Sean Penn & Leila – the odd couple


Sean Penn appears to have taken the plunge into the marital pond yet again with his 32-years-younger girlfriend actress Leila George. He’s previously been hitched to Madonna and Robin Wright, as well romantically involved with Charlize Theron amongst many others. Leila George is the product of a brief marriage between actors Greta Scacchi and Vincent D’Onofrio with her mother flitting on to further liaisons thereafter.

Sean Penn, born 17 August 1960 3.17pm Burbank, California (a mere six months after Leila’s mother and a year after Leila’s father) is an uncompromising Sun Uranus in Leo is a confident and adventurous trine to Jupiter.  His infamous short-fuse comes additionally from an argumentative Mars in Gemini on his Descendant square Pluto Venus in Virgo – so he’ll be pretty full-on when it comes to one-to-one relationships. His intense Cancer Moon on the cusp of his 8th opposes Saturn and trines Neptune which again won’t be easy for domestic bliss.

He will be ultra-charming when it suits him with Venus Pluto and stroppy when it doesn’t with Sun Uranus. His well-populated 9th house of communication with his Sun Uranus and Venus Pluto there will fuel his rhetoric when it comes to his activism.

Leila George, 20 March 1992 in Sydney, Australia has been with him for four years so she must have half an idea what she’s getting into. Her Sun is on the cusp of Pisces/Aries trine Pluto in Scorpio with her Pluto being square Mars and Saturn in Aquarius so not an easy chart or an easy early life. She’ll be acclimatised to stressful and scary/frustrating situations. She’s also got a highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn square Mercury in Aries.

Her Pluto square Mars and Saturn clash with Penn’s Sun Uranus in Leo so it is an odd match. Although on the upside her Venus in Pisces opposition Jupiter connects with his Pluto Venus in Virgo for a hint of passion and her Sun squares his Jupiter which will smooth a few rough edges.

Their relationship chart has a super-ambitious though illusory composite Sun opposition Neptune Venus and trine Pluto. With a power-struggling, dominating composite Mars opposition Pluto.  And an ‘adventurous’ and needs-space Jupiter Uranus in a blocking square to Saturn.

In some ways Leila’s relationship with Sean Penn is not dissimilar to that with her mother Greta Scacchi, 18 February 1960 11.15am Milan, Italy, who is a Sun Aquarius opposition Uranus in Leo. Leila’s Mars Saturn and Pluto clash with the Sun and Uranus in both the parent and the spouse charts. And her relationship chart with her mother has a similar composite Sun square Neptune, inconjunct Pluto and Jupiter Uranus square Saturn and square Mars; with Mars trine Pluto.

A tricky childhood inevitably leads to tricky adult relationships – with damaging patterns that have been normalised by the child (since there was no choice) lead them into being attracted to the same kinds of energies in their early adult life.


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  1. ‘Sean Penn appears to have taken the plunge into the marital pond yet again with his 32-years-younger girlfriend actress Leila George. ‘
    That is terrifically surprising…never the one for the obvious mythology, is our Sean.

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