Amazon – making money out of the recession

Amazon posted the biggest profit in its 26-year history as online sales surged during the pandemic. They have hired more staff in recent months unlike most companies; revenue was 40% up from a year ago to $88.9 billion and Amazon shares have risen by more than 60% this year. They are starting to expand into free grocery deliveries affecting supermarkets’ prospects; and their cloud and data storage while not as successful as Google’s Alphabet is also up.

The Amazon First Sale chart of 16 July 1995 is amazingly robust with a creative, sturdy and stubborn Water Grand Trine of a Cancer Sun trine Pluto (conjunct Jupiter) trine Saturn Moon. Cancer is a sign well designed for sniffing out public taste and is home-oriented.  That is formed into an even more talented Kite by Saturn Moon opposition Mars, which pulls together a Half Grand Sextile of Mars sextile Pluto sextile Uranus Neptune sextile Saturn.  It’s a hard-driving chart, complicated and unsentimental.

The initial IPO chart 15 May 1997 has an expansive Taurus Sun square Jupiter; and trine Mars and Neptune; with a Yod of Saturn sextile Jupiter inconjunct Mars. Tr Pluto Saturn Jupiter is trine the Taurus Sun this year which will be giving a boost. Though there’s anxiety as well, returning this October to late January 2021 with tr Neptune opposition the Mars.

Where the company chart looks to be running into more troubled times is between 2022 and 2026 – with an undermining and uncertain tr Neptune conjunct the Saturn and then opposition the Mars; with a raft of sticky Solar Arcs – a dead-halt Solar Arc Pluto square Saturn in 2023; more setbacks from Solar Arc Saturn square Sun in 2025; and meeting a total road-block with Solar Arc Pluto square Mars in 2026. This year does hint at challenges with tr Saturn Pluto Jupiter opposition the Sun and conjunct the Neptune. The high levels of anxiety will run on through 2022 until 2023 with tr Pluto upending the Uranus for a major reorganisation.

Jeff Bezos, 12 January 1964, founder and CEO, now by far the world’s richest man, is also running into stormier seas in coming years with a sticky Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun in 2023 which is when he has the deeply frustrating and blocked tr Pluto conjunct his Mars, running into 2024.  He’s hardly likely to be looking for breakfast but there may be a few hurdles to overcome across the transition into the new era brought about by the outer planet sign shifts.

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  1. You are an amazing lady, Marjorie, swift as lightning and very efficient at processing information and astrological data – I’m impressed !

    Later problems for Amazon may come from efforts from states to rein in the abuses of power of the US technological giants.
    The EU has opened a formal antitrust investigation to assess whether Amazon’s use of sensitive data from independent retailers who sell on its marketplace is in breach of EU competition rules.

  2. I’ve read recent articles that Bezos is funneling massive $$$ into his rocket venture Blue Origin in hopes of catching up to Elon Musk. I had a couple of interviews with Blue Origin…and I came away disappointed. My impression was that Blue Origin was simply throwing people at “problems” in hopes of accelerating into space. I do wish them luck.

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