Lincoln Project – democracy and decency

The Lincoln Project is a rebel Republican action committee formed to prevent the re-election of Trump, defeat his supporters in the Senate and they recently announced their endorsement of Joe Biden. Founder members include George Conway, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and Jennifer Horn.

There are rivers of venom to flow before November and many imponderables – Trump could keel over, by choice, by hamburger or by GOP panic. If he did, he’d be unlikely to be replaced as nominee by Pence.  If he ploughs ahead, the result could be delayed a la Bush/Gore or corrupted.

But for what it’s worth – the Project chart itself looks panicked this month and through September; deflated over the few days surrounding the election and devastated late January into March 2021.

George Conway, 2 September 1963, will be blocked, enraged and frustrated with tr Pluto square his Mars now till middle of this month, and again late this November through December. With another disaster-prone midpoint till late this month. Plus he has a loss-making tr Neptune conjunct his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint October to late January 2021. There’s nothing (without a birth time) that looks like a ‘whoopee, we did it’ elation.

Rick Wilson, 21 November 1963, has similarly panicky and disappointing tr Neptune aspects to his Mars, Venus and a Sun midpoint till early October and again late January/February 2021. With a couple of Saturnine dips over the election itself. And mild cheer from late January 2021 though his hostile arguments will run on through 2021/22.

Steve Schmidt, 28 September 1970, does have tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter in Scorpio late this November into December which should bring luck and relief. But he’s also labouring mightily under a discouraging tr Pluto trine his Saturn and a failed-plans tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint until late November.

Jennifer Horn, 22 June 1964 – stuck and downbeat over the election, infuriated and trapped till late this November; and upset by the December Sagittarius Eclipse opposing her Venus Mercury. She’ll get a lift from late January 2021 but not much of cheer before then.

Joe Biden himself is sagging from early October to late January 2021 with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint; plus a failed-plans tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint from late this August to late November. He’ll buck up considerably from late January 2021 and be generally on much better form throughout the year.

So make of it what you will. There are a handful of permutations and possibilities of what could happen running into and after the election date.

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  1. “Trumps main crime in the eyes of the US political establishment of both parties is not that he is incompetent, possibly corrupt, egomaniac but that he is an outsider and not one of them.”
    ROTFLMBAO!!! Keep telling yourself that if it helps you feel if it helps you sleep better.

  2. spain being reinfected again by tourists..
    upgrade your rag mask with those new $60 plastic ones.
    stay off the airplanes.

  3. Just an observation, but all of these depressing aspects in The Lincoln Project’s chart could be an indicator of internal struggles they’re having (like the fact that their Republican Party has been hijacked by a bunch of White trash deplorable racist rednecks) rather than the outcome of the general election.

    The Lincoln Project is supporting Joe Biden and they have been running ads for him. However, I would imagine since they are still Republicans, they’re probably not too enthusiastic about supporting and campaigning for a Democratic candidate – they’re only doing so because they know what a danger Trump is to this planet.

    All in all, I do believe Joe Biden will win the general election – and as much as I appreciate all of the astrologers who’ve taken the time to offer insights and predictions regarding his campaign (I know political astrology is not an easy thing to do; my Mother is an astrologer and she won’t even go near the political stuff)…most of the predictions haven’t actually manifested in the way most astrologers have predicted. For example, most astrologers (Western and Vedic) were in agreement that Biden’s chart didn’t look too impressive during the primaries. Biden did indeed lose the first 3 states that voted (Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada). However, he became unstoppable once South Carolina and Super Tuesday came around. Nobody saw that coming (not the astrologers..and certainly not the data analysts).

    I have often wondered if we have the accurate birth time for Joe Biden….because he appears to a much luckier politician than the current chart would suggest. The election is practically being handed to him on silver platter at this point.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • “It ain’t over till it’s over…” Kanye West’s bizarre ‘campaign’ is designed to help Trump.


      • I am sorry but Kayne isn’t going to siphon off any black votes from Biden because every one especially black voters know that Kanye is mentally ill.

      • Also, there is no guarantee Kanye West is going to make it on the state ballots where he filed and presented signatures. It should be noted that the required number of signatures have to be verified – they are NOT simply accepted at face value.

