Jeff Sessions – falling out of favour



Trump may be pirouetting on past campaign utterances but his new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is holding fast to hard-line policies – pressing pause on implementing police reforms, withdrawing Obama-era protections for transgender students in public schools; ramping up the rhetoric about illegal immigrants, which could see the system collapse under the weight of prosecutions; and giving a benign wave to private prison contractors who see a glorious profit ahead.

The intriguing question is how does Stephen Bannon’s fall from grace and perhaps exit in the not too distant future impact on Sessions, who was his mentor? Together they promoted many of the ideas, white nationalist and other, on Breitbart which proved a winning formula for Trump – until he started to ditch some of them.

Sessions relationship chart with Trump is under a chill till early May with tr Saturn square the composite Sun and Mercury, then moving on to square the composite Venus and repeating those on and off till later this year. With serious jolts and aggravation in 2018 as tr Uranus squares the composite Saturn and opposes Mars.

Neither Jared or Ivanka Kushner are comfortable with Sessions.

He looks bullish at times through 2017/18 with tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter; despite a tranche of discouraging Saturn transits to midpoints this year; and a definite cataclysm this month with tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Pluto. But where he strikes really rough seas will be in 2018/19 as tr Pluto squares his Sun/Saturn and Mars/Saturn midpoints, which will see him cornered and enfuriated. Plus tr Saturn conjunct his Sun and Mars and then square his Neptune. He won’t be so ebullient by that time.

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  1. Isn’t late 2018 and 2019 when things get really bad not just for Trump but for his administration as a whole?
    I don’t see any way it could unless the Democrats take control of at least one chamber in the November 2018 midterms.

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