The Napoleonic warrior spirit lives on

Old enmities are uncoiling from hibernation as the French threaten to cut electricity cables to the Channel island of Jersey in the midst of an escalating post-Brexit dispute over fishing rights. It ironically coincides with the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte who finished his days exiled and imprisoned on St Helena after losing the Battle of Waterloo to the English.

  Napoleon is a contradictory figure, shunned by previous French presidents but not by Macron. On the one hand Napoleon is revered as a brilliant military general, who saved the French Revolution and laid the foundations of the modern French state – equality before the law, property rights, religious toleration, modern secular education, sound finances, a rational and efficient local administration, an end to rural banditry, the encouragement of science and the arts, the abolition of feudalism and the greatest codification of laws since the fall of the Roman Empire.

  On the downside he was an authoritarian strongman, who reinstated slavery after it had been abolished since he saw a massive slave empire in the Caribbean as good for the greater glory of France and the French economy.

 Born 15 August 1769 11am (birth time unverified) Ajaccio, France, he had a Sun Leo in an expansive square to Jupiter in Scorpio. But what dominates his chart is an Earth Grand Trine of a revolutionary Pluto trine Uranus trine Neptune Mars in Virgo which would give him practical skills, a good business head and a ruthless edge. It was formed into two Kites (and a three-quarter Grand Sextile) with Uranus opposition Jupiter and Pluto opposition Venus so he had undoubted talents and would be exceptionally resourceful with organizational skills.

 The Anglo-Franco squabbles have been ongoing for centuries through a rolling series of continental wars, starting with the 1066 Norman invasion of England. Taking the present-day France 1792 and UK 1801 charts it’s easy to see why there is such aggravation between the two countries. France has a Fixed T Square of Uranus opposition Pluto square Mars in Scorpio which clashes mightily with the UK’s Fixed planets. In the relationship chart  there is a composite fight-to-the-death, implacably-hostile Mars Pluto conjunction square the Sun; and an evasive Mercury Neptune.

   If anything tensions are likely to rise through 2022/23/24 with tr Saturn conjunct the Mars Pluto and square Sun in 2022; and tr Uranus square the Mars, Pluto and opposition Sun between 2022 and 2024. With a disconcerting tr Neptune square Saturn to add to the confusion.

  Even the old England 973 and France 843 charts in relation have much the same vibe with a composite Mars Pluto tied into Neptune, Uranus and Saturn.

  The UK looks marginally less aggravated but still agitated with the EU through 2022/2023 as well. The post-Brexit divorce rancour will run on.

9 thoughts on “The Napoleonic warrior spirit lives on

  1. If the French look into being registered in Jersey then they might get a better deal. You know kill rwo birds with one stone.

  2. It is indeed an odd coincidence that on the day of Napoleon’s bicentenary the UK government sent Royal Navy ships to patrol Jersey’s waters. I always felt that with Neptune in Pisces squaring the nodal axis of the Brexit Deal natal chart, there was a strong possibility of some kind of fishing or sea territorial dispute. Plus this happens on a day when the Moon in in Pisces, naturally.

    • And oddly enough when Napoleon lost at Waterloo in 1815 tr Saturn was at 11 degree Aquarius. And there was a Mars Pluto conjunction in last decan Pisces which tr Neptune will start to cross from later this month onwards running in through 2022. Have added the chart above.

  3. Will the French recoil in horror if they take the electricity from Russia via the new pipeline, only for it to be cut off because of some “bureaucratic” nonsense the Russians decide they have not complied with, I wonder?

  4. Corsicans were never really considered French and were rather looked down upon at the time. Macron isn’t even fit enough to lick Bonaparte’s boots. According to those in charge in Jersey, the French only need to fill out a form to get a license. But they will have to limit their catches in order to preserve their (Jersey’s) stock. Hardly unreasonable!

    • The trouble with fisheries is that the french and english laws differs about preservation and the limited duration of fishing certain species. French and British fishers have been fighting regularly about scallop shells ( and preservation of French stock) among others. In France, they are allowed to fish only for a short amount of time, while english regulations allow fishing and the French have to stay in port.
      Anyway it should be a work for politicians to harmonize those rules and to keep the peace. But it seems that some politicians like to maintain a certain animosity among fishers as this has been going on for ages.
      As for your comment on macron liking napoleon s boot, i totaly agree…

  5. It does not really has to do with macron or the comming french elections.
    There have been and would be squabbles anyway.
    Jersey is very close to Saint Malo. Guernesy, Sark and Aldernley are closer to French coast than British coast. No surprise that French fishers because of this closeness to french coast consider those waters as their back garden. They have been fishing there for centuries . Dangerous waters with extremely strong currents though.

  6. Thanks Marjorie, you’ve shed some astrology light on this ridiculous situation. The Mars/Uranus theme is interesting, if wildly unstable.

    Macron has Mars in Leo square Uranus in Scorpio, France 1792 has Mars in Scorpio square Uranus in Leo – but Napoleon has a trine between Mars and Uranus. Macron’s Uranus is conjunct Napoleon’s Jupiter, and opposes Napoleon’s Uranus, with a square between Macron’s Mars and Napoleon’s Uranus in Taurus. Even Louis XIV has Leo/Scorpio planets, plus a sextile between Mars and Uranus.

    And here comes transiting Uranus this May to conjunct the UK Mars, Napoleon’s Uranus, and square Macron’s Mars. Quite punchy.

    It’s also interesting to see that Saturn was in Aquarius (11 degrees) for Waterloo in 1815, and also for the start of the Seven Years’ War in 1756. We don’t seem to learn much from history do we?

  7. Macron has to do some grandstanding for the fisheries if there is a chance for him to get any votes from them.
    Plus, Isn’t anti-British rhetoric a vote winner in France?

    Leading up to the poll next May, it is only going to get worse.

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