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Jean-Marie Le Pen, father of Marine, who started the far-right French Front National party in 1972, has been prosecuted for xenophobia and racism, Holocaust denial and hatred towards Muslims; has been convicted of assault; and accused of torture in Algeria when in the French army. Marine split away from him politically, reckoning rightly, that his views were too toxic for voters and has to some degree sanitised the Front National since taking over the leadership.

He was born 20 June 1928 3am Nantes, France, and has a 2nd house Sun Venus in Gemini, sitting on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Mars in Aries (conjunct Jupiter in Taurus) trine Neptune in Leo; with Saturn in Sagittarius; and Uranus in Aries square Pluto Mercury in Cancer. So plenty of Fire for hot air; an Air Sun for ideology; and Uranus square Pluto for troublemaking and a desire to upset the status quo. He also has a patriotic Cancer Moon in the 4th.

His relationship with Marine would always have been troubled with her Mars in an angry conjunction to his Moon; her self-reliant Saturn in Aries conjunct his aggressive Mars for more aggravation; his Pluto on her Midheaven creating a power struggle; his Saturn square her Jupiter and Pluto, so he’d be critical, dent her enthusiasm and try to block her will to power.

She’s more practical than he is with her four planets in earth signs.

Their relationship chart does indicate some affection from a composite Sun Venus Mercury; but the Sun is quincunx Saturn and Saturn is trine Mars and opposition Pluto. This would result in blockages, major irritations, a sense of being chained together and resenting it; and with the composite Mars trine Neptune, not mutually supportive. Their connection, not good at the moment, will be seriously shaken across the French election and after with tr Uranus square the composite Venus Mercury.

He has his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Moon this year which does suggest a happy family event. Though tricky to say how he’d react if she won – he wouldn’t know whether to smile or rage.

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  1. Hi Marjorie,
    Marion Maréchal le Pen, Marine’s niece, is purported to get on better with her grandfather Jean-Marie, than her aunt. She’s very right wing and a rival. How does this fit in astrologically? She’s been uncharacteristically quiet during this election campaign.
    Thank you.

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