Kobe Bryant – a Virgo superstar

Kobe Bryant, considered one of the greatest basketball players ever, who over twenty seasons with the Lakers racked up multiple wins and championships, has been killed in a helicopter crash in fog. His 13 year old daughter Gianna and seven others were also killed.

He was born 23 August 1978 5pm Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (time unverified) with a professional basketball father and uncle, and grew up partly in Italy, where his father played latterly. He started playing basketball at 3 and studied videos of games his grandfather sent him.

He was a serious Sun Saturn in Virgo – in the 8th if this birth time is correct which would fit with a goal-oriented grandfather. He had a do-or-die determined and intensely charming Mars Pluto Venus in Libra in the 9th house of foreign countries and communication. With a maverick Uranus in the 10th, marking out a career away from the ordinary for him, in an emotionally unpredictably opposition to an indulgent and possessive 4th house Taurus Moon. He certainly had the drive and discipline to mark out his own path.

While there is never any reliable way of predicting death he did have his Solar Arc Sun Saturn crossing his Mars Pluto over several years around now – so whatever happened he would have been at a critical turning point. These are the two main aspects in his chart and when they come together it usually points to a phase of rolling crises.

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  1. Did his rape allegations also coincide with a transit to his Mars Pluto Venus conjunction in the 9th (also legal) house? Though the author is clearly a fan, his brief venture into Kobe’s not-so-shiny past offers some disturbing revelations: https://www.thedailybeast.com/kobe-bryants-brilliant-flawed-maddeningly-driven-genius.
    Seems like the local police had grounded their own choppers over the foggy conditions. Since Saturn is about suffering consequences when one shirks responsibilities, I wonder if arrogance had anything to do with his demise.

  2. Never trust a rounded off birth time. Isaac Starkman, official rectifier for Astrodatabank has rectified his birth time
    to 5:10:32pm, Harrisburg, PA, Ascendant, 12Cp31.

  3. What’s really heartbreaking is that this was their “ride” back from a basketball practise. Kobe had had his issues, but was undoubtably a very devouted father. A footage of him explaining the game to Gianna went viral just a couple of weeks ago. A lipreader has decifred the content, but even without that, most people would recognize that Kobe is saying something funny/complimentary to his daughter, and being a teenager, Gianna finds it a bit embarrashing.

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