Martin Schulz – another EU zealot

SchulzSchulz Merkel compSchul EU comp


There’s pressure from Angela Merkel’s party for Martin Schulz, a German MEP and President of the European Parliament (EP) to stand down in January, but there’s a feeling he may refuse. He’s another hardliner, buddies with Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, and both pro-more integration. There was criticism from Germany that the UK Brexit vote was a result of the attitudes of EU institution leaders. Getting rid of Schulz it is thought would be a forerunner to removing Juncker as well.  And good luck with that.

Schulz, 20 Dec 1955, is a Sun Sagittarius, like Juncker and both have Saturn in obsessive Scorpio. Schulz, if anything, is more intransigent than Juncker since his Sun is trine a powerfully confident Pluto Jupiter, which latter is also square Saturn; and he has vengeful Mars in Scorpio as well.

His 2nd Term chart, 1 July 2014 launched on the Cardinal Grand Cross of Sun opposition Pluto square Uranus opposition Mars, so was always going to be a high-drama run. There will certainly be a major impasse and some explosive discussions in December, running into 2017.

Schulz’s relationship chart with the EU is locked-together, over-confident and veering towards the fanatical with a composite Saturn square Pluto, Sun square Jupiter and Uranus opposition Venus square Neptune.

His relationship with Merkel is heavy going over the next few months and high-wire through 2017.


New Zealand – on the brink of a major series of changes

NZNZ UK comp



New Zealand is facing a raft of domestic discontent with economic woes top of the list – the rich poor gap, unemployment, housing shortages amongst others as well as environmental issues.

The 17 January 1853 12am chart does have tr Saturn moving through the financial 2nd till 2018 which would indicate shortage of personal spending power. This year tr Uranus squares the Cancer Midheaven which would suggest a significant change in direction for the country.

The really key influences which are major, running from 2015 to 2022, suggest that the groundswell of public opinion or outer events will push the country into a bumpy few years of radical change and jolts.

Tr Uranus which has been conjunct the 6th house Aries Moon recently, is moving on to square the NZ Sun Mars in Capricorn in 2017 at the same time as tr Pluto starts a two year square to the Moon. So some shocks, upheavals, insecurity and an emotionally intense population (Moon), which is keen to sweep away the rubbish of the past.

There may be outright rebellion or a radical shift in 2018 as tr Uranus squares the 6th house Pluto. There will be a small bounce in 2018 from tr Jupiter crossing the Ascendant, to promote a more confident image for the country.

Tr Pluto will oppose the MC and move into the 4th from 2020 bringing a sense of domestic resentment and change, again a pulling away from the past and perhaps a divided population. The sweep of radical change will run on till 2022 when tr Uranus clears the conjunction to Uranus Saturn in Taurus.  The Uranus Return in 2019/20 may bring a movement to return NZ to its roots.

The NZ government were the first to step in after the Brexit vote to offer the help of NZ trade negotiators.

Tr Uranus has moved a complete half cycle since the UK joined the EEC in 1973 which caused considerable upset in New Zealand. In the aftermath NZ went through a similarly unsettled few years with tr Uranus then in Libra square the NZ Sun Mars and opposition Pluto. Though what lies ahead till 2022 will be more testing since tr Pluto is also involved.

This time round with UK reversing out of the EU, it could open up new possibilities for both countries. Though there’ll be confusion through this Oct/Nov – and more of an attempt in 2017/18 to alter diplomatic and other relationships.

Tony Blair’s folly – a deux with GWB

TB syn GWBTB GWB compTB CB comp


The principal fault (from a UK perspective) in an unnecessary, disastrous and potentially illegal war in Iraq, came about because of Tony Blair’s misguided and personal commitment to George W Bush. That’s Chilcot’s damning conclusion.

What’s interesting is that GWB’s Cancer Sun is conjunct Blair’s focal point Uranus – so he was the catalyst for the events that wrecked Blair’s life and legacy. (And a good many other people’s as well, but the Iraq attack would have gone ahead anyway with or without Blair’s support.) GWB’s gung-ho Aries Midheaven is also conjunct TB’s Mercury and opposition TB’s Saturn Neptune; and GWB’s Saturn in Cancer is in square to both ends of that opposition – so hooking into the other legs of TB’s Cardinal T Square, and not in a positive way.

Their relationship chart does have a friendly/affectionate composite Sun Mercury Venus opposition Moon which is sextile/trine a powerfully confident Jupiter Pluto; though also, noticeably, square Saturn.

This was always going to be a high-crisis time in Blair’s life since his two T squares have collided. His Fixed T Square of Aquarius Moon opposition Pluto square a Taurus Sun has moved by Solar Arc to have Solar Arc Sun conjunct his natal Uranus and Solar Arc Pluto to conjunct his Saturn Neptune. So tremendous pressures and challenges.

TB looks gaunt and distraught at the moment, years older. With tr Uranus square his Mercury/Saturn and Mercury/Neptune midpoints exactly now, he’ll be depressed and confused. None of that will lift quickly since he’s aiming for a nervy, jolting tr Uranus opposition his Neptune Saturn again early in 2017; with a stuck, discouraging Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Saturn, exact just after mid 2017; and then a devastating tr Pluto square Neptune Saturn 2018 to 2020. Almost too much to bear.

