Prince Alexander of Sweden – parachuted into a palace

Prince Alexander of Sweden was born on 19 April 2016 at 6.25pm Stockholm, Sweden. He is the first born of Prince Carl Philip, fourth in line to the throne and his wife, former semi-nude glamour model Sophia Hellqvist. They married in June last year, so a honeymoon baby.

Alexander has an unaspected 7th house Taurus Sun so he may have problems establishing his identity and will want a partner’s support. Though with Venus Uranus in Aries also in the 7th he’ll tend to be erratic in his commitments.

His Venus Uranus square Pluto conjunct his IC – so he will feel trapped at times in his home and family life. He does have a confident and business-like Earth Grand Trine which will help, of Pluto trine Jupiter in Virgo trine an 8th house Mercury.  Though there’s also an awkward Neptune opposition Jupiter square Mars Saturn in Sagittarius in his 3rd – which suggests a childhood which instils discipline and doesn’t always take care of his needs – and fairly aggravated relationships with siblings.  His 12th house Libra Moon has only one aspect in sextile to Mars – so not well nurtured in an emotional sense.

It’ll be a tricky relationship with both parents, especially his mother since her Sun Uranus in Sagittarius is conjunct his focal point Mars Saturn.  And his father’s Moon Neptune in Sagittarius will also not always make for harmony.

His relationship chart with his mother looks rather erratic and bleak with a composite Sun Uranus and composite Venus square Saturn Pluto. With his father – composite Sun square Uranus as well and Mars; with a Moon Saturn conjunction.

So the usual guddle of complicated family dynamics typical of Royals.


Greece – back on the brink

Despite having slid off the headlines recently, the situation in Greece appears to be no less dire with unemployment at 30%, one in four businesses closed and one in three in poverty. With debt repayments looming, there are fears that it could now be heading towards a disorderly default.

The Bank of Greece, 7 Dec 1927 chart has a stomach-lurching Solar Arc Mars opposition Neptune this year; with the tr Saturn square tr Neptune in hard aspect to the 10 degree Sagittarius Saturn and Sun, continuing and worsening through 2017 as tr Neptune squares the Sun. Plus tr Pluto opposition Pluto. So hugely stressful and not winning.

The Greece 1974/EU relationship chart looks set to rock ‘n roll even more precariously than last year with tr Uranus opposition the composite Sun now and heading to hard aspect Moon and Venus; and tr Pluto in a hugely frustrating and bitter square to the composite Mars; and a disruptive tr Pluto trine Uranus. If anything it’ll be more knife-edge than in 2015.

Hong Kong – fighting to keep promises upheld

The sudden dismissal of a Hong Kong newspaper editor who ran a front-page story based on revelations from the Panama Papers, mentioning local celebrities, officials and businessmen, has raised concerns. The sacking comes two years after another of the paper’s editors was also dismissed (and subsequently stabbed), and replaced by a more pro-Beijing executive. Hong Kong officially retained its civil liberties and legal protections when control was handed from Britain to Beijing in 1997, but there was always concern that the Chinese government would impose tighter control.

The HK 1 July 1997 12am chart, does have tr Uranus moving through its 1st house and conjunct Saturn this year – which is classic for tensions erupting because of a drive for freedom and independence. With a similarly stressed Solar Arc Saturn square the HK Uranus, exact in five months’ time. Tr Uranus is also square the Solar Arc MC this year pointing to jolting changes of direction. It won’t get easier since tr Pluto will square Saturn in 2017 and 2018 which looks highly repressive.

The HK/China relationship chart is on a panicky downhill slide this year until early 2017 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars; with tr Saturn square Mars adding a few aggravated weeks along the way. With tr Uranus conjunct the composite Uranus threatening to upset the applecart this year as well.  By 2018 tr Pluto will square that Uranus for a total turnaround in relations which is unlikely to be in Hong Kong’s favour.

