still in a stressed Yod, quincunx Uranus Moon sextile Mercury. So explosive, angry, relentlessly determined and a brutal statement. There’s also a 6th house (health) Venus (Sun) in Cancer opposition a hidden 12th house Pluto square the 3rd house Moon Uranus – causing major disruption to travel.

There have already been three bombings in Turkey this year, causing many deaths and the Ankara railway bombing last October which claimed 103 lives. The assumption is that it is ISIL behind what seems to have been a very professional atrocity.

The Turkey chart has tr Uranus exactly in opposition to the 4th house Mercury Saturn, so a major jolt. And with tr Saturn moving to square the Pisces Uranus and MC late Oct/Nov this year there may be more high tension situations to come. The September Eclipse willoppose the Uranus. Then tr Neptune will conjunct Uranus in 2017 which will be nervy, high-wire and fanatical. Almost exact at the moment also is Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the 5th house Jupiter which will undercut speculation and enjoyment, and presumably undermine the tourist trade.

Turkey is overwhelmed with crises at the moment with the Kurdish insurgency, the Syrian refugees, Russian planes flying overhead and ISIL on the rampage.

Hard-line President Recep Erdogan’s life isn’t going to get easier with his Term chart facing the September Eclipse conjunct the Sun and opposition Neptune; with next Feb’s Pisces Solar Eclipse reversing the order.  Plus tr Pluto sextile the Saturn Mars in Scorpio from 2016 to late 2018 which looks dangerous and ruthless.

Germany – left holding most of the bill

GermanyGermany EU compFrance Germany comp



A UK-exit will leave Germany carrying the lion’s share of the cost of propping up the ailing EU economies. They are much more tied into the EU than the UK was, given that it was largely set up to prevent another European war.

The relationship chart between Germany and the EU has a good-for-business Earth Grand Trine of Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Sun Mercury trine a Virgo North Node, formed into a Kite by Sun Mercury opposition a 10th house Pluto – so certainly an influential pairing and very controlling. No surprises Germany ended up top dog.

That relationship will be speared at soul level by the September Solar Arc conjunct the composite, heavily aspected, 12th house North Node. 2017 will be nervy and tense with tr Uranus square Neptune.  But the real problems won’t show until 2018/19 when tr Uranus moving into Taurus will hit the Fixed T Square of Uranus opposition Venus square Mars which will seriously upset the applecart.  Though may not lead to a De-exit.

The Germany country chart, with the same Libra Ascendant and axis as the UK chart is going through similar house transits – tr Pluto in the 4th = mutinous domestic population; tr Uranus in 7th = separations in close relationships; tr Saturn in 3rd – difficulties communicating with neighbours; tr Neptune in 6th – worries about employment and health costs.  But with Pluto natally in the 8th trine Sun Venus in Capricorn, they are a much more reluctant changer than the UK.

What will shift them onto a different track will be tr Uranus square their 10th house Uranus from late April 2017; backed up by a shocked and angry populace, spurred on by Solar Arc Moon conjunct Mars. Right through 2017/18 tr Pluto will square their 7th house Neptune bringing confusion, uncertainty and serious questions about the commitment of a close relationship. That way be with the UK but it may also be with France.

The Franco-German bond was always the lynch pin of the EU and while it doesn’t look like splitting it will be under severe nervous strain through the next two or three years with tr Uranus square the composite Neptune and opposition Mars early 2017 into 2018.