Ireland elections – a three horse race

Sinn Fein have topped the polls for the Irish election on February 8th alongside the opposition Fianna Fail Party, led by Michael Martin. Leo Varadkar’s party Fine Gael, in government at present, is lagging behind. Though neither FF nor FG say they will form a coalition with Sinn Fein.

Varadkar, the country’s youngest leader has been a success on the international stage but despite a vibrant internal economy appears to have fallen out of favour.

Born 18 January 1979 he is a Sun Mars in Capricorn square Pluto, which is catching the discouraging tr Saturn conjunct his Sun Mars later this month. He will get an uplift from tr Uranus square his Jupiter in March followed by confidence-denting downbeat Saturn transits to two Jupiter midpoints April to mid June.

Micheal Martin 1 August 1960, is a fiery Leo Sun square Neptune with Venus, Uranus also in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, plus a stalwartly determined Mars in Taurus and a Scorpio Moon. His chart doesn’t show much (without a birth time) around the election itself but he’s certainly in a year of significant change with tr Uranus opposing his Neptune and square his Sun late April onwards. With a stroke of luck in April.

Mary Lou MacDonald, the Sinn Fein leader, a sturdy Sun Saturn in Taurus with a super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Virgo is on an upswing with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint from late February onwards with major changes ahead as tr Uranus is conjunct her Sun from July onwards. Before then she’ll walk a winding path – catastrophes in March, good luck mid April till early May and high-tension in late May/June – but she’ll battle along in good spirits with that Jupiter/Pluto midpoint keeping her afloat.

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