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  1. Read an article in CNN today about a group of black families in Georgia who purchased 97 acres to build their own town from the ground up. Located just outside Toomsboro, GA. Any thoughts on its astro-potential for success? Many thanks!

  2. The deaths of Terence Conran and Toots Hibbert have occurred in the past two days. Both pioneers in their own inimitable ways. It seems to be one of those times when we hear about several famous and talented people leaving this life. I realise that’s probably a misperception, but sometimes it does seem as if “clusters” occur.

  3. Marjorie,

    An appropriate question for this year; whither now for Northern Ireland? It celebrates (not in all quarters) its centenary this year and next, depending on how you calculate its foundation.


    I also wanted to request you to look at the ancient charts for Ireland and England to see why are they so interlinked (apart from geography of course)? Ireland has tended to be intertwined with and upend English politics for a long time (from the creation of the Dukedom of Ireland for a favourite of Richard II in 1386, to the controversial reign of Thomas Wentworth just before the English Civil War to the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland, the following Williamite wars in Ireland and the long debates over Home Rule from the 1870s to the 1920s, resulting in the formation of Northern Ireland).

    I would also be interested in hearing Hugh Fowler’s views, as he seems to know his history particularly well.

    • I think I’ll defer to Hugh for dates on this one. The earliest date is 1171 AD or May 1177 for English Lordship of Ireland – but no days. Or 18 June 1541 when Henry V111 declared himself King of Ireland.

  4. Biden was chatting about a special nuke program…was it related to atom bombs inside hurricanes? If so, that’s an old proposal for “making atomic power useful”. Straight from the 1950’s. The soviets actually concocted that radical idea but the US nixed it early on.

  5. Nothing about the Woodward interview & Trump (& enablers) co-vid lies yet?

    It looks blatantly evil to me—against every religious belief
    Woodward too!

    People died in excruciating pain alone
    Caretakers suffering
    Families grieving
    Thousands still ill and/or stuck w/serious complications

    This looks so biblically evil to me. He knew and others knew too. This is mass murder.

    • I am beyond sick of Trump – and the rolling cascade of exposures which tell most of us what we always knew. And yet he still appears to be doing better than expected in Florida? Defies belief.

      • I’m reminded of the mass celebrations of the Nazis early on in the war. 200,000+ ranting and cheering those two terrible words. People with half a brain knew what the outcome would be. Yet people 70 yrs ago were no smarter than people today. Prop up the new leader and nearly everyone threw themselves beneath its feet.

        We only learn from history to repeat it.

        • Nuremberg rallies


      • @Marjorie: Stock up on good Black Forest cake and some high quality chocolate plus a bottle of rum cream. You’ll be floating on cloud nine throughout the election.

        • I see Junior has written a book, “Liberal Privilege”. Apparently he’s written more books than he’s read. It’s mostly an attack on Biden and has been described as “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    • What a shame and quite odd since I just mentioned to an actor friend who was in for coffee after lunch that I’d seen her last night on a recorded All Creatures Great and Small. He left and I sat down at my pc and there the breaking news of her death was. That’ll give them a headache mid series having Mrs Pumphrey disappear.

  6. Hi Marjorie

    I can honestly say I am so sick of reading queries/comments about Trump and he is getting on my last nerve, so I avoid avoid, but I think he has surpassed himself with this revelation, and to me this feeds into the speculation around a definite relationship I am sure he had with Epstein (allegedly) . The below is being reported.

    ‘ Michael Cohen’s ‘Disloyal’ delivers scathing info about his 12 years as Donald Trump’s lawyer, detailing his inappropriate interactions with women — including his then-15-year-old daughter, Samantha. The president’s former lawyer writes in Disloyal: A Memoir that during a 2012 trip to a resort in Las Vegas, Trump whistled and told him to look over at the tennis courts. “Look at that piece of ass,” Trump allegedly told Cohen. “I would love a piece of that.” He was talking about Cohen’s then-15-year-old, Samantha. Cohen added that Trump didn’t correct himself when he learned that the girl playing tennis was his teenage daughter…… “Trump turned to me, now surprised. ‘That’s your daughter? When did she get so hot?’ I said nothing, thinking to myself, or should I say allowing myself to think: what a f***ing creep,” Cohen writes in Disloyal, adding that Trump asked Samantha to give him a kiss on the cheek shortly afterward. “When did you get such a beautiful figure? You’re really grown up,” the future president allegedly told the teenager. ‘ Etc. etc.