        Kanye West has already been rejected in the state of New Jersey because the list of signatures his team presented were looked into and it was discovered that more than half of them were from people who were not even residents of the state. West decided to withdraw his petition to get onto New Jersey’s ballot and that was that.

        If West’s team was caught with faulty signature lists in New Jersey, then it stands to reason his team is likely doing the same thing in other states were he’s filed (like Arkansas, Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin, etc.). So, it’s still not a given he’ll actually make it onto any of these states’ ballots.

  4. I think their reactions are interesting, as well. And just as with main candidates, who both seem to have less than incouranging transits on November 3rd, it’s interesting to see to what exactly are they reacting to.

    For instance, I think George Conway’s midpoint transit starting in October may be reflective of troubles on public sphere, but stemming from home. His wife is, essentially, a finalist on “The Apprentice: White House Edition” with Stephen Miller. I can’t think of other WH Senior Staff on Trump’s side (VP’s and FLOTUS’s staffing seems more stable) lasting through The Administration. But if Trump continues to poll as abysmally as he currently does, knives will be out at WH. It’s not out of question someone will throw Kellyanne under the bus, and although I wouldn’t doubt George has her “covered” legally to some extend, she may not have been perfectly frank with him.

    On Rick Wilson, I think he genuinly loaths Trump, with his Mars/Venus exactly conjunct Trump’s Moon. In a love relationship, this would be a classic “lover scorned” synastry aspect Mars/Venus person is passionate towards Moon person, but the Moon fails to feed them, long term. So the love turns into passionate hate. So Rick, probably would at least feel ‘schadenfreude’ on Trump’s possible loss. However, his career paths are now clearly limited to being Trump critic, and when Trump isn’t at office anymore, in January 2021 or 2025, needs a pivot (he will be 61 in 2025, so hardly at retirement age for a political pundit in The US).

  5. It seems I struggle to find the right wording here, so I will be blunt. I think “Lincoln Project” is a smoke-and-mirror construction that will, ultimately, have very little relevance to electoral outcome, and will explode no matter what it will be. I don’t doubt founders are genuinly concerned of Rule of Law, but otherwise, they may have conflicting interests.

    For instance, I’ve been tracking Rick Wilson’s trajectory on Twitter since 2016 now. He is very entertaining and often abstute observer, but there is this sense he wants to be on the winning side at all cost and is increasingly desperate when his “political homes” proof to be on the wrong side. With all that Sadgittarius, he definitely does not like to place wrong bets. What he does not understand is that to be truly content, he should also have some principles, instead of keeping himself comfortable.

    George Conway is extremely smart and a natural lawyer. He has voiced some of the soundest legal debunks on DJT, but there is an ongoing Twitter undercurrant questioning “what is his and Kellyanne’s game”. And, I personally think they are “gaming” people, playing both sides of Republican Party. No doubt he has her covered for possible later indictments. Astrologu: I noticed now George Conway is exactly a year and a day younger than Keir Stamer, so Sun and Outer Planet placements are similar. But while Stamer has a Libra Moon possibly conjuct Venus, making him a true believer in justice for all on emotional level George has an Aquarius Moon likely conjunct Saturn making his choices much more dogmatic, but also calculative.

    Steve Schmitd was bit of a surprise. I thought he just wasn’t that smart, given his incredibly ill placed tweet on removal of a frankly embarrashing Teddy Roosevelt statue. But chartwise, I think he is Thw True Believer here. Not stupid, just limited. This is one of those charts I’d love to know the exact time of birth to see where all that energy concentrated on barely 60 degrees of Zodiac falls.

    Jennifer Horn has a very “US Politician” chart all over. Gemini/Cancer emphasis seems typical. But she has been sidetracked, and this adventure seems like an afterthought, especially she has been hard on Biden at his home state for 15 years.

    Therefore, while the adds placed by Lincoln project are competent, it seems like otherwise it’s a combination of mostly Mutable people with the lowest common denominator, being not Democratic and hating Trump in this case. Just doesn’t seem like a lasting influence.

    • I don’t think they matter a hoot frankly but there is mileage, since they seem to have a vested interest in the outcome,in seeing how their charts are looking around election time.