His increasingly semi-detached marriage to Cherie is also moving into its trickiest phase for a long while. It’s a curious relationship anyway with a needs-space composite Sun Uranus opposition Venus square a cool, overly hard-working Saturn and disappointing Neptune; and two strained Yods onto Mars and Venus. That chart is being bounced around in all directions over the next two or three years.

Jodie Marsh – how unreal does reality get?

Jodie Marsh


Jodie Marsh is an English media and reality star, bodybuilder, glamour model who posed topless for lads’ magazines. Her love life, usually conducted in the headlines, is a car-crash, with short-lived rather sordid affairs, and in one instance complaints about her drinking and lack of personal hygiene. She has been booed, heckled and had eggs thrown at her on public appearances. She now insists she’s gone celibate to get her life back. She’s also fond of animals.

Born 23 December 1978 she’s a high-octane Sun Mars in Capricorn witha tough Mars trine Saturn in Virgo; with Saturn in a neurotic square to Neptune; plus an emotionally intense and erratic Venus Uranus in Scorpio.

Her midpoints are both bleak and rather spaced-out. Her Sun is square the hard/deprived Saturn/Pluto.  Her Venus is conjunct the off-the-wall Neptune/Pluto as well as being = Saturn/Pluto.  Her Neptune = Venus/Pluto. But her Pluto is conjunct her Sun/Jupiter which gives her the confidence to plough ahead no matter what.

She’s in for an unsettled year or two with tr Neptune opposition her Saturn in 2017; as well as tr Pluto sextile her Venus Uranus in 2016/17/18 so in an emotional upheaval.

She is a million miles different in temperament and talent from the late comedienne Caroline Aherne – except for the emotional instability. But they have certain similarities in their charts.  Both Sun Mars in Capricorn; both with Jupiter in a Fire sign; both with a Saturn Neptune square.

Andy Murray – hoping for a home win

Andy Murray


British No 1 tennis player and world ranking No 2, Andy Murray, is hoping to repeat his 2013 win at Wimbledon with a semi-final match tomorrow.

Sporting predictions are almost as irksome as political ones since high stress is involved whether they win or lose. He’s generally in an upbeat year with tr Pluto square his Jupiter though that’s not exact at the moment. He’s got an uncertain, bad-for-concentration tr Neptune conjunct his Mercury/Saturn this week and an irritable tr Saturn opposition his Sun/Mars, neither of which look brilliant.

He’s had (birth time being absolutely accurate) a successful tr Jupiter square his Mars/MC from July 1 until today but that disappears – though if the birth time was out by a minute or two he could be getting it over the next few days. Tr Jupiter is now into his 1st house from June this year for twelve months ahead which will be good for his confidence and enthusiasm. He’s running towards his Saturn Return later this year which is always quite a heavy-slog period.

Chilcot on Iraq – fingers pointing at Blair

Tony Blair

This is a reprise of an early May post on the Chilcot IIraq Inquiry which has been sharper in its criticisms than expected. Though it’ll take a while for it all to be absorbed.  Tony Blair made an emotional not-quite-apology/ hand on heart I’d do it again speech.  He looks battered and older if not wiser.

May 10 2016: The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War is finally, finally to have its findings unveiled on July 6th. Given that it kicked off in 2009 with the head-in-the-clouds, over-abundance-of-false-hope Jupiter Neptune conjunction; with a painstakingly meticulous Saturn in Virgo, maybe it isn’t surprising it has taken so long – and cost so much!

The launch chart assuming 12am has a scholarly 9th house Saturn in Sagittarius in the legal 9th square Neptune opposition Jupiter North Node so it’s likely to be immensely detailed. At 2.6 million words which is the length of 25 thrillers it’ll take time to absorb. There’s also a Pluto opposition Sun Mercury Venus square Uranus – so it might just throw up the odd surprise, but will certainly generate intense reactions.

Gossip has it (which may be wrong) that the blame may be spread more widely than just the politicians – Blair, Straw, Hoon etc; but also target the Intelligence Chiefs – Scarlett and Dearlove; and the military top brass who allowed themselves to be dragooned into a war for which they were not prepared – Mike Jackson, Nick Houghton.

John Chilcot himself looks acutely frustrated over the launch with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars and tr Saturn retrograding to square his Sun/Mars – so he clearly won’t appreciate its reception.

Tony Blair is looking very jangled in July with tr Uranus square his Mercury/Saturn and Mercury/Neptune – so stressed and uncertain; with a disruptive Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Uranus this year; and a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune exact in a few months; plus an emotionally anguished tr Pluto square Venus and a game-changing tr Pluto opposition his focal point Uranus from mid July.  So all in all a crisis point for him, either over Chilcot or other matters in his life. Alistair Campbell looks jangled, frustrated, enraged and deflated and exactly on his pressured Second Saturn Return.

Jack Straw has a minor dip in July but more ups than downs; ditto Geoff Hoon in July though he’s sagging later.

Both the Intelligence chiefs look more stressed in the run up, but since they would have an early viewing, maybe they’ve recovered their sang froid by the actual date.

