John Bolton – threatening to blow up the impeachment trial


John Bolton’s book disclosure that the president tied military aid to Ukraine to investigations of Democrats, undercutting Trump’s denial defence, has been described as a “bombshell with political shrapnel going in all directions.” Before it was leaked, the Senate impeachment trial was speeding to an acquittal. Now Trump lawyers and Senate Republicans are preparing for the possibility that witnesses will be summoned — dragging out the trial for days or weeks.

Bolton, born 20 November 1948 in Baltimore, a foreign policy hawk, replaced HR McMaster (who replaced Michael Flynn) as National Security Adviser in 2018. He lasted sixteen months before exiting – Trump said fired, Bolton said resigned.

He’s a late Sun Scorpio inconjunct Uranus with Mercury also in Scorpio in an argumentative and unyielding square to Pluto.

His Mars in Sagittarius in a volatile, uncompromising opposition to Uranus clashes with Trump’s Sun and Moon so it was always going to be a competitive, combative relationship with volcanic flare-ups.

Bolton looks geared up and in confident forward-gear through February and again later in the year with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. Though he will have setbacks late March/early April and late June.

What is more significant is his relationship chart with Trump which indicates distinct aggravation February 11 to 19, repeating late August and again late October to November 12th over the election, with tr Saturn square the composite Mars. There’s also a disastrous and panicky mood in their relations from late March until late August and repeating late January to March 2021 with tr Neptune opposing the composite Mars/Pluto and Mars/Saturn midpoints. So Bolton could do real damage.

Bolton’s interface with Mitch McConnell is chilly, suspicious and unstable to start with having a composite Sun opposition Saturn square Neptune; and Uranus (Moon) opposition Venus square Mars. And there are a raft of separating tr Saturn hard aspects to four composite midpoints throughout the year with a flare up in late May; recurring late October to mid November across the election.

Interesting turn of events and could throw a real spanner in the works.

If responding and you’re more than welcome I’d be grateful if you’d restrict comments to either astrological ones; and/or brief informative AND dispassionate political ones. If you’re feeling enraged, aggravated or overly excited, please take several deep breaths and go for a nature walk.

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  1. Marjorie wrote this about John Roberts; quote: “There won’t be much let up thereafter with a panicky and undermining tr Neptune square the composite Sun/Pluto mid December to late January at the same time as a discouraging tr Pluto trine the composite Saturn; and WORSENS considerably through FEBRUARY 2020 with tr Neptune square the composite Mars bringing real flutters of panic. That’s when Trump’s personal chart is showing mounting strain, frustration and fear.”
    Now couple this with what she stated about Trump being aggravated with Bolton during the period February 11 to 19, and this thing ain’t over by a long shot!
    Roberts breaking a tie to set himself favorably in history maybe?

  2. Does anybody find it peculiar and interesting that Romney, Buttigieg and Bolton were apparently all born in previous Saturn Pluto conjunctions?
    Asking for a friend 😉

    • The chart here with Saturn/Pluto is Bolton/Trump composite. Bolton has Leo Pluto and Virgo Saturn. His Leo Pluto squares Scorpio Mercury, which is a telling aspect. On s side note, the persistance of Leo in Pluto Generation in The US politics is pretty amazing, in a way. They have been “retired” in most democracies, and I don’t remember The US politics being driven mainly by people in their late 60’s or early 70’s either. What’s interesting is that they’ve “recycled” many of Bush Sr. Administration officials, as well. Bolton was in both Administrations, but was “disgraced” as US Ambassador at UN.

  3. Try convincing Americans that life’s not fair. It’s not in our DNA. The Declaration of Independence and preamble to our Constitution tell us otherwise. Damn the realities. We’ll go to our graves trying to prove that life IS fair.

    • does sound a bit defeatist. one could always try living elsewhere. life being fair is all about entitlement. i’m not planning to go to any gravesite just yet.

  4. I guess I’m the only one for whom the “disclaimer” left a bad taste in my mouth. This is hardly a time or a topic for neutrality, and Chris’s comment was about as mild as you could expect from any decent American whose country is directly affected by this situation.

    • I clearly didn’t get my point across. Donald Trump may be the most hair-raisingly horrible person, which he undoubtedly is, and it is a terrible indictment of the USA that he was actually voted in. But the astrology doesn’t care. It takes no view on the rightness or wrongness of individuals and what happens to them. Some get their comeuppance in this lifetime and some don’t.
      George W Bush by rights should have been strung up before he exited the White House and yet he ambled off happily enough into the sunset. Robert Mugabe survived for decades before old age removed him.
      If you allow your personal outrage to get in the way you’ll interpret everything to fit with what you want and what you think any sane person would like – and some of the time you’ll get it very wrong.
      You have to pull back and focus on what the astrology tells you to the best of your ability. And this is an astrological forum not a political one.
      I’m sorry that Chris is anguished and desperate but it doesn’t help my thinking process to know that.

