Aung San Suu Kyi – the shine has come off the saintly martyr



Aung San Suu Kyi has proved a disappointment to her international admirers, hopeful of a new era of democracy, human rights and respect for minorities, when she took over as de facto political leader of Myanmar. Her significant failure has been to speak out against the army killing of Rohingya Muslims which amounts according to observers to a crime against humanity, a genocide. Her attitude was described by the NY Times as a ‘cowardly stance.’ The immense authority retained by the military does mean she has limited power over what happens in conflict areas. But she has gone further than stay silent and is trying to discredit the Rohingya victims of rape, accusing human rights groups and foreign journalists of exaggerations and fabrications.

Recent elections have seen a slide in her party’s popularity amid a deluge of bad press pointing to the slow pace of changes and over-centralisation of power. Foreign investment is set to plunge 30%. Those who know her say she inspires both devotion and fear – ‘charming and charismatic, as well as sharp and authoritarian. very keen to be the sole decision-make.’ ‘In meetings, she is dismissive, dictatorial – in some cases, belittling. The government has become ‘so centralised, there is complete fear of her’.

Born 19 June 1945 in Rangoon, she is a Sun Gemini with Uranus also in Gemini, both square Jupiter in Virgo. What hardens her chart is Mars Venus in Taurus square Pluto. She looks confident in 2017/18 with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter; though tr Saturn opposing her Sun will give her a few downers this year. Where she starts to get really unsettled will be in 2019 as tr Uranus is conjunct her Mars, moving onto square her Pluto, which will upset her applecart; with tr Neptune opposition her Jupiter in 2020.

The Myanmar (Burma) chart, 4 Jan 1948 4.20am Rangoon, does have a mutinous population this year with feelings running her as tr Pluto continues to square the Moon; and tr Neptune opposing the MC moving into the 4th, also indicates confusion about direction and internal uncertainty in the years ahead. Tr Neptune will square the Myanmar Jupiter in 2018 for a period of financial disappointment running till late 2019. And with tr Saturn running down through the first quadrant, aiming for the 2nd house of finances come 2018 onwards for two years, it won’t be a quick economic turnaround.

She’s certainly still hemmed in by the military but is clearly anti-Muslim and not the shining hope of the liberals who supported her through her years of house arrest.

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