Brexit – how much fudge is coming?



Whither Brexit? I’m not sure why I’m embarking on this post since nothing is remotely clear from the astrology.

Despite the current mood of paralysis there is no doubt the UK has left the EU and is, thus, not liable for the EU Covid bailout fund or contributions to the EU budget.  But even Boris Johnson’s father thinks he is living in “cloud cuckoo land” if he thinks that the EU will give the UK a free trade deal without adhering to EU rules on, for instance, farming standards; and the European Court of Justice edicts in other arenas of future co-operation.

Prepare for a load of Boris bluster and waffle-piffle in the face of the hard reality that there aren’t going to be any game-changing trade deals elsewhere. A frictionless trade deal with the EU will be possible, in Matthew Parris’s words, “so long as we copy the EU’s “level playing field” rules; but doing so “voluntarily” as a “sovereign” nation. Boris Johnson could burble more or less truthfully that we are no longer “bound” by Brussels’s rules because we could always walk away – and take the consequences.”  But we won’t. “This victory for Britain may have more theoretical than practical value.”

An evasive duck-and-dive solution would fit with Boris’s Sun square Neptune government, not quite as dithery and incompetent as his predecessor Theresa May’s Full Moon square Neptune government, but not far behind. Despite the aura of Machiavellian behind-the-scenes string-pulling from his aide the Darth Vader-ish Dominic Cummings there’s little evidence of brain power being expended in coping with the virus crisis let alone the looming what-next question.

The Boris Government chart, 13 December 2019 11 am London, looks devastated, turned into an emotional blancmange by several rolling crises from early this October to late January 2021 – which is the crucial period for pushing the EU up against the deadline in the hope they’ll bend.  This September on the run-up is agitated and coming down to earth with a bump. There’ll be muddle, lies and scandal from late January 2021 for a few weeks with the real downward slide picking up from late March 2021 running on and off till early 2022 with tr Neptune square the Government Sagittarius Sun. At that latter time tr Neptune is square the catastrophe-attracting Mars/Pluto midpoint on Cummings’ chart. He’s also having an exceptionally stressed September (next month).

Boris’s personal chart is being rattled by an emotionally upsetting Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Moon, exact in six months’ time which will be activated over the New Year. Plus the December Solar Eclipse is opposing his Mercury, Sun, Venus which usually indicates a crisis or several in the months following. Plus his Solar Arc Midheaven is conjunct his Uranus, exact now if his birth time of 2pm is exact to the minute, indicating a sharp change of career and life’s direction.  His Solar Return from June 2020 for a year, relocated to London, also has Uranus in the 10th for a career twist, either voluntary or forced.

I’m marginally surprised given the severity of his virus attack and the medical tales of lingering after-effects that he isn’t suffering more obviously from diminished capacity.

His relationship chart with the UK is sagging further from late this August till March 2021; and more disappointing dips to follow after that.

On the day of ‘exit’ 31 December this year the UK chart has a downbeat tr Saturn opposition the 10th house Jupiter, which is only passing, but isn’t exactly a joyous celebration; and there’s also an argumentative, irritable Solar Arc Mars conjunct the UK Mercury – which could also indicate transport problems since it’s 3rd house. May 2021 is when the financial problems start to bite, either post-virus or Brexit-related  or both, with tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house Mars which kicks off several years of a financial roller coaster as tr Uranus makes hard aspects to all three financial houses and may also initially include major accidents or even natural disasters – the UK 8th house Mars being prone to catastrophes. 2022 is blocked and stuck with Solar Arc Pluto square the Sun.

What irritates/confuses me is how remarkably little there is on the national chart indicating a game-changing divorce. Admittedly tr Uranus has been moving through the UK 7th house of relationships since 2013/2014 which is certainly a separating influence, but it doesn’t pin point 2020 or even 2016 as the catalyst. The Brexit letter was sent when tr Pluto was opposing the UK 10th house Moon in early 2017 – which could at a stretch also be seen as putting intolerable strain on rulership and relationships.  But it hardly leaps out as definitive.

The UK joining the EEC chart, 1 January 1973, will have the final hit of the disruptive tr Pluto square the composite Uranus late this August to late November, which would certainly suggest a significant shift in the UK/EU connection. But it’s hardly terminal.  Maybe Matthew Parries is right – it’ll be all-systems change in name only.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie
    One thing I wonder about Boris’ government is Jupiter trine Uranus in their chart. On the face of it this would seem a good omen portending freedom but I wonder whether the coming conjunctions with Pluto, Saturn etc will just lead to a Jovian explosion.

  2. Thanks Marjorie – very interesting to see this, and try to remember what Brexit was all about! Feels like ancient history in some ways now, although obviously not. I wonder what you think about the 1066 chart? The former Brexit mood seemed to plug into some faux historical fantasy of “Britain” to me, at least. 1066 Mercury at 16 Capricorn aligns with 31 December’s Mercury, also aligning with the Jupiter/nodes of 1973’s EEC chart. 2020’s Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius are conjunct the 1066 Venus at 29 Capricorn. Blustering Boris has his Gemini Sun opposite the 1066 Uranus in Sagittarius. Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are all focusing on 1066 Mars in Aquarius. And the 1973 Libran Uranus opposes the 1066 ascendant – a revolutionary partnership or a disruptive one? Anyway, there are more links. I looked at this because of that febrile sense of collective fantasy and Elgar and so and so forth……funny how such a Capricorn nation can be bamboozled by a Gemini and a Sagittarian!

  3. Hi Marjorie Thank you for this . Nothing much to look forward to for a while then! Are Keir Starmer and the Labour party similarly affected by the same bad aspects?

    • Keir Starmer is on a good roll till spring 2021 with a few blips and frustrations before then. Edgy from May 2021 onwards with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on his Neptune in Scorpio. Where he runs into trouble is 2025/26 with his Solar Arc Sun Pluto conjunct his neptune and Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Pluto Sun – but that could be anything not necessarily political.

      The Labour Party 1906 chart (not that I really trust party charts) looks on good and successful form in 2022/23 and hitting a road block by 2025. The 1900 chart isn’t showing much apart from muddles in 2021/22/23

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