John Lennon – 35 years on

John Lennon was shot dead in New York 35 years ago and since then Yoko Ono, his widow, has established a better image as an artist, rather than as the much-hated Beatles-destroyer. A former BBC disc jockey, the last person to interview to Lennon, has now come forward with some unpleasant things to say about her (see Daily Mail).

Born 18 Feb 1933 8.30pm Tokyo, she has a 5th house Aquarius Sun, with Venus Saturn also in Aquarius in the 5th so likes attention, good organiser, cold. A 10th house Pluto in Cancer squares a 7th house Uranus – so controlling and attracted to unconventional relationships. Her Sagittarius Moon is square Neptune Mars Jupiter in Virgo in the 12th opposition Mercury North Node in Pisces – freedom-loving, short-tempered, evasive.

Quite an odd chart that doesn’t hang together well. Clumps of Virgo and chunks of Aquarius.

When Lennon died there was an exact Saturn Jupiter in Libra conjunction just crossing her Ascendant and her Solar Arc Jupiter was trine her MC – so thrusting her into the spotlight, with benefits. Admittedly there was also a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Neptune as well.

John Lennon, 9 Oct 1940 6.30pm Liverpool, was a Sun Libra, with Moon Aquarius opposition Pluto square Mercury so attracted to powerful women. He was born on an exact Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus and died two JupSats later. For a few Jupiter Saturn brings iconic status which throws them too high and they are then cut down.
His Solar Arc Mars opposed his Saturn Jupiter when he died; with his Solar Arc Sun just over the opposition to his Uranus – a troubled time in his life.

His relationship chart with Yoko had a passion-inducing composite Venus trine Pluto. But that apart was irritable, not kind and not mutually supportive, with a Saturn opposition Mars Neptune square Sun.

Pakistan – Fatima Bhutto speaking truth to power

Pakistan has faded from international headlines recently apart from Imran Khan’s divorce and Malala, the teenager who was shot by the Taliban and has now become an activist. And cricket of course. And there has been some indication of a warmer relationship with India.

The Pakistan, 14 Aug 1947 9.30am Karachi, chart has tr Uranus trine the Leo Sun this year and into early 2016 which does indicate beneficial changes. Tr Uranus is square the Pak Cancer Moon in 2015/early 2016 which suggests some emotional upsets amongst the population, which will intensify when tr Pluto moves to oppose the Moon in 2017/2018. That latter looks like internal unrest over government policies or actions.
Though tr Pluto will also sextile the 2nd house Jupiter in Scorpio then which could bring a financial boost for two years and more confidence. That goes along with another sign of hopeful change in 2017 when tr Uranus is sextile the MC – so a decision to change direction.

Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister’s Term chart, 5 June 2013 5.32pm Islamabad, has a very secretive, inward-looking feel with a Water Grand Trine in the hidden Water houses – Saturn 12th trine Neptune on the IC in the 4th trine Mercury Venus in Cancer in the 8th. Not always practical, disappointing to the electorate, very focussed on money; and with the unstable Pluto square Uranus

Fatima Bhutto, niece of Benazir, has been outspoken in her comments about the continuing violence and corruption, re-institution of the death penalty but says she has no political ambition. Since her father, aunt and grandfather were all killed maybe it is not surprising.

Born 29 May 1982 3.45am Kabul, she has a communicative 1st house Gemini Sun Mercury opposition a 7th house Uranus – so keen to walk her own path. She’s got a confident though hidden Fire Grand Trine of Venus in Aries in the 12th trine Neptune in the 8th trine a 4th house Leo Moon, formed into a Kite by Venus opposition Pluto Jupiter. So very talented though also self-protective.
Her 5th house Mars in Libra trines her Aquarius Midheaven so she is ambitious though perhaps content to have a platform for her views rather than actively seeking power.

