Tories on a triumphant roll – for now

Boris the boundless is here for an eternity, according to a media over-excited by the admittedly resounding win for the Tories in Hartlepool. They forget, as ever, that a week is a long time in politics and ten years which they are confidently predicting is millions of light years hence.

  This success showed up clearly on the Conservative Party 10 May 1912 chart with Solar Arc Jupiter square the Pluto now – which may make me revise my jaundiced opinion of political party charts, though it is clearly dependent on nailing down the right one. Where this chart goes into a seismic convulsion and loses influence is in 2023 when tr Neptune squares the Pluto and tr Uranus is conjunct the Sun Saturn in Taurus plus Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the Sun as well in 2023. That will throw everything up in the air.

  Where Boris’s Term chart runs into more obvious problems is in 2022. Though this year it does have an undermining tr Neptune square the Sun in September/October and again early in 2022 – as well as this month’s Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse rattling up the Term Mercury and the June Gemini Solar Eclipse opposing the Term Sun brewing up a crisis or two in the months thereafter. What will make 2022 sticky is the Term 12th house Saturn Venus Pluto conjunction moving to exact in spring 2022 for a logjam; with tr Saturn in late January/early February and then tr Uranus from May rattling up the Term Mars for setbacks, shocks and insecurity.

  David Frost, the EU liaison is looking downcast and a failure through 2022 with his relationship to Boris extremely aggravated and logjammed. The Brexit damage at present is less than expected except for the poor fishermen and other business snafus, but once the pandemic recedes and the full extent of the over-spending becomes obvious – and has to be paid for – there may be more focus turned on the economy. Boris’s relationship with the Tory Party will be souring from May 2022 onwards. Ditto his relationship with both co-chairpersons of the Tory Party who are looking less and less enamoured ahead.

  Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, isn’t as sanguine or optimistic as his jovial appearance suggests with an uncertain tr Neptune opposition his Saturn this year; panicky failed-plans this year and the next two from Neptune midpoints; and considerable upheavals in 2023/24 with tr Uranus conjunct his Taurus Sun and opposition Uranus. His Term chart is running into road blocks late 2022 and sagging badly in 2023.

20 thoughts on “Tories on a triumphant roll – for now

  1. Boris Johnson not only has Sun conjunct Venus which indicates his popularity and appeal, as well as his own need to be adored, but it is also in hard aspect (sem square/ sesiquadrate) to the optimistic and idealistic Jupiter Neptune opposition in his chart. He really is a nebulous, amorphous shapeshifter who reflects back to people what they want to hear even if it is not entirely credible. It doesn’t matter that he maybe selling a dream that he may never fulfil because he manages to make people feel good about themselves, which is in such short supply right now. His BML in Sagittarius reinforces that. Jupiter in Taurus (8th H) opposite Neptune in the 2nd could also describe the high spending which is so different from the austerity Cameron era. This ability to shift and change positions with ease is also why many ex-Labour leave voters are convinced that he’s not ‘typical’ Conservative politician (and he isn’t in many ways). Just a question of how long the Boris bubble will last.

    Transiting Jupiter is in a tight trine to his Sun/ Venus which could indicate his good fortune in the elections.

    • Yes, great analysis. I can’t help but notice Pluto as it edges towards Aquarius and its square to Johnson’s Moon at 0 degree Scorpio as a possible trigger point – of course it may make him more ruthless but I see that 1st house moon as being quite vulnerable.

  2. Thanks Marjorie
    As I have said before, there seem some parallels with Macmillan in the late fifties early sixties. In 1962 we also had Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius , a joking prime minister with illusions about the UK’s place in the world and a penchant for sacking his chancellors. The conservatives slid to a narrow defeat in 1964.
    I suspect that Jupiter has given both Boris and the conservatives some luck this time but I suspect that one can rely on luck once too often or more likely think that the good performance was due to how good one is (Neptune playing here). Then one chances one’s arm as Cameron did with Brexit referendum to deleterious effect for everyone. I suspect we will get something like this here. Whether this allows anyone else to get in is another matter.

  3. Hi Marjorie Following on from Mark’s question I remember reading an astrologers prediction some years ago that it could well be 2027 before the Labour party regained power. Would that fit with your readings?

  4. I noticed during the ‘Cash for Curtains’ thing, that the Daily Mail appeared to have it in for Johnson but that seems to have all blown over following the Tories success in Hartlepool. The Left has tended in recent years to make the fatal mistake of losing itself in the endless maze that is identity politics – not a wise move. It has to be relevant to be electable and by and large, the British are a pragmatic and phlegmatic people who dislike being talked down to.

  5. Politics goes in cycles and the Tories have a history of indulging in infighting when well established in power. Historically it’s been far more willing to oust incumbent Prime Ministers than Labour which for all its ideological bickering rarely sacks its leaders. Thus the biggest threats to Johnson are probably in his own party.

    The main problem for Labour is that it seems to want to embrace every issue apart from the role of class in the UK. Lecturing its core voters in places like Hartlepool about their “white privilege” and trying to retrofit current US political ideas onto the British political landscape won’t win them any elections. The rot in its core vote started under Blair and Brown when Labour basically rapidly lost out to the SNP in Scotland . That trend is now starting to replicate in England. For certain Boris Johnson will run out of political luck down the road but will the Labour Party be in a position to benefit from that situation ?

