Liz Cheney – howling into the wind

Liz Cheney is ploughing a lonely furrow in Washington continuing her public criticism of Trump, denouncing his lies about a stolen election and demanding the G.O.P. tell the truth about how his supporters assaulted democracy during the January 6 riot at the Capitol. Her refusal to compromise on principle and truth may well sacrifice her career ambitions within her party.

  Born 28 July 1966, she’s a Sun Leo with a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Cancer and her Jupiter in Cancer trine Neptune and sextile Uranus Pluto in Virgo. Although she has the bullishly determined – and often successful – tr Pluto opposition her Sun/Jupiter midpoint this year and next, she has undermining Neptune influences from late this month on and off into early 2023; calamitous Mars midpoints triggering from this July, on and off into 2022 and a panicky mid August to late November.

  Her relationship chart with Kevin McCarthy, the Minority House leader, is embroiled in bitter discussions in 2021/22 and worse in 2023.

  Her relationship charts with the two Republican charts – 22 February 1956 and 28 February 1954 – don’t look to be settling anytime soon, indeed tensions will stretch through till 2024.

  Mind you so are Trump’s relationship charts with the GOP which are not doing as well as the PR would suggest this year and will be on a sharp downward spiral from April 2022 onwards.

 Kevin McCarthy will be under acute pressure in 2022/23 and flat out failing through 2024/25 – though that may be personal, not necessarily a reflection of the GOP’s fortunes.

 One wonders quite when the penny will drop with the GOP about who they’ve been supporting – or maybe they already know and don’t care.

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  1. The Trump/GOP charts look like a sinker around the 2022 elections. I think that embracing authoritarian far-right wing politics and extremist candidates will backfire on them. The question is, will they learn from electoral loss or will they double down in time for 2024?

  2. Liz is her own thing, and she is strong. What a mess. She is being called into the times I guess, both her and Romney won’t bow to this man who has taken over the Republican Party. When did swearing fealty to someone like that take over the party that used to stand on principle and virtue (not anymore).

    My opinion is every age has something to grapple with. This is ours. When Zuckerburg announced that everyone sharing their opinion on social media would be a good thing, I had my doubts. You always have to consider the source for any information you take on, and the masses don’t always do that.

    • @ Liz: When did swearing fealty to someone like that take over the party that used to stand on principle and virtue (not anymore).

      The GOP has been a party based on the cult of personality since at least Reagan because none of the GOP policies are popular with Americans so they need a distraction and it has been the culture wars melded with the the cult of personality.

  3. Liz and Anita you have both been wonderful in explaining how things work, which sadly in the American Government class I took in my senior year in high school never even covered it. Well done!

    • Thanks Linda. 🙂
      It is worth digging into things and reading about it a bit. The founding fathers were wise men, but no fools, but what we needed for the times. There were big fights about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and it took a while to hammer it all out. Abigail Adams lobbied for female enfranchisement – but it was too much for the times. I have a lot of hope for my country. It comforted me to know that fussing and fighting has always been a part of it. A good fun read that is not too heavy is “1776” by David McCullough. It makes you realize that we almost did not split from the mother country. Nothing was certain. Wishing you well. Liz

  4. Now this guy is well known in political circles for his messaging strategies and sensible analysis. Even Democrats listened this guy even though he “was” a Republican(no longer a GOPer after January this year apparently; I wonder why). So effective he is that he’s the reason no one says Global Warming anymore and instead says Climate Change. I bet most folks never bothered to notice this switch. It wasn’t random.
    Anyway here’s his take on the Trump effect.

  5. I’m with Virgoflake on this one. Cheney started the war in Iraq to line his pockets. George H. Bush publicly regretted recommending Cheney to George W. Bush for his administration.

    Looking at Cheney’s chart, for an amateur, she’s got Pluto conjunct Uranus in the 12th, Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven, and Moon trine Sun. I think she will prevail. If she’s the voice of reason for the GOP, considering her pedigree, we are truly in scary times.

  6. As the investigations proceed into Trump and his cabal who subverted the law while in power and as the American electorate learns of these developments the tide will turn against former president Trump and those involved. Liz Cheney must be congratulated for her stand for the truth; she is putting country ahead of politics. It is most unfortunate her career has to suffer now, however, the transits for 2027/2028 that indicate will be in her favour , you are looking at the next President of the United States. Americans and the world won’t forget what she did for her country in its time of need.

    • @Eve: Marjorie also alluded to some significant uplift for her in 2028, but I figure she maybe becomes a Senator. I don’t see the GOP electorate making that much of a turn away from Trumpism by 2028 for her to be their nominee; at the likely end of the Biden admin! Too soon. Republicans by and large are practically incorrigible. Taylor-Green seems to have better prospects in my opinion.
      But I’m no astrologer. I’m going off current trends and logic. We’ll see.

      • Im an Astrologer and I tend to agree with you.
        However when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024, there will be a noticeable shift in perspective. Jupiter and Saturn have already started the ball rolling and their entry into Aquarius coincided with Bidens election. The tone has already shifted from entrenched old guard of Capricorn, to more ‘progressive’ politics of Aquarius becoming mainstream.

        The energy represented by Aquarius is that of collective efforts for the people as opposed to the heirarchical patriarchy as represented by Capricorn.

        thats not to say it doesnt carry its own kind of intolerance, because it absolutely does, but it does signify the end of the old guard.
        We can see that clearly in the UK with the passing of Prince Phillip etc.

