Kardashians – the end of a flim flam era

  ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ is coming to an end after 14 years, sending shock waves through their tens of millions of Insta and social media fans. Unfortunately their massed ranks were not translated into viewing figures for the television show which have been dropping in recent times. The show catapulted the Kardashian-Jenner family into international superstars with a multimedia empire replete with clothing lines, cosmetics companies, apps and never-ending tabloid interest in their every move.

  It also made a fortune for the network E! which twittered “We have enjoyed following the intimate moments the family so bravely shared by letting us into their daily lives. While it has been an absolute privilege and we will miss them wholeheartedly, we respect the family’s decision to live their lives without our cameras.”

  Piers Morgan, on the other hand, always ready with an acid quip said: ‘A bunch of very average looking dumbo bimbos have taken us all to the cleaners and made billions out of prancing around and doing this. Not a brain cell between them.’

  The show launched on 14 October 2007 with a Libra Sun trine Neptune sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius – so plenty of oomph. With a healing/creative Water Grand Trine of Mercury in Scorpio trine Node in Pisces trine Mars in Cancer, formed into a Kite with Node opposition Venus Saturn in Virgo.  A strong chart for what has undoubtedly been a success no matter how much it trivialised the culture.

   Mama bear Kris Jenner, known as the savviest businesswoman in the industry, 5 November 1955 6.42 am San Diego, CA, is a determined Scorpio in the 12th so good at pulling strings; with a megaton successful and lucky Jupiter Pluto in Leo on her Midheaven in an unyielding square to Saturn Venus in Scorpio in her 1st – no pushover, for sure. Her family-oriented Cancer Moon square Neptune Mercury is under a Saturnine wet blanket now till November – and more so in 2021/22 with tr Pluto opposition her Moon and in the following year square Neptune. Not all her children are happy about her decision to pull the plug. She’ll no doubt bounce back with another ambitious project but perhaps not before 2025 when tr Uranus squares her Jupiter Pluto after which her Solar Arc Jupiter Pluto is in a hugely successful conjunction to her Sun by 2026.

  Kim Kardashian, 21 October 1980 10.46am Los Angeles, is struggling with husband Kanye West’s bi polar meltdowns and I suspect the PTSD aftermath of a seriously frightening robbery in Paris four years ago. That last occurred when tr Saturn in Sagittarius was about to disappear below her Ascendant into her low profile first quadrant where it stays till mid decade so her ambitious drive won’t be what it used to be – despite her 180 million Insta followers.  Her chart has lucky Jupiter conjunct her Midheaven opposition a Pisces Moon square a daydreamy and impractical Neptune in her 1st; balanced by a well-organised Saturn in her 10th; with a controlled Sun Pluto in Libra. And Mercury, Uranus, Mars all tucked into her 12th so finding space for herself will be important. She has ups and downs ahead with a buoyant tr Pluto trine her Jupiter in 2022/23 but a challenging tr Pluto square her Sun at the same time; followed by two car-crash Solar Arcs in 20224/25 – so her attempt to revision her life will run into a few obstacles.

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  1. I love your readings but apparently Kris is not a scorpio risong but virgo rising. Both match her so its hard to tell which birth time is correct. I would love to see your reading on chicago and psalm west.

  2. I think Kim would make a brilliant Lawyer. Think she needs something more real. Hope she continues when her personal life is sorted.

  3. Marina, such a lovely post, thank you from Australia. I have also been dismayed at the packaging issue. I recently received 2 packages from the same person, which took me about 20 minutes to unpack. I was getting angry at the waste and lack of necessity for this excess.Then I thought there must be more to it, and realised that people will claim anything these days therefore the senders must be careful. Postal workers will not take responsibility, and senders know it. Recently I received a text with a photo of a package, which the text claimed, was illegible due to damage, and I had to pay to have the package relabelled. Curious? I took it as a scam, and my real package arrived shortly afterwards. It did illustrate that, even the postal system is fair game for scammers. (Have to wonder in which house postal system is to be found) Sorry, this is an astrological site, didn’t mean to ramble.
    Re the Kardashians, they are also manipulated. They are a very small piece of this huge complex universe, and will leave just like the rest of us hopefully having done what they came here to do, just like all of us.

  4. They are long overdue tbh, they have leeched off the Black community for long enough all to become insiders.

    From Brandy’s assistant to Ray J’s lover to now representing Monica’s legal battles.