Ched Evans – facing another trial

Welsh ex-International footballer Ched Evans has had his conviction for rape quashed on appeal and will stand for a retrial.

Born 28 December 1988, he’s a Sun Capricorn conjunct the triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune with a Virgo Moon; his Mercury also in Capricorn is trine Jupiter in Taurus – so a very Earthy chart.

He looks cheered obviously at this news with tr Uranus trine his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint; but 2017/2018 look very aggravating and stuck with tr Pluto square his Mars in Aries.

Prince – Mars Yod meets Uranus T Square

Another day, another celebrity dies. Quite a year with the illness-prone Saturn square Neptune around. In the past it has accompanied epidemics but it also leads to heightened worries, paranoid thoughts, an undermining of certainties as Neptune dissolves Saturn’s grip on reality.

Prince, the eccentric and talented singer, who sold 100 million records, has died with suggestions of a recent drug overdose. He had a style that managed to be both highly sexual and androgynous at the same time.

Born 7 June 1958 6.17pm Minneapolis, Minnesota into a musical family, he had epilepsy as a child, claimed he needed very little sleep as an adult, and became a Jehovah’s Witness. He had various publicised romances, two brief marriages from one of which he had a child who died within days of a skull deformity.

He had an 8th house Sun Gemini (as befits a popular singer) opposition Saturn in Sagittarius. So he would be intense and prone to depression though his Sun trine Jupiter in Libra would help to bounce him up.

There was considerable stress in his chart from a Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune North Node inconjunct a 5th house (performing) Mars at zero Aries. That overly impulsive Mars would be one of the reasons he could survive without much sleep, since he would be constantly hyped-up. Plus his Pluto MC opposition a Pisces Moon squared onto Mercury in Gemini – which again would give him high nervous tension and a mind which could never settle. As well as a fear of being trapped and dark thoughts from Mercury Pluto.

And he had Venus in indulgent Taurus opposition Neptune Node square Uranus – making him experimental and innovative, slightly fanatical.

His Yod focal point Mars had moved by Secondary Progression to exactly square his Fixed T-Square focal point Uranus when he died – and that usually involves a considerable shock. Mars was ruler of his 6th.  Plus tr Uranus was just on the cusp of his 6th house of health.

When two configurations in a chart collide either through Solar Arcs or Progressions there is always a significant crisis.

Bill & Chelsea Clinton – highs and lows

I hate elections. You’d think they’d be straightforward with whoopees of glee from winners and tears from losers. But no such luck. Sometimes there is total panic on winners’ charts or utter exhaustion after the marathon process, which are difficult to distinguish astrologically from failure.

My recollection is that both Bill and Chelsea Clinton looked remarkably upbeat at the last election/ inauguration which was misleading. But presumably meant sighs of relief all round.

Bill has all manner of ups and downs through this year – losses in June, rather crushed mid July to early September; then bouncing again Sept to mid Oct; and dashed hopes mid Oct across the election. He’s also got tr Neptune opposition Mars/Pluto across the election which is bad news. Though could be health issues rather than Hillary’s chances.  However he does look very exuberant and cheerful over the Inauguration, with his Jupiter return days after it.


Chelsea Clinton, expecting a second baby in the summer, is certainly in for an emotional time with tr Uranus conjunct her Venus and opposition her Pluto exactly on the election – so sudden changes, surprises, could be good or not so great. Though she’s also got tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus then which is usually good for elections. And in early January just before the Inauguration she has tr Jupiter conjunct Pluto, opposition Venus which looks like social success and confidence.

Hillary’s relationship with Chelsea looks very enthusiastic around the inauguration, and through chunks of this year.

Bill’s relationship with Hillary looks downbeat late Aug to late Sept with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars; and separated in 2017 with tr Saturn opposition Uranus and square the composite Sun Mercury. But that could just be pressures of an exceptionally busy schedule.

Quite what conclusions to draw from the above I wouldn’t know.