    • Not really. All astrologers use their own techniques and Biden has two Neptunian sinkers I have seen unsuccessful candidates have in the past.
      Having said that Boris Johnson had slightly similar unhappy influences and he won convincingly at the last UK election – tho’ perhaps he had premonitions about the catastrophe that was to come and had performance anxiety about getting what he always thought he wanted.
      Election prediction is an inexact ‘science.’ As well to keep an open mind.

  6. Marjorie… it could also be a contested election dragging on for weeks causing outrage & nastiness on both sides. Certainly Trump is already setting the stage for that by sowing doubt in the election process. Inauguration Day is scheduled for Wed, Jan 20, 2021 … “late January” when several of your subjects are looking better incl. Biden. Here is some insight into the US constitution… if no one comes out as a clear winner, a procedure called a “contingent election“ kicks in, by which the contingent election for the president is decided by a vote of the newly elected US House of Representatives, and the VP is decided by a vote of the US Senate. It is extremely rare but has happened three times in US history all in the 1800’s. Speaker of the US House Pelosi presides as default until things are resolved. Note to make things even more complicated … in the above scenario, Biden would be voted in by the US House Democrats since it’s expected that they will maintain the majority. However if Republicans maintain Senate Majority they would surely vote in a Republican VP so it stays in Republican hands since often the deciding vote is cast by the VP when legislation is up for a close vote. All this could certainly explain the continuing outrage & the unfavorable astrological forecasts for the near future.

    • Shutting down the postal service as an act of “protective custody” would play into Trump’s hand. Was reading about the “Night of the Long Knives”…not too far-fetched today.

    • I have a lot of comments for this post. Sorry, no offence, but there are some glaring mistakes or at least misunderstandings of what can happen.

      “it could also be a contested election dragging on for weeks causing outrage & nastiness on both sides”.
      This I agree with. Indeed one online news outlet was suggesting that because so many votes would be cast by post, that Election Night may last for a week or more, as states keep changing hands as more votes are counted.

      “if no one comes out as a clear winner, a procedure called a “contingent election“ kicks in, by which the contingent election for the president is decided by a vote of the newly elected US House of Representatives…in the above scenario, Biden would be voted in by the US House Democrats since it’s expected that they will maintain the majority.”
      Now keep in mind that the Election that matters for the “contingent election” scenario to work is not the public/General Election, but the votes of the Electoral College. If neither candidate gets a majority of the Electoral College OR if both candidates get an equal number of votes/tie in the Electoral College (meaning that they get 269-269 each), then it goes to a “contingent election”. The chances of the former (of neither candidate getting a majority in the Electoral College) are practically non-existent, especially as there are no major third-party candidates to garner enough Electoral College votes, while the latter scenario (of both candidates getting 269 electoral votes) is possible, albeit very slim.

      So, what would happen in a “contingent election”? Democrats will vote to make Biden President, right? Wrong.

      This scenario was played out in season 4 or 5 of the TV series “Veep”. Basically every *state* gets one vote and that vote is cast by the agreement of all the Representatives of that state. So, for instance, all of California’s 53 representatives would cast one vote, while Wyoming’s one rep would cast one vote. So the balance of each state’s representation in the House of Reps will matter a great deal. Here the Republicans will have a stronger hand, as states with fewer representatives (generally more rural states) can (a) decide which way they are going to vote faster and (b) tend to be Republican.

      The person to get 26+ state votes wins and becomes President-Elect.

      Contingent elections are “extremely rare but has happened three times in US history all in the 1800’s”
      Correct. And all the instances of contingent elections occurred before the US developed the two-party system that it has today. That is why there could be scenarios of two people getting exactly half the Electoral College vote (the 1st contingent election) or of all candidates getting less than half the EC vote (the 2nd contingent election; the 3rd was only for the vice-presidency).

  7. Just watch….. Trump has something up his sleeve. He’ll unleash a major dirty trick at the last minute to save his a$$. No way is this ruthless, win-at-all-costs crook going to let go of the Oval Office. NO WAY. He’s already laying the groundwork for a chaotic election by constantly proclaiming that mail-in ballots equal fraud, and of course his mentally-challenged followers are sucking up every word.

  8. Joe Biden will have the worst job on the planet, if he beats Trump in November.
    No wonder he will/may be sagging from October onwards to January 2021.