She looks uncertain, confused and downbeat exactly now with tr Saturn square tr Neptune sitting on her Sun though that moves on after mid January 2016. There are major changes coming for her in 2016 with tr Uranus opposing her Pluto and moving the following year to conjunct her Venus. That could be health issues.
There will be a major change of direction for her career-wise in 2018 when tr Uranus squares her MC. But that may not be towards politics. Tr Saturn is moving upwards in her chart reaching a peak by 2020 when she will be taking on heavier responsibilities.
Her relationship chart with Pakistan will position her as a trailblazer but more with words than taking up the reins of power.

Saudi Arabia – warring princes

Not only is the present Saudi Royal family facing threats of rebellion from a different branch of the family, there appears to be growing rivalry between the two anointed successors to King Salman who is in declining health. It’s like a re-run of the Tudors from mediaeval England.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the king’s nephew, 30 Aug 1959, is interior minister. While Salman’s son Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 31 Aug 1985, is Defence Minister, pursuing an ill-advised, expensive and destructive war in Yemen (see previous post).

It would explain why King Salman’s Reign chart, 23 Jan 2015 1am Riyadh, has an undermining 4th house Moon Neptune Mars conjunction in Pisces square Saturn – a family which is not mutually supportive. Tr Saturn is squaring that conjunction at the moment till this December; and tr Neptune is conjunct the Mars through 2016. So it’s not getting better. Indeed Saturn will move by Solar Arc to square the Moon by 2018 which may see a cut-off point, if it doesn’t come sooner.

Both the Crown Princes have their Sun at 6/7 degrees Virgo so both are sagging badly and uncertain at the moment with the tr Neptune opposition. If anything Mohammed bin Salman looks to be having most problems with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Mars this year as well as his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Uranus. Both of which look dangerous and devastating. Mohammed bin Nayef has tr Neptune opposing his Venus through 2016 so not feeling popular.

Their relationship chart is atrocious with an argumentative composite Sun Mars conjunction square a distrusting and aggravated Neptune Saturn. That again is being chipped away by tr Saturn and tr Neptune through the next year.

There’s an intriguing comment in today’s Independent that the UK may be guilty of war crimes in selling munitions to the Saudis who are killing civilians in the Yemen. It would take an earthquake to stop the present UK government foregoing those massive defence contracts that fill the treasury coffers. But public and media pressure is beginning to build against Saudi executions, abuse of human rights and funding of jihadists.

The relationship chart between UK and SaudiA is under considerable strain in the time ahead with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Sun from early 2016 through till late 2017. With a definite upheaval from mid 2016 with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Pluto.

Woody Allen – 80, running out of steam

Woody Allen is 80 on 1 December and still going strong with several movie projects running ahead. Though his most recent got slated by the critics. ‘Half asleep’ and ‘lacking in humour’ were two comments.

Born 1 December 1935 10.55pm New York, he has a 4th house Sun Jupiter Mercury in Sagittarius square a 7th house Saturn in Pisces – which is where he’ll get his neurotic, inadequate image and his tendency to be up and down, sometimes enthusiastic, at others negative. Marriage for him means hard work and his first two were short-lived. There was then a long gap before he married Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter who was 27 to his 62 when they got hitched in 1997.

His Sun is also square a 1st house Neptune making him creative though also evasive. What always astonishes me about his chart is a hugely powerful, ruthless Pluto opposition Mars in 11th/5th houses, which you’d never guess looking at him.

He looks lack lustre in the year ahead with the tr Neptune in 7th square tr Saturn in his 4th hitting on his Sun, which looks like domestic/relationship problems.

It looks an edgy, insecure year ahead with tr Uranus square two of his Mars midpoints; and tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Moon and Sun/Saturn midpoints – so again marriage strain and a heavy slog to keep up motivation.

He said recently he enjoyed taking a paternal role with Soon-Yi his wife, but it may be the tables are about to be turned and she gets more of the upper hand as sometimes happens with a huge age gap. Their relationship chart shows a good deal of affection; but also an underlying power struggle.

