Palestine Peace Plan – dismissed as a bad joke


The long awaited, much trumpeted Trump/Kushner Palestine Peace Plan has been roundly condemned on virtually all sides – ‘Trump and Netanyahu have made Mideast peace an even more distant prospect’. ‘Nothing more than a deal between con artists trying to escape their legal problems.’ (Netanyahu facing corruption charges ditto Trump.) ‘ The most deranged, farcical tragi-comedy in Middle East history,’

In the plan the land that the Palestinians will control are ‘sliced and diced by Israeli controlled roads to isolated settlements. Passage between Gaza and the West Bank will apparently be unfettered, but entry and exit out of Palestine will be subject to Israeli security. Palestine won’t have its own port or airport. It will get “earmarked” facilities run by Palestinians in Israeli ports – but subject to Israeli security.’

‘It is impossible to deny that the situation of the Palestinians is one of the worst they have known in their history.’ ‘Mostly it is a matter of dehumanization. In the eyes of many – the Palestinians are nothing more than invisible mice. The humiliating tone of this plan, which was concocted between American Jews and Israeli Jews – which reflects more than anything the celebration of the surrender of the weak and the trampling of their dignity. The deal – which wasn’t negotiated with Palestinian leaders, and was announced without a single Palestinian present – greenlights Israeli annexation of around a third of the West Bank, leaving the Palestinians with a set of isolated islands in a sea of Israeli territory.’

Both the Palestine Independence Declaration chart of 14 November 1988 and the Gaza 9 November 1917 indicate the real disruptions won’t come until 2021 and on to mid decade. Both charts are Scorpio with other Fixed planets which are being upended by tr Uranus hard aspects from next year onwards with rumblings this. The same goes for Israel with its 10th house Leo Moon Saturn Pluto and finally Mars all in the line of fire from tr Uranus till 2025. It’ll be a bumpy ride in the region. The relationship charts between both Palestinian charts and Israel also point to the same rough timeline. The Palestine 1988 /Israel chart is under discouraging influences this year and starting to rock n’ roll in 2021/22. The Gaza/Israel chart also on edge and more so in 2022/23.

Jared Kushner, 10 January 1981, whose ‘vision’ it was, has his Mercury in Capricorn square Pluto in Libra under pressure from tr Pluto hard aspects for the next three years suggesting bitter, hostile and hard-fought debates with no quarter given on any side with consequent mental strain from that. Shades of the USA 1776 chart with its Mercury opposition Pluto being walloped over the next three years as well.

David Friedman, the US Israel Ambassador, another Orthodox Jew like Kushner, who assisted with the ‘Peace’ plan, 8 August 1958, is a Sun Uranus in Leo square Mars; with Mercury Pluto in Virgo and Mercury trine Mars in Taurus so no slouch when it comes to slamming his views on the table and not budging. He was born only a few days away from Fred Goodwin, the disgraced dictatorial former RBS bank chief and Madonna.

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  1. The Balfour Declaration, 2 November 1917, is obviously very close to the chart for Gaza. Uranus in Taurus is on its way. Both these charts have Saturn at 14 Leo, aligned with the fixed star Acubens in the constellation of Cancer. This is what Elsbeth Ebertin writes about this combination:

    “If in conjunction with Saturn, major disappointments in life, ordeals and trials, mental suffering, excitements, loss, opposition, disputes and deception are indicated. According to Elsbeth Ebertin’s experience, this is the case especially if these persons are in positions of social standing or are politically active. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.49.]”

    And with Uranus in Taurus in the 30’s, there was the Arab Rebellion (1936-9) against the British in Palestine, and the arrival of more Jewish immigrants, fleeing from Europe. The history is complex, as is the astrology. It’s almost impossible to figure out what might bring harmony, but we can always hope.

  2. Israel is the abused child that grows up to be the abuser. The Palestinians have the terrible misfortune to be the untermensch that are swotted aside to fit the “perfect storm” of Israeli lebensraum, Trump/Netanyahu personal criminal allegations, and a spineless Arab leadership in the ME doing nothing, and an egregiously biased media in the west which never sees any wrong in Israel’s daily brutality. Shia Iran and it’s proxies appear to be the only Muslim nation sticking up for Sunni Palestinians. The recent and ongoing later Capricorn Saturn Pluto activity will only have magnified events in occupied Palestine I think.
    Thanks for your great work Marjorie

  3. Thank you Marjorie. It is very depressing to see people like these apparently in charge of “peace”. You wouldn’t leave them in charge of your dog while popping into a shop……I noticed Jared’s Sun was aspected by that eclipse in January. This suggests something is hidden from view at the moment, or perhaps from his own sense of self. Underlines what Solaia says about him being played. Mars in Aries will perhaps jolt something there later on this year, along with Uranus square his natal Mars.

  4. Was depressed to read your take on Jared Kushner’s aspects as, to me, it sounded as if he’d be in a position of influence for a second term. Looking forward, I wonder if there will ever be an astrological window for the Palestinians to get some relief. At least for now, the King of Jordan and a scant handful of Arab leaders seem to be standing up against this “peace” plan. With right wing and evangelical fervor hardening in the U.S., the future looks awfully bleak. Thank you for keeping this issue in everyone’s sights, Marjorie.

  5. I’m commenting Jared Kushner, because while Middle East is incredibly complicated, he isn’t. He has an ambitious chart, but is none the less an empty vessel type of a person. People like Netanyahu and MBS are definitely using him. They push their preferred policies through Jared, knowing he has a preferential access to Trump. On the other hand, they know Jared is completely disposable in case the policy fails. The failure won’t reflect badly on them, it will be on Jared. I’m fairly certain Jared got played here. Just how badly, well, it would be interesting to see his chart in comparison to Donald Trump Jr. Senior is sundowning, inevitably, and I definitely see his two older children ready to carry his legacy. And I have a feeling that despite of Ivanka being “darling” of his father, Don Jr. would ultimately prevail. He has been vocal on Twitter feuds, but kept out from Foreign Engagements we always seem to see Ivanka at. And this probably would make him more appealing to typical Trump voter.

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