Brad and Jen – the beautiful dream

The beautiful couple came together briefly at the recent SAG awards which sent the celebrity magazines into a frenzy. Will Jennifer and Brad get back together? One of the most adored couples in Hollywood left fans bereft when they split in 2005 as Brad sailed off into the sunset with Angelina Jolie, from whom he has now de-coupled.

All froth and glitter but a curiously persistent fan-dream.

They should have been the perfect match with his Sagittarius Sun conjunct her Moon and his Moon Venus in Capricorn trine her Pluto. And his Jupiter in Aries conjunct her Venus. There are a few less helpful crossovers with her Yod focal point Saturn in Aries squaring his Moon Venus and blocking his emotional needs, perhaps with too many work commitments. His Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct her Sun and square her Mars (Neptune) in Scorpio which also suggests defensive barriers and obstacles to emotional warmth from heavy workloads. Her Pluto on his Midheaven would tempt her to be overly controlling. And his Mars is in a volatile, disruptive square to her Uranus Jupiter and Venus which would bring pluses and minuses – adventure and fun though it’d be erratic and unstable as well.

What wouldn’t help was that both their Sun/Moon midpoints, the significator for close partnerships, aren’t wonderfully aspected. His is square a competitive and argumentative Mars; and hers is in a downbeat square Saturn. It goes back to the old rule of thumb about astro-relationships. No matter how positive certain planetary connections are if the individuals are not designed or minded to relate then it won’t work.

Their synastry, all things considered, is reasonably positive. But their composite chart is in the never-in-a-month-of-Sundays-will-this-last category. On the upside there’s a mild but amiable composite Jupiter opposition Moon trine Venus – and an impossible, volcanic and unfixable composite Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn square Mars. When they split in early 2005 tr Pluto has been grinding its way in hard aspect to Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Mars, really since early on in the marriage.

Tr Neptune is now dissolving its way round Mars at the moment and then Pluto, Saturn later this year and Uranus in 2021. It could soften the deep-seated anger issues but more likely will bring disappointment. So I fear a rapprochement won’t happen any time soon or ever.

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  1. The composite has that 5th house ruler Neptune in the 1st house (opp 7th house NN) which has received recent transits from Saturn/Pluto, with Neptune also about to move into orb. Perhaps that is why they capture the public imagination? I agree, I don’t see them getting back together, but they probably do get on better now, Neptune bringing some forgiveness and acceptance and Saturn/Pluto drawing a line.

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