      • Marjorie, quite some years ago you wrote to me about getting too close to the details in astrology. At some point, it all falls apart; Distance and perspective is essential.

        Sometimes ya gotta step away from it all and just let life move along. There’s no right or wrong to it;

  5. Solaia: Interesting re your comment about “Trump’s transiting Saturn opposite Venus.” You suggest that it pertains to his love life and/or money issues. Wouldn’t it also reflect waning (or lack of) popularity?

    • It could be anything “Venus Related”. But, keeping it evidence based (Occam’s Razor), I’m more inclined to think it’s a money issues. There’s a lot of evidence gathered by top notch journalists on his businesses – and they are still his, he hasn’t divested properly – having been loosing money since he was elected. The only exception seems to be his Washington Hotel, and there could be a downturn too, if Corona Virus Infection keeps spreading.

    • Given that Venus rules the 10th house, the Saturn transit could well be a downturn in popularity, but Venus also rules Trump’s 3rd and Trump’s speech has been noticeably slurred and odd of late also, there is something in Trumps gait that doesn’t look at all right to me.

    • I thought that Saturn in Capricorn opposite Trump’s natal Saturn/Venus conjunction in Cancer was about trouble with his marriage or being unpopular with female voters.

  6. Chris, Dispassionate? When I became a journalist a thousand years ago it was not considered professional to hold any political views. Our role was as detached observers. Astrology is exactly the same. Adopting a zen-like attitude of acceptance for whatever happens isn’t easy but it is essential.
    The astrology says what it says but there are always differing ways of interpreting influences so you never know exactly what will happen. Getting over-invested in one outcome rather than others, or working on the assumption that life is fair will lead you way off track.
    Also bleeding your personal anguish in comments isn’t respectful of others. So I would be grateful, as I’ve said before, if you’re feeling uptight that you find some way off-site of re-centring before posting. Thank you.

  7. It was reported today that vulnerable Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado will vote “No” on witnesses. It’s also being reported that Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania is also suggesting he will vote “No” on witnesses.

    We need all Democratic Senators and at least 4 Republican Senators to vote “Yes” if there is to be witnesses. Over 75% of the public want witnesses in this trial….but the GOP isn’t complying.

    On top of everything else, the Trump administration is trying to keep John Bolton’s book from being published (which is supposed to be in March) claiming there is “classified” material in the book that could jeopardize the nation.

    Last but not least, The Hill reported today that Mitch McConnell is now “confident” he will have the votes for no witnesses this Friday.

    All in all, it’s only Wednesday….but this is turning into an awful week for those of us who detest Donald Trump.

    I have to ask: astrologically speaking, are there any aspects I may have overlooked that are giving Trump some undeserving luck right now?

    • I honestly thought since Mercury is now aligning with Saturn and Saturn is opposing Trump’s natal Saturn, he would start running into more difficulties….

      • I don’t think I quite follow the logic here. Mercury is 23′ Aquarius, Saturn is 24′ Capricorn. They are not “aligned”, unless you count semi-sextiles as significant aspects.

        There is a Saturn opposite Saturn passage on Trump’s chart, but that’s a generational aspect and waning. My experience is Saturn transits tend to “hit” before they are exact, and by the time they’ve passed, we’re dealing with fallout.

        Transiting Saturn was opposite Trump’s Mercury late March 2018 and then again in December 2018. It’d hard to keep up with these things, but I’m pretty certain he had one of his first public “episodes” of slurring words/freezing around that time. And he was particularly disoriented
        many times in November/December 2018.

        But what will be truly interesting is Trump’s transiting Saturn opposite Venus. This is related to something happening NOW, since the passage will be exact in a week. Saturn will go to Aquarius in March, but retrograde back to an exact opposition in earlySeptember 2020. What’s interesting is that Saturn will also turn direct at 25’20, and remain at opposition to Trump’s Natal Venus almost up until 2020 Election. So, the stress caused by “lovelife” and/or money issues to Trump will be significant.

        • Yes, Solaia, I think this transit to natal Venus and Saturn is well worth watching. The last time Saturn in Capricorn was opposing DT’s Saturn and Venus was in 1990. His business decisions in the late 80’s led to a very difficult time for him financially. Here’s a quote from Vanity Fair magazine in 2016:

          “In fact, by the early 1990s, the Republican nominee’s namesake company was hemorrhaging money and Trump was on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. As the Times documents in a new report pulling back the curtain on Trump’s near-financial ruination, the billionaire was careening toward personal bankruptcy following a series of misguided investments and mismanagement of his company in the late 1980s, forcing him to borrow money from his family.”