    • The Tories did their infighting over Brexit – they spent three years at it bloodily raw in tooth and claw, and it’s now resolved (with some of the remainers thrown out of the parliamentary party and the others conceding defeat).

      Ever since Jupiter crossed the ascendant of Boris’s Term2 chart in Feb 2021, things have been going really well on the vaccination and re-opening front. Covid deaths are now in single digits. The vaccination drive has undoubtedly saved lives and the public are rewarding the govt. The EU has provided a helpful contrast as to what happens when you mess up the vaccinations.

      Boris’s natal Jupiter is close to the Tory Sun in Taurus, and he won’t come under pressure till Uranus starts approaching it in 2023. If he has any sense he’ll call a general election before then.

    • Hugh,

      Your second paragraph sums up the Labour Party’s problems. For many years it was their winning the majority of seats in Scotland that enabled them to gain the majority of seats at Westminster and now it is that the majority of their MP’s have almost never been employed in the private sector and/or self employed.

      They have been to school, then university and then obtained work in some part of the Civil Service, Local Government or as a Union official. What really causes the trouble is that they come across as “knowing it all” and insist on telling the rest of us that they are “right” and therefore the rest of us are “wrong”. This really does not go down well with those of us who have spent our working lives in the private sector.

  6. Astrotabletalk (Barry Goddard) indicated that Scots independence might happen circa 2026, which would probably be after the next Holyrood election. Given the way things might pan out that period could be a date to watch.

    I’m interested to see how Pluto’s entry into Aquarius circa 2023/24 will play into all this. Neptune moves into Aries and Uranus into Gemini in the years following so by about 2027 the astrological weather will look fairly different.

  7. To say the least, depressing to see Hartlepool elect the Tories after everything that Boris has shown himself to be. Talk about signalling to an abuser that their actions are acceptable. Not, of course, that Boris would have the self-reflection to reconsider had results gone otherwise.

    Closer inspection of the results shows the Tories polled about the same number of votes as previous elections (14 in 2017) and Labour *lost* the seat with their votes dropping from 15,000 to 8,500. Hard then not to point the finger at Starmer’s wishy-washy approach and no definitive policies. At least Boris tells people what he’s going to do and then does it – that’s a lot easier for many people to vote for.

    • * 14,000 in 2017 for Tories

      (2019 election Labour won with 15,000. Tories polled 12,000 but another 11,000 went to Brexit Party)

      42% turnout in this 2021 by-election

    • Hartlepool is in my neck of the woods being just 25 miles south of where I live. I’m a bit stunned by the result as we in the Northern block are very much hard labour voting working classes who tend to get stuck in this identity due to the incessant back stabbing from down South and the removing opportunites out of the vicinity. My mother voted the Tories in and has seen Boris’ constantly lie through his teeth and slither out of responsabilities and yet says on this Tory Hartlepool win, ‘Well, at least he’s bringing jobs into the North East and got us out of Brexit!” I guess abusers can abuse and demean you as much as they like as long as they put food on the table. However, as soon as they crap the bed and run off into the hills, it’s always us who have to clean up their torrid mess.

      Still, at least Starmer said on tv, and I’m not exactly a fan of his, that he felt, ‘bitter and devasted by the result. But I take full and absolute responsibilty for all of this and need to look at where I and my party have gone so terribly wrong.’ I can’t in a million years imagine such words would ever fall from the lips of the snake-like Tories, especially Boris!

      • I think when people say talk as you do about London or “down south”, I think it really about class and the perceived inbalance of opportunity that goes with it. Places like Jaywick and Hastings are “down south”, trust me there are no opportunities there. I don’t think inequality is as simple as “up north” these days – it’s in the inner cities and coastal communities, where most deprivation exists. Yet people still talk in this north/south way when what they really want to talk about is class and values. I think Hugh has a point.

    • @ Candy. He heard you! Just read that the Queen’s speech seeks to change the 5 year election law to allow him to choose his preferred date of election, ie before 2024.

    • @ gnarly dude. Doesn’t matter what the figures are. Traditionally, incumbent governments, let alone after 11 years, get hammered in local, regional and by-elections.
      This was a sensational win for the conservatives. Labour is not seen as a viable option. I suspect too, that this government is seen as a new government.
      A line has somehow been drawn by Brexit, Covid etc, so that what went before belongs to another age.
      However, it’s unlikely that people have suddenly turned conservative. It’s transactional. If they are disappointed, their votes will move elsewhere.
      We live in interesting times!

    • Don’t think so. Nicola Sturgeon will push ahead with zest but is extremely boxed in and infuriated over 22/23/24.

      • @ Marjorie, I’m still, objectively speaking, thinking that Scotland will, in fact, vote for independence. That’s just something “pivotal” enough to justify GB 1804 chart turmoil.

        Sturgeon’s turmoil might be related to the fact people who were leaders in independence fight generally speaking do not fair particularly well when independence is implemented. There’s a great number of leaders who have not physically survived the first years Michael Collins and Mahatma Gandhi come to mind. But also here in Finland, some of the most pivotal people from 1917 (and earlier) to 1919 era, were side lined in the 1920’s. De facto Head of State during drafting of Constitution P.E. Svinhuvud was elected President only in 1931, with a Fascist coup looming. Military leader Mannerheim was recalled to duty during WWII.

      • It’s Northern Ireland that worries me. 100 years to find a truce or peace and around 10 to light the fuse again.

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