Boris Johnson – can he make Brexit work?


All is going spiffingly well in Boris-land as the long-dangled carrot of Brexit is finally within reach. A right-wing commentator remarked after Davos that Britain is the most stable country in Europe. Other bystanders remark more sourly that having won the prize Boris has no idea of what to do next, either internally or EU-wise.

His personal chart is about to lose the panic-struck tr Neptune square his Mars/Node which greeted his election and has been around since so there’s no doubt his victory induced a degree of high anxiety. His central T square of Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars has moved by Solar Arc to catch downbeat tr Saturn hard aspects off and on all year; with a discouraging tr Saturn square his Moon in late March/early April, again in the second half of June. That may be partly due to family problems given that his divorce is (I think) still not finalised. He certainly looks sombre in these two phases.

He will get a lift from tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter midpoint, now through February and again later in the year; though there’ll also be upsets and relationship separations in March, April and across the next New Year. Plus, if his birth time is accurate, a jolting Solar Arc conjunct his Uranus, exact within six months. Again birth time being accurate his Progressed Moon is now moving through his 2nd house of finances for two years ahead, perhaps an indication he is feeling the pinch having had to give up his lucrative journalistic contracts.

What may be more significant are the influences on his Government chart, 13 December 2019 11am London, which point to a run of losses and waning powers, exactly now through February; and worsening in March and October to late January 2021. These may coincide with disasters which will cause major confusion. But also suggests a less than decisive grip on sorting problems, with a tendency to act deviously.

Where his Government chart and indeed the UK chart show up most muddle and trepidation is in 2021 and 2022. His Government chart has tr Neptune square the Sun from late March 2021 onwards running till early 2022 which will be lacklustre and indecisive. The tough Saturn Venus Pluto conjunction will move to exact by Solar Arc in 2021/22 which will be exceptionally challenging and not a little depressing with mountains to climb. Tr Uranus opposes the Mars for high insecurity and a shocking jolt in 2022 when tr Uranus is also in hard aspect to Boris’s over-hopeful, head-in-the-clouds Neptune opposition Jupiter.

The UK chart is muddling through this year with a few dips in late March/early April and the second half of June as tr Saturn squares the 10th house Jupiter; and seriously bad-tempered and argumentative as the Solar Arc Mars is conjunct the 3rd house Mercury exact in late year. But again it is 2021/22 when a much less appealing scenario starts to unfold. Tr Neptune will square the Mars/Jupiter midpoint from late March 2021 for a confidence dent and bubble bursting phase running into early 2022; with losses from tr Uranus square Jupiter/Saturn midpoint from mid year onwards till early 2022. Though it’s the potentially catastrophic tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house UK Mars from May 2021 onwards into 2022 which could cause most aggro – this is likely to be to do with international trade as well as being prone to disasters and major accidents. Plus tr Pluto squares the Uranus/Neptune midpoints which Ebertin describes as “At the mercy of external circumstances, unable to make a firm stand, calamities and great losses.’ Even give Ebertin’s somewhat overly melodramatic interpretations it doesn’t look calm and productive through 2021/22.

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  1. Something certainly seems “fateful” about Boris and Brexit, part of a bigger story we can’t see yet. I noticed that Boris natal Sun and Venus oppose the 1066 chart’s Uranus at 28 Sagittarius. His Mercury squares the 1066 Saturn/Nodes midpoint in Virgo (his associates?), and his natal Uranus is conjunct the UK Jupiter in Virgo. Boris’ natal Sun and Venus align with asteroid Arachne in Gemini. Sometimes I’ve noticed that named asteroids appear in a chart as a kind of cosmic joke. Arachne, spider goddess and weaver, was once a boastful and talented human weaver who basically infuriated the goddess Athena (wisdom, war craft, strategy) and was turned into an eternal spider. She cropped up, symbolically, on Lady Hale’s striking spider brooch I think. In Caribbean folklore, Anansi is a very clever trickster god who takes the form of a giant spider. Tangled webs all round?

  2. Can’t help but feel that the karma of his stationary Saturn and Chiron are kicking in. I think he wants to do a runner with every fibre of his being, go back to some sort of cushy media position and dine out forever on the bloke who got Brexit “done”, but he is there for the longer haul (Saturn) and he is stuck with it (Chiron). Perhaps the trouble is that he has to deliver on more promises than he realised, not just Brexit, for Boris the media persona to survive

  3. Five more years of Boris…his progressed MC was conjunct natal Uranus during the 2019 election, it will conjunct his natal Pluto late 2024. Hopefully, he really will be gone then.

  4. Thank you Marjorie. Another year of juggling and who knows what else awaits us. The Uranus in Taurus conjunct UK Mars is interesting when you look at the last time (1934-1942) Uranus was there. We also had Neptune in Virgo and Pluto in Cancer, echoing the patterns today. With Uranus at 9 degrees approaching Mars in 1936 BBC TV launched; Pinewood Studios opened; the Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson issue was much in the news. There was also the Jarrow March, and the Battle of Cable Street with Oswald Moseley’s Fascists. And a big focus on building more homes and social housing – quite a Taurean change that would be welcome if it happens again. Personally, I’d love to see more support for home-grown film making talent and behind the scenes craftsmen and women in that industry. So yes, of course the 30’s were dark and desperate in many ways, but there were some glimmers of inventive light and innovation too. We’re seeing the extreme views, but I hope not the same deadly trajectory…..

  5. Interesting analysis. Although I do find a lot of your readings overly negative and there is rarely a good balance of positive things happening in the charts you assess. Life is a balance of positive and negative – let’s hear more of the positive!

    • Feel free to interpret the influences differently. It’s why I usually print them out in full – I’d be interested to hear.

  6. The hard work begins now. That definitely isn’t the strong suit of Super-Mutable type such as Boris. But, with that Jupiter in Taurus, he can maybe tap into someone else’s energy. I’d look for people with Taurus or Scorpio Mars. There undoubtably are these types among negociators. It’s up to them to make this work now.

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