          1990 was also the year when his divorce proceedings with Ivana were constantly in the news, and his affair with Marla Maples a subject of intense press interest.

          Saturn comes around again, and it’s time for a change. Particularly when accompanied by his underworld friend, Pluto. Possibly some sort of “reckoning”, not least of financial matters……

          • And as a PS: On 2nd April 1990 the Trump Taj Mahal casino opened, with Saturn at 25 Capricorn, square Mercury (gambling) at 25 Aries. It closed in 2016. The story of this business is a switchback ride through murky financial “deals”, accusations, and extremely dubious associations.

            Saturn in Capricorn would represent history, as well as structures. The history of this building and its businesses – and indeed other commitments such as marriage – may re-emerge in some way this year.

    • Cory knows he’s a goner in November (Colorado has gone so blue that it elected an openly gay man as governor in 2018) so he’s sucking up to the Republican powers that be for a job on K-Street with his vote.

  8. “There’s also a disastrous and panicky mood in their relations from late March” Bolton’s book is now on pre-sale for a March 17 release. Maybe some serious damage is heading Trump’s way at last.

  9. Does any one know about an astrology article I read about Saturn opposite Pluto transit innTrumps chart right now or coming up real soon. Abuse of power stuff?

  10. A follow up: Mitch McDonnell has told the press he “currently” does not have votes to keep witnesses out of the process. It has also been reported Mitt Romney lead the “assault”. I’m curious about Romney’s role, really. John Bolton was Romney’s Foreign Policy Advisor during his 2012 presidential bid, so they have a tie.

    On superficial Astrological Level, his Scorpio Moon/Jupiter is within one degree from Bolton’s Sun. His Pisces Sun and Mercury trine Bolton’s Mercury. I’m wondering, is there a chance Romney is using Bolton as his tool?

    • McConnell stated that publicly so Trump would threaten those senators who were about to vote for witnesses privately. Of course Collins who is trying to save her senate seat in November voted for witnesses already knowing that there wouldn’t be enough votes to allow witnesses. Her vote and Romney’s were about creating a facade of decency.
      Oh look there were two Republicans who didn’t vote for this sham of a trial.

  11. If responding and you’re more than welcome I’d be grateful if you’d restrict comments to either astrological ones; and/or brief informative AND dispassionate political ones. If you’re feeling enraged, aggravated or overly excited, please take several deep breaths and go for a nature walk.

    Three cheers for the last paragraph!

  12. This pleases me so much. I knew Saturn would finally make its presence known. It’s a slow moving planet but it the wait was worth the while. Karma is associated with Saturn and Trump has an awful track record. So, in other words, the consequences for him can’t be good.

    One news reporter covering Trump’s impeachment said there is a lot more.that has said to come out.

    I noticed that John Bolton is a Scorpio. Scorpios are the last type of people who wants to cross. They never forgive a slight and they will make sure they get revenge even if it takes them 100 years.

    All in all, this was a very encouraging post and I enjoyed reading it.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida,U.S.

    • “I noticed that John Bolton is a Scorpio. Scorpios are the last type of people who wants to cross. They never forgive a slight and they will make sure they get revenge even if it takes them 100 years.”

      Bolton also had a reputation for being absolutely vicious, even by Washington standards.

  13. I’m so tired of “Republicans privately expressing concern” on credible witnesses, such as Alexander Vindman, that any astrology backing them to be at least willing to allow witnesses is welcome. Also, reports from about 40 minutes ago say Republican Senators are having an unscheduled meeting at McConnell’s office.

  14. Thank you Marjorie – what an intriguing development this is. A Sun Scorpio man with wide political and diplomatic experience, who happens to have Mercury in Scorpio aspected by Pluto, might have been mulling this over for quite some time I suspect. Revenge is a dish best served cold and all that….

    • No, the original whistleblower was a lower level CIA operative. He or she was not present when these calls were made or prepared, but read the (real) trascripts and was allarmed. That the whistleblower wasn’t present when the call was made was Trump’s team original “line of defense”, and was blown open by Alexander Vindman, who was “on call”.

  15. Cannot wait for Bolton’s testimony… a quadruple Aries, it’s hard for me to wait for anything! I’ll be champing at the bit until B Day. Thanks for your excellent post, Marjorie.

  16. So Nick Fury is poised to get his revenge. Captain America is positioning himself along with a few wannabe hero friends to call witnesses and save the day. Thanos and his trusted sidekick the Grim Reaper’s plan for a quick acquittal is slowly burning to ashes. I’d say things are going swimmingly!

    Nice touch with the warning disclaimer Marjorie.

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