David Gest – a Tony Blair Taurus Pluto

David Gest who has just died, was an entertainer and television personality, friends with Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor, and in the headlines with his brief marriage to Liza Minnelli in 2002.

Born 11 May 1953, (only a few days after Tony Blair) he was a stubborn, controlling Sun Taurus square Pluto; with an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in Gemini; and Venus in upfront Aries opposition Saturn Neptune in Libra square Uranus – so in his way an innovator, though with a complex emotional life.

His Sun square Pluto had moved by Solar Arc to conjunct/square his natal Neptune Saturn now, which is highly confusing and stressed, as his life ended in sad circumstances, seemingly alone and in debt.

His relationship with Liza Minnelli was not good his his Uranus conjunct her difficult Cancer Moon Mars Saturn conjunction which would set both their teeth on edge. Their relationship chart has a combustible composite Mars Uranus conjunction; and a struggle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter Pluto; plus an illusory Neptune aspect to Venus and Sun.


Dilma Rousseff – Presidency running into the buffers

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, is facing a vote on impeachment charges against her, not for personal corruption, but because it is alleged she juggled the accounts to make her government’s economic performance appear better than it was ahead of her election campaign two years ago. Her supporters say it is a power grab by her political enemies.

Her Presidency chart, 1 January 2011 2.45pm, is certainly grinding to a halt at the moment. It has a tricky Capricorn Sun conjunct Mars on one side and Pluto on the other – so betrayal, ruthless tactics by her or against her were to be expected. Pluto has closed the conjunction to the Sun to exact now and will stay in place for some months to come. Tr Pluto is also in a discouraging square to the Saturn and that runs on till late 2017.

Her own personal chart, 14 Dec 1947, is facing considerable challenges and concern this year with the tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on her Mercury Jupiter in Sagittarius for some months to come. There’s also an undermining Solar Arc Neptune conjunct her Sagittarius Sun now. So everything will feel as if it is collapsing round her ears, despite her vows to fight to the bitter end.

Tr Pluto will square her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (same sign and degree as her Presidency Saturn), exact again in June this year and around till late 2017. That often accompanies career losses and even loss of job. Though she’s also got some luck from tr Pluto trine Jupiter/Uranus running now and again around till late 2017. So all may not be completely lost.

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David Cameron – grappling with a family legacy

David Cameron’s bad week will run on right through till the beginning of June with tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn midpoint. Ebertin describes it as: “Insufficient power to tackle obstacles, weakening power, self-torment, a grievous loss.”

His embarrassment at the publicity surrounding his father’s involvement in an off-shore fund couldn’t have come at a worse time for the REMAIN campaign for the EU referendum and follows damaging criticism for the last welfare-slashing budget.

With a Moon Jupiter in Leo, DC would have been proud of his wealthy family and with a Taurus North Node in the 8th loathe to reveal family financial dealings. Though that North Node is opposition Neptune so secrets will out, usually at the least convenient time. Plus his Mercury is in secretive Scorpio in the 2nd – which doubles up his reticence.

His father, Ian Cameron, 12 Oct 1932, was born with deformed legs requiring several corrective surgeries but went on to accumulate a considerable fortune.  He was a Sun Libra like his son, but born into the troubled early thirties so his Sun opposes Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn – an innovator, tough minded, determined. He had Mars in Leo also like DC, and a high-finance Jupiter Neptune and Venus in Virgo.

The relationship chart between DC and his father is powerful with a composite Mars Pluto Jupiter opposition Saturn – so equal parts confidently hard-driving and some aggravations. Those aspects would tie them together in an extraordinary way. Plus a composite Sun Neptune opposition North Node – so some illusions, evasions and disappointments.

Justin Welby – family secrets

It seems to be a week for fathers causing problems. Justin Welby, the present Archbishop of Canterbury, has just discovered he wasn’t the biological son of the alcoholic con-man who married his mother and brought him up. DNA tests have proved he is the son of the late Anthony Montague Browne, a private secretary of Winston Churchill’s and quite a ladies man in his day.

Welby, 6 January 1956, always did have an extraordinarily tough chart with Mars Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto and Jupiter. His probably Scorpio Moon is conjunct Neptune square Mercury in Aquarius opposition Uranus in Leo – his mother was also an alcoholic for many years, which fits Moon Neptune Uranus.

He is taking the news stoically , seemingly unruffled, though his 15 degree Capricorn Sun is labouring – last year and this from tr Uranus square and tr Pluto conjunct. As indeed is David Cameron’s Libra Sun at the same degree – so fathers much in mind.

His biological father Anthony Montague Brown, 8 May 1923, had a much cushier life with a Taurus Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune in Leo possibly opposition an Aquarius Moon. So certainly indulgent.

Lynda Bellingham – a family mess

There’s a sad story about Lynda Bellingham, the much loved actress who died eighteen months ago. She evidently left her entire estate to Michael Pattemore, her third husband, a Spain-based mortgage broker, who served 21 months in prison in 1998 for a financial scam. Her two sons from her second marriage were assured they’d be looked after but have received virtually nothing while MP has been holidaying round the world and claiming at the same time to be devastated at losing her.