  5. Interesting to see that Pluto and Saturn transits are currently opposite the Mars for the show at 24 Cancer. Is that the catalyst? Also Jupiter is wide at 17 Cap so not sure if it is feeding into the aspect but turning direct tomorrow 12 Sept?

    Also interesting to note the Pluto and Saturn transits are squaring some aspects in Kris, Khloe and Kim’s charts as above, I think.

    Kinda does also demonstrate that firstly they knew the right climate to put out what turned into garbage, and now is the time to retreat on that platform (sometimes you have to know too much is enough).

    Hey, the astrology says to me that they have tapped into the energy that says it’s just time to go more than many of us can do? (…. and of course getting beat up by negative feedback from the public in the last few years must have now taken its toll!!)’

    I think you have to give them props for making ‘nothing’ into a money spinning ‘something’. Just my thought or two!!

    Marjorie, what say you with regards the aspects re show v individuals?? Who feeling it harder/hardest?

    Thanks as always. We value and appreciate your insights on comments, etc. 🙂

  6. End of a Flim flam era – oh god I hope so.
    They have contributed so much to the dumbing down of our culture and have caused so much harm.
    I echo JWs comment – good riddance!

  7. I’d be cheering, if I didn’t think that Kris Jenner has probably got a cunning plan for the next ‘installment’. But, just possibly, the zeitgeist is beginning to change a little. I was encouraged recently to see that a ‘reality’ programme about a Yorkshire farming family is getting impressive viewing figures. No plastic surgery or heavy make-up in sight! The Kardashians have tuned into Neptune’s ephemeral, fake glamour for what seems like forever. Enough already.

    • There was an article in the FT (iirc) about how sales of cosmetics have slumped drastically during Coronavirus and how many people have given up wearing make-up altogether. The trend now apparently is for a natural, barely there look. I think COVID has had such a profound influence on our lifestyles. So many things now just look dated and somehow irrelevant. Uranus in Taurus is transforming the way we purchase, how we consume.

      • I hope you’re right VF. Certainly Uranus in Taurus has meant very little actual cash. I’ll be curious to see what might emerge when Uranus is sextile Neptune – I sort of see them both as a trend indicator, new kinds of fashion? Taurus and Pisces would seem quite sensuous and yet ethereal, fantastical, even hippy-ish? With Neptune in Pisces (feet) our shoes certainly seem to have changed now, all those regulation ‘smart’ high heels seem to be disappearing, and when I do see them they look so dated now. Covid has sped this trend up a lot. I suppose if we’re not in an office very much, the kind of things we wear every day will change.

      • “Uranus in Taurus is transforming the way we purchase, how we consume.’
        Yes, also hopefully our values. Its the earth and other species that we should be valuing, all of which we cannot survive without in any meaningful way.
        My heart goes out to California, and I pray Australia is spared another horrific bush fire season this year.
        I pray we learn to walk upon this earth in a more gentle concious way.

        One issue with Covid and our understandble reliance on deliveries is a huge upshoot in plastic packaging.
        So please anyone reading this comment, request no plastic packaging in your deliveries, cardboard and paper etc which do the job as well or better. Many things are over packaged.

        I once recieved a tshirt with plastic ‘pillows’ in it, ridiculous.
        I wrote to the company and told them I was no longer able to purchase from them as a result.

        The only way we can control this monstrous excess is by our feedback and and buying power.


    • Its definitely a contributor, and of course Big Brother, fighteningly ironic, was the instigator from which Trumps Apprentice was a spawn.
      When Big Brother first came out I had one of those gut sinking feelings of dread I get when something that initiates profound societal/global harm happens. It was hard not to percieve how undermining it would be on so many levels.
      I felt the same about Facebook, for all the small ‘goods’ it gave, I would argue the damage has been far greater, even to the foundations of our democracy.

  8. Hi Marjorie
    Thanks for this! I have always been fascinated how this lot have managed to be so successful for so long but the astrology doesn’t lie!! Isn’t Kim studying law? Or was that a bad dream? I suspect politics in her future, what do you think?

    • I think law is about truth and integrity and getting to the core of reality – not her strong point. Politics, with all it’s constant BS and intense circus creation to distract from what’s really going on and pretending to fight for a cause just to get one’s face in the mainstream, in which it attracts its fair share of narcissists and sociopaths, would probably suit her down to the ground. Honestly, I just wish the entire family would disappear. I’m absolutely pig sick of them all.

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