North Korea – Trump’s Bay of Pigs moment



As the insults and threats escalate between North Korea and the USA, with China warning of the possibility of outright war, some additional thoughts to earlier posts (below). Kim Jong Un’s leadership chart is certainly at daggers drawn with tr Pluto trine Mars at the moment till the start of this June; and returning on and off till late 2018. Though he may have toppled before then.

China’s patience with North Korea looks at an end this year with tr Saturn square their composite Mars, Venus and exactly now Sun, all repeating on and off till later in 2017. Though they certainly don’t want a united Korea under American protection on their doorstep.

South Korea who are on the front-line look nervous, braced for an assault with tr Uranus trine their Saturn from April 24th till early May, and repeating Nov and Feb 2018. [Soft aspects often act like hard where country charts are concerned.) And trapped in a high-risk situation with tr Pluto square their Mars in mid July to early Sept, and late Oct to early December this year.

More concerning is the tr Uranus opposition Mars in the South Korea/North Korea relationship chart, which sparks off April 24th to early May, Nov, Feb 2018. That is disruptive, agitated, insecure and prone to explosive disruptions.

The USA/China relationship chart is at its most fraught in June to early July, across the New Year and on and off till late 2018 with tr Pluto square their composite Mars. So tempers are running very high in what appears to be at the very least an aggravated impasse, but could be more dangerous.


Post March 4 2017: North Korea will be the urgent headache were President Obama’s words to Donald Trump as he exited. With Kim Jong-Un now proudly proclaiming that their nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles are almost ready and fears in the USA that their defences against such an attack isn’t robust enough, tensions are mounting. And since the missile sites are widely dispersed and mobile, destroying them on the ground in advance isn’t an option.

The upcoming Leo Solar Eclipse in late August this year could be a crisis-point. The relationship chart between the USA and North Korea has Mars at 27 Leo, close to the Eclipse – which will also set a fuse under Donald Trump’s Mars Ascendant in Leo. The North Korea 9 Sept 1948 chart has Saturn at 28 Leo; and Kim Jong-Un’s leadership chart has Neptune on the Eclipse. He may be more delusional even than usual.

Kim Jong may be destabilised altogether by 2018 with the Solar Arc Uranus square the Sun Pluto on his leadership chart, 29 Dec 2011 11.57am. And the country looks even more bedraggled and impoverished than ever in 2018 with tr Neptune opposition the Virgo Sun.

James Mattis, Secy of Defense, does looked shocked around the August Eclipse with his Venus at 28 Leo; and is certainly facing a major jolt as his Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct his Sun, either later this year or into early 2018.

This may be joining too many dots together and whatever transpires could be entirely unconnected with several different scenarios running simultaneously.

If anything the USA/N Korea relationship chart points up 2017 as high tension; and 2018 as more likely for an engagement with tr Pluto sextile the composite Mars, tr Uranus square Uranus and trine Pluto.

Donald Trump’s astrocartography does have his Mars Desc running through western North Korea and China; with his Pluto Desc through eastern China – so it is a hot spot for him.


Post: Jan 5 2017

Twit-in-chief has been taking to the airwaves to sneer at North Korea’s claim to have a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the US. Experts believe N Korea hasn’t the technology to get most missiles off the ground never mind across 6,500 miles to the US. Not content with tramping Kim Jong Un underfoot, Trump took a sideswipe at China for not reining in North Korea. In turn, China warned the President-elect about not escalating the situation by provoking Kim Jong Un, who is a loose cannon at the best of times.

Trump has Mars on his Descendant relocated to North Korea so it is a region that will stoke his aggression. With both his Mars and Pluto in his relationship 7th house through China, matching the China natal Mars Pluto in the 7th – so a combustible combo.

Kim Jong Un’s birth date is questionable, ranging over 1983/84 with maybe different months. However his Leadership chart of 29 December 2011 11.57 am P’yonggang is sound. That chart is struggling through stormy seas in 2017/2018 from this March onwards with tr Pluto trine the Mars – enraged, frustrated and high-risk. Where he may come a cropper altogether is in 2018 with the Solar Arc Uranus square the Leadership Sun Pluto. That could tip him off his perch, with tr Uranus also opposition the Saturn in Libra.

He is facing internal problems from poverty and more so from the possibility of an assassination and coup. His brutal executions of reams of high level officials, including relatives, makes it more likely a last-resort retaliation comes at some point.

The North Korea, 9 September 1948 5.27pm? P’yonggang chart is deflated over coming months with the Solar Arc Mars squaring Neptune, so facing failure; with some change possible with an element of risk come 2018/19 as tr Saturn is conjunct the NK Uranus; and tr Uranus is trine the NK Saturn and opposition the Mars in Scorpio. It’ll be a time of change and insecurity.

The USA/NK relationship chart is intense and spitting this year with tr Pluto opposition the composite Venus; but not really getting agitated until 2018 with tr Uranus trine the composite Mars; and tr Pluto trine Saturn.

South Korea on the other hand looks on high alert this year vis a vis NK, especially March, April, May. China looks frosty in the extreme with tr Saturn square the composite Sun, Mars, Venus late this month and through February, as well as twice more before the end of this year.

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  1. I’m sure Mar-a-Lago has a 5-star bomb shelter, so Trump can play all his war games without a care. Thanks for the additional info, Marjorie. This whole thing is getting just too scary.

    • With all the health violations just announced, doubt the food is 5-star edible. Let’s hope President Xi was offered a Happy Meal.

  2. My god. Better stock up on potassium iodide. If nukes are exchanged, the wind patterns come floating across the Pacific and up/over Alaska.

    Trump simply will not back down from his High Noon episode. There are no winners, only dead.

    That I should live to see these moments.

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