Lauren Powell Jobs – a stalwart Scorpio hitting a bullseye

Finally a tale of Trump indecency that has gained traction. After years of evidence about ‘pussy-grabbing’, infidelity, dubious Russian and other dictator associations, racism, financial malpractice, constant lies all slid off his back, The Atlantic magazine managed to nail the president by relating his comments about the military. He called Americans who died in battle “losers” and “suckers”; and asked for wounded veterans to be kept out of military parades. And for once the public appear to be listening.

  Trump has now attacked Laurene Powell Jobs, the philanthropist billionaire, widow of Steve, who owns a majority stake in The Atlantic. She founded The Emerson Collective, a social change organization focused on education, immigration reform, the environment, media and journalism and health which has owned a majority stake in The Atlantic since 2017.

  She’s a Sun, Mercury, Neptune in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius – idealistic and stubborn; with a high-octane, volatile and courageous Mars in crusading Sagittarius square Uranus Pluto. She’s also got an upfront Jupiter in Aries on the focal point of a Yod onto Sun, Mercury, Neptune sextile Pluto Uranus – which can, if handled with humility, bring about social change and progress.

  Her reforming, rebellious Uranus Pluto fall in Trump’s 1st house giving her a chance to upset his image; with her Sun, Mercury, Neptune square his controlling Pluto and her serious Saturn in Aquarius opposing his Mars/Pluto midpoint.

  Their relationship chart has a power-struggling Sun Pluto conjunction with a cross-purposes composite Neptune square Uranus which tr Saturn is throwing a wet blanket over right now till late October and jangling in November/December – with muddle and devastation from late January 2021 for two years.

  Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic editor 22 September 1965, is an innovative Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Sun all in communicative Virgo with a determined Venus and Mars Neptune in Scorpio. He’s also jousting with Trump in coming months.

  Neither Laurene Jobs nor Goldberg look too happy over the election and inauguration. Jobs especially looks deeply frustrated and on through 2021, only picking up her enthusiasm again in 2022.

  Goldberg has some upbeat patches across the election itself and next spring but is otherwise moving through tough times. Which could, naturally, be due to many factors unrelated to who gets the White House. But still.

For Trump astro-timeline see previous post August 31 2020.

14 thoughts on “Lauren Powell Jobs – a stalwart Scorpio hitting a bullseye

    • The fact that a polarized Amerika has emerged so distinctly tells me that we’re fundamentally dysfunctional and broken. In his desperation, he vows to be “vicious”. I fear the election outcome, no matter who grabs the golden biscuit. Trump has always envisioned himself as a strongman, like Putin and Lukashenko. If he doesn;t grab the biscuit, he’ll grab hostages…or his following will grab them. To see such venemous hatred from a president…only makes me more ashamed of being an american.

      From the latest Trump timeline, the astrology seems spot on for the events now visible. Even his famous Trump-doo is looking frizzy and unkempt. Must be from the shower water pressure.

      One cannot help but wonder if there’s not some hidden agenda he’s maintaining or promoting unrelated to election and natural disasters; which he still blames on local governments. Years ago there was the mindset of civil war fostered by White Americans versus “muslims”. I’ll stop now before I risk the wrath of Marjorie 😉

  1. Troy: Thanks….appreciate your logic on all this. Indeed, Marjorie has predicted serious health problems for Trump, and another reputed astrologer says he will not even live out the first year of a second term due to a grave health setback. However, I’m reminded of a comment you made a while back: “Trump has the resilience of a sewer rat.” Very funny and very true. Accordingly, I can envision Trump hanging onto the White House even if it means coming back from the dead and haunting the living daylights out of a Dem prez. LOL! The man just keeps coming back through all manner of disasters. He’s being bombarded by lawsuits, his shady financial records will eventually be revealed, his horrible deeds and pathological lying have come to light and there’s the prospect of prison if he loses the election. Yet he hangs tough and keeps his crazy base all the more fired up. To endure all of the above at his age and with his unhealthy lifestyle is superhuman….just unbelievable. If his enormous problems do take their toll and he’s pronounced dead at the resolute desk, well, guess what, we get President Pence. OMG

