Pamela Anderson & Jon Peters – a Cancer Gemini mismatch

Pamela Anderson’s hitch-up with movie producer and Streisand ex Jon Paters, even by Hollywood standards was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair, with their marriage lasting 12 days before they parted for a period of contemplation. ‘Life is a journey and love a process,’ she intoned in a statement.

Born 1 July 1967 4.08 am, Ladysmith, Canada, she is best known for Playboy and Baywatch, has had a complicated romantic life (extremely), recently been associated with Julian Assange and is a committed animal rights activist.

She’s a Sun Cancer square Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries, with a volatile Aries Moon opposition Mars, and the unsettled, disruptive Uranus Pluto in her 4th house. She has said she was multiply abused as a child.

Jon Peters, 2 June 1945 7.30am Los Angeles, was a hair dresser, hooked up with Barbra Streisand, became a producer, ran Sony Pictures for a decade, has had a checkered career since with a sexual harassment suit virtually ending it according to wiki, and been married and divorced four times. He and Anderson had a fling decades back and only recently got together again.

He’s a wayward Sun Uranus in Gemini in an expansive, risk-taking square to Jupiter, with an impulsive Venus Mars in Aries. Their synastry is not good – with his critical and/or emotionally damaged Saturn conjunct her self-protective Sun; his rebellious Sun Uranus square her Pluto, and his Mars Venus conjunct her Moon and opposition her Mars. That latter would provide an initial spark but all too soon it would turn into arguments.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunction but it squares the composite Moon and trines Neptune – for a mismatch in moods and expectations. Plus a power-struggling Jupiter Pluto square Saturn and a mutually unsupportive composite Mars square Neptune which would lead to ego clashes.

They married on the exact Saturn Pluto conjunction with a needs-space Sun square Uranus and a Moon Mars square Neptune Venus for glitz and illusion/delusion. Not an auspicious day.

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