Born 8 Oct 1970, she’s a Sun Uranus in Libra with a Capricorn Moon, Venus Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio; and a Mars Pluto conjunction in Virgo. So charming but quite maverick, seductive, and highly determined.

Sean & Micheline Connery – sunshine problems

Sean Connery’s wife Micheline is in trouble with the Spanish authorities over the sale of their Marbella villa 16 years ago with allegations of tax fraud. They want to prosecute her next year with the possibility of prison time and a swingeing fine. SeanC was initially investigated but is not to be charged. She says it was a simple sale and nothing more.

His chart, 25 Aug 1930 6.05pm Edinburgh, is being rattled at the moment by the tr Pluto square tr Uranus – hitting on his Cardinal Grand Cross. Tr Pluto is square his 3rd house Uranus on and off till late 2016 so a time of mental strain. With tr Uranus opposition his Venus now and again in early 2016, and square his 7th house Pluto in 2015 till spring 2016 -emotional upsets involving a spouse.
Plus tr Saturn has been square his Virgo Sun and Neptune a few weeks back. His Solar Arc Mars will conjunct his Virgo Moon in 2017 when tr Saturn will square both and oppose his natal Mars in Gemini. So all in all a troublesome time.

According to net sources (which may be dodgy) Micheline was born 2 September 1929 so if accurate would also be a Sun Neptune in Virgo. Two Virgo Suns together. It would give a composite Sun Neptune Venus Moon in the relationship chart which does look affectionate and complementary if a little Neptunian.

On this birth date she looks undermined in 2016 with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on her Sun throughout; with a shock in 2017.

But both are elderly so there may be other factors involved.

Grace Jones – persistent lateness to boost an entrance

The larger and louder than life Grace Jones, Jamaican supermodel, singer and actress has produced her memoirs, in which she devotes a chapter to her resolute lateness for all appointments and even concerts.

Born 19 May 1948 she’s a Sun Taurus square Mars in Virgo – so feisty, stubborn, determined. She’s got an adventurous Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Uranus; Saturn Pluto in Leo square a Taurus North Node; and a surprisingly sensitive Moon Neptune in Libra square Venus in Cancer. Under that brash exterior is emotional vulnerability. She was brought up initially by religious grandparents and then moved as a teenager to join her parents in New York.

She evidently revels in keeping people waiting – power issues maybe from Saturn Pluto – and then getting more attention from a late entry.

Her Venus which should make her more sensitive to the needs of others has harsh midpoint aspects – conjunct a controlling Sun/Pluto and chilly Sun/Saturn as well as = a ruthless Mars/Pluto = not always kind Mars/Saturn; and a quarrelsome Mars/North Node.

Marlene Jobert & Eva Green – talented family

Marlene Jobert, is a French actress and author of children’s books and others on classical music. She was an Algeria-born pied-noir – 4 Nov 1940 6.15pm Algiers -came to France as a child, married a Swedish dentist and has twin daughters, one of them an actress – Eva Green.

She has a very earthy and Fixed chart with a hard-working 6th house Scorpio Sun opposition Jupiter Saturn in Taurus square a 4th house Pluto – so controlling, tough. She also has an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus in Taurus trine a 9th house Capricorn Moon trine a 5th house Neptune; with Uranus opposition Mercury in Scorpio. So practical, talented, a good communicator, creative, lives away from her country of birth (Moon in 9th).

She has Venus in Libra beside Neptune in her performing and child-loving 5th; with Mars in Libra in the 6th square her Moon. She’ll be volatile with that Moon Mars, argumentative at home; plus the emphasised 4th house Pluto making her not the easiest of people to live with.

Her actress daughter Eva Green made her debut with Bertolucci in The Dreamers in her early 20s and has worked constantly since including in Casino Royale. She was born 6 July 1980 (according to her website and Facebook) at 10.05 am in Paris.