Lynda Bellingham, 31 May 1948 3pm Montreal, Canada; Michael Pattemore 18 August 1955.

He has power-house and flamboyant stellium of a Leo Sun conjunct Pluto Mars Venus with Jupiter also in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio so no slouch when it comes to getting his own way or living a five-star lifestyle.

She was a Sun Gemini with a Pisces Moon and Saturn Pluto in Leo. So not the easiest of matches. Their relationship chart had a needs-space composite Sun Uranus square a head-in-the-clouds (especially about money) Jupiter Neptune conjunction. With possibly composite Moon trine Neptune as well.

Heidi Cruz – Leo to his Scorpio

Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted, born 7 August 1972 in California, would be well prepared for the role as first lady with a background in high-level politics as a strategist. She is also a Goldman Sachs investment manager.

She has a Sun Mercury in Leo on the focal point of an innovative mini-Grand Trine of Saturn in Gemini to Neptune. Her flamboyant Mars in Leo is in a risk-taking and lucky trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Her Venus in Cancer squares Pluto so she can turn on the charm when required.  Her Moon is Cancer or Leo. Her Venus opposes his Sun and her Moon will be trine his Jupiter in Scorpio; her Jupiter is conjunct his Sun – so affectionate and mutually morale-boosting.

Their relationship chart has a fearsomely ambitious Pluto Mars conjunction trine Saturn trine North Node; with Saturn opposition Neptune – so an undoubtedly talented couple when they are pulling together. Though it won’t always be even-handed with one side demanding sacrifices from the other. They are both religious which will soak of some of that emphasised Neptune which will also give them a vision of what they want in life. But Neptune can be slippery and ultimately disappointing. The composite Moon may be conjunct Venus and square Jupiter Neptune. So there’s a great deal of Neptune hanging around them together.

Her Uranus is picking up the tr Pluto square this year so a time of major change and upheaval for her. The relationship chart is also showing significant sudden changes. She’ll have some highs across coming months but also some devastating lows at about the same time as his chart shows losses, especially through June.

She certainly looks elated just after the election in November with tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Jupiter but whether that is a win or just plain relief at not being thrust into the goldfish bowl and freed from constant spotlight isn’t clear.  Tr Jupiter is conjunct that Sun/Jupiter over the Inauguration which is upbeat.

Ted Cruz’s birth time of 1am was selected from his story of ‘very early morning’. If he’d been born at 12.30am then he’d have Pluto conjunct a Virgo Ascendant which might make sense of his appearance. Though it would put his Sun in the 4th and Neptune in the 3rd which sounds less likely.  3.30am is a Scorpio Ascendant with a 1st house Mars Venus Jupiter in Scorpio. His Moon is in Libra whatever the time conjunct Uranus and square Mercury, inconjunct Saturn – so cool, emotionally changeable, standoffish.

Ted Cruz – not a man for compromise

With Donald Trump’s seemingly unstoppable upward trajectory perhaps de-railed, thoughts are beginning to turn to Ted Cruz as a GOP possible candidate. Cruz is Tea Party hard-right –  against abortion even for rape or incest, wants to slash funding for Planned Parenthood, against LGBT, is pro-death penalty and pro-gun, doesn’t believe in man-made climate change, doesn’t believe in the divide between Church and State and thinks Christians can’t be terrorists, likened Obama to Hitler for promoting health care. Senior GOP-ers dislike him, describing him variously as a ‘whacko bird’, a ‘jackass’ and not having any friends.

Born 22 December 1970 in Calgary, Canada with a possible birth time of 1am, he’s a Sun Capricorn square Pluto in late Virgo; with both Sun and Pluto in aspect to his Mars/Saturn midpoint – so controlling and tough-minded. He’s also got Saturn in stubborn Taurus in a cold, unkind opposition to Mars Venus in Scorpio; with Jupiter also in Scorpio conjunct Neptune. He’s undoubtedly ultra-determined, not a man for turning, and is evidently exceptionally bright which would fit with a 3rd house Sun.

He’s got pluses and minuses this year.  Tr Pluto is trine his Saturn throughout 2016/17 which is heavy going, can be discouraging. But he’s got support from tr Pluto sextile his Venus and Mars/Jupiter midpoint at the moment and returning over the Inauguration in 2017 – they will bring popularity, a charm offensive (Cruz style) and confidence. If his birth time is accurate then tr Uranus will trine his Solar Arc MC around the election which will bring a positive change of direction. And his December 2016 Solar Return located to Washington, DC has Jupiter in the 10th and Sun in the first – so successful and centre of attention. Plus tr Jupiter will move across that Ascendant from late September which is usually good news.

But he’s got a disappointing, dashed-hopes tr Neptune square his Sun/Jupiter and tr Saturn conjunct Sun/Jupiter in June; plus an unnerving tr Uranus square Saturn/Pluto in late May/June and September.