    The current situation regarding the USA is enough to depress anybody, let alone a Presidential

    • @Robert Jones, I truly don’t think people have absorbed how horrendous 32.9 per cent drop in Q2 GPD in The US is. That 20 million people are going to loose their homes this month. That unemployment will stop comming for many. The real economy drop is gigantic, much worse than the one seen in 2008, which affacted people with inflated real estate values.

      I don’t know how long exactly will it take for stock market to panic. They may not do this ever. But the reality is American Middle Class, as we know it, might finish within few short months. The shift would be in scale with 1929-30, and effects similar.

      • Sobering thoughts from Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph (behind a paywall so I’ve selected chunks: “The situation in the US seems utterly catastrophic, and not just on the economy and the renewed spike in infections a country sinking into chaos, with the economy down a staggering 32.9pc on an annualised basis in the second quarter, unemployment continuing to mount, rioting on the streets, a widening cultural divide and a President demanding that November’s election be suspended.
        A constitutional crisis is threatened on top of the parallel health and economic crises.
        In Blighty, things scarcely look much better. An indecisive and cowed government is plainly making it up as it goes along, quarantining here and locking down anew there, seemingly cheered on by a public that has been terrified by overly zealous messaging, but for now is insulated from the consequences of the resulting economic damage by government income support. I hesitate to use the word propaganda, but there really is no other way of describing the scaremongering, magnified as it is by the hysteria of the 24-hour news channels and the misinformation of social media. The response seems out of all proportion to the magnitude of the threat.”

        • This also a reason I think there might be, come November, an “unexpected” steer to left with candidates advocating for stronger social security. I realize World is a very different place now than it was in the 1930’s, but we recently finished watching Ken Burns’ documentary series on country music. I knew Johnny Cash grew up at a New Deal colony, but was surprised many other country stars did so, as well, all through what now seem some of the areas most opposed to “Government handdowns”. And while GOP operatives seem to think they can keep it that way through talk radioshows (which, maybe not incidently, emerged in South during or right after Depression), I think they may underestimate the power of hunger and cold as reality checks among their own “base”.

          I could be wrong, too, but New Deal was largely implemented with Uranus in Taurus, but it does seem Aquarius Saturn square Taurus Uranus could see new proposals in tackling income inequality, not just in The US, but in India and parts of South America, where covid-19 restrictions have led to widespread social issues.

  9. Think that Trump’s “main crime(s)” at this point are his horrifically impulsive, erratic nature added to the fact that it’s his finger on the nuclear button. In addition, he has destroyed 70 years of our precious alliances and given God knows what state secrets away to North Korea and Russia. Biden is indeed a traditional politician with ties to the military industrial complex, but he is not crazy. Unsure whether the U.S. can withstand another four years of the dangerous status quo.

  10. ‘Joe Biden himself is sagging from early October to late January 2021 with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint; plus a failed-plans tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint from late this August to late November’

    Wow Marjorie! The picture those words conjure up is definitely not what many people want to entertain. Oh dear. But it could be something else going on for him too.

    I do agree with Hugh that Trump is a ‘symptom’ and also catalyst/trigger man for the undercurrents of American society that they pretend don’t exist in true Hollywood style. So I think whomever comes in has a hell of a job getting things in order which gonna take way more than a term to fix. If its Trump again well ……!

    • Yes, I can see too that Trump is symptomatic of the deeper strata in the US’s psyche. There is as you say a certain tendency in the past to see its reflection through a gauze. Whoever wins, they will be lumbered with the USA’s unenviable Pluto return.

  11. Trumps main crime in the eyes of the US political establishment of both parties is not that he is incompetent, possibly corrupt, egomaniac but that he is an outsider and not one of them. The Bush family have never forgiven him for humiliating Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican primaries. The fact some of the authors of the Project for the New American Century and the 2003 Iraq war are actively backing Jo Biden ought to give some US voters pause for thought. What you may be getting come November 2020 may not what you are hoping for. As always I see Trump as symptom not cause of the USA current ills and they won’t be disappearing once he is gone. If anything the astrological charts post the upcoming US Presidential election look more challenging than those of Trumps current Presidency.

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