Goldie Hawn – meditating her way to eternal youth



Goldie Hawn is back on screen after a 15 year absence playing Amy Schumer’s mother in Snatched, a comedy about a young woman who gets dumped by her boyfriend just before the pair are due to set off on an exotic holiday and persuades her risk-averse mother to accompany her on the trip instead.

Now an incredible 71 years old and still looking 39, she’s been talking about her interest in meditation, her Hawn Foundation Mindup programme to help traumatised children cope by meditating; and her 34 year old partnership with actor Kurt Russell, after two failed marriages.

She was born 21 November 1945 9.20am Washington DC with a Jewish mother and a Presbyterian father and her only ambition was to be a dancer. But Hollywood grabbed her and she was very bankable for three decades.

She has a friendly and intense Sun Scorpio in the 11th in a practical trine to Saturn in Cancer; with Jupiter conjunct her MC trine Uranus, so lucky breaks would come easily to her. She also has a megaton Mars Pluto in Leo in her 8th – often bubbly blondes who never seem to age like normal people have heavy charts. Her Mars Pluto squares a seductive Venus in Scorpio.

Kurt Russell, 17 March 1951 10.42am Springfield, MA, is a Sun Jupiter in Pisces opposition Saturn; with a Cancer Moon; and Mars and Venus in Aries trine Pluto.

Their Water sign Suns click, though it won’t always have been the easiest of relationships with her Saturn conjunct his Moon and square his Venus. But he is quite Saturnine with his own opposition; and his Saturn is sextile her Sun. Usually long running relationships require a fair amount of Saturn to give them durability.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus; although the composite Sun is on the focal point of a Yod to Uranus sextile Saturn, which would give rise to strains. But they will communicate well with an Air Grand Trine which will help. Plus a successful Jupiter in the 10th opposition a happy-family 4th house Moon square a filmic Neptune.

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