    • @Julie: I must confess, I’m not a religious person nor believe in a deity or the powers of the cosmos. I only found this site by accident. Never entertained astrology. BUT, I’ve been astounded of what Marjorie and her ilk have been able to interpret about future events.
      Trump is as dumb as dog s@*t. Far Smarter and devious men than him have fallen before they reached his age. Yet Trump rises higher over his lifetime which I find uncanny and baffling(per the sewer rat reference). His smidgen of smarts lies in his cleverness at being wretched and exploiting gullible people; innate and instinctive in this regard. So my thought is this: Trump is being guided to a higher purpose by some force I can’t put my finger on. The purpose? To drag the GOP down with him in order to change the power structure of greed and exploitation which is the core of the U.S.A. It needed someone like him to highlight the true colours of the current Republican mantra to the blind and naive. To usher in a paradigm shift so to speak.
      The resistance of the status quo will be fierce as they see and fear White power being threatened, but to quote Agent Smith from The Matrix, “It is inevitable”. Nothing can stop an Idea whose time has come.

      • Interesting fact about “The Atlantic” is that while magazine format, in general, suffers, their readership is rising. I, personally, can see the appeal. While considered “Liberal”, they also employ more Conservative writers and opinionists. However, there seems to be a certain “polite” tone to all the writing and interaction writers have. And that’s unfortunately rare nowadays.

        I don’t know if there’s anything in particular at Jeffrey Goldberg’s chart to explain it – maybe that would be visible knowing house. But I definitely see an “editor’s chart” there. I mentioned, elsewhere, that Virgo writers are not necessarily at their strongest in long form fiction, and Goldberg’s chart would be a good example on channeling the Virgo/Scorpio energy.

  2. Should Trump die, Trumpism and Q-anon may well survive. The Atlantic is venerable and am pretty sure most believe this story. He certainly trashed Generals Kelly and Mattis, who deserved far better. I am deeply worried not that Trump will win, he won’t; but that he will use his goons and corrupt AG to overturn election results and we will lose our democracy. We can’t take another 4 years of him. and at the heart is Fox News, his mouthpiece. Many voters never hear anything but Trump’s propaganda on Fox, so the Murdochs play a huge role in this drama. Thank you, Marjorie, for a most interesting piece.

    • Why does Mattis or Kelly deserve better?
      Kelly agreed to join Trump’s mal-administration and showed himself to be a racist by agreeing to implement the worst of Trump’s immigration policies while he was the head of Homeland Security. Then he allowed Trump to use his dead son as political cannon fodder.
      Mattis also agreed to join this corrupt administration and sacrificed his reputation by doing so.
      I just want to know what type of blackmail does Trump have on these people that they would throw away the reputations that they spent decades building.

      • Roderick, I’d be grateful if you wouldn’t throw around allegations like blackmail without any proof. I’d imagine it was the prestigious office not the personality of the president which persuaded them.

  3. John Bolton says that the Atlantic article is wrong. Bolton wrote about the cancelled visit in his book, published 6 months ago. If he changes his story now people would ask him “Are you lying now or were you lying then?”

    There was a time when magazines, such as the Atlantic, could make their money from articles and journalism. Nowadays they do the bidding of their paymaster billionaires. It is all very ugly.

  4. Thank you for this excellent post. The Atlantic is obviously going to relentlessly hammer Trump right up to Nov. 3. Wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of their anonymous sources for the bombshell article comes forward to verify the remarks Trump made re fallen war heroes. Hoping Jobs and Goldberg not looking too happy over the election/inauguration has nothing to do with politics and more to do with perhaps a traffic ticket or missed flight…..something like that! I keep reminding myself of your uplifting projection that Biden looks to be in good spirits in 2021. I do think this election will drag on and on, which ultimately favors Biden (imo), thus his significantly \\improved mood beginning early next year.

    • @Julie: Their downbeat influences are likely due to the level of turmoil and chaos of that period. Not only with delayed election results but also societal upheaval; Trumpites vs anti-Trumps and maybe Covid spike.
      Take comfort in that Marjorie’s reading of Trump and his associates over the period look miserable and defeated, but people like Romney, de Blasio and Buttigieg seem in good spirits. I’m guessing Trump dies in 2022 from some cardio related illness; the stress and fear of all the prosecutions taking a toll.

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