She has a friendly 11th house Sun and Mercury in Cancer trine a 4th house Uranus sextiling onto Saturn in Virgo – so a changeable home life, with the emphasis on work. Her 9th house Aries Moon opposes Pluto and squares onto Mercury – so like her mother funnels a good deal of her energy into communication. Her Sun is also square Pluto – so she’d feel fairly controlled by both parents.

She has a charming 10th house Venus in Gemini opposition a 4th house Neptune square Saturn (Mars in 2nd) in Virgo – quite complicated dynamics around family, career and money.

She’ll live abroad (away from France) in her adult life and has a long career ahead of her. Her Sun is conjunct Sirius which promises fame and wealth, though not always happiness. And her Ascendant is conjunct Regulus which also indicates wealth and prominence.

Benjamin Clementine – another triple conjunction mould breaker

Benjamin Clementine has won the Mercury Prize 2015 for music with his debut album. Born in Ghana, 7 Dec 1988, he grew up in London, then left his family to sleep rough in Paris busking to eat before he made his first album. His vocal range has been compared to Nina Simone and his passionate vocal delivery to Edith Piaf.

He’s another of the triple conjunction generation of Saturn Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, like Adele and several of the Paris terrorists. It was always going to produce an individualistic set of people – chaotic, highly strung, with potential for fanaticism, and for some tinged with genius.
He has a Sun Mercury in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries. Piaf – same Sagittarius Sun trine Mars in Leo. And an intense Venus Pluto Moon in Scorpio. His Mars is square Neptune Saturn Uranus – so quite volatile, suited to showbiz but used to a tough life and a rule-breaker.

His Pluto is trine a Pisces North Node, sextiling onto Neptune – so creative and musical.

Lady Colin Campbell – melodrama amongst the grubs

Celebrity Jungle has been shining the spotlight on Lady Colin Campbell, the arrogantly toffish loud-mouth who loves to shock. Born 17 August 1949 to a wealthy family in Jamaica, she had a birth defect which labelled her as a boy until she went for corrective surgery in her late teens. Her father was moody with a turbulent temper and her mother was narcissistic and cruel.

A brief early marriage gave her a title which she has hung onto. She’s written various books about the Royals, spilling the beans about Diana’s affairs and casting aspersions about the Queen Mother’s parentage amongst other titbits.

She is a Sun Pluto in Leo with Sun inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn – a hint of grandiosity and snobbery in there. Her Moon is either late Taurus or Gemini; though more likely Gemini square Saturn in Virgo which would be the cold mother; with Mercury Venus also in Virgo. Plus an excitable, overly impulsive focal point Mars in Cancer in a showbiz square to Neptune opposition North Node in Aries.

Her chart is reasonably similar to Princess Anne’s, born a year later, with the Leo Sun Pluto and Saturn Mercury in Virgo.

She looks less certain than she appears at the moment with tr Neptune opposition her Saturn and tr Pluto square her Neptune. But tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint till late this month will bring her luck.
Her 2016 looks mixed with a lucky tr Uranus square Jupiter but also tr Pluto opposing her Mars which will be fraught.

Kamel Daoud – talented, brave and making a difference

Kamel Daoud is an Algerian journalist and novelist whose first novel The Meursault Investigations won the Prix Goncourt amongst others. He’s had a fatwa issued against him for his writings on Islam (see Saudi Arabia below).

Born 17 June 1970 in Algeria, he’s a Sun Gemini square Pluto, trine Jupiter in Libra; with Pluto in a tough trine to Saturn in Taurus; and a high-adrenaline Mars in Cancer square Uranus. So a mix of communicative, determined, fair-minded and used to risk.

He’s got creative quintiles linking Sun Venus and Pluto in his 5th Harmonic. His even more creative 7th Harmonic is exceptionally strong with two Grand Trines. His ‘obsessive dream’ 11th is also marked; as is his leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H.

He’s got a fairly tough 2016/17 ahead with tr Pluto trine his Saturn and into 2017 tr Saturn opposition his Sun and square his Pluto.