        • Dark side of Aquarius relates to extremism of anykind and combined with Neptune in Pices, the Great Lie has indicated the mainstreaming of themes such as Qanon and the capitol riots, anti vax, self iding etc to become mainstream and without allowance of rational discussion.
          So we also see this getting out of control with unconsidered and over reactionary no platforming i.e. Pluto in Aquarius is the power of the Mob as opposed to in Capricorn, the power of Established authority.
          My concern is that when Neptune moves into Aires in 2026, combined with Pluto in Aquarius, this could get more millitant in its removal or supression/denial of our history.

          But realistically it will also be a group survival issue with Climate Change.

  7. HI Linda, It was the way they set things up when they were putting together how it was to be structured as a Republic. I understand the Parliamentarian System does a much better job of grooming candidates, so when they take on power they are ready for it. We have three co-equal branches of Government – and they are supposed to balance each other. With the rise of social media and mis-information, as well as the media, the presidency is turning into a popularity contest, where not necessarily the best candidate wins. Most of the population lives on the east coast and west coast – which tend to be blue states. The electoral college was appropriate for the 1800’s – as its purpose was not to allow small states to get overwhelmed, but what has happened now is that although the majority may want a candidate (3million more for Hillary Clinton), the electoral college can give the election to the other candidate. The three co-equal branches are the Supreme Court with Justices with a life time appointment (Very important and very Catholic for a mostly Protestant country), the House and the Senate, and the Presidency.

    After analysis – CNN made Trump the first time. His controversy attracted viewers, so they gave him air time over the other candidates. Viewers resulted in advertising dollars. We have some issues this way. So many people did not vote for Hillary in 2016 because they did not “like” her. These were young people, or people leaning left or right – and that group has learned a hard lesson with what happened with Trump. Trump’s team used social media and data – Jared is behind that – turned the dynamic on its head.

    I sometimes think a Parliamentarian System like the UK might have been better for us. The Founding Fathers – many of them came from Noble Houses in England originally – (their families) and they were immersed in the history of Rome and Greece and the Classics, and they spent a lot of time studying what they thought would be the best way to set this up. It was very different from the rest of the world at the time, and now with our Pluto Return I guess the foundation is being Stress Tested (I am sure Marjorie Orr will write more about this).

    The other thing is we went from a Nation of Farmers mostly to very Urban in the 20th Century. There is a Demographic that has been very hurt by the offshoring. In addition, another hard lesson. In Forbes yesterday, there was an article written about how 80% of our Computer Chips and most of our PPE were made in China, and that this made us vulnerable now as we could not count on them to be our Friend.

    I know this was long, but you seemed to be genuinely wanting to understand.

    Finally, there are coalitions built. Someone named Congressman James Clyburn from South Carolina helped deliver the election to Joe with the black vote. He is a moderate and a good man. Joe Biden himself is only second Catholic President in the USA, but he has a moral foundation, he is decent and a good man, and we love him. Most presidents have been white, male and protestant (excepting the white part for Obama). The young, progressive, slightly spoiled far left wing of the Democrats are going to break the whole thing apart in the future – not in the next four years, maybe not even the eight, but it is coming. Many are registering as Independents – so that will be important.

  8. How come doesn’t America allow coalition governments when there isn’t an overall majority. I know Biden has a majority. But it does seem odd and it allows other parties to come to the fore. I only know this having heard Hillary Clinton in an interview in the UK. I seem to remember it when David Cameron forged a coalition government with the Lib Democrats. Is there even a call to change the law or constitution to allow it?

    • The main reason for America’s majoritarian character is the electoral system for Congress as determined in the US constitution. It is “a winner take all” system whereas the parliamentarian system is proportional representation. In the US Members of Congress are elected in single-member districts according to the “first-past-the-post” (FPTP) principle, meaning that the candidate with the plurality of votes is the winner of the congressional seat. The losing party or parties win no representation at all. The result is often low voter turn-out because people don’t feel represented. It’s probably the worst Democratic system and most emerging democracies choose a parliamentary system. Plus we have the outdated electoral college system which elects the president and it makes the situation even worse because it’s not a “one man one vote“ process.

  9. “One wonders quite when the penny will drop with the GOP about who they’ve been supporting – or maybe they already know and don’t care.”
    They don’t care! They made their deal and peace with devil a long time ago to prevent the so called “great replacement” by any means necessary.
    Oh how I bask in their fear of a more diverse power in America. Atonement comes to mind.

  10. Imagine if someone told you in 2009 that the demonspawn of Dick Cheney would be seen as the most ethical member of the GOP House Caucus? The woman that had to distance herself from her lesbian sister so she could win her first election and shares every single political ideology of her father is now the second or third most reasonable Republican in the house right now.

    The same thing happened to George W. Bush. He has gone from being a war criminal to a goofy uncle that likes to paint.

    We truly live in the hell dimension timeline.

      • That’s probably because I’m currently watching Rod Serling’s original series on Prime, larry and very good it is too.

      • I too had been using the Twilight Zone reference in the same light since 2016. But things started to make sense in 2018. Trump is dragging the GOP down with him like the Pied Piper and the rats. True colors being revealed for the world and naive Americans to see. The nonsense false equivalency between both parties being laid bare. Advantage Dems! So I say carry on Trumpy….carry on.

        As To the “never Trumper Republicans like Cheney’s dilemma, to quote Morpheus…..”Fate it seems, is not without its sense of irony”.

    • You’re not kidding, Virgoflake. In so many other timelines, we’d be dancing for joy over someone like Cheney losing their power and standing. I know we’ve had years to process it now, but I’m still trying to figure out how I live in a timeline where Donald Trump, a longstanding punchline for a myriad of reasons, not only became president, but also one of the most dangerous personalities in the world and still remains the spiritual leader, so to speak, of the GOP. And that half of America still loves the guy.

      Honestly, I don’t know where I am sometimes.

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