    Any comment on the relationship between Trump and Cohen, synastry/composite, including now and xx months to come?

    • Further, the White House is trying to discredit what he is saying as ‘lies’ but which man is going to tell such a lie that involves his own daughter??!! What say you?

    • From MArjorie’s post 31 aug 2020 “usa divided against itself”:

      “In addition to the Neptunian low energy/low confidence swamp he moves into courtesy of transiting Neptune from next spring for two years he has a run of disastrous Solar Arcs. Mid to late 2021 his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his 2nd house Neptune which will bring a significant panic and rising neurosis possibly around his personal finances. In addition he has Solar Arc Neptune opposition his 10th house Uranus which may have a dissolving action on one of the planks of his career – and could also have a neurological component. Worse by far is Solar Arc Mars square his 12th house Pluto from mid 2022, followed swiftly by Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn, both of which are likely to run him into a dead-halt meltdown. These Solar Arcs are not dependent on his birth time – but what it does mean in the unlikely event of his re-election that he would almost certainly not see out the term.”

      So, dear readers , hope will return to the US of A.

  7. Hi Marjorie
    These last months, China has stepped up its military and navy activity around Taiwan.
    What is Taiwan’s future? Do you think there could be a military conflict between the two lands ?

    • That’s another good question. They are certainly throwing their weight around as if the planets are behind them 100%. BTw, I love your name!

  8. Isabel, as a lifelong U.S. resident, I just don’t see that happening. That would create quite an inordinate amount of trouble for us with the UK. Though some of us wish these days that Canada would annex parts of the US…

    • Yes, we’ve been inordinately lucky this side of the border on many counts, over many decades ! And many US residents have expressed envy. I feel heartily sorry for my good neighbours. They deserve the basics as I understand them: Medicare, maternity leave, etc.

  9. Three cheers for Scorpio backbone, much needed when it comes to the lower frequency slithery vibration of Gemini theat trump embodies.

    Marjorie, a propos of nothing much save the USA’s general societal breakdown, U-turn with respect to how it treats its allies, and increasingly pugilistic autocratic leanings, some of us in Canada are disquieted with a vague fear that somewhere down the line the more pugnacious the billionaire right wing bonkers ruling class get, the more likely they are to contemplate an invasion/annexation/take over of Canada. We have a long border, a low population, a trusting (naive) populace, and a big chunk of the world’s share of fresh water, land, and resources. Given the past four years’s erstwhile unthinkable happenings, and looking at history – how the USA have marched in and claimed other territories, such as Hawaii, it doesn’t t unlikely anymore. Chilling thought. I’m wondering if you could have a look at the two countries’ charts and share some of your insights? I’d be thrilled to hear that an Anschluss is not in the planetary picture.. many thanks.

  10. Marjorie: Trump is now hurling insults at Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Steve Jobs, staunch Democrat and owner of The Atlantic, the magazine that has published an explosive article on Trump’s disparaging remarks about fallen U.S. soldiers. Jeffrey Goldberg, editor of The Atlantic and author of the article, says there’s more to come. Being a Scorpio, I doubt that Jobs will back down, regardless of how vitriolic Trump’s attacks become. Can you take a look at Jobs and her synastry with Trump? Many thanks if you do.

    • I was about to ask Marjorie the same question. At first, I was skeptical that the story released by The Atlantic about Trump calling people who served in the military “losers” and “suckers” was going to have much backlash (given how ardent, delusional, and fanatical many of Trump’s supporters are).

      However, the media has been persistent in covering this story and people (including some of Trump’s own supporters) are absolutely furious with Trump and the backlash has been been more intense than I expected. Trump is now desperately denying he made such comments…and he’s also denying the things he said about the late John McCain (despite there being plenty of video and auto footage confirming he did say such awful things).

      People on social media are now saying they’re meeting Trump supporters who are now saying they will not vote for him because of the disparaging comments regarding the military veterans (the ones who’ve lost sons or daughters or who come from military families)

      I wasn’t surprised when Trump resorted to petty and juvenile insults against Laurene Powell Jobs. I was unaware Jobs was a Scorpio until seeing this post….but that’s good that she is. Scorpios usually don’t put up with petty BS and they definitely know how to get even when they’re wronged.

      Even though I’m an Aries, I’m a Scorpio Rising. I can relate to the Scorpio mentality.

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