There are always mixed influences running into elections since it is such a rigorous marathon of a process so tricky to see what is just wear and tear and what could keep them afloat.

His bid chart, 23 March 2015 has a pro-active and steady Aries Sun trine Saturn; with a ruthless Pluto square Mars; and an ‘outsider’ but confident Yod of Pluto sextile Uranus inconjunct Jupiter. Jupiter will have moved by Solar Arc in November to make the Yod exact. As ever this can be a two edged sword – overly self-righteous and self-aggrandizing, which can backfire. But with tolerance, it offers a potential for gaining great influence over society.

His bid chart also shows up late May/June as a critical time, bringing insecurity and over-reaction. If he can get over that mid year hurdle it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that he may just do it.

Mossack Fonseca – embarassing leak

A leak worthy of Snowden or Assange of eleven million documents from the secretive Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has revealed how tax havens are used to hide the wealth of prominent politicians, world leaders, celebrities and even Brinks’ Mat robbers. The company says it has operated beyond reproach for 40 years and has never been charged with criminal wrong-doing. Many of the manoeuvres used did seem to be within the letter of the law, apart from the ones involved in money laundering. But it will create major embarassment.

The firm was started in 1977 by Ramon Fonseca, 14 July 1952; and Jurgen Mossack, 20 March 1948.

Mossack is a last degree Sun Pisces on the point of a T Square to an ‘adventurous’ Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Uranus; with Venus in acquisitive Taurus square Pluto Saturn Mars in Leo giving him formidable determination.

Fonseca is a Sun Cancer conjunct Uranus on one side and Venus on the other square Neptune; with Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto. He may have a T Square from an Aries Moon opposition Neptune square Sun. So not that dissimilar with an accentuated Water Sun; and driving ambition for success and money from Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto. Both have strong 9th Harmonics, often found in charts of those who crave wealth.

Mossack has tr Uranus in hard aspect to his Venus square Pluto Saturn Mars in its Solar Arc positions from now onwards into 2017, so an upsetting time. Fonseca has tr Uranus square his Sun, trine Pluto; and tr Pluto opposition his Uranus this year – so a major upheaval.

The Iceland Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, 12 March 1975, has been revealed as a client though is refusing to resign. He’s a Sun Moon Jupiter in Pisces with a wide Yod of Mars sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Cancer which usually suggests a karmic kickback at some point through life unless handled with maturity.

He was sworn in on 23 May 2013 which has an ineffectual/evasive Sun square Neptune, now drawn to exact at the moment. He’ll be bullish but there are more upsets to come for him across mid year and on.

David Cameron’s late father has been named as a client when he ran an off-shore fund based in the Bahamas. DC isn’t involved personally but he doesn’t need any more bad publicity or disasters at the moment and he has tr Neptune opposing his Mars/Saturn midpoint running from April 10th to early June which is very debilitating.

Vladimir Putin’s close associates are named in the leak with suggestions of an alleged money-laundering ring. The Kremlin dismiss it as smears; while Russian activists say that while the detail is interesting it only tells them what they always knew. Putin’s ‘best friend’ cellist Sergei Roldugin, 28 September 1952, is allegedly ‘secret caretaker’ of Putin’s wealth. Many off-shore schemes work with beneficial names, masking the real identity of the owner.

Roldugin is surprisingly similar to Putin in that both are Sun Saturn Neptune in Libra; Roldugin has Mars Pluto in Leo conjunct Putin’s Leo and trine Putin’s Mars in Sagittarius. Their relationship does look to be highly unsettled this year and on.

Putin himself has tr Pluto square Saturn at the moment and tr Uranus aiming to oppose his Neptune from late this month – so highly strung and hard going.

There are some faint wobbles on his Presidency chart but it’s unlikely to make much of a dent to his position. Apart from a high-tension tr Uranus opposition Saturn from late June this year.

Rebecca Adlington – high hopes that crumbled

Rebecca Adlington, the UK Olympic Gold Medal swimmer, 7 Feb 1989, had a splashy HELLO wedding in 2014, a baby in 2015 and split earlier this year from her husband Harry Needs, 29 March 1992.

All a great shame with a young baby but it was an odd match. She’s got an Aquarius Sun square an ultra-determined Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto. That clashes uncomfortably with his Saturn (Moon) in Aquarius; and he’s got a Pluto trine Mars – so equally determined.  Both have the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn.

She’s probably got a Pisces Moon and Venus in Aquarius; while he is an Aries Sun. Not an intuitive match.

The wedding took place on 8 September 2014 when Neptune Moon in Pisces was opposition Venus so ethereal but not realistic. With a really tough, irritable Saturn Mars conjunction in Scorpio; and the unstable Uranus square Pluto tied into a T square by Mercury in Libra – so it would be overly intense, negative and quite controlling.

Their relationship chart does have a Water Grand Trine of composite Sun to Jupiter and Pluto – which might have suggested a private emotional relationship. But Jupiter Pluto can sometimes lead to power-struggles as to who has the upper hand. And it is formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Neptune – so high hopes but not grounded in reality.

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