Graham Ivan Clark – a prodigious scam

The mastermind of the recent Twitter hack designed to extort bitcoin ransoms from victims including high-profile celebrities as well as ordinary people, has been named as a 17 year old from Florida.  Graham Ivan Clark, born 9 January 2003 according to the charge sheet, is being charged as an adult for what was described as “a sophisticated and extensive fraud.” He netted more than $100,000 in a few hours.

He is an ambitious Sun and Mercury in Capricorn; with an ultra-determined, volatile and vengeful Mars in Scorpio square Uranus which would give him a self-willed streak, brooking no interference with his plans. He’s also got a Yod of Mars sextile Mercury inconjunct Saturn, which would make him an outsider who never felt he fitted in – but clearly he used that to carve out his own path. His Jupiter in flashy Leo is in a confident trine to Pluto which in turn is in an unyielding opposition to Saturn. His Saturn is also in an innovative trine to Uranus.

In different circumstances if someone had put him on the right track he could have done exceptionally well in life. Although a Yod focal point Saturn does require maturity and self-control to work well.

As it is tr Neptune is squaring his Saturn Pluto and his Saturn through 2020/21/22 for a downward slide.

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