General Sir Mike Jackson looks cornered, his enthusiasm and confidence dampened and not happy.  Nick Houghton is also undermined, uncertain and jolted; though putting on a bullish face.

Austria – far-right fighting for ascendancy

Austria EUAustriaNorbert HoferAlexander Van de Bellen


There is to be a re-run of the Austria Presidential election on October 2nd. It is largely a ceremonial role and it had been expected that Norbert Hofer would win in May, making him the first far-right Head of State.  He lost by less than 1 per cent and claimed poll irregularities.

Hofer, born 2 March 1971, represents the anti-EU Freedom Party, formerly led by neo-Nazi Jorg Haider. Hofer is a Sun Mercury in Pisces with an angry, hostile Pluto square Mars in crusading Sagittarius and trine Venus in traditional Capricorn; with a head-in the-clouds Jupiter Neptune and a cold Moon Saturn in Taurus.

He has tr Saturn square his Sun exactly at the election which is normally not good news; and a discouraging tr Pluto square his Sun/Saturn midpoint.  But he’s also got tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter/Node and tr Uranus square his Sun/Jupiter. So depends whether he accentuates the positive or the negative since he has both.

Alexander Van der Bellen, 18 Jan 1944, his opponent is Green Party and pro-EU.  He’s a Sun Capricorn in a mixed Grand Trine to Mars Uranus in early Gemini trine Neptune in Libra. He looks very upbeat and successful in the aftermath from mid October onwards, though not much showing on the day itself.

The Austria 12 Nov 1918 4pm chart, does have Solar Arc Pluto square its Jupiter in patriotic Cancer which could be one indication of an upsurge of nationalist feeling. Tr Pluto is in hard aspect to both from mid October. It’s certainly an edgy time for the country with tr Uranus in aspect to its Uranus opposition Saturn – so a tug of war between the old guard and the reformers. Tr Uranus returns across the New Year to square the Austria MC, so a change of direction, perhaps prompted by financial woes since tr Saturn is moving into the 8th.  2017 looks a swampy, undermining year with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the 7th house Sun, especially where relationships with neighbouring countries are concerned.

The relationship chart with the EU looks look separated and rocky this year and next with a disruptive tr Pluto trine Uranus; and tr Saturn conjunct the composite Sun Mercury Mars in late Oct/Nov. Plus tr Uranus opposition Saturn (which the UK also had in its relationship chart with the EU this year.) So not a smooth ride though commentators say most want to stay in the EU.

Juno overcomes Jupiter’s terrors – an amazing accomplishment

Juno Probe


The Juno space probe has successfully been put into orbit round Jupiter, after a five year journey from Earth. The spacecraft completed a high-risk manoeuvre to slow down as it approached the planet, firing a rocket based on calculations which, if only slightly wrong, would have seen the £890-million probe drift past into oblivion. It squeezed through a narrow band, skimming Jupiter’s surface, avoiding the worst of both its radiation belt and its dangerous dust rings, and was said a jubilant director ‘the hardest thing NASA has ever done’.

It set off from Cape Canaveral on 5 Aug 2011 at 4.25pm UT which gives the most amazing chart with a Grand Sextile comprised of two Grand Trines – Earth of Mercury (conjunct the majestic Regulus) trine Pluto trine Jupiter; and Water/Air of Mars trine Scorpio Moon trine Neptune in late Aquarius.  The leg of each of these Grand Trines are formed into triple Kites by oppositions, which tie the two Grand Trines together – Mars opposition Pluto, Mercury opposition Neptune and Moon opposition Jupiter.

The Ascendant is conjunct Arcturus which gives ‘an enterprising and pioneering spirit’. The MC is conjunct Procyon which is ‘single-minded,  strong-willed and capable of putting thoughts and plans into action. Though changeable and unpredictable, rising to great heights though can bring them crashing down.’  Cross fingers it survives on a high for the next twenty months.

The chart does have a marked leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic.

Caroline Aherne – laughing through tears

Caroline Aherne


English Comedian and award-winning actress and screenwriter, Caroline Aherne, has died, on her own at home. Born 24 December 1963, she was born with a rare eye cancer and latterly succumbed to other cancers. She was much loved by the public and those who worked with her, for her wickedly funny gags and approach. Off screen she had a complicated, at times car-crash of a love life, with one suicide attempt and spells in clinics for her drinking and other problems.

She had her Sun in Capricorn with Jupiter and Moon in inspirational Aries. Her Mars Mercury in Capricorn were trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo, sextiling onto Neptune – so she channelled her anger and turmoil into creative goals. Her Saturn in Aquarius was square Neptune which can be neurotic and also artistic; and her Venus in Aquarius sat conjunct her Mars/Saturn midpoint which latter may be a pointer to her destructive/self-destruct relationships.

She undoubtedly had courage and initiative but sadly it wasn’t enough.

Her 5th and 7th creative Harmonic were strong.  Her victim 12H was stressed and obsessive.  Her 13H was also difficult and very marked. Peter Sellers, the comedian also had a strong 13H, which is to do with breaking with the orthodox.