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  1. Just checked Wikipedia, which gives Kim Jong Un’s wife (Ri Sol-Ju) a birthdate of Sept. 28, 1985-89. Can anything be ascertained from that, Marjorie?

  2. I’ve also been wondering about Kim’s wife. Very strange that she didn’t show up at the huge parade or the ribbon-cutting for the new skyscrapers. She has completely disappeared. Perhaps she got a bit uppity and met the same fate as Dear Leader’s uncle. Or she’s harvesting rice at a labor camp. Pity that there’s no birth data for her.

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    This is a bit unusual, but interesting none-the-less (in the East, incarnational astrology is completely normal). How does Alec Baldwin’s chart compare with Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the United States, born in the Finger Lakes area of New York state on January 7, 1800? (Take a look at the pictures.) A lot of times incarnations have resonances, memories. Baldwin did consider presidential politics himself, and now is parodying a president. Thanks!

    • Brin, He does look incredibly like Millard Fillmore. Not too much similar in their charts. MF was a Sun Capricorn; with a Gemini Moon opposition Venus Mars in Sag square Pluto, and sextile/trine Saturn in Leo. Baldwin’s Libra Moon may sit on MF’s MC. Both have Jupiter in Air and Saturn in Fire, but that apart not much else. Sorry.

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