Victoria Wood – a bubbly Taurus Sun Pluto

Victoria Wood, the hugely popular, respected and talented English comedian, actress, singer, songwriter, screenwriter and director, has died suddenly of cancer.

Born 19 May 1953, a week after David Gest and two weeks after Tony Blair (see Gest post below), she shared their Sun Taurus square Pluto; and Venus in Aries opposition Saturn Neptune square Uranus. Plus Mars Jupiter in Gemini.  In her case she turned all that determination, maverick innovation and bubbly joie-de-vivre into a long and successful entertainment career. Her Moon was in Leo.

She had, as did David Gest, Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Saturn Neptune which is devastating; and a very disruptive tr Pluto opposition her focal point Uranus and tr Uranus conjunct her Venus as she died.

Three headline-grabbing personalities with largely similar energies all put to different uses. House positions would have made a major difference, of course, to health issues as well as how the planets were lived out.

Rudyard Kipling – dead but not forgotten

The Jungle Book has hit the cinemas, a remake from the old Rudyard Kipling short stories about Mowgli, the man-cub reared by wolves in India. Kipling was a prolific writer,– The Man who would be King, Gunga Din etc – a Nobel Prize winner aged 41, and exceptionally popular in his day. His poem IF -‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs’ – is much quoted.

His reputation has risen and fallen depending on the times since he was so quintessentially a symbol of British imperial rule in India during the Raj.

Born 30 December 1865 in Bombay/Mumbai, India at 10pm, he was sent, as was the custom, to England aged five to be fostered out and educated. He was bullied and mistreated for six years before being removed. He returned to India for a decade as an adult.

His Sun Jupiter in Capricorn opposed a 10th house Uranus squaring onto Neptune on the cusp of the 8th – so traditionally patriotic, but also a maverick and creative, with the capacity to project a powerful image out into the world. His Sun Jupiter was conjunct the UK and the India 1877 unification charts so he was close to both countries.

His 10th house Gemini Moon opposed a 4th house Mercury Mars Venus in Sagittarius – so again attached to home and family but also conflicted. He also had a tough Saturn in Scorpio opposition Pluto. His daughter died aged six and he lost his son in WW1, after which he became reclusive.

His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic was strong.

Gerald & Lawrence Durrell – animals and erotica

Another dramatized version of naturalist, zookeeper and conservationist Gerald Durrell’s books and family, is now on television. He was the younger brother of the novelist Lawrence Durrell, so a talented family.

Gerald Durrell, 7 Jan 1925, in India, lost his engineer father at 3, moved to the UK and then to Corfu when he was 10 when he started collecting local animals as pets. He was a Capricorn Sun opposition Pluto square Mars in Aries – so ultra-determined, fearless, short-tempered and overflowing with initiative. He had a tough Water Grand Trine of Saturn in Scorpio trine Pluto trine Uranus in Pisces, formed into a Kite by Pluto opposition Sun – so quite a powerful and private personality. He also had a Gemini Moon opposition Venus (Mercury) in Sagittarius square Uranus giving him a restless and adventurous spirit.

There’s no birth time but his chart has striking similarities to Rudyard Kipling’s.

His brother Lawrence Durrell, 27 Feb 1912 1am Jullundur, India was similarly strong-minded though in a different way. He had a Pisces Sun (Mercury) on the point of a T Square to Mars in Gemini opposition Jupiter in Sagittarius – so creative, ego-centric, acutely restless.

He had Neptune in the 8th and Pluto on the cusp of the 8th conjunct a 7th house Gemini Moon.

He became friendly with Henry Miller and his seminal work was the Alexandrian Quartet, especially Justine, a dark and erotic picture of Egypt during World War 11, which was shortlisted for a Nobel Prize.

His emotional life not surprisingly with Mars Moon Pluto in the 7th and a Venus Uranus conjunct in Aquarius was tumultuous; and he married four times, all of them parting company. His only daughter committed suicide five years before his death in 1990.